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Maiden Flight

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Chapter Two

  Belora woke on her back beneath Gareth, his cock hard once more within her. He stroked lightly, in and out, and she realized she was very wet and very excited. This man had shown her the most amazing things, and it seemed there was still more to learn. The heart-stopping attraction she had felt on first seeing him in the water now resolved into an awe-inspiring affection for the handsome, thoughtful man. He was so gentle with her, so caring in his way, yet so exciting. He’d shown her things about herself she had only been able to guess at before, and given her a new confidence in her femininity she had never had.

  “About time you woke up.” His soft grin eased the hard words.

  She stretched, reaching out to stroke his stubbly cheek with one hand. She loved the masculine feel of him.

  “Someone tired me out.”

  “Hmm. We’ll have to see what we can do about that.”

  He rocked gently, in no hurry now to sate the hunger growing inside her. She climaxed twice before he let loose with his own completion, nearly drowning her in his seed. She knew a baby could come of what they’d just done but didn’t care. Or rather, she kind of liked the idea of having this knight’s baby, even if she never saw him again.

  Here was a man worthy of fathering children. He was brave, strong, gallant and a considerate lover. She knew her initiation into sex could have been much more painful than it had been. In fact, aside from that one moment when he tore through her barrier, it had been nothing but pleasure.

  No, if she got pregnant from this day’s work, it was the will of the Mother. Such pleasure could not be wrong and if she had this man’s child, the baby would be healthy, smart and as strong as its father. It would be a blessing.

  “Come on, Belora.” He tugged her to her feet, though the lethargy of good, hot loving weighed her down. She wanted to sleep again, but it seemed he wouldn’t let her.

  “Where are we going?”

  “For a quick dip in the lake.”

  “What?” Her fatigue left in a rush. “That water’s cold!”

  “Invigorating,” he countered, drawing her closer to where the clear waves lapped against the pebbly shore. “We need to clean you off or you’ll be uncomfortable.”

  Her heart melted at his soft words. She realized then that he was caring for her again. He was the expert at sex and knew what was best for her. So far he had proven that he always put her pleasure and comfort before his own and that was a good quality in a man, she decided.

  “Okay, but let’s make this quick. I don’t relish freezing my butt off.”

  He let her precede him so he could noticeably leer at the butt in question.

  “No, that would be a definite shame. I’ll make sure that your beautiful butt doesn’t go anywhere, okay?”

  He grabbed her ass in his warm hands and pushed her toward the clear water of the lake. They splashed in, laughing and smiling as he pulled her close. He took them only waist deep into the water before tugging her to a halt. Holding her eyes with his, he swept one hand down over her body and into the water, cupping between her legs. His calloused fingers teased through her folds. As he cleaned her, each sweep growing bolder, a fire kindled and leapt in her womb.

  He plunged two fingers up into her sore channel, but backed off when she winced just the tiniest bit.

  “I’m sorry,” she said softly as he drew back.

  “No, I should have realized you’d be sore after all we’ve done today.”

  “But I want more.”

  He shook his head with a soft smile. “You can’t have it. Not that way at least.”

  “What other way is there?”

  Now the fire returned to in his eyes. “There are many other ways, my sweet innocent.”

  “Not so innocent anymore, thanks to you, sir knight.” She knew she was blushing from the heat rushing up her neck, but couldn’t help it. Besides, he seemed to enjoy it as he touched the flush on her cheeks with one strong hand. His other hand lingered below the water, tracing her folds and soothing her aches with gentle touches.

  “I doubt there’s anything in this world that could take your innocence completely from you. It’s part of your soul, shining out through your lovely eyes.” He bent down and kissed her eyelids so softly it brought a tear to her eye.

  She started to shiver but it wasn’t from the cold.

  “Let’s get you out of the water. You’re right. It is kind of chilly.”

  Instead of letting her walk out, he hoisted her up into his strong arms and carried her to shore. After drying her with his towel, he laid her down on the soft pile of their clothing and settled himself on his haunches between her bare legs.

  “What are you doing?” She was just a bit nervous, lying there, so exposed to his gaze. Her eyes followed his every move, her mouth going dry and her stomach clenching in anticipation that was mixed with just a hint of fear. This was all so new to her, but this man, this moment, felt so right. The smile in his eyes reassured her, the passion in his gaze heated her blood.

  “Just enjoying the view. You’re gorgeous, Belora.” He leaned forward and placed a smacking kiss on the soft swell of her tummy as she laughed. “And while I’m here, I might as well show you one of those other ways of giving pleasure. What do you say?”

  He raised his gaze to meet hers and smiled in that devilish way of his that made her insides clench.

  “I’m all for it. I think.”

  “Oh, don’t worry. You’re going to love this.”

  He moved downward, shocking her as his hands spread her pussy wide open and his tongue delved inside. She nearly bucked off the ground, the pleasure was so intense. He laved her most intimate places with his hot tongue, stroking down her slit and back up, pausing to seek inside the sore areas that had never known such passion before that day.

  All pain was forgotten as shivers of delight danced up and down her spine. She’d never felt so wanton, so desirable as she did with this knight. He soothed her with long licks, exciting her with the odd foray to circle and tease her clit. Her legs trembled and her muscles went weak, anticipation building as he stroked her higher and higher.

  “Gareth?” She didn’t know how she could stand the sensations running through her body. It was frightening and profound at the same time.

  “Shh, sweet. Just enjoy. This is for you.” His whispered words brushed in soft puffs of heated air against her, making her even more eager. It wouldn’t be long now.

  She looked down and saw Gareth’s sparkling eyes gazing up at her from between her legs. Something about the sight of him, pleasuring her so thoroughly and seeming to enjoy it, sent her soaring higher. When he bit down gently, but unexpectedly on her clit, she screamed and convulsed in yet another orgasm. He rode her through it, keeping his warm mouth on her.

  “Gareth! Oh, Gareth.” Whispered pleas escaped unnoticed from her lips as he curled her into his arms, much, much later. She could feel his hard cock against her, but he made no move to relieve his own tension.

  When reason returned, she sat up and pushed him backward onto the bed of clothing. The surprise in his eyes made her bold.

  “Surely if you can give me such pleasure with your mouth, I can do the same?”

  Gareth placed his hands on her arms. “You don’t have to do this, Belora. This last time was for you. I don’t expect anything.”

  “Nonsense. I want to learn you the way you’ve learned me.” She moved closer, settling closer to his thick erection. “I would take you in my body again, but I’m too sore. Let me do this for you, Gareth.”

  He let go of her arms and lay back with a silly grin on his face. “If you insist.”

  “Tell me what to do.”

  “Just touch me, Belora. Wrap your fingers around the base and suck the tip into your mouth. Use your tongue.” She followed his instructions and was gratified to hear his harsh groan and feel the fingers tightening in her hair. He obviously liked what she was doing so she sucked harder. “Yes, just like that. Oh, Belora!”

e began to move her mouth on him in time with the tugging motions of his hand in her hair. He wasn’t controlling her, but coaching her, she realized, and she took full advantage of his lesson to bring him to the brink of ecstasy.

  At the same time, she was learning intimate things about him. His musky scent, his salty taste, the rhythmic way he liked to be licked. She felt wicked and divine at the same time, learning how to pleasure a man such as this. She sucked lightly, then harder, following his cues as she learned the new landscape before her. Never had she imagined, even in her wildest dreams, taking a man in her mouth this way. It was something out of her realm of experience, but something she knew she wanted to do again. With this man, and this man alone.

  “Let go now if you don’t want me to come in your mouth,” he warned. “I’m close.”

  But she wanted his come. She wanted it all. She wanted to taste him, to swallow him down, and take his essence into herself. She wanted all she could get of this noble, magnificent knight. For all too soon, she knew they would part and she might never see him again.

  She sucked harder, and he gasped. That was all he could take. He tried to back away as he came, but she wouldn’t let him. She hadn’t expected to enjoy making him come as much as she had. Pleasing him had given her a sense of her own feminine power and allowed her to express the softer feelings she inexplicably had for this hard knight who had stolen her heart with only his smile.

  They lay down together again for a while, basking in the lethargy that she was learning came after incredible sex. She enjoyed watching the late afternoon sun glinting off the lake and the dragon flying low over the forest in the distance. She felt secure and protected, held securely in her knight’s embrace.

  Belora turned in his arms to look up at his chiseled face. “You know, I’ve never seen a dragon in these parts before, much less a knight.”

  “You’ll see more of us soon. We’ve founded a Lair just to the north of here by the king’s command, and will be patrolling the border from now on.”

  “That sounds like trouble. Your dragon friend said we might see war from Skithdron.” She really didn’t like the implications of their presence on the border, though she was glad to have met this gentle, strong knight.

  He nodded once. “It’s true. There’s unrest to the east. More skith attacks than usual for one thing, and political maneuvering between the kings and politicians.”

  “My mother said she’d heard rumors in the village, but we were hoping it was just talk.”

  “Unfortunately not.”

  She lay back against him, staring at the sky and thinking hard while he idly drew soft circles on her bare skin with his fingertips.

  As the sun dipped lower in the sky, Gareth knew it was time to take her home. He didn’t want to, but he had to do the right thing. She had family waiting. A mother who would worry if she didn’t return that day.

  What he wanted to do was kidnap her. Tie her to Kelvan’s back and steal her away to the new Lair. But keeping her against her will wasn’t the smartest way to begin what he hoped might be a long-term relationship. He had to let her go. For now.

  Gareth shifted his weight and stood, sorting out their clothes. Belora stood as well, obviously taking her cue from him. They dressed silently, the oncoming chill in the evening air speeding their movements.

  “Will I ever see you again?” Belora’s tone was curious, not possessive, but the words caused a tightening in his heart.

  “I hope I’ll see you often.” He took a chance, knowing he was rushing things. “In fact, I’d like you to come back with me to the new Lair, Belora. I want more than just this. Will you come with me?”

  She took a moment before answering. Gareth didn’t breathe, waiting for her response.

  “I want to, more than you can know, but there’s more to consider than just my desires.” She looked down at her hands, wringing them with what looked like true regret.

  “What could be more important than this?” He took her into his arms and skimmed her back with his fingers, bringing her close to his heart.

  “My mother relies on me, Gareth.” Her voice was small against his chest. “I can’t just leave her.”

  Gareth set her back slightly so he could look into her eyes. “You are a noble creature, my Belora. Kelvan and I will take you home and speak with your mother. As Kel is fond of saying, the Mother of All will find a way.” He stroked her cheek. “You’re truly not afraid of him, are you?”

  She gave him a puzzled smile. “Why would I be afraid of a dragon? They’re noble creatures, especially those who serve the king and fight to protect us.”

  “And you can really hear him when he speaks to you?” Gareth held his breath. So much depended on her answer.

  “Well, yes, of course. Can’t everyone?”

  He shook his head and laughed lightly. “Not everyone, Belora. Only a few are blessed with the ability.”

  She tilted her head, thinking. “That’s strange. I thought everyone could. My mother can, I know that for certain. She was friends with a dragon when she was little.”

  He kissed her lightly. He looked forward to meeting Belora’s mother. Women who could bespeak dragons were rare, in deed.

  “Then the Mother of All has definitely put you in our path for a reason. If we are meant to be together—and I feel certain we are—then it will all work out. All I ask is that you at least agree to visit the Lair. I want you to see it and learn a little of our ways.” He stroked her hair back from her face, his heart shining in his eyes. “If you think you could live there, well, then I’ll have another question to ask you, but we’ll take first things first. We’ll check on your mother and then go for a visit, okay?”

  “Okay. A short visit.”

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