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Maiden Flight

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  Belora thought about Gareth’s shocking words as they ate and later as he led her to the communal hot baths. She had heard about them, of course, but had not visited the hot springs yet herself.

  The cavern was larger than she’d expected, and the main pool was absolutely huge. It could have qualified as a small lake, she thought, but the bubbling, effervescent surface and slightly metallic tang of the humid air made it much different from any other lake she had ever seen.

  There were a few men already in the water, and they all looked up as Gareth and Belora entered. Several shouted greetings to Gareth or lifted their hands to wave while eyeing Belora with great interest. She began to wonder just how this bathing business was supposed to be accomplished without great embarrassment. She tugged on Gareth’s hand and he stopped to look down at her.

  “I hope you don’t expect me to get naked in front of all of them.” Her whispered words carried to him alone, though she knew all the men present watched them closely.

  “There’s no shame in nakedness, Belora. Besides, remember what I said before? I think I’ll enjoy knowing that my friends and comrades can look but never touch my mate. Many of them may never find mates of their own. Seeing the happiness of others is the only real glimpse of joy left to them besides the momentary pleasure they can find with a whore or some other random woman who doesn’t mind the great huge dragon lurking about outside in her garden, scaring the neighbors.”

  Belora giggled at the picture he painted with his words and his lips softened into a loving smile. He stroked back her hair and caressed her cheek.

  “Besides, we won’t be in the main pool. There are smaller pools designed for a bit more privacy. We’ll use one of those.”

  “Will they be able to see us?”

  “Maybe. If they are in the right spot.”

  She chuckled. “How much do you want to bet they’ll all want to move suddenly to the one area from which they can see me naked?”

  “You’ve got a point there.” He chuckled as she did. “But then, you’ll be seeing them naked too, so it kind of evens out.”

  “Hmm.” She looked around his broad body to get another exaggerated look at the muscular men sitting or wading in the fairly shallow water near the edge. “I hadn’t thought of that. That blonde man has a spectacular ass. Do you think he’ll mind me ogling him?”

  “He might not, but I certainly will.” Gareth growled with a grin as he chased her toward the far end of the cavern where the more private pools lay.

  A bit breathless from both the exertion and the heat of the cavern, she came to a sudden halt before one of the pools. Lars was there. Already naked and in the water.

  “And when were you going to tell me about this?” She arched her brow and looked from Lars to Gareth with teasing accusation in her eyes. She gasped aloud when Lars stood from the water, his nude body gleaming wetly in the low light of the cavern. He was solid muscle and had a long, thick cock. He was already rock hard.

  “I’ll leave if you wish it.”

  He made to step out of the pool but halted when Belora took one almost unconscious step toward him, her gaze focused on his cock. She realized this was another part of Gareth’s plan to make her aware of the things that would be expected of her as his wife and get her used to Lars as well. As far as plans went, she had to agree it was a good one. A woman would have to be dead not to be attracted to the masculine perfection and puppy-like eagerness of them both. They wanted so much to please her and for her to accept them. It was touching really. And very flattering.

  “Don’t leave, Lars. If I’m really going to marry into this world, I need to know if I can handle it, right?” She turned around and punched Gareth in the arm. “Don’t think I don’t recognize your plotting hand in this little scene, but in this case, I’ll forgive you. I’m willing to try and see where this goes. He can stay, but if I want to call a halt at any time, you have to promise to stop.”

  “Of course.” Gareth pulled her close and hugged her. “Your wishes will always come first. Always.”

  She nodded against his chest and stroked his arms. “I thought you’d say that, but I had to be sure. This is kind of scary for me.”

  He soothed her and hugged her tightly. “You’re so brave, my sweet.” He bent to whisper in her ear. “I love you so much. Do you realize how very special you are to me? I will never love again. Only you, Belora. For the rest of our lives.”

  He kissed her then, pouring all his love into his kiss and she clung to him. Before she knew it, she felt the wafting warm air of the cave against her bare skin. Gareth had tugged her robe away until she was standing naked in his strong arms. Her gaze shot to Lars as Gareth pulled back, easing from their kiss.

  Lars watched her every move, his eyes dark turquoise in the dim light, his gaze intense as he saw her nude body for the first time. Gareth spun her in his arms and pulled her back against his front, wrapping one muscular forearm around her waist as the other hand moved up to cup her breast, displaying her for his friend.

  Entranced by the look on Lars’ angular face, Belora felt a slick wetness seeping down the insides of her thighs. She had never been so excited by the mere look of a man before. Lars eased back into the water, seating himself on an underwater ledge at the far side of the small pool, one hand disappearing under the transparent surface to curve around his hard cock, stroking slowly as he watched Belora in Gareth’s arms.

  She licked her lips, thinking of forbidden things. But perhaps they weren’t so forbidden after all. If she was going to go through with this, she could have both of these handsome, heart-strong men all to herself for the rest of their lives. Something deep down felt warm and secure at the thought, yet her mind worried over how such a relationship would work.

  “Don’t think so hard, sweet.” Gareth’s warm breath puffed against her ear as he spoke and his hands caressed her, the one at her waist slipping down to tease the neat curls at the juncture of her thighs. “Just feel.”

  He slipped his fingers into her folds, and her knees went weak. One hand squeezed one nipple, the other tugged on her clit, and her eyes closed in yearning ecstasy. Slowly, he moved his fingers over her, pressing and rotating in little swirls over the sensitive flesh, making her squirm. The hand on her breast dropped downward and then he was spreading her pussy wide, allowing Lars to see everything he was doing between her legs, showcasing her responsive clit for the other man.

  “See how he looks at you? If you let him, he would lick your clit while I sucked on your nipples.”

  The words inflamed her and she groaned, shivering in his arms. Her eyes opened to see Lars stroking himself under the water more firmly now, his gaze feasting on the sight of her feminine core as Gareth used two fingers to probe deep inside her. She was slick with excitement and his passage was made easier by the fact that she was near peak from nothing more than his stroking and Lars’ hot gaze.

  He pumped his fingers into her tight core a few more times before she came on his hand, stifling her cry against his shoulder as he supported her spasming body. He held her, crooning to her as he pulled his fingers from her body, bringing them to his lips and licking them.

  “Mmm. Delicious.” He turned her slightly in his arms and brought the still wet fingers to her mouth. “Taste,” he whispered. “Suck them clean.” She opened her lips as his fingers pushed inside. She tasted herself on his flesh and the look in his eyes nearly drove her wild.

  “Do you have any idea what you do to me?”

  He removed his fingers and kissed her deeply. A moment later, her world spun as he hoisted her up in his arms and stepped into the pool. He lowered her into the warm water, supporting her as she learned the feel of the warm mineral springs. She smiled at him, still a bit nervous of the other man sharing the private pool, watching them from the other end. There were a few feet between where Gareth held her and Lars sat watching. It would be so easy to bridge that space physically, but mentally she just wasn’t quite ready.
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  “The water’s so warm and bubbly.” She marveled at the feel of tiny bubbles bursting against her skin, leaving her feeling clean and relaxed.

  “It’s fed from the earth below with just a bit of magic to keep it warm and flowing.”

  “It’s wonderful,” she replied, meaning it. Everything about the Lair enchanted her.

  “Not nearly as wonderful as you, Belora.” Gareth’s impassioned words touched her heart.

  She smiled as he levered himself away and sat on the ledge of the pool, his hard cock standing upright for her to admire. She licked her lips again, wanting nothing more than to taste him as she had once before. Her eyes must have spoken of her desire because he chuckled and pulled her between his spread knees, his legs wrapping around her and crossing at the ankles behind her back.

  “Oh, yes, I can see we both want the same thing. Taste me, Belora. Take me in your sweet mouth.”

  He guided her head gently toward his cock and she liked the way her breasts felt caressed by the millions of tiny bubbles in the water. She tingled all over as his hands tangled in her hair, urging her to do what she wanted. With a sigh of satisfaction, she placed her lips around his hard cock, sliding down and using her tongue the way he had coached her to do. Satisfaction filled her when he groaned in pleasure.

  She knew Lars could see every movement. The thought didn’t disturb her as much as she thought it would. In fact, it tickled her sense of adventure and made her want to give him a show worth remembering. The idea that he was so close, so much a part of this even though he was only an observer, made her hot.

  No doubt about it. She was wanton.

  She smiled around Gareth’s cock as she realized it was he who had awakened these raging desires within her. Gareth was her first lover, but if he had his way, she would take Lars before long, as well. At first the thought had shocked and scared her, but now that she was getting to know the strong, silent knight, the idea was more and more appealing. She wondered what his cock would taste like and how he would respond to her sucking. Maybe, she thought with a blush and a feeling of inevitability, it was time to find out.

  Gareth stopped her with a slight tug on her hair. A surprising disappointment swept through her, but she trusted him to lead their love play. He knew things about lovemaking that she had never experienced and she would follow his lead.

  “As much as I enjoy the feel of your mouth on me, if we don’t stop now, I’ll come much sooner than I’d like.”

  He dropped back into the pool and brought his lips to hers, working her around in the water until they were just a few feet from Lars. Gareth’s strong arms lifted her out of the water and set her on the edge of the pool. She was surprised by the sudden move and grabbed onto his shoulders for balance, but his smile set her at ease and reignited the fires in her belly. Sweet Mother, how she loved this man!

  “Are you ready for me, sweet?” Holding her gaze, he parted her pussy lips with one hand and entered her channel with the fingers of the other. He smiled devilishly as her slick wetness coated his fingers. “You want my cock, Belora? Tell me if you do.”

  “Yes,” she whimpered.

  “Yes? What do you want, love? Tell me.” His eyes challenged her, while his fingers continued to tease.

  “I want your cock, Gareth. In me. I want it now.” Her whispered words seemed to galvanize him.

  He stepped up onto the ledge that put him at the perfect height to slide home into her with one solid thrust. She cried out as he slid home, only then realizing that Lars was standing right beside them, watching all in intimate detail as his hand squeezed his rampant cock.

  Her eyes locked with Lars’ turquoise gaze for a long moment and she realized that his presence seemed somehow right. Only one thing could make it better—if he could find satisfaction at the same time they did.

  “Let me,” she whispered, bringing both knights’ eyes to her face. Gareth followed the direction of her gaze and nodded at Lars, a broad smile spreading across his strong lips.

  Lars wasted no time, moving to stand at the edge of the pool, his hard length level with her mouth. She knew he was giving her the choice of how she would pleasure him and her slight uncertainty made her want to start slow. She brought one hand up to circle his pulsing cock as Gareth resumed stroking in and out of her pussy. His hands and mouth teased her nipples while Lars watched, the only contact between them her hand on his cock.

  She realized Lars was letting her call the shots, allowing her to decide how far this would go. The thought made her feel safe and cherished. And powerful. This strong man was allowing her to choose what she would give him, with no complaint. The idea humbled and warmed her, showing her without words how noble a man he really was.

  Leaning slightly, she licked his length and looked up into his smoldering eyes. Holding his gaze, she took him deep in her mouth and used her tongue to learn his shape, his taste, and his feel. He was spectacular.

  She sucked him deep as Gareth thrust into her core, bringing her closer and closer to orgasm. She knew when she flew to the stars this time, she would take both of these special, beloved men with her. Gareth sucked one nipple and pinched the other hard as he drove into her faster and faster. She felt her climax starting from deep within and she pulled hard on Lars’ hot cock, coaxing his climax with the suction of her mouth. He came as she did, followed only seconds later by Gareth’s spurting deep inside her womb.

  The three of them lounged in the pool for long moments, enjoying the restorative power of the bubbly water. They sat on the ledge, each slightly submerged, Gareth’s arm thrown casually around Belora’s shoulder as his hand dipped down to toy with her nipple. Lars sat on her other side, not touching, but watching her with a renewed heat and pure male appreciation.

  “Thank you.” Lars’ soft voice came to her from out of the dimness of the cavern, making her look over to meet his intense gaze.

  She smiled softly at him and leaned up to kiss his lips sweetly. He took the kiss deeper, and she slipped into his arms for a long, languid moment.

  “I don’t know yet if I can go much further with this, Lars.” She pulled away from him to sit on her own between the two men. She had to tell them what was going on in her mind. She didn’t want them getting the wrong idea that suddenly she was okay with the crazy lifestyle in the Lair. “I’ll be brutally honest with you. Now that things have cooled a bit, I’m a little shocked by what I just did, but it felt good. I don’t regret it, but I have to think about this a bit more.”

  Gareth’s hand stroked her wet hair. “Take the time you need, my love. I’m sorry if you feel pressured. We don’t mean to rush you.”

  “I don’t feel pressured, but it’s a lot to take in all at once. Just give me some more time, okay? I didn’t want you assuming I was fine with everything when in my mind I still have some reservations.”

  Lars smiled kindly at her. “Honesty in all things is important between mates.”

  Feeling somewhat better, she dipped into the pool, bathing her hair in the effervescent water. After a few more relaxing minutes, they all gathered their robes and left the pool. Gareth and Belora headed for his suite and Lars walked away toward where his dragon waited.

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