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Throttle me, p.19

Throttle Me, page 19

 part  #1 of  Men of Inked Series


Throttle Me

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  Adjusting my dick as I stood, I kissed her lips, sucking the last bit of air she had into my mouth. “I’ll never get enough of you, sugar.” Our tongues tangled, her juice mixing with her saliva. She drove me wild. The feel of her small hands on my shoulders, gripping toughly, her nails dug into my flesh and made me rock fucking hard.

  “More,” she whispered against my lips.

  “Insatiable.” I pulled her body forward as I opened the top drawer, pulling out a condom.

  I fucked her hard and fast. The wooden dresser slammed against the wall, thumping with each thrust. I prayed it didn’t collapse from the abuse. Her legs rested on my shoulders as I gripped her ankles, pumping inside her. Each thrust forced a moan from her lips. My balls tightened as her pussy clamped down on my shaft. Her eyes drifted closed as I tipped over the edge, spiraling into an orgasm so intense my legs almost gave out.

  My chest heaved as I tried to catch my breath. Her eyes fluttered open and her cheeks were redder from the second orgasm. “That’s how to start a day.”

  “Promise.” She smiled at me, running her hands down my bare chest.

  “I’d fuck you all day, but we wouldn’t get much accomplished, sugar. You’re pussy is fucking addictive.”

  “Ha, your cock isn’t so bad either.”

  “You know what your dirty mouth does to me.”

  “No, we have too much to do, big boy.” She pushed against my chest before hopping off the dresser.

  I grabbed her around the waist, pulling her back to me. “I’m not done with you yet, sugar. I own your ass,” I whispered in her ear.

  “I love you,” she said, as her eyes grew wide and she covered her mouth.

  “What did you say?” I tried not to smile but the corner of my mouth twitched unable to hold back my happiness. As her hand fell from her lips, I gathered her face in my hands to look her in the eyes.

  “I love you, Joey.”

  “Sugar, I love you more than I thought I could ever love another woman. I’ve wanted to say those words to you, but I didn’t want you to freak the fuck out.”

  “I do, City. I love you for everything you are. You’re everything I wanted and the only one I think about. You’ve invaded my heart and I can’t go another day without saying the words to you.”

  “Say it again,” I said as I brushed my lips against her mouth.

  “I love you.” The whisper of her words on my lips warmed my body and sent a shock through my system.

  Christmas Blessings

  The transition of having someone live with me again had been easier than I thought. After Sophia and Kayden moved out, I didn’t think I would ever allow someone else to live with me. Not because they were such a problem, but because I didn’t think I’d find I could get along with. I know I’m not the easiest person in the world and it’s a fact that I always accepted. We talked about moving into a bigger place, but I didn’t think we could afford it. My place was perfectly adequate.

  It had only been a couple of weeks, but it had been wonderful. My house was small, but everything seemed to fit okay with some adjustment on both our part. I was thankful that it was Christmas break and that I’d get to spend the holidays with City and his family. My parents decided to go on a Caribbean cruise and leave me behind this year and my sister had her fiancé’s family to be with. If it weren’t for City and the Gallo family, I’d be the third wheel at Sophia’s apartment.

  City had spent the morning making a special breakfast for us before heading to his parent’s house. He told me that his mother always made Panettone French toast every Christmas and he wanted to treat me to his mother’s recipe. It had been the best Christmas morning since my childhood.

  I still hadn’t mastered cooking and stuck with the few dishes I could make edible. His mother had shown me some of her techniques and made notecards for me to follow, but it was useless. She would say, “No worries, love, you’ll get the hang of it. It just takes practice.” It was nice of her, but I knew, either you had it or you didn’t – I clearly didn’t.

  “Ready to go, sugar?” City asked from the bathroom doorway as I finished applying my lipstick. He looked handsome in a black pair of jeans and tight grey sweater. I wanted to unwrap him like a present.

  “Just about, Joey. Do I look alright?” I turned to face him and watched as his eyes traveled up the length of my body before he stared into my eyes.

  “Always beautiful.” He grabbed my face and kissed my lips and the familiar want filled my body. I didn’t know if I’d ever lose that feeling with him. I hoped I never did. “No time for what you’re thinking, sugar. We can’t be late today.”

  “I can wait. I’m not a total fiend.” I laughed.” Did you load all the gifts?”

  “Just waiting on you, sugar.”

  “Okay, I’m ready.”

  He held my hand and stroked it with his thumb as he drove. He looked happier than he did when we first met. He didn’t look sad back then, but the happiness didn’t radiate off of him. It made me happy to know that I had put it there.

  His parents’ driveway was packed with cars as we parked on the curb. “Looks like a full house.”

  “Sugar, Italians do it big. My mom cooks for an army and invites all the neighbors to dinner.”

  “Oh, that’s nice of her. I didn’t get presents for everyone though.” A panicky feeling overcame me. I had met his family a couple of timed and just started to feel comfortable and now I’d have to sit in a room full of strangers.

  “We do our gift opening later after everyone leaves. Stop worrying, everyone loves you as much as I do.”

  City opened the door to a house of people; it looked to be bursting at the seams. His mom came toward the door with a smile on her face. She had on reindeer antlers and a cheery Christmas sweater. She looked like a mom and one that any child would’ve been lucky to have.

  “Suzy, love, Merry Christmas.” She enveloped me in a hug. City cleared his throat and she chuckled in my ear and ignored him. “I’m so glad you came.”

  “Thanks Mrs. G, I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. It smells amazing in here.”

  She held my shoulders and looked at me. “I made all the classic Italian Christmas dishes. Got to fatten you up, my dear.” She rubbed my shoulder and stopped on the bone that sat below the skin.

  “Not too much, Mrs. G, but I’ll have some of everything.”

  “I knew I loved you and yes, we do. Someday you’ll be carrying my grandbabies.” She smiled at me and made a face at Joey.

  He choked and wrapped his arm around her to pull her off of me. “Ma, let’s not get ahead of ourselves.”

  “Just looking toward the future, Joseph. I want little ones running around. I’m too old not to have at least one. Try and make me happy for next Christmas, will you?”

  “In time, Ma. Just give me a hug and we’ll talk about it another day.” He made eyes at me over her head and I knew he was embarrassed, but I thought his mom was cute. Her words scared the piss out of me, but it was something nice to think about. I wanted him all to myself as long as possible.

  “Come in and grab something to munch on before dinner’s ready. Joseph, go introduce her to everyone.”

  “Yes, Ma.” He wasn’t always the most patient man, but that changed when he was around his mom. The reverence that’s paid to a mom in an Italian family was something to watch. No one fucked with her or went against her word.

  We walked around and Joey introduced me to the family members that flew from Chicago for a warmer holiday and the friends of the family. In my family, handshakes were the norm, but here hugs were expected. There was a warmth in the house and love could be felt in the chatter of the guests. I felt at home.

  “Suzy,” Izzy yelled above the crowd and I could see her hand waving in the air beckoning me to join her.

  “I’m going to go say hi to your sister. I’ll be back,” I said, as I reached up and kissed his cheek.

  He smiled at me with loving blue eyes. “I’ll join you in a
minute,” he said before turning his attention back to the neighbor. They were discussing football and the possible Super Bowl teams. Boring didn’t even begin to describe how I felt about the topic.

  Izzy looked amazing like always. Her long flowing black hair framed her face perfectly. She had on a skintight dress that hugged her curves and showed off her beauty.

  “Hey Iz, it’s good to see you.”

  “Merry Christmas, Suzy. I’m so happy you made it. How’s my brother doing?”

  “They’re talking about football. Thank you for rescuing me.” We both laughed and looked over at the two men waving their hands as they spoke.

  “Boys and their sports. Did you guys exchange your gifts yet?” The look on her face told me that she knew what City had bought me and she couldn’t wait to get my take on the gift.

  “Not yet, do you know what it is?” I squinted at her. I never liked surprises and maybe I could get it out of her.

  “Oh, I know and my lips are sealed, babe. City would be pissed if I spoiled his surprise.”

  A surprise. That means it’s something big and not a frilly dress or casual gift like we’d agreed on. I had purchased clothes and a cross pendant for him, along with new leather riding gloves. He was impossible to buy for, but I threw in some ultra sexy lingerie that would have to wait until tonight.

  “I hate surprises,” I grumbled.

  “This one you won’t, trust me.” She smiled and giggled and my heart began to pound in my chest.

  We hadn’t discussed marriage and I don’t know what I’d do if he bought me a ring and asked me in front of his family. Breathe – You can do it.

  “Hey big brother, Merry Christmas.” She wrapped her arms around Joey and they whispered in each other’s ear.

  Clinking of glass caused everyone to turn toward the kitchen. His mother stood with her antlers shaking with each stroke of her hand. A hush descended over the crowd as she began to speak. “I want to thank everyone for coming today. It wouldn’t be Christmas without my family and friends. Dinner’s served – feel free to help yourself.”

  “Your mother is really is adorable,” I said to Joey as he wrapped his arm around my shoulder.

  “Yeah, she loves the holidays. Anytime she can get people to eat, she’s a happy woman. Hungry?”

  “I just ate a ton of appetizers, but I don’t want her upset so I’ll figure a way to eat more.”

  “Better get used to it, sugar. Food’s the name of the game in this house,” he said as we moved toward the kitchen.

  A line had already formed and he stroked my back as we waited to grab a plate. Every granite countertop in the expansive kitchen had a dish of some sort filled with food. The woman should’ve opened a restaurant with her culinary skills. Every type of pasta dish, Braciole, Chicken Parmesan, and meatballs were waiting to be consumed.

  We found an open space on the lanai and chatted with the table guests until we couldn’t eat anymore. I kept eyeing the bottles of wine on the table – Gallo Vineyard. Gallo was a common Italian name and I’m sure out of pride they chose this label above the rest. I could hardly move. If they celebrated every holiday with this much food, my waistline would be in serious jeopardy.

  The ladies cleaned the kitchen and I was told under no circumstances was I allowed to help. His mom wanted me enjoy myself since I was a guest while she and her sisters did the dirty work. I dozed off on Joey’s shoulder during the chit chat and screaming at the football game on the television, but was woken up for the next round of eating – dessert.

  The guests left a couple of hours later after coffee was served and the football game ended. After the last person walked out his mother yelled from the foyer, “Who’s ready for gifts?”

  “Anthony, get your ass in here,” Izzy yelled from the floor.

  His mother sat down next to the tree and waited for everyone to take a seat. “I love you all, but I miss Thomas. I wish he could’ve been here with us this year.” The smile on her face faded as she wiped her eyes with the back of her hand. I knew little of Thomas and he was the only sibling I hadn’t met. “He called this morning and spoke to your father and I. He promises he’ll be here next year.” She cleared her throat. “I’m thankful that Suzy could join us.”

  She pulled a gift from under the tree and held it out to me. “For you,” she said.

  I placed it on my lap and looked around, noticing that all eyes were on me. “What?”

  “We all take turns, sugar.” City patted my leg.

  “Oh, sorry. My family it’s more like a free for all. Not used to this, but I’ll learn.”

  It took hours to open gifts. They ranged in all sizes and shapes. I watched the family in front of me with joy. I’d never experienced something as loving as the Gallo Family Christmas.

  “I love everything you got me, sugar. I’ll use it all.” He kissed my cheek.

  I smiled at him and whispered in his ear. “Wait until you see your last gift, but it’s at home – for your eyes only.” I bit his ear lobe and was rewarded with a deep kiss.

  “Hey, I know I want grandbabies, but not right here on the couch, please. There’s one more gift under the tree and it’s for Suzy.” His mother beamed as she handed the last present to me.

  The box was small, but not a ring box. City leaned back and stared at me to gage my reaction. I looked around as I undid the ribbon It’s a horrible feeling to be the one left out – to be the surprise and not the one doing the surprising.

  Tucked inside was a small business card. I read it, but didn’t know what it meant. “You gave me a business card?” I asked confused.

  “No, sugar. Read it. Turn it over.”

  Mrs. Perkins

  Florida Real Estate Specialist

  I flipped the card over and recognized Joey’s handwriting.

  Something to call ‘ours’

  Merry Christmas, sugar

  “I don’t understand,” I mumbled as I turned the card over again.

  Joey grabbed my hand as he spoke. “I want to buy a house for us. I want you to pick out your dream home or we can build on my land.”

  “Joey, we can’t afford that, but it’s a nice thought.” I knew his gesture was sincere even if it were a fairytale.

  His mother started to giggle and the entire family laughed. I didn’t get the joke. “Tell her, Joseph,” his mother said as she sat down next to his father.

  “Suzy, we can afford it. I can afford it.”

  “How?” I felt like an idiot.

  “Jesus Christ, son. Suzy, our family owns a vineyard in Italy. We’ve owned it for generations. Joseph doesn’t flaunt his wealth, but he has the ability to buy five homes.”

  I looked from his father to Joey, who sat there with a grin. “Is he telling the truth?”

  “Yes, sugar. We all own a portion of the vineyard. We run the tattoo shop because we don’t want to sit on our ass all day. We wanted something that was entirely ours and separate from what we inherited.”

  “Why didn’t you tell me?” I felt awkward having this discussion in front of his family, but I figured they knew his reasons.

  He stroked my face. “I like my little farmhouse. It was enough for me. I also don’t like people to know my business. Too many people want things when they know you have money. Sugar, you have to understand. I thought if I ever, and I didn’t think I would, found someone that I loved, I had to know they loved me for me and not my money.”

  “I do love you for you, Joey.” The words came out with ease and even though I know he lied to me for months, I could understand why. “I’m happy in my home though, no need to buy another.”

  “Exactly, ‘your home’, sugar, not ours. I want something that we pick out together with room to grow. We’re cramped, but happy. Anything you want is yours. All I ask is for a big garage for my motorcycles and a space for the guys to hang out.”

  His mom clapped her hands. “Get lots of bedrooms too. I want an army of grandbabies.” Even though the idea of a hoard of childre
n made my body break out into a blotchy rash a big house would be wise.

  “Not helping, Ma.”

  Her laughter filled the room. “Sorry, a girl can dream, can’t she?”

  “So what do you say, sugar? Can we buy a home for us? It can be a fresh start, the beginning of an amazing journey. We’ll take our time until we find the perfect place. I love you, Suzy McCarthy and this is what I want for us.”

  I didn’t really have anything to think about. My last wall had crumbled. Everything I had on my impossible checklist had come true and Joey was the man I’d always wanted. His family waited for my reply and the air felt heavy. “Yes, Joey. I’d love to find our home and look to the future. I love you too.”

  His kiss stole my breath as it always did. I thought back to the words Sophia told me not long ago – butterflies – I still felt butterflies every time I saw him. The nervous energy never left my body and I felt the electricity when we touched. When it’s right you know it. He was the one. Mine.

  Where do I begin? So many amazing people helped me bring City and Suzy to life. I couldn’t have done it with out their support and encouragement. The names are listed in no particular order. Every single one of you is important to me and is a vital part in my journey as an author.

  Tee Tate, my editor, I’ll never forget the day I smacked your ass. Thank you for taking the time to explain things and giving me amazing tools to make my writing better. Your kindness and patience help keeping me writing and striving to add just a little bit more. I still think you can never use the word ‘cock’ too many times in a book, but thank you for pointing out that I used it 152 times. You’re priceless.

  Brenda Wright, my formatter and friend, you rock my world. You’re always willing to drop everything and create the files to share my book with the world. You’ve been with me since the beginning of my writing life. I adore you. Thank you for formatting my books multiple times because I’m neurotic.

  Melissa Gill, thank you for putting up with my insanity. The cover you created is better than I had imagined. We went through two cover shoots that didn’t pan out and ended up with something different and sexy as hell. I love you hard lady.

  I can’t thank my street team – Bliss’ Bitches –for all their support and helping to spread the word about my books. You’re always there to help me make a decision and help keep me moving forward. I wish I could list all of your names, but you know I cherish all of you.

  My beta team, I love you to the moon and back. Thank you for all the laughs and giggles during the writing process. I wish we could share our threads with the public but lets face it, we’d be reported for our language and content. My betas in no particular order: Tonya M., Krystyn K., Kathy H., Kristina J., Liza from I Dare You To Read, Stephanie B., Kaylee L. of K&S Book Blog, Amanda L.of Crazy Cajun Book Addicts, Deb H., Khai B., Deb F., Tammi D., Darlene D., Ronda B., Kelly A., Jennifer W., Anna B., Vicki M., Brenda W. of Twinsie Talk Book Blog, Mandee M., Trina of Bad & Dirty Books, Kathy C. and Karrie P. of Panty Dropping Book Blog, and Blythe K. of Beautiful Book Blog. It kind of got out of hand and I’m sure I forgot someone.

  To my Aussie love and the amazingly funny author, Carmen Jenner, thank you for beta swapping. I loved your feedback and support during the process. I love your face!

  To Mandee M. for spending time on the phone with me developing the plot. You’re amazing and you always make me laugh. I love you hard.

  A huge thanks goes out to Renita M. for helping me proofread Throttle Me to make it as close to perfect as it could be at the time of publication. Thank you for the feedback while you read. You helped make my ARC day less scary. You’re amazing and I can’t thank you enough.

  The Indie community is unlike any other group of amazing writers. Thank you for the support and helping to promote each other. Thank you to all the bloggers who helped spread the word about Throttle Me and my sexy alpha, City.

  I could gush for pages about all the amazing people that helped me, but I’ll let you dive right in and experience it for yourself. I’m sorry if I’ve forgotten anyone. My mind is mush and beyond the point of simple thought.

  Thank you to my readers and fans that I’ve come to call friends. I write for you. I hope you love City and Suzy as much as I do.

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