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Throttle Me, page 4

 part  #1 of  Men of Inked Series


Throttle Me
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  I knew I couldn’t fit the entire thing, but I’d try like hell. I moved forward, allowing more to slide across my tongue, causing his body to tremble and his breathing to turn hard and fast.

  “Fuck, baby. That’s the spot. Just like that.” He fisted my hair roughly causing my eyes to water.

  I moaned against his cock and he released a shaky breath. I tried to draw him in a little deeper with each stroke of my lips against his warm, smooth skin. I stopped when the metal hit my teeth, flicking it, as his hips shook in my grasp. His hand moved in my hair, pulling and pushing me, controlling the speed as I gagged each time the head hit the back of my throat. I opened my eyes and looked up at him. His mouth was opened slightly, his chest heaved from heavy breath and goose bumps covered his flesh. Saltiness caressed my tongue as I worked the tip with precision.

  “I want to taste you.” His words caused warmth to pool between my legs and my core to spasm.

  “But I’m not done,” I said looking at him confused and my hands stroking his shaft. “Don’t you want me to finish?” My brows knitted together as I looked at him. He grinned and unclenched his fist from my hair.

  “We aren’t done. I want to bury my face between your legs and make you scream again.” Well shit, who could say no to that?

  “Did I do something wrong?” I shook my head as I looked down at my knees.

  His hand gripped my chin, tipping it back, and stared into my eyes. “Suzy, you didn’t do anything wrong. Fuck, it was perfect. I want to lick, suck, and then fuck ya, sugar.” The words left me breathy and wanton. I felt beautiful and wanted.

  He guided my face to his and crushed his lips against mine, sucking my tongue in his mouth as he pulled the skirt down my hips. “Tell me you want me to taste you,” he said against my lips.

  I swallowed hard; words, again, escaped me.

  “Say it, Suzy.” His hand filled with my hair and the other wrapped around my back, held me in place and left me with nowhere to go. Talking wasn’t something that I was used to during sex, and he definitely brought me beyond my comfort zone. “I’m waiting.” He bit my lip and brought me back to the moment.

  “Taste me,” I said, unable to look anywhere but into his dark eyes.

  His grip tightened, pulling my head back as he released his hold on my back and began to lay my body back. I felt like a Raggedy Ann doll; I was putty in his hands. My heart hammered in my chest with anticipation as I waited for his mouth to kiss my flesh. He grabbed my legs underneath my knees and pulled my body to the end of the bed as he knelt on the floor. Gripping the sheets, needing something to hold, I tipped my head back and closed my eyes. Heat flooded my cheeks with the thought of him staring at my pussy. I lifted my head and looked at him as he smiled and ran his hands along my thighs, licking his lips, and absorbed the view in front of him. Not in one spot, but all of me, his eyes roamed over my body before his head leaned forward and I closed my eyes unable to look. My body convulsed as his lips touched the delicate skin just to the right of my sex, enough to cause my body to crave more. Suckling the spot where my legs met my core, my body began to tremble. His hands slid down my legs, my entire body was on fire and I ached for more. I needed more, but this felt more like a tease. He gripped my ankles and lifted my legs, placing each one on his shoulders.

  His finger ran through my wetness as his tongue flicked my throbbing clit. My body shot up, unable to control the movement caused by fissures of pleasure that shot through my body. His mouth clamped down as his finger slid inside me. His hands were large, but I wanted more of him as my core sucked his fingers inside. He drew me into his mouth and laid his tongue against my flesh, moving it around in circles. My breathing sounded shaky and I tried not to cry out in ecstasy as I was so close to the tipping point.

  Adding a second finger made me feel stretched to the limit, almost to the point of pain. How in the hell would I handle all he had to offer? Swirling his tongue around my clit, his fingers caressing my aching flesh. He slid his hand under my ass, his fingers digging into my skin, as he tilted my hips. My eyes rolled back as his fingers and tongue made all coherent thought disappear.. I was so lost in the moment that I didn’t notice his mouth leave my body as his fingers stopped.

  “Do you want me?” he growled against my clit and my eyes opened and became drawn to his stare.

  I trembled and tried to steady my breath. “Yes.”

  “Yes, what? What do you want?” he asked his eyes not moving from mine, his entire body still.

  “Have sex with me.” I knew what he wanted me to say, he wanted me to use the F word and I hadn’t – couldn’t.

  “Suzy.” He drew out my name and flicked his tongue against me. “You know what I want to hear. Tell me exactly what you want.” He withdrew his fingers and tongue leaving me panting for more.

  I closed my eyes and exhaled, needing a moment to gather my thoughts. They’re just words and ones I said everyday but never during sex. Drawing in a shaky breath I said, “I want you. Fuck me, City.”

  Wicked Ways

  There’s something about corrupting someone in the purest form. She didn’t swear, or didn’t like to, but the sound of it made my cock grow hard. She looked fucking beautiful laid out across my bed with her flowing blond hair and her blue eyes sparkling in the vibrant lighting of the room. She wasn’t muscular from working out or too thin like a crack addict from being strung out. Her body could best be described as a classic hourglass – large breasts and curvy hips joined by a tiny waist. She looked almost angelic, her white skin against the black comforter.

  I reached under her torso, cupping the crook of her arms, and tossed her up the bed. “Wow,” she laughed, as she bounced against the mattress. “You just moved me like I weighed nothing.”

  “You’re like a feather,” I said, crawling up her body and reaching for the condom on my nightstand.

  She giggled, her eyes growing wide as I tore the condom wrapper open between my teeth. There’s something so fucking innocent about her and I wanted to crawl inside of her goodness and never leave.

  I nested between her legs, resting one arm under her body, trying not to crush her under my weight. “Laugh while you can, sweet girl,” I murmured against her lips. “I’m going to make you scream all those dirty words you’re too scared to say.”

  Her eyes were like saucers as I slid the condom over my piercing and down my shaft. Her pussy glistened as I nudged her legs farther apart with my knees. I wanted to tear her up, own her body, and make her mine for the night. I didn’t wait for a reply before placing my lips over hers, consuming her, and coaxing her tongue into my mouth. I could spend hours kissing her, exploring every crevice and be happy, but my balls were heavy and throbbed, needing the release. Capturing her nipple with my fingers, I pinched it lightly and rolled it between the tips. She moaned in my mouth and my dick jumped to attention, aching to be inside her.

  My mouth never left hers as I captured all of the sounds that escaped, those were mine and only mine to devour. Her body writhed under my relentless pursuit of her nipple and the overwhelming onslaught of my fingers against her delicate flesh. I wanted to make her come like this, but I knew there would be time for that later.

  Her throat was soft underneath my tongue and I inhaled the sweet smell of her perfume and stopped near her collarbone before sinking my teeth into her flesh. Her body moved, her hips rising off the bed, her pussy nudged my cock – an open invitation.

  “What do you want?” I said, as I bit down on the flesh of her shoulder.


  “What part of me?” I didn’t want to make this easy on her. I got a secret thrill out of watching her squirm with each question or prompt.

  “Your penis.”

  Jesus... Seriously? Normally I’d think it was all an act, but this girl was as good as they came and I’d have my work cut out for me. I liked the idea of a conquest, someone that I could corrupt and make my own.

  “The other word. I won’t fuck you until you do.
I could have blue balls by then, but eventually she’d say it. I wouldn’t give in until she did.

  I captured her nipple between my teeth, clamping down on the tip as I flicked it with my tongue.

  “City, please,” she said as she grabbed my shoulder almost breaking the skin with her nails.

  I held her nipple with my teeth. “Say it.”

  “I can’t.” She pushed her pussy against me. “Just do it.” I gave it right back as I ground my cock against her wetness. “Oh, god,” she moaned.

  “He ain’t gonna help you now. Say the word, and it’s yours.” I sucked the tip harder.

  “I want your c…” she trailed off not finishing the word.

  “Say it and I’ll slide it in that hot, wet pussy and make you scream. That shit I can guarantee.” I slid my stiff shaft against her, touching her clit with each stroke. “Say it.”

  “Cock,” she exhaled. “I want your cock.”

  “That wasn’t so bad, was it?” I asked as I smiled against her skin. I knew she was uncomfortable, but I didn’t give a fuck. She seemed like the type of girl that lived in a very controlled world and set limits for herself and never crossed them. I’d help her go beyond her imaginary lines.

  I kissed her deeply and nudged her opening with the tip of my cock as she wrapped her legs around my back almost pushing me inside of her. She knew what she wanted. She forced me inside of her with a moan and a whimper.

  Her body felt warm and slick and a shiver ran down my spine as I entered her. I wanted to thrust inside, wanted to be balls deep, but also wanted to be in control of the pace. I licked her lips and stared into her eyes as I pushed in slowly, until I couldn’t go any further. I was still for a moment and just relished the feeling of being in her – exactly where I wanted to be since the moment I saw her.

  She looked beautiful lying on my pillow with her blond hair framing her face like a golden crown. Her blue eyes shimmering in the light and her cheeks tinged in pink from the excitement, could have been lust. I needed to move. I wanted to make her scream. I pulled out of her slowly as her nails dug into my shoulder, and thrust my dick inside of her, unable to stop myself.

  She mewled and moaned with each stroke, as I picked up the pace, unable to take it slow. I wanted to watch her, see her face, as I fucked her. I leaned back and pulled her legs from my back and placed her feet against my shoulders. I smiled at her and licked my thumb.

  “Want more?” I said as I pulled out of her.

  “Yes.” Her voice was breathy and whisper quiet.

  I placed my thumb against her swollen clit and began to move it in small circles. “Oh, god,” she moaned as her pussy convulsed around my shaft.

  “Do you wanna come?” I asked pulling out again just leaving the tip inside.

  Licking her lips, she looked at me with glassy eyes as she panted, “Yes.”

  “Do you want me to fuck you?” I asked as I denied her the very thing she wanted most – my cock and her orgasm.

  “Please,” she whispered.

  “Say it.” My lips twitched as I tried to stop the smile and laughter that wanted to escape as her face turned pink. “It’s a simple phrase. You want my cock? Tell me what you want me to do with it.”

  She opened her eyes and exhaled before quickly saying, “Fuck me.”

  “Gladly.” I thrust inside of her and moved my thumb rhythmically against her swollen clit as her body twitched and her head pushed deeper into the pillow. I wrapped my free hand around her thigh, gripping it, as I assaulted her.

  “Your pussy feels so fucking good,” I moaned. I didn’t go easy on her – she wasn’t breakable. I increased the pace as her breathing became more jagged and her body began to glisten in the light. I could feel her body milking me, wanting more, and in that moment I stopped.

  “Hey,” she yelled, and her eyes opened showing more passion and hatred than I thought possible. “I was so close.”

  I didn’t speak, but pulled her legs tighter against my torso. Her feet were near my face and her legs were flush against me. I gripped her legs, allowing me to hold her and stop her from moving. I pounded into her, battering her body. I watched in awe as her tits bounced from the force of my body slamming into her.

  She began to yell, “Oh, God.”

  “That’s right, sugar. Let go. Feel all of me. I want you so fucking bad.”

  I used every muscle in my body to fuck her. I wanted her to know I possessed her and owned her orgasm in this moment. Her body began to tremble as her leg muscles tightened and flexed against me. I gripped her legs tighter, not wanting her to move.

  “Fuck,” spilled from her lips and I couldn’t control myself any longer. I didn’t have to coax her into saying the word, but my cock had pushed her over the edge.

  “You’re so fucking tight,” I said as I watched her body on the edge of orgasm – covered in sweat, skin flushed, and mouth opened lost in sensation.

  She reached up and touched her breast, pushing herself over the edge as I thrust into her harder than I had before. “Oh god. Oh god, don’t fucking stop,” she wailed.

  Her naked body before me, her dirty mouth, and watching her touch herself caused my balls to tighten and the orgasm ripped through me. I shook and moaned as I pounded into her, her insides gripping me. Every part of my body tingled and small aftershocks shook me to my very core.

  I needed to catch my breath. The only sound that filled the room were our gasps for air and the snap of the condom. “Fucking hell. That was amazing,” I said as I kissed her ankle, running my hands up her legs.

  “I’ve never,” she said without finishing the sentence.

  “Never what?”

  Only in My Fantasies

  “Never experienced anything like that,” I said. How to explain it without sounding pathetic? Damn, nothing in my life had compared to having sex with him. I had a few one-night stands in college, but those boys didn’t exactly know what they were doing.

  City was rough and controlling, and I loved it. I stared at his beautiful body as he knelt before me, his skin glistening with sweat, his muscles moving in unison as he tried to catch his breath. I wanted to take a picture and always remember how he looked – sweaty and sexy as hell.

  “That’s nothing compared to what I could do to you,” he said in a husky tone as he wiped the sweat from his brow. I wanted to lick the sweat off of his body. I wanted to do things with him that I normally didn’t even think about doing to anyone in my life. He was different.

  “Hell,” I said, unable to think of anything else. He could do better? Is that even possible?

  “Maybe you’ll let me show you sometime.” A smile crept across his face, but it wasn’t a sweet smile. This guy definitely had tricks up his sleeves. My heart raced at the thought of feeling him inside me again.

  “You want to see me again?” I asked, unable to believe his words. We were polar opposites and I didn’t know why he’d want to see me again.

  “Why wouldn’t I?” His eyebrows turned down as his nose wrinkled.

  I covered my eyes feeling like an asshole. “I dunno. I thought this was just a one night thing.”

  “I won’t lie, I thought it would be just a one night ‘thing.’ I wanted you from the moment I blew by you on the road.” He moved next to me, wrapping his arm around my body. “You’re not like any of my friends or the women I know.”

  “Well, I’ve met some of the people you hang out with.” I frowned thinking about some of the guys he’s surrounded himself with. Most of them seemed shady as heck. “They look more like my class full of underachievers or someone I’d see on American’s Most Wanted. Not my type.”

  “They look that bad?” he said in my ear. His low tone made my exhausted body buzz again.

  “They’re kinda scary, City. They remind me of criminals,” I whispered.

  He laughed. “Funny shit, sugar. They look scarier than they are.” He nuzzled into my shoulder burying his face in my hair. “I don’t hang out with all those guys.
Many of them are customers – some of them are my best clients. I stop there on the way home sometimes for a drink. Some of them are friendly and, well, some you’ve seen are assholes.”

  “You can say that again.”

  His body shook and I felt the vibration from his silent laughter. “I spend more time with my family than with those douchebags at the bar.” He brushed the hair off my cheek and ran his fingers down my throat before he rested his palm on my chest. I felt exposed. “Are you cold?” he asked as I shivered.

  “A bit,” I lied. I wanted to cover my body. I didn’t feel quite as naked as I did just laying here talking, completely nude.

  “Did you want to leave?” He yawned.

  “Um, I’m sure you’re tired. I can stay if you want. It’s up to you.” I didn’t want to leave this hot, hunky man and go home to my empty bed. Don’t kick me out like a piece of trash.

  He grabbed the blankets and covered our bodies. Yes! Inside I was doing cartwheels and screaming with excitement. He pulled me against his side and wrapped me in his arms. His body felt hard and comfortable. I rested my forehead against his jaw and could hear his heart beating in his chest. The sheets were the softest cotton I had ever felt – not really what I had expected. I thought he’d be more of a flannel guy or those scratchy sheets you find in hotels.

  “Comfortable?” he asked with a long content exhale.

  “Very.” I hadn’t slept in the arms of a man in years. Usually I didn’t fit just right or they were so boney that my head hurt resting against their body, but City was built to sleep on. He was built for anything that involved two bodies.

  I didn’t quite know where to rest my hand. Do I put it on his chest or leave it at my side? Sophia wasn’t going to believe this story when I tell her. She knew me as the good girl that lived in my controlled environment, unable to move or unwilling, but City was like a tsunami that started slowly and built into a giant wrecking ball of sin.

  “Hand, babe.”

  “What?” I mumbled against his chest.

  “Gimme your hand.”

  I moved my hand from my thigh and held it out to him trying not to touch his skin. Grasping it, he placed my palm on his rock hard chest, and put his hand on top. “Perfect,” he said.

  I didn’t have any grand illusions and I wasn’t delusional. I knew I’d only have this night with City. We weren’t meant to be – he wasn’t what I was looking for. He wasn’t the type of guy that was part of my master plan. I’d just lay here and enjoy the night in his arms.

  I listened as his breathing slowed and changed. His hand twitched against mine as he squeezed my fingers and drifted into a deeper sleep. I felt exhausted, but I almost didn’t want to sleep. I didn’t want to miss a minute of staring at his body.

  Thoughts flooded my mind while I listened to his deep breaths. I wanted to see him again, but would it be a waste of time? Did I want to go down a dead-end street and become attached to him? I knew I could fall for him. Even though I wanted to find someone to spend my life with and have that great happily ever after, I didn’t open my heart to just anyone. Heartache was something I avoided at all costs. There wasn’t a need to risk my heart if the certain outcome would be disastrous. The war of words continued in my head for a few minutes until I finally decided to enjoy the moment and worry about the rest tomorrow.

  The sound of metal clinking woke me and I sat up in a panic. I thought someone had broken in while I slept. Looking around the room, I realized I wasn’t in my bedroom. Last night hadn’t been a dream. Reaching over I felt the sheet where he had laid and it was cold to the touch. Sunlight streamed through the sheer white drapes and bounced off the walls amplifying the light. The room was tidy except for our clothing from last night strewn about the floor.

  My body ached as I stretched, trying to relieve the pain from my muscles being stretched and over used the night before. I needed something to wear and had to find a bathroom. I tiptoed out of bed and wrapped the sheet around my body to keep the cold at bay. A flannel shirt hung on the back of his door and I grabbed it, and held it up to my face, burying it in the soft material. The hint of cologne and the muskiness of his skin made my pussy clench. I dropped the sheet, wrapping the flannel around my body and rubbed my cheek against the wrist cuff. I felt surrounded by City.

  Walking to the door that I thought was the bathroom, I opened it and found his closet. Fuck. It was filled with t-shirts, jeans, and hoodies. I studied the contents, running my hand over the soft material as they hung, before I closed the door. There were only two doors in his room and neither of them led to a bathroom.

  My reflection in the mirror hanging on the back of the door made me cringe. My blond hair was in tangles and looked a mess and my eyes looked tired from the night in his bed. A messy ponytail helped to tame my mane, making me feel presentable. Good enough. Opening the door, I peered into the hallway before tiptoeing into the hall. A loud long creak filled the air as I took my first step.

  “You up?” he yelled from the kitchen.

  “Yes,” I said, trying not to sound annoyed. “Be right there.”

  “I’m fixing breakfast. Take your time.” I could hear dishes, cups, and all kinds of movement in the kitchen. I didn’t think I’d ever had anyone besides my mom, Sophia, and Kayden make me breakfast. The smell of bacon and something sweet drifted down the hall and made my stomach grumble.

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