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 part  #1 of  Men of Inked Series


Throttle Me

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  A pout hung on my lips, but inside I was happy to at least get a concession. “Good enough. I don’t have anything in the fridge, City. I didn’t think I’d be here much this weekend.” Admitting to an Italian man that you lack even the staples in your pantry isn’t easy.

  “My mother wants to drop off food later. Are you okay with that?”

  “Really?” My mother had never brought me food even when I had the flu. I always fended for myself even if it meant crawling to the kitchen to grab a glass of water. His mother, a woman I’d never met, would bring me food, and I had a twinge of jealousy. What would it have been like to grow up in a house like his?

  “I can call her anytime and she’ll drop something off. You just say the word.”

  “Word, word, word! Does your mom use Ragu like mine?” My mother never cooked from scratch. As a child I thought Chef Boyardee was the bees-knees until I grew up and realized it was closer to vomit in a can.

  City laughed and his smile made my chest ache. “Don’t even mention the word Ragu to her. She’ll have a mental breakdown.”

  “Good to know,” I said. “Remind me to never cook for her, okay?”

  City grabbed his phone as he crawled in bed. “Hey, Ma. Suzy’s going to rest for a bit, but we’d love for you to drop by with some food.” I could hear her talking on the phone and it reminded me of Charlie Brown’s teacher. I couldn’t make out the words, but I heard a garbled voice as I put my head on his chest. I played with the piercing which earned me a stern look. “I’ll text you her address. Thanks, Ma.”

  He put the phone down and stared at me, but I just smiled. “What?” I asked innocently.

  “You must’ve hit your head harder than I thought.”

  “Maybe.” I kissed his nipple, tugging on the hoop with my lips. He inhaled sharply as I bit down.

  “Sugar, not now. I’m trying to be real good here and you’re not in any shape right now to do the things to you I want. Later, when you’ve rested and had something to eat, I’ll give you more than you can handle… if I feel you’re up to it.”

  “Party killer,” I said, as I laid my head back down in the crook of his arm.

  “Be a good girl and sleep.” His fingertips trailed down my back, leaving a wake of warmth against my skin. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the feel of his hands on me even if it wasn’t the way I wanted.

  I don’t know how long I slept, but when I woke up, I was alone in the bed. His side was still warm. My muscles rebelled and ached as I stretched. “Damn,” I whispered, wanting to move without pain.

  The doorbell rang and my heart started to pound – his mother. I didn’t look presentable and my face had to be a mess. I stared at it in horror this morning at the hospital. This wasn’t the way I wanted to meet his mom.

  I could hear them talking in the kitchen. The door cracked open and I turned my head praying it was City. “Hey, sugar, ma’s here. Do you want to meet her?”

  “I look like crap, City. I can’t have her see me like this.”

  He sat down next to me. “Sugar, she was at the hospital this morning. She’s seen your face. She’s not going to stare at you.”

  I sighed. “You didn’t tell me.”

  “Sorry. Come on, just a quick hello. She made you lasagna.” He brushed the hair away from my face, following the curve of my cheek.

  I’d do anything this man asked me to. A smile, touch, or kiss and I was totally and utterly his. “Let me get dressed and I’ll come out.”

  Meeting parents always scared me to death and it meant a step deeper into a relationship. His mother obviously loved her son enough to bring us food and I wanted to at least thank her for her kindness.

  I looked into the mirror, touched the stitching on my lip with my tongue, noticing the irony taste of blood. There was no need to bother with makeup. I couldn’t look any worse than I did and if she liked me now then I’d knocked her socks off when she’d see me at my best. Dressed in my favorite hoodie and sweats, I walked out to meet Mrs. Gallo.

  “There she is,” City said, standing from the couch with a smile plastered on his face.

  Mrs. Gallo stood up and turned around. Her face was lit up and she looked like the mom I always wanted. She had long wavy brown hair, big brown eyes, and a kind smile. “Suzy, it’s so nice to finally meet you,” she said as she wrapped her arms around me. “I’m sorry for how we’re meeting, sweetheart. How are you feeling?”

  “Thank you, Mrs. Gallo, I’m feeling much better.” I moved to sit next to City and grabbed his hand. “Thank you for making me lasagna. It’s one of my favorites.”

  “My pleasure. Food always helps make everything better,” she said.

  “Italian motto,” City muttered and I laughed.

  “I’m going to get going now and leave you two kids to enjoy your food. I just wanted to say hello. Is there anything else I can do before I leave?”

  “No, ma’am, you’ve done more than I can ask for.”

  “Mrs. G or Maria, please. You need anything just have Joseph call me.”

  “Joseph,” I laughed. It sounded so serious and fit him well.

  “Watch it,” he said in a playful tone and squeezed my hand.

  We all stood and hugged his mother goodbye. We walked to the door and watched her leave. I pictured her climbing into a minivan even though she didn’t have small children. I never pegged her for a woman that drove a Mercedes. I dreamed of a new Honda and knew it would be a budget killer… maybe someday.

  “Your mom is great,” I said as I wrapped my arm around his waist.

  “She can be, but she’s a pit-bull when you cross her, just ask my father,” he said. “Want some lasagna?”

  “What’s for dessert?” I asked as he closed the door.

  “Anything you want, sugar.”

  “You know what I want,” I said.

  “Are you up to it?”

  “Question is, big boy, are you up to it?” I wanted him and I figured that if I challenged his manhood, he’d finally cave. All men are the same in that regard.

  He laughed. “Don’t ask questions if you can’t handle hearing the answer. Eat your food and I’ll show you how up to it I am, sugar.”

  He placed a giant piece of lasagna with cheese oozing out in front of me. My stomach growled at the smell and the feeling of hunger finally registered. I cut into the slice and watched all the insides squish onto my plate. The hot lasagna spread across my tongue and I wanted to moan from the taste.

  “That good, huh?” City asked as he scooped a chunk in his mouth.

  “What? Did I?”

  “Yep, you moaned, sugar.”

  My face became heated. “Well, I’m used to Stouffer’s lasagna. This is amazing, City. You don’t know how lucky you were to grow up on this type of home cooking.” I slid the fork across my tongue and slowly chewed, letting all the flavors dance on my tongue.

  “I never thought about it.” His fork stopped near his mouth as he looked at me with piercing eyes. “Suzy, you keep making noises like that and I won’t let you finish the next bite.” He set the fork on his plate and leaned back.

  “I need my fuel to get better.” I placed another sliver in my mouth, closed my eyes, and made a small sound in the back of my throat.

  “You have thirty seconds to finish what’s in front of you before I take your ass in the bedroom and give you something to really moan about.” He crossed his arms over his chest and looked at his watch.

  I shoveled the food in my mouth. I felt torn in this moment, but the lasagna could always be reheated.

  “Fifteen.” He smiled at me and I felt everything in my body convulse and scream to be touched. I chewed like a maniac.


  “Wait!” I held up my hand. “I need something to drink,” I said as I hopped off the high top café chair.

  “I got something for you to wash that down with, sugar. Time’s up.”

  “Slower, Suzette,” City said in my ear as he rocked in and out of me. “It
s not a marathon. I want to savor being inside you.”

  “I’ve just missed you. Missed this.”

  “We have the rest of the weekend. I don’t want to hurt you. Slow.” He grabbed my hips and held me still as he slowed his pace. I wanted to scream and claw him, but I knew it wouldn’t help to fight him.

  He rested his forehead against mine as he encased my body and assaulted my sense. This was more than just sex. He expressed his feelings and I felt them seep into my body. I stared in his eyes as he stared into mine before he kissed my lips. The pain of the kiss didn’t stop me from returning it with fervor.

  My fingers dug into his shoulders as I felt them flex under my touch. Each thrust brought me closer to the release I craved. His breathing grew harsh as he curled his arms under my body, tilting my hips.

  My hands rested on his hips, unable to reach his ass, as I felt them relax and constrict with each thrust. I wish I had a mirror to watch his ass and back as he moved with my body. I squeezed the soft skin and hard muscle as the orgasm tore through my body. It was stronger than anything I had felt before. My toes curled and my muscles clenched around him as his pace quickened before he slammed into me one last time, reaching his own bliss.

  He nuzzled my neck and kissed the soft skin, making a trail to my lips. “I don’t know what I would’ve done if something happened to you, sugar.”

  I ran my fingers through his hair and pulled his face to mine forcing his eyes to see me. “I’m fine Joey, you saved me.” I kissed him and didn’t give him a chance to respond. He flipped us over and I straddled his body before breaking the kiss.

  “No more fantasies that don’t involve me by your side, but I still want to make them come true.”

  “I’m looking forward to it.” I smiled against his chest as I kissed the skin over his heart. I listened to his heart thud in his chest. I had never felt so content with any person let alone a man.

  City spent the rest of the weekend helping me. Even though it started rocky, it ended with me feeling more loved and adored than I ever had. I couldn’t deny my feelings for him any longer. My checklist no longer mattered. He showed me that he would take care of me and treat me in the way I always wanted. My doubts about if he was the ‘one’ had vanished and were replaced by a fate that had been sealed where we began.

  Hot for Teacher

  “Yes, sir, how can I help you?” the older lady at the reception desk asked. She leaned forward and rested her head on her hands.

  I gave her my devilish grin and a wink. “I’m here to see Ms. McCarthy, ma’am.”

  “Oh please, call me Kathy.” She batted her eyelashes. “You’re here to see Suzy?” She looked surprised and her voice ended on a screechy high note. Her eyes no longer looked at my face, but traveled down my arms.

  “Yes, I’m here to see Suzy, Kathy.” I arched my eyebrow as she soaked me in, undressing me with her eyes. She looked like a nice enough lady, but I didn’t like how she said Suzy’s name and I certainly didn’t particularly enjoy the fantasy she must be having in her head. I cleared my throat, needing to pull her out of her lust-induced haze.

  She blushed as she started fumbling with papers at her desk. She asked me for my identification and to sign the visitor’s log. The school day had ended, but a few students milled around the receptionist area. I could feel their eyes on me. I wanted to laugh, but didn’t want to be a total asshole.

  Kathy gave me directions to Suzy’s classroom in the next building. I needed to make sure she was okay on her first day back to work since the attack. I’m sure she had to explain the injuries to her face over and over again. People could be fucking merciless.

  I checked the sign on door and it read “101 – Mrs. McCarthy’s Class”. The large classroom had tables set up in neat rows and cabinets lining the opposite wall. There was no chalkboard in the room like there had been when I was a kid, but a dry erase board hung on the wall. Math problems that made my fucking head spin were written on the shiny white surface.

  I didn’t see anyone, but could hear voices talking from an attached room.

  “I’m fine. Stop it,” Suzy said. I picked up my pace to find out what the fuck was going on.

  Entering the small office space, I saw Suzy pinned against the wall with Derek cutting off her escape. She looked like she wanted to become one with the wall and couldn’t move farther away from his body. Her eyes grew wide as I reached for the prick and grabbed him by the shirt collar.

  “What the fu-,” he said his eyes travelled to my face.

  “The lady said stop. I think we’ve already had this conversation once before dumbfuck.” We were nose to nose and I’d knock the motherfucker out.

  “Suzy didn’t mean it,” he snarled.

  He sure has a pair of brass balls but my fists were made of platinum. I fisted his pansy ass dress shirt, pulling his body to mine. “She’s mine, you fucker and when the lady says stop it she means stop and back the fuck up.”

  “I should’ve had your ass arrested the first time you hit me. Hit me again and I’ll call school security.”

  “Need someone else to fight your battles, sissy boy? You pick on girls, but can’t handle a man all on your own?” Suzy had tears in her eyes as I looked at her over his head.

  “Listen here buddy, I don’t know who you fuck think you are, but Suzy and I have a thing. She’s not yours. Right, Suzy?”

  She began to shake her head, as her eyes grew wide. He turned his head to look at her and I couldn’t hold back my fist any longer. I punched him right in the jaw and watched the spit and blood fly out of his mouth. Served the bastard right. I held him upright with my grip as he wobbled on shaky knees and his eyes watered.

  If we weren’t in her office at a school, I’d beat the piss out of the motherfucker. He deserved to be taught a harsher lesson than one simple fist to the face, but I had to tamper down my anger for Suzy’s sake.

  I let go of him with a shove and watched him stumble before catching himself on her desk. “I’ll have you arrested for this.” He wiped the blood from his lip with the back of his hand and glared at me.

  “I’ll share the little tidbit with security. I’ll tell them how I walked in on you sexually harassing Ms. McCarthy in her office. I heard her to telling you stop. Who do you think she’s gonna back, asshole? You’ve touched her for the last time. Do it again and I’ll bury you.”

  Suzy walked to my side and put her arm around me. “Derek, you mention a word and I’ll make sure they fire your ass. I’ll have no problem telling them about this and the other times.” Smiling at me, she squeezed my waist. “I have Joseph and Sophia to back me up. Sophia knows all about you and your bullshit.” Did she use two swear words in that speech? That’s my girl, I thought as I beamed with pride.

  “You wouldn’t?” he asked, smoothing out his shirt, wiping the last bit of blood tricking down his chin.

  “Try me, Derek,” she snarled, showing the slightest hint of teeth.

  “I’d put my money on the blonde.” I smirked at the jackass as he stormed out of the room.

  “You okay, Suzy?” I asked, wrapping her in my arms.

  She squeezed my waist and buried her face in my shirt. “Mm, you smell good.”

  “Answer me, sugar. Are you okay?” I kissed the top of her head.

  “Yeah, I’m fine. Derek’s an asshole. I don’t think he’ll be bothering me again,” she laughed into my chest.

  “I don’t want you working with that dick anymore.”

  “I think he almost peed his pants.”

  “Promise me, Suzette? You need to go to the administration about him. He shouldn’t work here or be near you.”

  She patted my stomach. “I love when you get all tough guy and use my full name.” She laughed and I squeezed her ass hard enough to make her jump. “I promise, Joseph.”

  “You seem to like it when I’m buried balls deep inside you, sugar, I don’t hear you laughing then,” I whispered in her ear. She shivered in my arms as the vibrations o
f my words touched her ears. “Why don’t we put your desk to good use?”

  She smacked me in the chest but I could see the twinkle in her eye. She thought about it for a second before she answered. “No way, mister. I’m not getting fired.”

  “I thought maybe you went all bad girl on me using all those curse words on Derek.” I ran my finger over her bruise but she didn’t flinch.

  “Two? I swore twice?” Her mouth hung open.

  “You did, sugar. I’m proud of you.”

  “You must be rubbing off on me.” She pulled away from my arms and smiled.

  “Speaking of rubbin’.” I looked down, wiggled my eyebrows, and moved my hips.

  “Absolutely not.” She looked away and started to move the papers on her desk.

  I wrapped my arms around her and placed my face in her hair. “Whatcha gonna do, baby, give me a detention?” I asked. I couldn’t help but laugh. God, if she was my teacher in high school I would’ve been all over her. My wet dreams would’ve been filled with visions of Ms. McCarthy leaning over my desk to help me with my math problems. I’d pray that her blouse would just happen to fall open and give me a glimpse of her beautiful tits.

  She smacked my hands. “You’re a naughty boy.”

  “You have no idea, Ms. McCarthy.” I kissed down her neck, making my way to her shoulder before sinking my teeth into her delicate flesh. “You’ve smacked me twice and I think I need to teach you a little lesson tonight.” Her breath caught and I heard a small moan escape as I ground my dick into her ass.

  “Whatcha got in mind, Mr. Gallo?”

  “I’m going to make sure you know you’re mine.” I cupped her breasts, squeezing them and ran my palms across her hard nipples. “I’m going to fuck you so damn hard my cock will be the only one you’ll ever think about. I’m leaving no inch untouched, no pore not kissed, and no hole unfilled.”

  “Um.” She swallowed loud enough for me to hear. Perfect.

  “Lost for words?”

  “Not here,” she whispered as she closed her eyes.

  “My place, sugar. I don’t want anyone to hear you scream when you think you can’t come again, but I’ll make you.”

  “You’re punishment sounds so much better than detention.”

  “It’s more like a retention program for at-risk little girls,” I said as she turned around with a smile on her face.

  “You know how to win a girl’s heart.” She stood on her tiptoes and kissed me.

  I smacked her ass and she bit down on my lip but not hard enough to break the skin.

  “Oh, sorry, baby,” she said.

  “I’ll get ya back, sugar. Let’s get the fuck out of here or I’m tearing your clothes off right here.” I pinched her nipple and felt her sharp intake of breath against my lips.

  I needed to get the hell out of the school and take her to my bed. I kissed her goodbye after walking her to her car. I walked to my bike on the opposite side of the parking lot after she drove away. It would be hard as fuck to ride with the raging hard-on in my pants – I needed the walk to cool the fuck off.

  Riding’ Dirty

  Ruined. It’s the only word that comes to mind when I think of Joseph Gallo aka City McPierced Cock. He ruined me for any other man that could’ve had a place in my future. How could I go back to a boring anybody with a party pickle penis when I had Joey Sex God Gallo?

  Joey made me scream in ecstasy; he’d been the first man I didn’t have to fake it with. His voice alone made my skin break out in goose bumps, his kiss made the world vanish, and his cock – well, it’s just damn unique and felt fucking amazing.

  The idea of punishment didn’t sound terrible coming out of his mouth. Anyone else and I would’ve run for the hills, but not City, he made my body feel like it was on fire. I wanted him to claim every inch of my body. What girl wouldn’t want all the pleasure that would involve? I’d be an idiot not to want it.

  I studied his body as he drove ahead of me on his sexy ass Harley. I could see him watching me at the stoplights and I never wanted the man to have eyes for another woman. He was everything I wanted, but never thought to include in my life plan. His muscles moved underneath his shirt as he hugged the road and
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