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 part  #1 of  Men of Inked Series


Throttle Me
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  “Really? He’d do that for me?” Her eyebrows shot up and her lips parted.

  “Yes and for me. Keys?” I held out my hand to her, ready to ditch this fucking place.

  She dug through her purse, pulling out her keys, and placed them in my hand. She brushed her hair over her shoulder. I wanted to sink my teeth into her. I wanted to hear her moan, breathless underneath me. She truly was beautiful. She had an understated sex appeal to her. She didn’t flaunt the beauty of her body and I don’t think she even had a clue how fuckin’ hot I found her. She was the girl next door, the untouched bookworm that every guy wanted to conquer. I wanted to make her dirty. I wanted to make her scream filthy words while I fucked her. I wanted to corrupt this girl in the worse possible way. She would be a challenge and maybe I’d found someone worthy of my time.

  “How will he know where I live?” she asked.

  “Registration in the glove box.” I twirled the keys in my finger and held my hand out for her to take. “Ready?”

  “Duh,” she said as she shook her head and grabbed my hand. All I could do was laugh. She wobbled on the high heels as she reached out and grabbed my shirt to steady herself. Sex didn’t ooze off of her. There was a quirkiness that I couldn’t put my finger on, but the sex kitten was there somewhere underneath the surface.

  “Home?” I wanted to ask her your place or mine, but I didn’t think she was that type of girl. My life had become an endless parade of those girls and there wasn’t one thing that said ‘take me home and fuck me’ about Suzy.

  “Yes,” she said.

  I motioned to Tank and he walked toward us before we made it to the door. “Her car is two miles south, man. Can you have it done by tomorrow?” I asked as I placed the keys in his hand.

  “Sure, buddy. I’ll have it at her place as early as possible.”

  “Thanks,” I said as I shook his hand.

  “Crap,” she said.

  “What?” I asked as we both looked at her.

  “I have to cancel my tow,” she said.

  “Here,” I handed her my phone. “Call them back before we hit the road.”

  “Thanks.” She walked away on shaky legs; the drinks must have had a greater effect on her than I had thought. She leaned on a table with the phone in her ear and her ass sticking out. Her skirt rode up, giving me a view of the back of her legs. The muscles flexed and moved as she swayed back and forth. I couldn’t imagine being tipsy and walking in those pointy fucking shoes. Women were insane.

  “Make sure her car is running good before you bring it back, got it? No shit ass job, Tank. I don’t want her breaking down on the side of the road again.”

  “Got it. I don’t do half ass work, City. Got a thing for this girl?”

  “I don’t have a thing for her – my dick does, but she’s just another woman. Stop busting my balls and do me this favor.”

  Tank laughed. “Sure. I gotcha. I’ll take care of the car and you take care of her – get her home safely.” He winked at me.

  I rolled my eyes and spoke through clenched teeth. “I’m always a gentleman, Tank.”

  “Like fuck you are, man. Kind, at times, a gentleman, never.” I heard him say as he walked away twirling her keys in his fingers.

  “Okay, all done. Let’s bounce,” she said as she touched my shoulder.

  Did she just say bounce? Fuck me runnin’. I was in trouble with this girl. I knew it from the moment I saw her, but my cock didn’t want to be the voice of reason – it never did – traitorous fucker. “Let’s get you out of here and out of those shoes, Suzy.” I wrapped my arms around her waist and helped her to the door.

  Down & Dirty

  Did I just say bounce? Hello, the nineties want their phrase back. I’d never been the cool girl, the one that attracted the sexy guy, but hell, tonight I was in rare form. My legs felt like jelly as we walked out of the Neon Cowboy into the parking lot. I was thankful for the coolness of night and the fresh air. City made me nervous and made every part of my body scream for his touch.

  I couldn’t take my eyes off his fine ass as he grabbed the helmet and turned toward me. “Can you do the helmet yourself or do you want me to do it for you?” he asked with his head cocked and a smile on his lips.

  I just wanted him to touch me. “Can you do it, please? I’m worried I won’t do it right.”

  “No problem, beautiful.” I closed my eyes. I could feel my body sway no matter how hard I tried to stand still. I felt amazing, like I was flying on a cloud. I opened my eyes to peek at him as he adjusted the straps. The world seemed to spin faster every time I closed my eyes. His fingers touched my skin and I swear electricity flowed through his hand. I wanted more – needed more.

  “Alright, sexy. All ready.” Sexy? Oh god, I want this man. I watched as he climbed on the bike and held out his hand to me.

  “Here goes nothing,” I whispered before grabbing him and climbing on the bike.

  “Hold on tight.” He scooted back into my legs, my entire body felt like it was on fire as I wrapped my arms around his torso and locked my fingers together. His muscles moved underneath my fingertips and I wanted to rub them – no – I wanted to lick them. I squeezed my legs together leaving no space between us as I leaned forward resting my breasts against his back.

  “Where am I going?” he asked as he started the bike and cranked the engine.

  Please don’t let me be wrong. “Your place.” I held my breath as soon as I said the words and waited for him to laugh.

  “You sure?” he asked in an even tone, but didn’t turn around.

  I’d never been so reckless about anything in my life. “Yes, unless you don’t want to...” Did I read the signs wrong? God, what an idiot I am.

  “Are you fucking crazy? I’ve been dying to crawl inside of you since I saw you on the road. Hold on sugar, you’re in for one hell of a ride.” I tried to control my breathing, thinking about his words, but it was useless. Excitement filled me and thankfully the couple drinks helped give me courage to go home with this sexy ass man… or stupidity, but in this moment all I could think of is what the night held.

  I held on for dear life as we cruised down the country roads toward his place. I didn’t even know where he lived and I wasn’t paying attention to anything but his body and how it felt against me and under my hands. Images of him naked flooded my brain as my heart raced in my chest almost as fast as the bike moved. I got lost in time and didn’t seem to worry as much as I concentrated only on his hardness.

  I peeled my face from his back as the bike slowed and looked around as he backed up. A small white single story house with green shutters lay before us. His home was on a large plot of land from what I could see. The street was far away from the structure with a long driveway connecting the two.

  “Change your mind, princess?” he asked.

  “No, I meant every word.” My voice shook and my entire body seemed to quake.

  “Climb off first, use my shoulders.”

  I grabbed his shoulders and could feel the hardness. He was covered in muscle. I hadn’t felt one squishy part the entire time I had my hands on him. I’d always describe myself as a tad bit fluffy. I wasn’t lean and muscular, but I did have curves and some softness to my body, but not City – he was ripped. I pushed myself off using his shoulders as leverage and the gravel driveway made my ability to stand still and straight almost impossible. The drinks didn’t help either and the killer shoes I had on my feet didn’t allow me to grip the ground any easier.

  I watched as he climbed off the bike, his muscles rippling and shifting with each movement. My mouth watered at the thoughts of touching him and being his for a night. He moved toward me and I swallowed hard. The closer he moved, the quicker my heart pounded in my chest and I closed my eyes out of fear and anticipation. I puckered my lips and waited for him to kiss me, but nothing.

  “I need to take your helmet off.” For the love of god, please help me disappear. I’d forgotten about the helmet and had to look li
ke a complete idiot standing there with my eyes closed, waiting for a kiss, swaying in the wind, and wearing the damn thing. I’d been so wrapped up in the moment that all I could think about was him – kissing him, seeing him naked, touching him… just him. I smiled and could feel the heat creep into my cheeks. Butterflies filled my stomach and I closed my eyes hoping the embarrassing scene that just occurred would be quickly forgotten. I could hear him softly chuckling as he undid the straps and pulled it off my head. “Cute.”

  I opened eyes and squinted at him. “Cute? What the heck is cute?”

  “You.” He tapped my nose and I rolled my eyes.

  “Freaking great.”

  “Yep, you’re cute. Innocent, but fucking dying to be bad.” He placed the helmet on the bike, turning his attention back at me. He touched my chin pulling my face up to look him in the eyes. The rough skin of his thumb glided across my cheek and I inhaled quickly. “I’m going to make you swear if it’s the last thing I do. You’re going to be screaming curse words tonight.”

  Everything in my body ignited at once – my heart pounded, my hands shook, and I stood there on trembling legs feeling his nearness. The man stole my breath and made me lose all ability to communicate. Wrapping his solid arms around me, pulling my chest against his rock hard torso, his lips hovered over mine. His hot breath brushed against my mouth as his fingers rested against my throat. My pulse raced under his fingertips, his touch making the rapid beating of my heart increase. Everything ceased to exist as he nipped my bottom lip, sending a jolt of pleasure throughout my body.

  An overwhelming craving for more took hold and I melted into him. A small moan escaped as his lips crushed against mine. Gripping his shoulders, I tipped my head back giving him deeper access to my mouth. I wanted everything he had to give – all doubts vanished and were replaced by sheer need.

  Lust consumed me as he ravaged my mouth and commanded the kiss, deep, warm, and hard. The warmth of his fingers on the back on my neck sent goose bumps across my flesh. Wanting his heat, needing more contact, I lifted the back of his shirt and swept my fingers across his silky skin. There was a cavern near his spine, the outer edges rimmed in hard muscle that flexed underneath my touch. I brushed the edge of his pants with my fingers, sweeping them inside, grazing his skin with my fingernails. His hold on my neck tightened and he groaned in my mouth. We fed each other air, leaving no room or moment to absorb anything else but each other.

  I wanted all this man had to give. I wanted his promise of making me scream words that I didn’t use. Bending down and grabbing my ass, he scooped me into his arms, never breaking the contact with my mouth. My stomach flipped like on a rollercoaster, the movement and excitement taking over my senses. The anticipation bubbled inside me as he carried me toward his house and eventually his bedroom.

  I wrap my legs around his waist, hooking my ankles together, and felt his hardness against my core. With each step it rubbed against my clit, the friction driving me close to the brink of orgasm, until he raised my body to his abdomen. The key scraping against the lock sends a thrill through me – I’m doing this... really doing this. Running my fingers through his hair, I bit his lip before opening my eyes.

  “Suzy has claws?” he asked against my lips, his breath warm as it caressed my face. I squeezed my eyes shut hoping that we wouldn’t hold a conversation at this moment. I didn’t want to talk or chicken out. City was the most gorgeous man I had ever kissed, let alone slept with. “Want it rough, beautiful, or soft and slow?” He asked with a hard squeeze of my ass, kicking the door closed.

  I sucked in a breath, not sure how to respond. No one had ever asked me what I wanted before this moment. “Um,” I mumbled into his neck.

  Peeling me off his chest, he looked me in the eyes. “No one ever ask you what you wanted before?”

  What the fuck? Can he read my mind? “No.” I looked down trying to avert his gaze. I feel I’m too transparent and I can’t stand the thought of being figured out.

  He whispered in my ear as he ground his hardness against me. “Tell me what you want and it’s yours.”

  I bit my lip and stared at him. There was no smile or smirk on his face. City looked like a man possessed and I had no doubts he’d deliver on his offer. I didn’t know what I wanted, but I knew I wanted him any way he’d give it to me. What was his idea of rough? Fuck. “Can I have both?”

  His eyes sparkled as his smile reached his baby blues. Anxiousness filled my body at the thought of him naked and inside me. My breathing became labored with the knowledge that we inched closer to our final destination. The lights were off as he carried me through the house. He nipped at my neck as I tried to take in my surroundings. His footsteps and our breathing were the only sound as he carried me.

  Light filled the room and momentarily blinded me. As my eyes adjusted, I looked around the bedroom before he placed me gently on the bed. The large room had white walls; a large framed Harley poster hung above the dresser and was the only visible decoration in the room. Dangling my feet over the bed I noticed that the only color in the room was the black comforter and the rich auburn wood flooring. City lifted his shirt as he watched me look around but didn’t say a word as he approached. I swallowed hard as I took in his magnificent tanned torso.

  I’m speechless and for me that’s a rarity. The six-pack he’s sporting makes my mouth water and my fingers itch to touch it. As he approached, I can clearly see the intricate art on his chest and arms. A black dragon filled his right rib cage and black tribal designs decorated his right shoulder, looking richer against his dark skin. I never cared much for tattoos, but on him they fit and are freaking amazing.

  A twinkle caught my eye and I leaned forward to get a better view of his chest. There were barbells running through each of his nipples and I was shell-shocked. Tattoos have become part of the social norm, but piercings still were a bit of a taboo in my mind. Not taboo in the way that I found them revolting, just the opposite. I wanted to play with them like a new toy at Christmas.

  “Still a yes, princess?” he asked as he stood between my legs.

  “Yes.” My voice was a little stronger now; my resolve more certain than it had been when I squeaked out the words before we pulled out of the Neon Cowboy.

  He leaned over me, pushing me into the mattress. My face was buried in his chest as he reached toward the nightstand and I couldn’t help myself, I licked the metal around his nipple. Leaning into my tongue, the sound of his groan filled the room and the sound of plastic alerted me he’s grabbed a condom. There was no turning back now, I’d be his for the night – at least he was prepared.

  “Like what you see?” he asked, his lips twitching at the corners.

  He knew he looked good. I’m sure he never had a moment where he doubted his hotness or sexual prowess.

  “Your artwork is amazing and the piercings are just - wow.” I didn’t know what else to say. I loved everything that I saw and couldn’t wait to see the rest.

  Hovering over my body, he stared into my eyes and lingered just out of reach of my lips. Placing my hands on his chest, I felt the solidness of his body before digging my fingernails into his flesh. His fingers touched my stomach and I knew what I wanted. I didn’t want slow, but fast and hard… all night long.

  The initial softness of his kiss caught me off guard. I expected it to be demanding from the start, but his lips explored mine, testing my resolve to stay the course. He kissed perfectly. A hint of tongue swiped against my bottom lip looking for entrance and I willing granted him access. Our tongues tangled together as his hand explored my body. I wanted him – I craved his touch. I moaned as his hand rubbed against the lacy fabric of my bra. I writhed under his fingers as they skillfully worked my nipple, pulling and twisting.

  He broke the kiss and I felt like I could breathe again. “Sit up,” he commanded.

  I didn’t hesitate. I pushed myself up as he backed away and studied me. His expression made me nervous, it wasn’t critical, as he soaked me in. Hi
s lips turned up as his eyes roamed my body and I could tell that he only had one thing on his mind. He leaned forward and grabbed the bottom of my shirt and started to lift. “Arms, babe,” he said as I sat up in front of him.

  I moved quickly as his fingers inched closer to my bra. I couldn’t do anything but stare at the cocky grin on his face while he undressed me. He didn’t look like any other man I’d ever been with. Having him undress me was the single most erotic moment of my life. His smell surrounded me, a mixture of earth, sweat, and musk. When I thought my heart couldn’t beat any faster, his fingertips caressed my collarbone and skipped a beat before thundering in an erratic rhythm. I wanted to get down on my knees and pray that I lived through this experience.

  “Breathe,” he said.

  I inhaled quickly, not realizing I’d been holding my breath. I wanted to cover my body, but his lopsided grin made me do the opposite.

  He wrapped his hand around my neck and kissed me. My toes curled from the passion in his kiss. I felt a hunger, like I was about to be devoured by him. Pressing my body into his, I became his meal, willingly offering myself.

  Our hands and mouths became entwined and the sound of our hard breath and lips tugging and pulling filled the air. I opened my eyes to look at him and became entranced by his mouth. I watched as he kissed me and took in all of his features. His long brown lashes lay against his protruding cheekbones and were framed by full dark eyebrows. A shadow had developed on his jawline and joined with his sideburns and I couldn’t keep my finger away any longer.

  The facial hair tickled my skin as I ran my finger down the roughness to the edge of his mouth. I could feel our lips move under the pads of my fingers. Our hands explored each other feverishly, learning the curves and spots that made one another twitch and shake. There was a delicious torture to the touching and kissing.

  My clit ached as his hand inched up my thigh and brushed against my underwear. I gasped in his mouth as his fingers dug into the material and ripped it from my skin. I didn’t care that they were my best underwear that I saved for special occasions; I wanted him inside me. He cupped my sex, applying pressure as I moaned and my head fell back. I didn’t have the ability to hold it up as he began running his fingers through my wetness.

  “Oh God,” I said, as my eyes rolled back and my lids fluttered closed.

  Warmth surrounded my nipples as his mouth closed around it and he sucked it in a pulsating rhythm. I dug my nails into his skin, needing something to hold. I cried out as his teeth captured the throbbing tip and bit down. Slowly his finger prodded my entrance before slipping inside at an agonizing pace. I needed to be filled and wanted the friction of his palm to relieve the ache between my legs.

  I ground my hips into his palm, begging for more, as he pulled his fingers out and thrust them back in. I wanted to palm his cock through his jeans, but his body was too long and his crotch too far away. I grabbed his hair, fisting it in my hand and he moaned, causing the vibration against my nipple to push me to the edge. His warm, rough palm stroked my clit as he worked his fingers in and out, massaging my G-spot. Pants and moans fell from my lips as he worked my body like a well-choreographed dance number.

  I couldn’t stop my body from twitching as my release crashed over me unexpectedly. I screamed his name as the ripples of pleasure cascaded throughout me. I gulped for air, trying to catch my breath as my aftershocks squeezed his finger and tried to suck him deeper.

  “Jesus,” I muttered, wiping a bit of drool from the corner of my lips. I’d never had an orgasm so intense. No one had ever found my G-spot let alone touched it with such skill. I lay panting with my skirt on as he climbed off the bed and began unbuckling his belt.

  “You ain’t seen nothing yet, sugar.” His deep laugh filled the room.

  “Oh, um.” My stomach flipped. I needed to move. “No, let me,” I said. He moved his hands away from the metal and closer to the bed. Crawling cat-like, I positioned myself right in front of him and tucked my feet underneath my ass. I unbuckled it slowly, pulling it out of the loops in a teasing motion. Movement caused my eyes to look downward, straining against the restrictive denim I could see a long thick bulge.

  “Like what ya see?”

  Fuck. “Uh huh,” I said, swallowing roughly. I touched his stomach and slowly slid them down his skin before grabbing for the button. “You sure about this?” I thought I’d turn the tables a bit. He kept asking me if I was sure, but hell I knew what I wanted and it was him.

  “Mm hmm,” he said with a smile on his face and a twinkle in his eye as he rested his hands on his sides.

  He grinned like he knew something I didn’t. A small patch of hair lined the top of his jeans – happy trails indeed. I unbuttoned his jeans and slowly unzipped them with fingers more steady than I thought possible. The clicking of the zipper passing by each tooth as I took my time made my heart race. I savored the moment, freeing his hard-on. I leaned forward and pressed my lips to the soft, dark hair that had been trapped underneath the fabric. His body shook at the contact and his finger tangled in my hair. The denim of his jeans was rough against my palm as I slid them up his massive thigh to palm him. A small bump at the tip gave me pause before I looped my fingertips in the sides, licking a path from his belly button to the zipper.

  I tugged the material down his skin as I kept my mouth attached to his abdomen. I backed away as the material slid down and his shaft sprang free. My heart stopped and I sucked in a breath, my eyes growing wide.

  Jesus. “What the…” What the fuck? I stared in wonderment. Not only was the man blessed with a well-endowed member, but also he added to it, decorated it. A large metal loop with a ball hung from the tip. I was eye to eye with it and couldn’t imagine why any man would do that to his body.

  “You can touch it,” he laughed. “It won’t hurt you,” he said, moving his abdomen in my direction.

  “I’ve never seen anything like it.” I reached out and ran my finger across the shiny metal jutting out. “Will I feel it?” I felt like a complete idiot, but I’d never seen one in person let alone had sex with someone that had extra parts.

  “It will give you a different sensation at first, closest to your opening… some pressure maybe.”

  I didn’t want to touch it with my finger so I stuck out my tongue and licked around the cool sleek hardware. His hips jerked and his shaft lurched from the contact. I reached out and fisted his shaft in my hands, being mindful of the metal protruding from it as I worked it with my hands and mouth in unison. He was rock hard.

  “Fuck,” he moaned as I slid it out of my mouth and flicked the piercing with my tongue.

  I stopped and looked at him, but didn’t let go. “Did I hurt you?” His head was tipped back with his arm outstretch, still with a handful of hair in his grasp.

  “Sugar, you can’t hurt me. Take all of me.”

  I smiled at him and the name sugar made me feel all gooey inside. No one had been so forward with me and it made wetness pool against the fabric of my skirt. I inched closer, stroking him, and held him firm in my grasp. His musky scent was intoxicating.

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