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 part  #1 of  Men of Inked Series


Throttle Me

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  gripped the bike. My mind kept replacing my body with the bike as we made our way to his house.

  He became an addiction. He didn’t ruin just my body, but he found a way to make himself a part of my life in a very short time. He invaded my dreams and every thought I had involved him.

  Watching him reminded me of the first time I saw him. I thought he would murder me on that country road. He looked mean and dangerous, but the only causality would be my heart. Did I love him? It’s a strong word to use in such a short amount of time. Could I go without him? Hell. No. Did I want him in my life? Damn straight. Love is a word I reserve for very few people in my life and I wouldn’t mess this up no matter how fantastic his cock moved and how hard he made me scream. Love would come someday if he didn’t fuck me to death first. Death by dick. Didn’t sound half bad.

  By the time we pulled into his driveway, my body buzzed with anticipation. It had been less than twenty-four hours since City had been inside me, but this felt… different. Turning the car off, I stared at him as he climbed off the bike and removed his helmet. He approached my car, his movement was like a lion stalking its prey and I felt my cheeks flush with excitement. He looked handsome. Uniquely perfect.

  His beauty wasn’t only external. He had that nailed at first glance, but internally he was prince charming. Nobody had ever treated me like he did. He had just the right amount of caveman and Casanova to be destructive to a girl’s mind – particularly mine.

  “Come on, sugar. If I have to wait any longer, I’ll fuck you right here in the driveway.”

  Although his words held promise, I’ve never had sex outdoors; I wasn’t ready to check that off my bucket list. Grabbing his hand, I followed him inside the small, white farmhouse. Kicking off my shoes, he grabbed me and pushed me against the wall.

  His soft, wet lips crushed against mine as I gasped and his tongue took that as an open invitation. “I can’t decide which part of your body to assault first.” His tongue slowly glided across my bottom lip. My heart pounded in my chest and he had to feel the rapid pace of the thump. “Do I start with this pretty little mouth?” He nipped my lip causing a small moan to escape with the thought of my tongue wrapped around his cock. “Do I use this in your tight little cunt or your beautiful tight ass?” He squeezed my ass and I could feel his hardness against my stomach. I thought about all the ways he could and would take me and a tingle ran down my spine.

  “Perfect choice. Your mouth it is… to start.” His eyes crinkled from the smile on his face. Fuck, I didn’t make a choice.

  “What? Wait,” I pleaded.

  “Not your decision. Watching you suck that lip in your mouth makes my cock ache to feel your tongue tugging at my piercing. On your knees, sunshine.” The use of the nickname from our first meeting, when my world changed forever, made my insides warm.

  Placing his hand on my shoulder, he pushed me on my knees and I came face to face with his giant bulge. This time I knew what I would see, but it didn’t dull the excitement I felt. Reaching up to unzip his pants, I peered at his face. The grin playing on his lips and the twinkle in his eye made my core pulse. His shaft bobbed and brought my attention back to the task at hand, sucking his beautiful cock and bringing him to his knees.

  I unzipped his pants and began the task of unleashing his hardness. I rarely felt in control when City had me naked, but I felt empowered kneeling before him. Springing free, the tip glistened with a drop of moisture. My mouth watered as I palmed his cock, squeezing it, feeling the heaviness and hardness of his silky smooth erection in my hands. I licked the tip, capturing the wetness on my tongue before taking him fully in my mouth. I loved the feel of the piercing and every time I brought the tip back to my lips, I’d run my tongue over the metal, giving it a light tug. His body quaked with each thrust and pull. His fingers tangled in my hair, He gripped it roughly, trying to control my movement and depth.

  I ignored his grip, welcoming the pain as I controlled the depth and speed. “Fuck, sugar, your mouth feels amazing.” I squeezed his ass and felt a shudder take over his body. Pulsing my grip, I sucked harder and quickened my pace and I squeezed my legs together trying to relieve the ache. He moaned and twitched and I could almost taste how close he was to losing it. I focused my effort on the tip of his cock, running my tongue along the underside, flicking the sensitive flesh and capturing the ring between my lips as I worked his length. “Fuck,” he moaned and he increased the grip on my hair. “Stop, sugar.”

  Screw that. I wouldn’t stop until his body shook, he screamed my name, and I milked him dry. I grazed his shaft with my teeth and he hissed. “Fuck.” I didn’t stop in my relentless pursuit of his release. I watch his face as I sucked and licked like a starved woman on a mission – his eyes were closed, head tipped back, and mouth open. I gripped his ass with both hands, digging my fingernails in his skin, taking him fully in my mouth, hitting the back of my throat. I swallowed and tried not to gag. I clamped down on his cock as a moan escaped his lips; driving me forward seeking the moment he’d say my name.

  The feel of his rock hard ass beneath my fingers, flexing and twitching, made me crazy. I wanted him, wanted to feel him inside me, but I wouldn’t stop what I started. I felt in charge for once.

  “Suzette,” he hissed as my mouth filled with his release.

  When his body stopped shaking and his cock stopped pulsating, I released him. I grinned at him with his wide eyes looking at me with adoration. Swallowing, I licked my lips and captured a small drop seeping from the tip. His eyes had a twinkle in them as he watched me.

  “You don’t fight fair, sugar,” he said with a shaky voice as he kicked off his jeans.

  “I didn’t see you stopping me,” I said, pushing off the floor. He reached out, grabbed my neck and pulled me to him, as he crushed his lips to mine.

  He felt soft and warm. I wrapped my arms around his neck and soaked in the feel of his hands gripping my waist. He pulled my legs around his waist and I wrapped my arms around his neck, wanting the connection. We moved as one toward the bedroom where we began weeks ago – my life had never been the same.

  He leaned over the bed, but my body stayed attached to him like Velcro. “It’s your turn to scream my name, sugar.” He unlatched my hands from his neck, placing them at my side. “Don’t move.” He smirked as he moved down my body, running his finger across the exposed skin of my stomach from the bunching of my shirt.

  His touch felt like electricity, a tingling sensation spreading throughout my body as he traced around my belly button. “Elastic?” His words pulled me back into reality after I’d been lost in my dreamlike state.

  “What?” I could barely think, let alone form a coherent sentence.

  “You’re wearing pants with an elastic waistband.” He eyed it with curiosity. “Never met a girl that wore dress pants like these.” His fingers grabbed the waistband and released it, snapping it against my skin.

  Oh shit. I had my granny panties on too. I didn’t think I’d see him today. I just wanted to be comfortable since I walked into a barrage of questions about the bruises and busted lip. I covered my eyes. “They’re comfortable,” I said as I swatted his hand.

  He raised an eyebrow at me as he looked the material. “I’m sure. I think that’s why my mom wears them too.” His chest rumbled with a hearty laugh.

  “Fuck off, City,” I chuckled, kicking him with my foot.

  “Watch the goods, princess.” He grabbed my foot as I made another. “I have a fighter on my hands.” He gripped the bottom of my pants and gave them a hard yank exposing my underwear. Fuck.

  “You’re full of surprises today, sugar,” he said.

  “Hello… didn’t think I’d be seeing you today.”

  “Guess not based on your attire.” Smug bastard.

  “This is who I am, City. I’m not a floozy and I don’t like a string up my ass all day while I teach.”

  “Oh no, it’s sexy. The best part about you is that you’re not a floozy. Makes me f
eel special that you break out the sexy shit just for me.”

  “Well, since it’s sexy then I can stop with all the lingerie when I see you.” I giggled. I’d never do it, but if he wanted to pretend it was a turn on.

  “I don’t give a fuck what you wear, sugar, as long as you end up naked.”

  I didn’t want to be the granny panty-wearing girlfriend to the hot biker. I wouldn’t change what worked. I’d wear my sexy lacy shit when I saw him, but maybe, just maybe I’d throw him for a loop with innocent little pink flowers every once in a while. “You going to shut up and fuck me or sit here yapping about clothing all night?” I snapped.

  “Ooo, I got a feisty one on my hands tonight.” He moved his body, as he covered mine before settling between my legs.

  “You got a horny one that just sucked you off. She deserves a reward and I can think of a million other things you can do with your lips than talk,” I said, running my tongue across his bottom lip.

  Lust filled his eyes as he tugged at my lips with his teeth. He pulled his shirt over his head as he balanced on one arm. I’d never get tired of seeing his body.

  His fingers wrapped around the side of my underwear before he ripped them from my body with one quick jerk. “Hey,” I yelled.

  “I won’t be buying you new ones, so don’t ask,” he laughed before nestling between my legs and licking his lips. The need I felt for him never waned like I’d experienced with other men – it only intensified.

  I closed my eyes as his mouth closed around me and his tongue flicked my clit. The heat of his mouth made me melt into the mattress. I gripped the sheets, needing something to hold on to keep my body firmly planted. He didn’t rush as he caressed and sucked every fold and inch of my core. I looked down, wanting to catch a glimpse of his beautiful face between my legs and I was met with his blue eyes staring at me. His eyes never left mine as he brought my body to the point of release. My body glistened as every muscle tensed.

  “Please,” I moaned. I was wound so tight; I sat at the tipping point and needed just a little bit more to tip me over the edge. I released the sheets and pinched my nipple between my fingers, rolling it back and forth. His eyes grew wide as he watched my fingers move against my skin.

  The orgasm ripped through me, stopping my breath, I was paralyzed through the explosion of sensations. He moaned and lapped at my body as I screamed something that wasn’t audible to my ears. My heart thundered in my chest as I tried to catch my breath. I opened my eyes to a very happy looking man.

  “Sexy as fuck, sugar. Watching you touch yourself, coming on my tongue, and babbling all kinds of incoherent shit – priceless. You made me hard again. I want to feel you come on my cock.”

  City ripped open the condom wrapper before settling between my legs. The piercing nudged my insides causing my body to tighten. I felt the pressure building inside my core as he pumped inside of me. He cradled my ass with his hand and my world exploded around him and he followed me over the edge.

  Multiple orgasms had always been a myth, something I read about in books, but with him they were a reality. What had started as a journey of lust and carnal exploits, had now turned into something more. I saw the man behind the muscles, tattoos, and piercings and I didn’t want to let him go. I didn’t want to be Suzy Q, the goody two shoes anymore. I wanted to be a woman that could let her hair down and be who I wanted instead of what everyone expected.

  I wanted to do something that I’d enjoy or at least I hoped I would. City would freak out if I told him what I had planned. I kept it a secret. I contacted Mikey to see if he’d help me pull it off.


  There was a chill in the air as I walked toward the doors of Inked. Fall rolled into winter in Florida and that meant cold nights and days that felt like Chicago in my childhood. It was a nice change, but I craved the warmth of summer on my bike instead of the coolness that stung my skin.

  I pushed the door open to see an empty shop desk as the bell above the door chimed. Mikey wasn’t at his usual post to greet me like he had been for more fucking mornings than I could count. I could hear a female voice and Mikey whispering from the piercing room in the back of the shop.

  I put my ear to the door to listen to their conversation but the voices grew quiet. I knocked, “Hey, can I come in?”

  “In a minute,” Mikey yelled. “Kind of got my hands full.” I heard laughing as I walked away.

  I checked my schedule for the day and listened to the voicemail messages. My first appointment called to cancel due to the flu so I had some extra time. I kicked back on the couch and sent Suzy a message. Last night I left her exhausted in bed before making my way home. We’d been spending almost evening together and usually never slept apart. The poor thing, I had been exhausting her with middle of the night sex. She’d asked me if it was okay to sleep apart for a night and I agreed, although not happily. I understood, but I didn’t fucking like it. The boner I woke up with this morning could’ve used some attention, but I did what needed to be done.

  Me: Morning beautiful. Sleep well?

  I felt like a pussy whipped fool, but for once I didn’t mind feeling that way.

  Suzy: Not really. I missed you in bed.

  I smiled knowing she felt the same. Never in a million fucking years would I have thought that I’d find love again in my life. Joni’s sudden death had left me raw and reeling, not wanting to ever experience that hurt again. Suzy changed that.

  Me: Move in with me?

  Did I really just type that shit? We’d been together only a couple of months, but I’ve been with enough women in my life to know when it’s right. I thought I’d get a quick response but nothing. I’m a fucking moron; I probably just scared her away.

  The hinges on the door creaked as Mikey poked his head out. “Yo, bro. Wanna come see my handy work?” He looked a little too happy for this time of morning.

  “Who you working on off books?” There wasn’t a name on his schedule before ten.

  “Special request. Get your lazy ass up and come look, you prick.” His head disappeared and I could hear a hushed conversation.

  “Mikey, I’ve seen every piercing out there.” I climbed off the couch to make my brother happy because he’d harp on me like a bitch in heat for the rest of the day. Plus he could kick my ass if I didn’t. “What’s so special about this one?” I asked as I walked in the room and stopped dead in my tracks.

  What the fuck?

  Sitting in the chair was Suzy, my Suzy, with her breast exposed and a small metal hoop through her nipple. I couldn’t breath as I stood there staring with my mouth hanging open. Mikey looked excited and proud of himself but I wanted to rip his fucking throat out – fighter or not.

  Suzy had a sly grin on her face. “You like?” she asked.

  Should I be happy or pissed? I blinked, but I couldn’t fucking respond. My brother had his hands all over my woman, even if it was for my benefit, and I wasn’t there to supervise.

  “Earth to City,” Mikey said, and I swear to fucking Christ I wanted to knock his happy ass out of the chair.

  “You don’t like it, do you?” She frowned at me and her eyes began to glisten.

  “Oh, no, sugar. It’s beautiful. Sexy as fuck, actually.” I grabbed her chin and kissed her. “I’ll have fun tugging on it like you do mine. It feels amazing.”

  “You scared the crap out of me. Are you mad?” She asked as I rested my forehead against hers and stared in her eyes.

  “I’m not mad. A little pissed my brother had his paws on your gorgeous tits and that you didn’t let me be here for it.” I turned my head and gave my brother a scathing look.

  “Hey, seen one breast you’ve seen them all. It’s work, bro.”


  “I wanted to surprise you, Joey.”

  “Well you fucking did that in spades, sugar.” I kissed her forehead and inspected the piercing closely.

  “Next time you touch my woman, I get to be here, brother. Got me?”

nbsp; “Got ya. I swear to god it was all for you. Get that stick out of your ass and look how well it turned out. She has the perfect nipples for piercings.”

  Did he just fucking say that to my face?

  “Mikey, watch it.”

  “I look at it as another body part to be decorated. Chill the fuck out. I know she’s yours.”

  “As long as we’re clear on that fact.”

  “Crystal.” He stood to leave.

  “Mikey,” I said stopping him in his tracks. “I wouldn’t trust her in anyone else’s hands. You did well.”

  “Means a lot coming from you, Joe.” He slapped me on the shoulder and gave us a moment alone.

  “You’re not feeling sick are you?” She looked flushed.

  “Perfect. I thought it would hurt more than it did, though. I want to get the other one done eventually.”

  “It takes a while to heal. You’re still riding the adrenaline high, you’ll be sore for a long time. Thank fuck you still have one nipple I can touch.”

  “Oh, just touch?” She smirked and had started to become sassy. I closed the door and locked it. I had time to kill and Suzy sat before me with her breast exposed and a look of want in her eyes. “What are you doing?” Her eyes twinkled and she knew exactly what I had in mind.

  “We’re going to have a chat about my text you didn’t respond to and then I’m going to fuck you bent over that chair.”

  I loved her surprised face. “What text?”

  “Look at your phone.” I crossed my arms over my chest and waited for her to read it.

  “You want to move in together?” Here eyes grew wide and her mouth hung open.

  “Yes, sugar. We spend every night together so why should you have to pay a house payment when I have a place of my own?”

  “Don’t take offense, City, but your place isn’t really my taste. The man cave, barren walls and cottage feel. Can’t do it. You can move in with me, though.”

  “Whatever makes you happy. As long as I have you in my bed and my bike in the garage, I’m a happy man.”

  “So that’s it? We’re doing it?”

  “Oh, we’re doing it. Undress, sugar. You’re not leaving here until I’ve erased any scent my brother left behind and my cock is satisfied.” I started to unzip my pants and watched her carefully as she began to undress. Her nipple was red and slightly swollen from the piercing and I’d have to remind myself not to touch it.

  “Grip the headrest, ass out.” I stroked my cock as she kept turning her head to see what I was doing. I liked to make her wait.

  When she turned back around, I smacked her ass causing her to jump and yelp. “What was that for?”

  “Next time ask before you change your body forever. I won’t say no, but I’d just like to be clued the fuck in. I would’ve given that nipple a little extra attention before you took it off the market for a couple of months.”

  “Yes, sir.” She smiled and rested her forehead against the leather.

  Packing up my house didn’t take long. We decided I would move my things during Thanksgiving break. I didn’t put my house up for sale. It was paid off and I didn’t see the need to get rid of it. I loved the land that the small farmhouse sat on. I bought it for that reason and thought that someday I’d build my dream house on the property.

  I moved my clothes into her spare room. She bought a small drawing table for me to use in the evenings and I decorated the space with my work and my Harley memorabilia. I didn’t want to invade her space. Moving in together was a giant step, more of a leap of faith.

  “Are you sure you don’t want to put your clothes in my closet?” she asked, leaning against the doorframe in a tiny purple silk nightie.

  “No, sugar. My things are just fine in here.” I unpacked the last box of clothing, sliding them in the dresser drawer that she emptied for me. “You need your space, especially your walk-in closet.”

  She sighed as she pushed her body away from the door and walked toward me. “Be patient with me.”

  “Sugar, come here.” Holding out my hand to her, I pulled her in my lap. “Don’t do anything different because I’m here. I’m easy to live with. I don’t require too much. Your body is the only thing I’m impatient about. It’s mine.”

  Her eyes twinkled and her smile widened. “It’s yours, City.”

  “Whenever I want?” I raised my eyebrow, giving her a sly smile.

  “Yes,” she giggled as I grabbed her by the waist, lifting her ass on the dresser. “What are you doing?”

  “Taking what’s mine.” My hands drifted up her legs, spreading them, and raised the nightie to her abdomen.

  The smile fell from her face, all giggles disappeared as my tongue licked her clit. Her body relaxed, resting against the wall, as a small moan escaped her lips. My dick ached to be buried inside her, straining against my track pants. Her breath hitched as I dipped my tongue inside her. The sweetest nectar didn’t compare to the taste of Suzy and I always wanted more.

  Her legs tightened around my head, as her breathing grew shallow. Her thighs began to tremble underneath my grip. I sucked harder, flicking her clit with my tongue to drive her over the edge. Her hands fisted my hair as she pushed my face deeper and I growled relishing in the prickling sensation of her tugging my scalp.

  “Oh, fuck. City,” she screamed as I sucked harder, drawing her entirely in my mouth. Her body twitched and she shook under my tongue as she came on my face. I could never get enough of her. She gasped for air, swallowing with wide eyes as she looked down at me. The grip on my scalp lightened as she grew limp and her back collapsed against the wall. Her nightie had slipped off her shoulder, exposing her breast and the small silver hoop that I’d been dying to touch, but couldn’t.

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