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 part  #1 of  Men of Inked Series


Throttle Me

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  night,” I said to Tank as he watched her ass swaying in her daisy dukes as she walked toward the bar.

  “Won’t deny that shit,” he laughed before slapping the table roughly causing all the bottles to jump.

  We talked for hours about motorcycles, tattoos, women, and of course, the bar. The guys filled me in on the events of the last week. It was always the same old bullshit – bar fights, hook-ups, and booze. The town was so small that everyone knew each other’s business and word spread like wildfire.

  “Fuck,” Bear hissed. “Speaking of bitches, Kaylee was in here looking for your ass.”

  “What the fuck? When?” I gripped the bottle in my hand trying to control my anger.

  “Last night. Mumbling some bullshit about how she was yours. Spreading that shit around here like it was the gospel. I told her to fuck off,” Bear said, leaning back like he was about to beat on his chest like he’d been victorious.

  “She’s a fucking train wreck. Stuck my dick in her twice and she won’t let me fucking forget it. I’ll set her ass straight unless one of you boys wants to take her off my hands?” I looked around the table and waited for someone to accept.

  “Fuck no, that bitch makes my skin crawl. Hate clingy women,” Frisco said, shaking his head.

  “My dick, my problem,” I said feeling the phone vibrate in my pocket. Pulling it out, I glanced at the screen under the table.

  Suzy: Drunk and tired. Sophia’s taking me home, but you’re welcome to join me.

  “Ball and chain wrangling your ass in?” Tank asked.

  “Such a ball buster. It’s late and I worked all day. I’m heading home. Thanks for the drink, Bear.” I shook his hand and turned to Frisco. “Good to see you again, buddy. Tank, it’s been real.”

  “Whipped,” Tank mumbled as I stood to leave.

  I left the guys to end the evening how they always did. Bitching about life and women. Thankful that my night wouldn’t end like it had for countless years, I sent Suzy a text.

  Me: Leave the door unlocked. I’ll meet you in bed.

  When I arrived Suzy was half dressed passed out across the bed. Her mouth hung open, hair was half covering her face and her dress halfway off, exposing her breasts. It took everything in me not to snap a picture of her and remind her of it later, but I didn’t want to be a dick.

  “Wake up, sugar.” I grabbed her leg, pulling her body down the bed. She mumbled but didn’t wake. I pulled the hem of her dress, removing the clingy material. I rarely had the ability to just stare at her body without her trying to cover her skin. I stood and looked at her – white skin, perky breasts, and long muscular legs. She was a vision.

  Gathering her in my arms, I placed her head on the pillow before I removed my clothes and climbed in next to her.

  “City,” she muttered as she shimmied her ass into my dick.

  “Fuck,” I sighed. My cock throbbed from the warmth of her soft cheeks rubbing against it.

  “Go back to sleep, sugar.” I pulled her tighter, burying my face in her hair before drifting off to sleep to her soft snores.

  “How’s the shop doing?” my father asked as we sat around the dining room table. Today was gnocchi and they always sat in my gut like a ton of fucking bricks.

  “We’re doing good, Pop. We’re turning a profit and we’re constantly booked when I can get everyone to show up for work,” Mike said before shoveling in a heaping forkful of gnocchi.

  “Mike, you aren’t always there either, so don’t be a martyr and skip the bullshit.” Anthony pointed his fork at Mikey before stabbing the gnocchi on his plate.

  “We all have other shit to do. The shop is for fun and to have something of our own, so get off our damn backs, Mike. You aren’t the boss,’” Izzy said emphasizing the word boss to sound like a great big ’fuck you.’ “You just aren’t an artist like the rest of us.” She picked up the wine glass and brought it to her lips to hide her smile. Izzy always had been a spitfire.

  My mother and father sat at the opposite ends of the table and exchanged looks as my siblings had a war of words. As children, we battled with our fists and usually one of us ended up bloodied, but now we use our mouths. Sometimes the words that are spoken leave a greater mark than any punch ever could.

  “I’m every bit an artist as you are, baby sister. I just prefer to use my hands for other things. I may not draw pretty pictures but I can pierce anything and knock a bastard on their ass in a single punch.”

  My father cleared his throat. “Is the shop too much?” he asked.

  I needed to speak up. The shop was doing great and we all got along. Sundays often made us crabby because we wanted to do anything but be trapped in this house. A one weekend reprieve would be fucking mind-blowing and a totally bullshit improbability. “Pop, the shop’s great. We’re packed. Every one shows up on the days they have appointments. I’m there more than anyone and I know the business the best. Mike may organize shit, but I know what happens inside the walls of Inked.” I soaked my garlic bread in my mother’s homemade sauce that had spread out around my plate. “We need to keep ourselves busy during the day and the shop has more than done that,” I said.

  “Good, son. I’m proud of all of you. You could be sitting on your asses at home, but you’re business owners and successful – not to mention your other hobbies.” Oh fuck. Everyone hated to have their true passions and dream careers referred to as a hobby.

  I heard forks drop to the table and clatter off the dishes. Such drama queens in this god damn room.

  “Sorry about that. It’s not what I meant.” My father looked down at his plate concentrating on his food but I could see the smile on his face. He loved a good punch to the gut and ego whenever possible.

  “I have a big fight coming up after the first of the year,” Mikey piped in to show my dad how far he’d risen.

  “Around here?”

  “New York. I got the call yesterday. I’ve been training for months for this opportunity.”

  “That’s fantastic, son. Wish your mother and I could see it.”

  My mother looked green at the thought of her son being in a closed ring beating the piss out of someone or getting the shit beat out of him. I’d put my money on Mikey in any fight, but I know my mother still thought of him as her baby. Fuck, we were all her ‘babies’.

  “Michael, why can’t you be like your brother? Go into music or something without violence and bloodshed?” She dabbed her lips with her napkin and placed it on the table.

  “Ma, I’m great at it and I love it. It’s my dream to be a well-known ass kicker.”

  Pop reached over and slapped him on the back. I’m surprised he didn’t start beating on his chest at how proud he was of his ass-kicking son.

  “I just don’t like the whole idea. Become a musician or something else.”

  “Tone deaf,” Mikey mumbled as he placed more food in his mouth.

  My mother sighed and fidgeted with her fork on the table. “I was fine with it when I thought it was just a hobby or a passing phase, but now, I’m scared for you, Michael.”

  “No worries, Ma. I got this shit. You’ll see.” He grinned at her and flexed his muscles. “It’s going to be on Pay Per View so you’ll be able to watch, Pop. I’m not the headliner, but they show all the opening fights before the main event.”

  “I’ll have to have the guys over to watch my son kick some ass.”

  I rolled my eyes and hoped someone would change the conversation.

  “Anyone talk to Thomas this week?” Mom asked.

  Not the topic I would’ve liked, but anything to not hear about Mr. Badass and his upcoming match. “I did, Ma, he texted me. It’s hard for him to call with work,” Anthony said.

  She sighed and closed her eyes, pinching the bridge of her nose. “I worry most about him. He’s in such danger every day and I don’t like him being so far. I need all my children around this table every week.”

  I could see the pain on her face. She worried about my brother. He
d been an undercover cop for the last year. He was trying to infiltrate a motorcycle group notorious in Florida for drug trafficking and gun smuggling. He rarely called or texted in order to keep his cover, otherwise his life would end.

  Why the fuck my brother risked his life was beyond me. It’s one thing to work the streets every day walking a beat, but to go undercover and be discovered was something cops rarely fucking came back from. If something happened to him, my mother would never recover. Tommy had always been an adrenaline junky, but this was extreme. Jump off a fucking bridge or skydiving like normal people; don’t risk being shot in the fucking head when they realize you’re there to help bring them down.

  “He said he’s fine, Ma. He said not to worry and he’s well and living the life. You know, Tommy would have made a great actor. He can bullshit the best of them.” Izzy always tried to console my mother about Tommy’s work, but it was always there – the worry. We all felt it like a ton of bricks waiting for the phone call that he was missing, but thankfully it hadn’t happened.

  “I know, baby girl.” My mom smiled at Izzy. “He could always charm the ladies.”

  “Speaking of charmer, Ma, Joey’s girl was at the shop yesterday and I missed it.” Izzy pouted and winked at me. She knew she just threw me under the goddamn bus and my mom would have a shitload of questions…again.

  “Still seeing her, Joseph?” Her face lit up. I knew she was already picking out the baby names, but fucking hell I wasn’t ready for that shit.

  “Yes, Ma.” I hated talking about this shit with anyone, especially my mother.

  “Is she your girlfriend?”

  I sighed wanting to reach over and choke that shit eatin’ grin off Isabella’s face. “Yes.”

  “Don’t chase her away because she isn’t Joni. You hear me?”

  “Yes, Ma.”

  “I met her, Ma.” Fucking Mickey.

  “What’s she like, Michael?” My mom knew she wasn’t going to get much more out of me than she had last week in the kitchen. She knew to ask the blabbermouth of the group.

  “She’s beautiful and deserves so much better than that punk.” His head moved in my direction and I wanted to bitch slap him.

  “Better as in you, Mikey?” I eyed him.

  “Calm down, bro. She’s a nice girl, Ma. Reminds me a bit of Joni. Innocent and her laughter is infectious. You’ll like her.” He grinned at me.

  What a fucking asshole. “You’ll have to bring her for Sunday dinner soon, Joseph.” Exactly what I didn’t want to fuckin’ do. I didn’t want her to be around my crazy ass siblings, especially Izzy. Iz was dying for another girl since the testosterone to estrogen level was off balance.

  “Maybe soon. I don’t want to get ahead of myself.”

  “The holidays are coming up. Christmas, maybe. Is she a catholic girl?”

  Already planning the wedding ceremony – religion weighed heavily in the Italian family – christenings, baptisms, weddings, everything seemed to revolve around the church.

  “Ma, you haven’t been to church in years,” I said flatly.

  “I know, but it’s still important. It makes life easier. Is she Italian?”

  “I never asked.” I grabbed my plate and headed for the kitchen. I could hear the giggles from the table as my mother and sister always liked to harp on me most of all. No one was in a relationship in the group, but for some reason I was always the target.

  I didn’t know where Suzy and I stood and what the future held for us. She was always so wrapped up in her fucking thoughts and second-guessing our relationship. She couldn’t get beyond the tattooed façade and beat up shack I called home. I needed to know that I was enough for her. I wanted to be liked for me – the good, bad, and the ugly.

  Friday Countdown

  I could hardly contain my excitement all week. City and I talked every night on the phone and texted during the day. I couldn’t stay away from him and couldn’t get him out of my mind. I tried to keep myself busy and find reasons not to be with him, but it didn’t work. I was falling for the man and falling hard.

  Growing up, my mother had drilled in my head that I needed to find a man with a stable job. I needed to settle down, have a family, and live the American dream. I tried for years to find that man, the perfect mold, but all of them were just… boring as hell.

  I’d never been willing to settle for anything less than perfect. A picket fence and a beautiful home are worthless if you dread going home to the one you’re supposed to spend your life with. I prefer being single to the doldrums that some of my friends currently dwelled. Sophia and Kayden were the happiest couple I knew and they were complete opposites, they were the ying to the other’s yang.

  The students cleared the building as soon as the last bell blared at two in the afternoon on Friday. I had another thirty minutes left and couldn’t seem to function. All I could think of was tonight and what could be – what would be. I couldn’t stare at the clock and watch another minute tick away. I knew Sophia would be tidying up the library and I needed to talk to her. She questioned me all week about City and when I’d see him again, but I hadn’t told her the plan we had. I needed her opinion.

  The lights in the library were dimmed but I could see her wandering around, returning books to their rightful spots. I took a deep breath and walked through the door to the torrent of questions I knew I’d face.

  “Sophia,” I called out. I didn’t want to scare the hell out of her. I knew most of the staff had snuck out early, but the two of us never took the chance at losing our jobs for a few minutes of our time.

  She turned the corner with a stack of books in her hand and a smile on her face, “Hey, Suzy Q, what are you doing up here? Don’t you have any big plans for tonight?” she winked at me. I couldn’t hide the smile on my face. I felt like the electricity and joy radiated off my body. “How many hours until you see him?”

  “Maybe I’m not going to see him tonight.” I was so full of shit and I knew I couldn’t fool Sophia, but sometimes I hated that she could read me like an open book.

  “Whatever, whore. It’s written all over your face. You’re going to get some cock tonight and by the red creeping across your cheeks, I’d say it’s fucking amazing.”

  “Do you hear how you talk in a school?”

  “Prude ass. Every child has run away from this place screaming at two. There isn’t a soul within earshot except for us. What time are you meeting him tonight?”

  “We’re meeting at seven.” I plopped down on one of the comfy couches as Sophia placed the books on the table, sitting down next to me.

  “My feet are freaking killing me in these damn heels.” She kicked off her shoes and rubbed her feet. “What’s the plan tonight?”

  “I don’t even know if I can repeat it.” I shrugged. My stomach was a jumbled mess thinking about the possibilities.

  “You can and you will. This is me, girl. I know all your darkest secrets. Shit, you used to lie in bed with Kayden and me and grill us on sex life. We have no secrets. I know you’re a kinky bitch underneath that polished veneer.”

  “It’s your fault. I was happy with my bland sex life and you had to go and ruin me with all those trashy novels.”

  “Stop changing the subject. What’s the plan with the sexy as sin City?” she grinned and wagged her eyebrows up and down.

  I always wanted sex that was worthy of girl talk and for years I lived off the stories that Sophia and my other friends had shared with me. City had made sex worth talking about; I’d finally have some wild stories to share.

  “I kind of shared one of my fantasies with him and he’s going to make it happen tonight.” I covered my eyes with my hand, avoiding her stare. I was scared to tell her any more, but she knew every fantasy I had and always reassured me that I was normal and that my sanity hadn’t been replaced by impure thoughts.

  “Oh my God. Tell me, tell me.” She practically bounced on the couch cushion. “Don’t hold back now, bitch.” She slapped my arm.
br />   “I told him the darkest one.”

  “You didn’t?”

  I grinned and my cheeks almost hurt from the smile that had been plastered on my face all day. “I did and he said I’d have it.”

  “Kidnapping?” she looked shocked but I saw the twinkle in her eye.

  “I can’t believe I told him, but yes. Oh my God, it’s happening tonight, Sophia.”

  “I’m so proud of you.” She wrapped her arms around me. “My baby’s all grown up.” She squeezed me and ran her palm down the back of my head. “Tell me more. I want to hear about him. Now.”

  “We’re going to meet at the Neon Cowboy, that biker bar out in the country. We’re going to have some dinner and drinks before I leave alone and he makes it become a reality.”

  “You’re going to chicken out. Oh God, he’s giving you time to change your mind.” She stood up and started pacing the room.

  “Calm down, Sophia. I’m not going to chicken out. I’ve wanted someone like him and tonight I’m getting more than I could ever dream of – my fantasy becoming a reality.”

  “You’ve never done this shit. You’re like I used to be – Ms. Missionary-Style. I expect details tomorrow and I mean a full report.”

  “Yes, ma’am. I’ll give you a full briefing.”

  “I want every last fucking detail too, got me?”

  “I got ya, Sophia. I better go get my stuff and head home. I want to rest a bit before I see him.”

  “Good luck with resting,” she snickered.

  “I know. I could barely sleep last night,” I sighed.

  “I used to get that way when I would see Kayden after time apart. There’s no feeling like it.” She smiled and hugged me. “Now, go. I have to finish up and get home to my fantasy man.”

  “You still feel that way about Kayden after all this time?”

  “I still get butterflies when I see him, Suzy. That’s the difference you know – that feeling has never gone away. I’m still get excited like the first time we met.”

  “I envy you, Sophia.”

  “You’ll find your Kayden, babe. I think you may already have if you don’t let your stupid OCD checklist get in the way.” She tapped me on the forehead.

  “I got to go. We’ll debate my sanity and compulsions another day.” I waved to her as I walked out the door. “Later, Soph.”

  “Don’t forget to call me, Suzy, or I’ll hunt your ass down,” she yelled to me as the door closed behind me.

  “Hey, Sugar,” his voice filled my car via speakerphone, but he didn’t sound as excited as I felt.

  “Hey, City. I’m almost to the bar.”

  “I’m going to be fifteen minutes late, fuck, I’m sorry. The tattoo I was working on took longer than I thought. Can you wait for me in the parking lot?”

  Damn. That bar gave me the heebie jeebies and I didn’t fit in, not even in the parking lot. “Yeah, City. I wouldn’t dream of walking in there alone.” I felt a sick. “This isn’t part of your plan is it?”

  “Hell, no! We’re still having some drinks first. I need you to not overthink everything tonight. I want you a little tipsy for what I have planned,” he laughed.

  The excitement took over and all second thoughts vanished. “Okay, City. I’ll be waiting for you.”

  “Do not go inside alone. Understand me?”

  “I won’t. I promise.”

  “See you soon, sugar.”

  After tossing my phone on the passenger seat, I rolled down the window welcoming the cool air against my clammy skin. The events of the night played through my mind. City would be my kidnapper. My lungs burned as I screamed the lyrics to the song on the radio, ”Dark Horse” by Katie Perry, the bass causing my windows to rattle with each beat.

  Pulling into a spot hidden in the shadows, I turned off the lights and waited for City to arrive. In the rearview mirror my face glistened from the humidity in the air and I wanted to look flawless. City had seen me at my worst, but I wanted to look beautiful for him in front of his friends.

  The lighted mirror behind my visor was more forgiving as I blotted my face with an old napkin I found in the glove box. My lips lacked color as I smacked them together, making kissy lips. Slathering on some Buxom lip gloss from my purse, I rubbed my lips together with a pop. They tingled as the peppermint oil
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