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 part  #1 of  Men of Inked Series


Throttle Me

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  started to plump my lips, soaking into my skin.

  A loud knock on the window made me jump and I hit my head on the visor. “Shit,” I said. I turned to get a glimpse at my knight in shining armor, but it wasn’t City outside my car. It was a guy that looked vaguely familiar. He stood there staring at me and alarm bells went off in my head.

  I cracked my window an inch, thankful I had rolled them up when I arrived. “Can I help you?”

  “Why’s such a pretty lady sitting out here alone? Come inside, beautiful.”

  Hell, he creeped me out. “I’m waiting for someone.” I didn’t want to hold a conversation with him. His hair was a mess, gray hair lined his face, and dirt was smeared across his tattered t-shirt. A sour smell caused me to wrinkle my nose – he’s the asshole that wouldn’t leave me alone the first time I came here until City and Bear stepped in. Shit, where’s City?

  “You can wait inside, let me buy you a drink.” His face came closer to the window and I could smell the alcohol on his breath mixing with the body odor that I couldn’t escape. My heart raced and my palms started to sweat. Just stay in the car.

  “Thanks, but I’m going to wait here.” I couldn’t stand looking at him anymore. Why won’t he just go away? I heard a motorcycle pull in the parking lot and come to a screeching halt next to my car. Peering through the passenger window I saw City climbing off his bike quickly and coming at the scumbag outside my window.

  “Get the fuck away from her,” City roared as he stood toe to toe with the asshole.

  “I just asked her to come inside for a drink.” He looked City in the eye and didn’t move. He must have a death wish.

  “She doesn’t want to be bothered. Go the fuck home, you drunk bastard. Stop bothering all the ladies here or at least mine. Do I need to beat that message in your stupid ass head?” City grabbed his shirt, crumpling it in his first.

  The man threw his hands up in surrender and tried to back away, but City had a firm grip on his shirt. “Come on, man. I didn’t know she’s yours. You need to keep better track of her. Pretty things disappear all the time around here.” He grinned and my skin began to crawl.

  “Beat it, jackass. Next time I won’t speak. I’ll just bash your fucking head in so the only thing you can do with that mouth is drink through a god damn straw.” City released him and shoved him backward. The man stumbled before falling on his ass.

  City opened my car door and held out his hand, but I couldn’t take my eyes off the guy on the ground. The look he gave me was pure hatred.

  “Come on, sugar. I’m here, he won’t bother you.”

  Placing my hand in his, I didn’t say a word as I closed my door. I stayed close as we approached the bar. My nerves were shot and I needed that drink more than ever.

  He stopped, grabbing my arm turning me to face him. “Are you okay, Suzy?”

  “Yeah, Joey. He didn’t hurt me, but he’s creepy as hell.”

  He wrapped his arms around me, cocooning me. Melting into him, I buried my face in his shirt. Unlike the man from the parking lot, City smelled amazing – the mix of musky cologne with his natural scent. My hand drifted across his chest until I found the piercing I’d become fond of touching. “Sugar, keep doing that and we won’t make it through the first drink before I take you in the bathroom and fuck you raw.”

  I leaned back with a smirk on my face. “I can’t help myself. It’s nice to finally touch you after such a long week.” I buried my face in his shirt again, not letting go of the little metal object attached to his body.

  “I have another piercing that could use some attention,” he said through clenched teeth as he grinded his cock against me.

  “Nah, I’m good. Drink first, then you can do anything you want to me.”

  Did I just say that? I needed to learn to filter my promises – he was not a bland and boring lover – he liked his sex hard, fast, and he had mentioned my ass. Don’t even think about it.

  “Anything?” he whispered.

  “Within reason.” I smiled against his chest – thank God my face was hidden.

  “That’s my girl. Always thinking.” He laughed and wrapped me under his arm before walking through the doors of the Neon Cowboy and into the firing squad of males that had egos to protect and manhood to showoff. Lord, help me.

  The guys I’d met the first night insisted that we sit with them. I reassured City that it was fine as long as he never left my side. The asshole in the parking lot already put me on edge and a table full of strangers didn’t help put my mind at ease.

  Bear and Tank talked me into lemon drop shots and beer. I couldn’t exactly order my virgin daiquiri sitting at table full of bikers. I tried to fit in, calm my nerves, and get in the right frame of mind for my ‘kidnapping’. I listened to them talk about bikes and tats - a world foreign to me, but still entertaining. They looked scary but they were good guys that just wanted to hang out, drink beer, and bullshit.

  Bear looked just like his nickname – wild, curly overgrown hair, a beard, big, and burly. When he stood, I could picture him like a grizzly bear on its hind legs ready to attack. When he spoke about his kids and old lady, he reminded me more of a teddy bear. I quickly learned my first impression of him had been wrong and I needed to be more open-minded. Wilder shit had happened.

  “What are you two kids doing tonight?” Bear asked as he washed down the last sip of beer.

  I felt the heat crawling up my face and I couldn’t answer his question. I sat there and stared at City. I’d let him field that question.

  “Nothing much, Bear. Just going to kidnap this beautiful creature and use her how I see fit.” He winked at me and looked at Bear with a cocky smile.

  I glanced around the table and everyone was staring at me. I’m sure the picture in their mind was accurate minus the actual kidnapping part.

  Bear slapped City on the back. “That’s my boy,” he said with a laugh.

  City leaned over and nuzzled his face in my hair. “Why don’t you head out and I’ll find you, sugar,” he whispered in my ear. I shivered at his words. I wanted him to play this game.

  I turned my face and kissed him on the lips. “Yes, sir. Catch me if you can.” The guys at the table started to hoot and holler as I stood from the table almost knocking over my chair as City caught it. “Sorry about that,” I said as I stood on shaky legs.

  “Get going, sugar.” City swatted me on the ass and I yelped. I shouldn’t have done that last shot.

  I kept my eyes on the floor making sure not to trip on my way out the door. My eyesight felt fuzzy and my head was cloudy from the vodka. I turned to look back at City before walking out the door. Every man at that table stared at me. City looked excited as he winked at me with a tilted grin that made my panties wet, but the rest of them looked in shock. Maybe City had clued them in on our little role playing adventure that lay ahead.

  I smiled and waved, the cool air touched my skin and I walked outside to wait for my captor to find me. My heart thundered and my stomach gurgled as I made my way toward my car. I was ready for him.

  What Dreams Are Made Of…

  “Were you being fucking serious?” Tank leaned forward and wanted an answer.

  “About what? Using her?”

  “Fuck, all of it,” he said with an eyebrow raised and one side of his mouth curved in a smile.

  “All of it. I got to go boys. Time to go find my victim for the night.” I stood from the table and threw a fifty down. “You gentleman have a good night with that image rolling around in your head right now.”

  They couldn’t even begin to process what we were really going to do. They thought kidnap was just a nice way of saying I was going to take her away from the bar and have sex with her, but I was going to literally kidnap her.

  “Can one of you take my bike home tonight and I’ll grab it in the morning?” I asked before walking away.

  “I’ll take it,” Bear said. “I’ll tow it to Tanks’ shop.”

  “Thanks man, m
y dick thanks you too,” I laughed as I tossed him the keys.

  “At least someone’s prick will be happy tonight,” Bear mumbled as he placed the keys in his jacket pocket.

  I didn’t say anything, but couldn’t stop laughing. Poor bastards.

  Rolling my neck as I headed for the door, cracking it almost like I was prepping for a game. I’d give Suzy everything she wanted and more.

  “City!” A voice rang through the crowd. Fuck. “City!” A hand waved above the crowd and I knew the voice but pretended not to hear her.

  I didn’t turn around, but walked faster until a hand wrapped around my arm.

  “Oh, Kaylee, I didn’t see you.”

  “I was screaming your name,” she huffed, trying to catch her breath.

  “Didn’t hear you either. I’m in a hurry and got to go.”

  “I’ve missed you, City.” She tried to wrap her arms around me, but I grabbed them and forced them away.

  “Stop, Kaylee. I really don’t have time for this shit.”

  “You’ve always had time for me before.” She pouted and tried to play the guilt card.

  “I don’t now. I have to go meet my girlfriend,” I said hoping she’d get the fucking hint.

  “Girlfriend? Since when?” she looked in shock as she held my arm, digging her nails into my flesh.

  “Bye, Kaylee. I don’t have time for a goddamn chitchat. My girl’s waiting for me and I don’t mean you.”

  I left her there with her mouth open and gulping for air like a fish. I needed to get to Suzy. I’d already left her entirely too long outside by herself. Damn it. She had to be in knots by now, but then again, it probably helped build her excitement.

  Rubbing my face as I walked outside, I couldn’t believe fucking Kaylee. I was supposed to be only moments behind Suzy; she’d fumbled with her keys trying to unlock her car when I grabbed her from behind. She could’ve changed her mind and gone home with the amount of time that had elapsed.

  Her car was parked in the same spot but her door was open and she wasn’t inside. I looked around – where the fuck was she? I studied every inch of the parking lot, but couldn’t see her. My heart thundered in my chest. I felt sick. I heard a muffled cry but couldn’t tell where it came from over the street noise. “Suzy,” I screamed, panic taking hold.

  Her purse lay on the ground near her car; I just had to find her. I couldn’t stand there and wait any longer. I had to move. I ran into the woods behind her car and surveyed the area. Listening for any sound, a man’s voice caught my attention, faint but enough to pull my attention to behind the bar.

  I ran in the direction of the noise and saw a man on top of a woman, Suzy, raising his fist before striking her. “You bitch,” he seethed. It was the motherfucker that had bothered her earlier when I arrived.

  I grabbed him by the throat before he could land another blow; I slammed his body to the ground. The force of his head connecting with the concrete made a horrific sound from his skull cracking. Straddling him, I pummeled him with my fists, feeding off the sound of his jawbone crunching underneath my knuckles. He moaned, but I didn’t give a fuck. He hit a woman, my woman. Punching him again, I grabbed his head and wanted to bash it into the cement to watch all of his blood ooze out, but a pair of hands began to pull me off him, stopping me.

  “City, you’re going to fuckin’ kill him,” Bear said as he tried to pull me back.

  “Fuckin’ bastard deserves to die.” I moved my hand to punch him again but Bear grabbed my wrist.

  “Goddamn, man. He’s out cold. Get the fuck away from him and take care of your girl.”

  Suzy. I had been so busy beating the fuck out him, lost in my anger I forgot to check on her. She lay on the cement with her eyes closed and not moving. She was limp in my arms as I cradled her against my chest. Blood dripped from her lip and nose and I brushed the hair from her eyes to look for more damage. She had a red mark that would turn into a bruise near her temple.

  “Suzy,” I whispered brushing my fingers across her face. “Suzy, wake up, sugar.” I gathered her legs off the cold ground and placed her in my lap.

  I looked at Bear as he stood over me with wide eyes. “Call an ambulance, Bear.”

  “On it, buddy.” He stood over the asshole laying on the ground unconscious and I saw Bear kick him. “The attacker is knocked out on the ground. I’ll keep him restrained,” Bear said to the person on the phone.

  “Suzy, come on sweetie. Wake up, beautiful.” I kissed her warm lips. This is my fucking fault. “I’m so sorry, Suzy.” Fuck. Her clothes were in place, nothing was torn, but they had dirt on them from being on the ground.

  Her eyes started to open and I felt like I could breathe again. I smiled at her, touching her cheek. “City,” she said with a shaky voice.

  Her arms started to move, reaching for me. “Don’t move, sugar. Wait for the ambulance.” I didn’t want her to injure herself worse than that fucker may have already done.

  “What happened?” she stared at me with her big, beautiful blue eyes. I could see the confusion and hurt in them.

  “I’m sorry, Suzy. I got held up inside and I showed up too late. This wouldn’t have happened if I didn’t force you live out one of your fantasies.”

  She smiled sweetly at me. “Ouch.” Her tongue slid across her lip and stopped on the blood.

  “You’re bleeding, sugar. Just lie still until the paramedics can check you out.”

  “What about?” she didn’t have to finish the sentence I knew what she wanted to know.

  “He won’t hurt you anymore.”

  She closed her eyes and a tear slid down her cheek. “What did you do, City?”

  “I gave the fucker a taste of his own medicine. He’s out cold.” I wiped the tear away from her cheek with my thumb.

  “Is he,” her lip began to tremble, “dead?”

  “He’s alive. I wanted to kill the prick, but Bear pulled me off him.” Sobs tore through her as her body began to shake. “Shh, I got you. No one’s going to hurt you ever again, Suzy.”

  I held her until the paramedics arrived and a second ambulance pulled in a moment later. Two men pulled her from my grasp, assessing her injuries before placing her on a stretcher and completing their evaluation. I watched as they checked the fucker’s body on the ground. Fuck him, I hope the bastard fucking dies.

  “We need to take her to the hospital. She’s sustained some head injuries and we want to make sure it’s not serious,” the EMT said. “Would you like to meet us there?”

  “I’ll follow you.” I looked over his shoulder and saw them loading Suzy into the ambulance. “Can I speak to her first?”

  “Yes, quickly so we can leave.”

  I climbed in the ambulance and crouched down next to the stretcher. Her body was strapped in and machines were attached to her arms. Suzy looked worse with the lights shining on her face. “Sugar, you want me to go with you or follow them?”

  “Take my car, City. I don’t want it here, please.”

  I leaned over and kissed her. My heart felt like it was going to explode in my chest. “I got it. I’ll be right behind you. Don’t worry,” I said, not wanting to leave her, but I wanted to obey her wishes.

  She gave me a weak smile before I climbed out and headed for her car, moving as fast I could to be by her side. I had to beg for her forgiveness and I prayed her injuries weren’t serious. I could never live with myself. I found Suzy’s phone lying by her purse and I knew what I had to do. I dialed Kayden and Sophia and knew there would be hell to pay.

  Sometimes Shit Needs to Stay Fiction

  Time seemed to pass in slow motion as a flurry of doctors and nurses poked and prodded me. I repeated the story of what happened so many times I could’ve recited it in my sleep.

  “One more time, ma’am. What happened to you tonight?” The doctor asked as he placed a small light in my eyes.

  I sighed and wanted to tell him to fuck off as he moved the light back and forth, momentarily blinding me.
Do I have to say it again? I’ve told you the story already.” My patience was wearing thin.

  “I need to make sure you have no memory issues from the blow to your head. Last time, I swear.”

  “You said that last time we did this,” I rolled my eyes.

  The doctor snickered. “I guess there’s no short term memory problems.”

  “My boyfriend and I were at a bar tonight and I walked out before he did. I thought he was right behind me and when I unlocked my car someone grabbed me from behind. By the time I realized what was happening, I was already on the ground and tried to fight back, but it was no use. I don’t remember much else.”

  A police officer stood in the corner and scribbled on a little note pad as I spoke. “I remember waking up in Joey’s arms and then the ambulance arriving.”

  I couldn’t give the truth. My boyfriend was supposed to kidnap me as we played out my fantasy for him to abduct me and make me his sex slave. Who did shit like that?

  “We’re just going to keep you here overnight for observation. You have a couple bruised ribs, the laceration on your lip, and a concussion, but nothing that will cause long term damage.” The doctor said, staring at his clipboard. “We’ll get you into a regular room as soon as possible so you can rest. We will release you in the morning.”

  “Is anyone here to see me?” I couldn’t believe that City hadn’t shown up or anyone for that matter.

  “Yes, but he’s been instructed to wait outside until we complete your assessment.”

  “Can he come in now, please?” My body ached, my face throbbed, and my head pounded from the after effects of the attack. I wanted to rest my eyes and turn off the light, but I needed to talk to City. I had to find out what happened and why he wasn’t the one to find me alone in the parking lot.

  “Yes, I’ll have the nurses talk with him and send him in. I’ll see you tomorrow, Ms. McCarthy.”

  “Thanks,” I said with a fake smile. I had nothing to be thankful for. All I wanted to do was crawl in my own bed and sleep against City’s body. Crunchy hospital sheets, plastic mattresses, and thin blankets were not my idea of comfortable.

  I threw my head back onto the thin paper pillow, squeezing my eyes shut. I wanted to cry, but I didn’t have any tears left.

  “Ma’am,” the officer said and cleared his throat. “I’ve taken down your statement, but I may need more details. We have your attacker in custody and the statement of Joseph Gallo and another gentleman, but we may still need your side to fill in the gaps. Here’s my card. Call me when you can talk. It can wait until you’re home and more comfortable.” He smiled at me and I could see he was genuine.

  “I’ll call you, sir. I just don’t feel like talking about it anymore tonight.” I rubbed my eyes, the lights were making my headache worse and I wanted to sleep.

  “No problem, ma’am.”

  Drawing back the curtain to leave, I caught a glimpse of City. A frown was visible as he looked at me. I could see the pain on his face. His hands appeared swollen and red dotted his knuckles, blood from the pounding he must have given to the asshole.

  “Hey,” he said as he approached my bed.

  “Hey yourself.”

  “Are you okay, sugar?” He sat down on the bed and held my hand.

  “I’m okay, City. They’re just keeping me for observation.” I shrugged.

  Touching my cheek with the rough pads of his fingers, he studied my face. His eyes roamed over every inch, stopping on my lips and cheekbone. “God, I’m so sorry, Suzy. It’s all my fault.” His eyebrows were furrowed and deep lines appeared on his forehead.

  “It wasn’t your fault. You meant well. I give you an A for effort, but a D in completion, big boy.” I smirked. I couldn’t really be mad at him.

  “Don’t make jokes, sugar.” He tried to keep a straight face, but I saw a small smile tug at the corner of his lips. “I could’ve lost you tonight.” He squeezed my hand, his eyes looking at our hands.

  “What happened to you? You were supposed to be only a minute behind me, Joey.” Closing my eyes, I remembered the fear I felt when I realized it wasn’t City grabbing me from behind.

  “I was on my way out of the bar after joking with the guys but I got held up. I tried to get away as quickly as possible. I didn’t want you to be outside alone. I should’ve never taken you to that bar. Fuck.” He rubbed his face, “What
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