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  1. 'Darren and George' (Phil McNulty)
  2. 'Dear One' Breathes Fire (Waggoner, Robert C. )
  3. 'Doc.' Gordon (Mary Eleanor Wilkins Freeman)
  4. 'Dominated by the Librarian' (Male submission erotica) - The complete series (Tara Jones)
  5. 'Don't Make the Black Kids Angry': The hoax of black victimization and those who enable it. (Colin Flaherty)
  6. 'Drag' Harlan (Charles Alden Seltzer)
  7. (DARK EROTICA) Veil Of Pleasure: (Taboo Erotica) (DARK EROTICA SERIES) (Lucy Lixx)
  8. (Dis)content (Judgement of the Six Book 5) (Melissa Haag)
  9. (Don't Mess With) Clear Lake Women (Linda Hadaway)
  10. (Dragonkin) Dragon Rider (C. E. Swain)
  11. D (George Right)
  12. D & D - Red Sands (Tonya R. Carter)
  13. D & D - Tale of the Comet (Roland Green)
  14. D is for Dahl (Roald Dahl)
  15. D Is for Deadbeat (Sue Grafton)
  16. D Is for Drama (Jo Whittemore)
  17. D Is for Dress-Up (Alison Tyler)
  18. D is for Drunk (Rebecca Cantrell)
  19. D J Owen - [Erotic Greeks 01] (Helena)
  20. D J Owen - [Erotic Greeks 02] (Alexa)
  21. D J Owen - [Erotic Greeks 03] (Andrea)
  22. D J Owen - [Erotic Greeks 04] (Kalus)
  23. D J Owen - [Erotic Greeks 05] (Jason)
  24. D J Owen - [Erotic Greeks 06] (Calli)
  25. D J Owen - [Erotic Greeks 07] (Pentheus)
  26. D J Owen - [Erotic Greeks 08] (Ouran)
  27. D& D - Greyhawk - Night Watch (Robin Wayne Bailey)
  28. D& D - Mystara 01 - Dragonlord of Mystara (Thorarinn Gunnarsson)
  29. D& D - Mystara 02 Dragonking of Mystara (Thorarinn Gunnarsson)
  30. D& D - Mystara 03 Dragonmage of Mystara (Thorarinn Gunnarsson)
  31. D&D - Mystara - Penhaligon Trilogy 02 (The Dragon's Tomb - Heinrich, D. J (v1. 1))
  32. D&D 01-The Savage Caves (T. H. Lain)
  33. D&D 02-The Living Dead (T. H. Lain)
  34. D&D 03-Oath of Nerull (T. H. Lain)
  35. D&D 04-City of Fire (T. H. Lain)
  36. D&D 05-The Bloody Eye (T. H. Lain)
  37. D&D 06-Treachery's Wake (T. H. Lain)
  38. D&D 07-Plague of Ice (T. H. Lain)
  39. D&D 08-The Sundered Arms (T. H. Lain)
  40. D&D 09-Return of the Damned (T. H. Lain)
  41. D&D 10-The Death Ray (T. H. Lain)
  42. Débrouillard (Matt Peters)
  43. D&P20 - Death's Jest-Book (Reginald Hill)
  44. D&P21 - Good Morning, Midnight (Reginald Hill)
  45. D&P22 - The Death of Dalziel aka Death comes to the Fat Man (Reginald Hill)
  46. D&P23 - The Price of Butcher's Meat aka A Cure for all Diseases (Reginald Hill)
  47. D'Alessandro's Child (Catherine Spencer)
  48. D'Arc (Robert Repino)
  49. D'Aulaires Book of Greek Myths (Ingri d'Aulaire)
  50. D'Mok Revival 1: Awakening (Michael J. Zummo)
  51. D'mok Revival 4: New Eden (Michael Zummo)
  52. D'mok Revival: The Nukari Invasion Anthology (Michael Zummo)
  53. D'Orsay / or, The complete dandy (W. Teignmouth Shore)
  54. D'Ri and I (Irving Bacheller)
  55. D, My Name Is Danita (Norma Fox Mazer)
  56. D-Boy (Edward Kendrick)
  57. D-Boys Preview (sample content) (Michael Stephen Fuchs)
  58. D-Day (Rupert Colley)
  59. D-Day (Antony Beevor)
  60. D-Day (Bryan Perrett)
  61. D-Day Girls (Sarah Rose)
  62. D-Day in the Ashes (William W. Johnstone)
  63. D-Day: History in an Hour (Rupert Colley)
  64. D-Day: The Battle for Normandy (Antony Beevor)
  65. D-DayHistory in an Hour (Rupert Colley)
  66. D-DAYS IN THE PACIFIC (Donald L. Miller)
  67. D-Day_Battle on the Beach (Kate Messner)
  68. D. C. Noir 2 (George Pelecanos)
  69. D. C. Noir 2 (George Pelecanos)
  70. D. I. Ghost: A Detective Inspector Ghost Murder Investigation (Lauren White)
  71. D. M. Ulmer 01 - Silent Battleground (D. M. Ulmer)
  72. D. Michael Beil (The Red Blazer Girls (v5))
  73. D. R. T. (James D. Long)
  74. D.A.R.I.A Book One (Martin E. Silenus)
  75. D.B. Hayes, Detective (Darlene Scalera; Dani Sinclair)
  76. D.C. Dead (Stuart Woods)
  77. D.C. Dead sb-22 (Stuart Woods)
  78. D.C. Noir (George Pelecanos)
  79. D.C. Noir (George Pelecanos)
  80. D.C. RIOTS (Anonymous Justice Book 3) (Boyd Craven Jr. )
  81. D.D.S.aves the World (H Jason Schulz)
  82. D.E.A.D. (The A.L.I.V.E. Series Book 2) (R. D. Brady)
  83. D.E.A.D. Till I Die: An Action Thriller (GlobaTech Book 1) (Sumner, James P. )
  84. D.E.E.P Choices: Volumes 1 - 3 (Soulmate Love) (Dulin, Vernistene)
  85. D.F. Jones - [Colossus 01] (Colossus (V1. 0) (Lit))
  86. D.N.A. (Jami Lynn Saunders)
  87. D.O.A. (Charlie Thomas King)
  88. D.O.A. Extreme Horror Anthology (Burton, Jack; Hayes, David C. )
  89. D.O.R.K. Series Box Set (Haley Allison)
  90. D.O.R.K. Series Box Set: Diary of a Rocker's Kid, The Sister Code, Twin Wars (Haley Allison)
  91. D.V. (Diana Vreeland)
  92. D.V. Patton - Fire and Rain (D. V. Patton)
  93. D2D_Poison or Protect (Gail Carriger)
  94. d3.wps (phuc)
  95. d6 (Caverns and Creatures) (Robert Bevan)
  96. D: Revenge Hits London (Whitby's Darkest Book 2) (Chris Turnbull)
  97. D: Whitby's Darkest Secret (Turnbull,Chris)
  98. Da Bank Job (Andy Hall)
  99. Da Rocha's Convenient Heir (Lynne Graham)
  100. Da Rocha's Convenient Heir--A Billionaire Baby Romance (Lynne Graham)
  101. Da Silva's Mistress (Tina Duncan)
  102. Da Vinci's Bicycle (Guy Davenport)
  103. Da Vinci's Cases (Alfred Bekker)
  104. Da Vinci's Tiger (L. M. Elliott)
  105. Daahn Rising (Lyons, Brenna)
  106. Dab Kinzer: A Story of a Growing Boy (William Osborn Stoddard)
  107. Dacey: Bride of North Carolina (Amercan Mail-Order Bride 12) (Shanna Hatfield)
  108. Dacey_Bride of North Carolina (Shanna Hatfield)
  109. Dachshund Disaster (Tui T. Sutherland)
  110. Dacre's War (Rosemary Goring)
  111. Dactyl Hill Squad (Daniel José Older)
  112. DAC_II_GenVers_Sept2013 (Donna McDonald)
  113. Dad (William Wharton)
  114. Dad Bod (Lily Kate)
  115. Dad Bod (Kate, Lily)
  116. Dad for Charlie & the Sergeant's Temptation & the Alaskan Catch & New Year's Wedding (9781488015687) (Stewart, Anna J. ; Sasson, Sophia; Carpenter, Beth; Jensen, Muriel)
  117. Dad in Training (Gail Gaymer Martin)
  118. Dad Is Fat (Jim Gaffigan)
  119. Dad is not gay (N. Schwalbe)
  120. Dad Today, Groom Tomorrow (Holly Jacobs)
  121. Dad's Army (Graham McCann)
  122. Dad's Best Friend: An Older Man Younger Woman Romance (Mia Ford)
  123. Dad's Best Friend: An Older Man Younger Woman Romance (A Man Who Knows What He Wants Book 83) (Flora Ferrari)
  124. Dad's Billionaire Buddy: A Steamy Older Man Romance (Mia Madison)
  125. Dad's E-Mail Order Bride (Candy Halliday - Alaska Bound 01 - Dad's E-Mail Order Bride)
  126. Dad's Royal Buddy: A Steamy Older Man Prince Romance (Mia Madison)
  127. Dad's Russian Mafia Friend (Flora Ferrari)
  128. Daddies (Janet Frank)
  129. Daddin' Ain't Easy: A DILF Mania Collaboration (Winter Travers)
  130. Daddy (Madison Young)
  131. Daddy (Danielle Steel)
  132. Daddy & His Little Baby (Jade K. Scott)
  133. Daddy 101 (American Romance) (Leigh, Jo)
  134. DADDY AT THE ALTAR (Claire St. Rose)
  135. Daddy Bear (Harmony Raines)
  136. Daddy Biker: MC Romance (Sadie Savage)
  137. Daddy Bikers Box Set (Sadie Savage)
  138. Daddy Bombshell (Lisa Childs)
  139. Daddy Boss (Claire Bishop)
  140. Daddy Boss (A Boss Romance Love Story) (Bishop, Claire)
  141. Daddy by Accident (Paula Detmer Riggs)
  142. DADDY BY CHOICE (Paula Detmer Riggs)
  143. Daddy by Christmas (Patricia Thayer)
  144. Daddy by December (The BAD BOY BILLIONAIRES Series) (Judy Angelo)
  145. Daddy By Default (Nikki Benjamin)
  146. Daddy By Design? & Her Perfect Wife (Cheryl Anne Porter)
  147. Daddy by Surprise (Debra Salonen)
  148. Daddy Calls Me Doodlebug (J. D. Lester)
  150. Daddy Christmas (Cathy Gillen Thacker)
  151. Daddy Christmas and Hanukkah Mama (Selina Alko)
  152. Daddy Commands (Maggie Ryan)
  153. Daddy Cool: A Novel (Old School Books) (Donald Goines)
  154. Daddy Daddy: MFM Menage Romance (Demi Donovan)
  155. Daddy Danger: MC Romance (Pythons MC) (Sadie Savage)
  156. Daddy Darkest (Ellery Kane)
  157. Daddy Dearest (Paul Southern)
  158. Daddy Dearest (Isabella Starling)
  159. Daddy Dearest: The Bad Boy Bargain (Complete Series) (Lila Moore)
  160. Daddy Defender (Janie Crouch)
  161. Daddy Devastating (Delores Fossen)
  162. Daddy Dilemma: A DILF Mania Collaboration (GM Scherbert)
  163. Daddy Dom (Lucy Wild)
  164. Daddy Dom: A BDSM Romance (B. B. Hamel)
  165. Daddy Duke (Madison Faye)
  166. Daddy for Keeps (Pamela Tracy)
  167. Daddy For The Night (Nadia Wild)
  168. Daddy Fucks Her Raw (Harper Thrush)
  169. Daddy Heart M.D.: A Billionaire Baby Romance (Private School Bad Boys Book 1) (Holly Jaymes)
  170. Daddy In Charge (Autumn Collins)
  171. Daddy In Charge_A Billionaire Romance (Natasha Spencer)
  172. Daddy in Dress Blues (Cathie Linz)
  173. Daddy in the Making (Crystal Green)
  174. Daddy in the Making (Lyn Cote)
  175. Daddy Institute (Dark Age Play Romance) (My Little World Book 7) (Becca Little)
  176. Daddy is an Undertaker: A Poker Boy story. (Smith, Dean Wesley)
  177. Daddy Issues (Evangeline Anderson)
  178. Daddy Issues (Seth King)
  179. Daddy Issues (Viv Love)
  180. Daddy Issues (Wyatt, Dani)
  181. Daddy Issues (Ava Sinclair)
  182. Daddy Ivy League: A Second Chance Professor Baby Romance (Private School Bad Boys Book 2) (Holly Jaymes)
  183. Daddy King (Martin Luther King Sr. )
  184. Daddy Knows Best (Vincent Drake)
  185. Daddy Lenin and Other Stories (Guy Vanderhaeghe)
  186. Daddy Lessons (Victoria Chancellor)
  187. Daddy Lessons (Stella Bagwell)
  188. Daddy Lessons (Carolyne Aarsen)
  189. Daddy Long Legs (Vernon W. Baumann)
  190. Daddy Long Stroke (Cairo)
  191. Daddy Love (Joyce Carol Oates)
  192. Daddy Love: A Novel (Joyce Carol Oates)
  193. Daddy Luck (Thomas M. McDade)
  194. Daddy Mine (Shanna Handel)
  195. Daddy Mine (Sweet Texas Love Book 1) (Shanna Handel)
  196. Daddy Morebucks (Normandie Alleman)
  197. Daddy Needs a Date (Sean Michael)
  198. Daddy Next Door (Kylie Walker)
  199. Daddy Next Door (Judy Christenberry)
  200. Daddy Next Door (Carol Voss)
  201. Daddy Next Door (Hometown Reunion) (Ginger Chambers)
  202. Daddy Next Door - The Complete Series Box Set (A Single Dad Navy SEAL Romance) (Claire Adams)
  203. Daddy on Demand (Helen R. Myers)
  204. Daddy On The Run (Carla Cassidy)
  205. Daddy Patrol (Sharon De Vita)
  206. Daddy Play: A Millionaire Age Play Romance (Lucy Wild)
  207. Daddy Player: A BILLIONAIRE SPORTS BABY ROMANCE (Jaymes, Holly)
  208. Daddy Plus One: A Single Dad Secret Baby Billionaire Romance (Brooke Valentine)
  209. Daddy Protector: MC Romance (Pythons MC) (Sadie Savage)
  210. Daddy Says (Maggie Ryan)
  211. Daddy Says, I Do! (Stacy Connelly)
  212. Daddy Seal (The Navy Seal Collection Book 3) (Angela Blake)
  213. Daddy Secrets (Mia Carson)
  214. Daddy Shifter (Juniper Hart)
  215. Daddy Shifter's Fake Fiance (Stonybrooke Shifters) (Leela Ash)
  216. Daddy Shifter's Virgin Auction (Leela Ash)
  217. Daddy Soda (A New Hampshire Mystery Book 1) (Mira Gibson)
  218. Daddy Takes Us Skating (Howard Roger Garis)
  219. Daddy Takes Us to the Garden (Howard Roger Garis)
  220. Daddy Taught Me Better (Ebony)
  221. Daddy To Be: A Billionaire's Baby Romance (Tia Siren)
  222. Daddy to the Rescue (Susan Kearney)
  223. Daddy Wake Up! (A short story about the toll of death on children!) (Sian Young)
  224. Daddy Wanted (Wylde, Tara)
  225. Daddy Warlock (Jacqueline Diamond)
  226. Daddy Was A Cowboy (Wranglers & Lace #1) (Jodi O'Donnell)
  227. Daddy Was a Number Runner (Louise Meriwether)
  228. DADDY WITH A BADGE (Paula Detmer Riggs)
  229. Daddy with a Deadline (Marilyn Shank)
  230. Daddy Wolf's Nanny (Sky Winters)
  231. Daddy Wolf's Nanny (Nanny Shifter Service Book 3) (Sky Winters)
  232. Daddy Wolves: Silver Wolves MC Box Set (Sky Winters)
  233. Daddy Won't Kill You (An Occult Horror) (Gebbie, Caroline)
  234. Daddy Won't Kill You- The Haunting in the Woods (Caroline Clark)
  235. Daddy Wore Spurs (Mills & Boon Cherish) (Men of the West, Book 32) (Stella Bagwell)
  236. Daddy's World (Walter Jon Williams)
  237. Daddy's (Hunter, Lindsay)
  238. Daddy's Angel (Annette Broadrick)
  239. Daddy's Angel (Weeping Willow Book 1) (Steven Evans)
  240. Daddy's Baby (Landis Lain)
  241. Daddy's Baby (B. B. Hamel)
  242. Daddy's Baby: A BDSM Secret Baby Romance (B. B. Hamel)
  243. Daddy's Bedtime Bird Stories (Percy F. Westerman)
  244. Daddy's Best Friend (Tia Siren)
  245. Daddy's Best Friend (Olivia T. Turner)
  246. Daddy's Best Friend (69th St. Bad Boys Book 3) (Siren, Tia)
  247. Daddy's Best Friend: An Older Man Younger Woman Box Set (Charlize Starr)
  248. Daddy's Best Friend: Complete Series (Sasha Scott)
  249. Daddy's Best Friend: Experience Counts: A May-December Romance (Temperance Falls Book 1) (London Hale)
  250. Daddy's Bestfriend (My Dad's Bestfriend Secret Baby Romance) (J. L. Beck)
  251. Daddy's Big Friend (Charlize Starr)
  252. Daddy's Big Package (Emma Roberts)
  253. Daddy's BIG Secret Stash of Taboo Books, Vol. 5 (10 Books TABOO Horny House Series) (Adrian Amos)
  254. Daddy's Birthday Surprise (Becoming His Book 4) (Haley Monroe)
  255. Daddy's Boss (Sam Crescent)
  256. Daddy's Boss: A Billionaire Older Man Younger Woman Romance (Lila Younger)
  257. Daddy's Bossy Friend (Charlize Starr)
  258. Daddy's Bought Virgin: A Fake Marriage Romance (Innocence Book 2) (Roxeanne Rolling)
  259. Daddy's Boy (Casey Watson)
  260. Daddy's Boy (Verstraete,Majanka)
  261. Daddy's Boy (Samantha Grady)
  262. Daddy's Brat (Landon Rockwell)
  263. Daddy's Brat (Boston Daddies, Book 3) (Landon Rockwell)
  264. Daddy's Christmas Date (Piper Sullivan)
  265. Daddy's Christmas Date: A Single Dad Romance (Piper Sullivan)
  266. Daddy's College Roommate: Bad Boy and Virgin Forbidden Romance (Vanessa Kinney)
  267. Daddy's Contract : A Single Dad and Nanny Romance (Melissa Chetley)
  268. Daddy's Day (Gage Grayson)
  269. Daddy's Day_A Secret Baby Father's Day Romance (Gage Grayson)
  270. Daddy's Demands: Twenty-Five Steamy Daddy Dom Romance Novellas (Madison Faye)
  271. Daddy's Dirty Girl: Bred by My Daddy 4 (taboo breeding sex) (Francis Ashe)
  272. Daddy's Dirty Little Angel (Gia Blue)
  273. DADDY'S DOLL: A Dark Bad Boy Baby Romance (Devil's Sons MC) (Heather West)
  274. Daddy's Double Duty (Stella Bagwell)
  275. Daddy's Fake Bride (A Fake Marriage Romance) (Caitlin Daire)
  276. Daddy's Favorite: A Dominant Protector Romance (Candice Nolan)
  277. Daddy's Favorites: Anna (Selena Kitt)
  278. Daddy's Friend Collection: An Older Man Younger Woman Romance Book Bndle (Amy Brent)
  279. Daddy's Game (Alleman, Normandie)
  280. Daddy's Girl (Isabella Starling)
  281. Daddy's Girl (Margie Orford)
  282. Daddy's Girl (L. T. Meade)
  283. Daddy's Girl (Lisa Scottoline)
  284. Daddy's Girl (River Laurent)
  285. Daddy's Girl (Poison Pixie Publishing)
  286. Daddy's Girl (Swati Chaturvedi)
  287. Daddy's Girl (Bachelor Fathers) (Barbara Bretton)
  288. Daddy's Girl : An Extreme Psychological Horror (Anton Palmer)
  289. Daddy's Girl: Cape High Book Five (R. J. Ross)
  290. Daddy's Girls (Stella Andrews)
  291. Daddy's Gone a Hunting (Mary Higgins Clark)
  292. Daddy's Here (Lucy Wild)
  293. Daddy's Home (A. K. Alexander)
  294. Daddy's Home (Landon Rockwell)
  295. Daddy's Home (Zoe Blake)
  296. Daddy's Home (Firebacks Book 1) (Linda Verji)
  297. Daddy's House (Azarel)
  298. Daddy's HUGE TABOO collection (20 books from Horny House Series) (Adrian Amos)
  299. Daddy's Immortal Virgin (Christa Wick)
  300. Daddy's Little Angel (Shani Petroff)
  301. Daddy's Little Angela (Alex Reynolds)
  302. Daddy's Little Cowgirl (Charlotte Maclay)
  303. Daddy's Little Girl (Mary Higgins Clark)
  304. Daddy's Little Girl (William Malmborg)
  305. Daddy's Little Girl (Robert Jeschonek)
  306. Daddy's Little Girl (Ed Gorman)
  307. Daddy's Little Girl (A Homespun Romance) (Kakade, Geeta)
  308. Daddy's Little Girl: Bred by My Daddy 3 (erotic taboo breeding erotica) (Francis Ashe)
  309. Daddy's Little Killer (LS Sygnet)
  310. Daddy's Little Matchmaker (Roz Denny Fox)
  311. Daddy's Little Princess (Rachel Burns)
  312. Daddy's Masked Balls (Daddy Fantasies) (Amber Adams)
  313. Daddy's Perfect Wife: A Billionaire Romance (S. F. Bartholin)
  314. Daddy's Pregnant Darling (Daddy - Pregnancy Fantasies) (Amber Adams)
  315. Daddy's Pretty Baby (Cassandra Dee)
  316. Daddy's Princess (Nikki Wild)
  317. DADDY'S PRINCESS: A Dark Bad Boy Baby Romance (The Horsemen MC) (Sophia Gray)
  318. Daddy's Rich Enemy (Katie Ford)
  319. Daddy's Rich Enemy_A Billionaire Bad Boy Romance (Katie Ford)
  320. Daddy's RockStar Friends (Amanda Horton)
  321. Daddy's RockStar Friends ( A Reverse Harem Romance) (Amanda Horton)
  322. Daddy's Rules (Boston Daddies, Book 2) (Landon Rockwell)
  323. Daddy's Surprise (Lexi Hunt)
  324. Daddy's Sweetheart (Part 1) (Daddy's Sweetheart (Part1)) (Burns, Rachel)
  325. Daddy's Sweetheart Part 2 (Burns, Rachel)
  326. Daddy's Sweetheart Parts 1-5: The Complete Collection (Rachel Burns)
  327. Daddy's THICK TABOO collection (20 books from Horny House Series) (Adrian Amos)
  328. Daddy's Too Big For My Little Girl (Virgin Daughter Breeding Sex) (Riley Rourke)
  329. Daddy's Toy-Box (A Daddy's Best Friend Romance) (Caitlin Daire)
  330. Daddy's Virgin (Claire Adams)
  331. Daddy's Virgin (A CEO Boss Romance Novel) (Claire Adams)
  332. Daddy's Virgin Bride (Nikki Bella)
  333. Daddy's Virgin Bride: A Fake Marriage Romance (Juliet Woods)
  334. Daddy's Virgin Nanny (Tia Wylder)
  335. Daddy's Virgin Nanny: A Single Dad & Nanny Romance (Tia Wylder)
  336. Daddy's Whip (Loki Renard)
  337. Daddy's World (Ava Sinclair)
  338. Daddy, Daddy, and Me (Sean Michael)
  339. Daddy, Daddy, Me (Sean Michael)
  340. Daddy, My First (Rod Polo)
  341. Daddy, My First: Taboo Erotica Collection (Rod Polo)
  342. Daddy, Stop Talking!: And Other Things My Kids Want but Won't Be Getting (Adam Carolla)
  343. Daddy, Unexpectedly (Lee McKenzie)
  344. Daddy, We Hardly Knew You (Germaine Greer)
  345. Daddy-Long-Legs (Jean Webster)
  346. Daddy-Long-Legs & Dear Enemy (Jean Webster)
  347. Daddy: A Billionaire Baby Romance (Katy Kaylee)
  348. Daddy: An Older Man, Younger Woman Romance (Penthouse Pleasures Book 2) (Opal Carew)
  349. Daddykins (Kalpana Mohan)
  350. Daddy’s Baby: A Military BDSM Secret Baby Romance (S. L. Finlay)
  351. Daddy’s Best Friend: A Spoiled Brat Series (Book 1) (Penelope Lusk)
  352. Daddy’s Fiancée Nanny : A Single Dad & A Virgin Romance (Piper Sullivan)
  353. Daddy’s Little (Smith, Maren)
  354. Daddy’s Little Princess (Cathy Glass)
  355. Daddy’s Wild Friend (Charlize Starr)
  356. Dade (Delores Fossen)
  357. Dadr'Ba (Tetsu'Go'Ru Tsu'Te)
  358. Dads In Short Shorts (Bklein155)
  359. Dads Under Construction (Neil Campbell)
  360. Dad’s E-mail Order Bride (Candy Halliday)
  361. Dae's Christmas Past (Joyce Lavene)
  362. Daedalian Muse (Jamie Crothall)
  363. Daedalus (Interstellar Cargo Book 2) (Matt Verish)
  364. Daedalus's Children (Dave Stern)
  365. Daegan (The Age of Alandria: A Companion Novella) (Wylie, Morgan)
  366. Daegon: Alien Warlord's Conquest (Scifi Alien-Human Military Romance) (Vi Voxley)
  367. Daemon (Daniel Suarez)
  368. Daemon (Doug Dandridge)
  369. Daemon d-1 (Daniel Suarez)
  370. Daemon Gates Trilogy (Black Library)
  371. Daemon Gates Trilogy 01 [Day of the Daemon] (Warhammer)
  372. Daemon Gates Trilogy 02 Night of the Daemon (Black Library)
  373. Daemon of the Dark Wood (Randy Chandler)
  374. Daemon Persuasion (S. K. Gregory)
  375. Daemon Seer (Mary Maddox)
  376. Daemon Uprising (Mariah Ankenman)
  377. Daemon Voices (Philip Pullman)
  378. Daemon World (Ben Counter - (ebook by Undead))
  379. Daemon: A Reverse Harem Fantasy (Airshan Chronicles Book 2) (Nhys Glover)
  380. Daemon: Night of the Daemon (Harry Shannon)
  381. Daemonology (Chris Wraight)
  382. Daemonomania (John Crowley)
  383. DAEMONOMANIA: Book Three of the Aegypt Cycle (Crowley, John)
  384. Daemons Are Forever (Suzy Shearer)
  385. Daemons Are Forever (Simon R. Green)
  386. Daemons Are Forever sh-2 (Simon R. Green)
  387. Daemons in the Mist (The Marked Ones Trilogy: Book One) (Vancil, Alicia Kat)
  388. Daemons of Garaaga (Children of Garaaga) (Paul E. Cooley)
  389. Daemons of London Boxset (Books 1-3) The Bleeders, The Human Herders, The Purebloods (Michaela Haze)
  390. Daemonslayer (William King)
  391. Daemon’s Mark (Caitlin Kittredge)
  392. Daemon’s Revenge (Marteeka Karland)
  393. Daenyathos (Ben Counter)
  394. Daeton's Journey (Wiccan-Were-Bear Book 10) (R. E. Butler)
  395. Daffodils and Danger (Mary Manners)
  396. Daffodils in March (Clare Revell)
  397. Daffodils in Spring (Pamela Morsi)
  398. Daft Wee Stories (Limmy)
  399. Dagger (Delilah Devlin)
  400. Dagger (Steven dos Santos)
  401. Dagger (Montana Bounty Hunters Book 2) (Delilah Devlin)
  402. Dagger (мир воров) (David Drake)
  403. Dagger - The Light at the End of the World (Walt Popester)
  404. Dagger 2 - Blood Brothers - A Dark Fantasy Adventure (Born to Be Free series) (Walt Popester)
  405. Dagger 3 - God of Emptiness (Walt Popester)
  406. Dagger 4 - The Tankar Dawn: A Dark Fantasy Adventure (Walt Popester)
  407. Dagger in the Crown (Tam Eildor mystery no.1) (Alanna Knight)
  408. Dagger in the Sea (Cat Porter)
  409. Dagger Key and Other Stories (Lucius Shepard)
  410. Dagger Lord: A LitRPG Series (Elliot Burns)
  411. Dagger of Flesh (Richard S. Prather)
  412. Dagger of the Assassins (Cat Wilder)
  413. Dagger of the Assassins (Battle for Glory Adventures Book 2) (Cat Wilder)
  414. Dagger to the Heart (Alex P. Berg)
  415. Dagger's Edge (SEALs On Fire) (Brenna Zinn)
  416. Dagger's Edge (Shadow series) (Logston, Anne)
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