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Maiden Flight

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Chapter Four

  Gareth looked from the dragon in his doorway to the gorgeous woman lying in his bed and realized he had never been more content. Right here he had everything he would ever need in life. His dragon partner had been the main focus of his life for so long, he had not quite realized how a mate would complete the circle. Yet Belora’s presence in his room, in his bed, in his heart, made him see things in a whole new light.

  She was the woman for him. Of that he had no doubt. Now he only need convince her of it and gentle her to their ways. Life in a dragon’s Lair was odd to most humans but necessary to the nature of both the dragons and their human partners. He prayed to the Mother of All that Belora would be able to accept their ways. No doubt they were hardest on the woman involved, but the benefits were great. The old adage held true in this case—the greatest prize often demanded the greatest sacrifice.

  Gently he lay down next to Belora, touching her softly, knowing she welcomed his touch, his love. It was a heady feeling. Slowly he lowered his head to her body, licking the mineral saltiness of their bathwater from her dewy skin.

  “What you do to me, Gareth. I never knew…”

  He sucked her nipple into his mouth and she gasped, unable to complete her thoughts. He kept at it until she was shivering, moving on the bed sensuously. A puff of warm air from the doorway had her lifting her head to meet the jeweled gaze of the dragon, watching them.

  “To warm you, Mistress. You looked cold.”

  She giggled. “I wasn’t cold, Kelvan, and well you know it.”

  Gareth lifted above her, blocking her view of the dragon.

  “You don’t mind that he’s here? Truly?”

  She tilted her head as if considering. “It still seems a little strange, but it’s all right. I mean, it’s not like he’s human, after all.”

  “How would you feel if he were?” Gareth’s eyes darkened.

  “You mean having another man watch us?” She shivered against him and the look in her eyes was not one of fear as she mulled over his words. Her reaction gave him hope. “I don’t know. That seems stranger still. I was a virgin until I met you, Gareth. Give me some time to adjust.”

  “I know I’m rushing things, sweet. Just kick me if I go too fast, okay?” He leaned down and kissed her. “But having you here in my bed makes me think of all sorts of strange notions.” He nibbled on her neck, working his way down her body as she squirmed in pleasure. “And for the record, being watched doesn’t bother me. Quite the opposite, in fact. To have other men able to see what belongs to me—what they’ll never have—it’s a tantalizing thought.”

  She wiggled again as he spread her legs with his hands and settled between them. He gazed at her for a long while, slowly threading his fingers through the neat hair at the juncture of her thighs before spreading the outer lips of her pussy and touching within.

  He knew that together, he and Kelvan had healed the worst of her injury, but still he did his best to be extra gentle. He would die rather than hurt this special woman, the other half of his heart. He leaned forward and swirled his tongue through her folds, then moved it right up into her channel as she cried out in pleasure.

  Belora came almost at once as the dragon puffed warm air over them and rumbled low in his throat. Gareth stayed with her through the orgasm, stroking her ever higher with his tongue and questing fingers. He brought her wetness down to the tiny hole of her rear and probed gently within, setting off another series of visible shockwaves.

  “You like that?” he breathed against her skin.

  She moaned in pleasure as he continued teasing her. When he judged she was ready, he sat back, flipping her over and massaging the rounded cheeks of her ass.

  “Get on your hands and knees, pet.”

  She looked back at him, uncertain, but his playful slap to her ass made her squeal and move. The spank had not really hurt. He’d meant it only to tease. The widening of her eyes and her panting breaths told him all he needed to know about her reaction to it. She moved to her hands and knees uncertainly, but he soothed her, parting the cheeks of her ass with gentle fingers.

  When he could hold back no longer, he moved behind her and brought his cock to the entrance of her dripping pussy. She was beyond excited. She was primed. Pushing in, he went slow as she moaned.

  “It feels so much bigger this way.” Her gasping words reached his ears and brought a satisfied smile to his face.

  “Too big?” He teased by stopping about halfway in.

  “No!” She moved back against him, trying to take him deeper. “It feels good! Don’t stop.”

  He chuckled and moved forward again, seating himself fully. He stayed there for a moment, savoring the sensation until his needs grew fierce once again and he started to move. She was moaning beneath him and he used his hands to steady her, playing with the little hole of her anus and teasing her response.

  She jerked and cried out as his finger dipped into her ass, just to the first knuckle. He kept it there, noting her reactions as his pace increased. He was close now and she was downright explosive beneath him.

  When he was on the edge of orgasm, he pushed his finger in deeper, at the same time reaching around to tease her clit with his other hand. She came like fireworks, clenching around him and milking his cock until he shuddered and cried out, jetting his seed deep within her.

  They collapsed together onto the pile of bedding and he folded her gently into his arms. Drifting off to sleep, he realized he had never reached a higher plateau of pleasure in his life, and never would again with any other woman. Belora was it for him. His mate.

  He smiled as sleep claimed him, knowing she was in his arms where she belonged.

  Gareth woke in the night when Belora moved restlessly in her sleep. He wasn’t used to sleeping with a woman, but waking with Belora in his arms was an entirely satisfying experience. He soothed her and she settled back against him. He looked around the room and found Kelvan’s head still resting in the doorway, watching them.

  “Gareth, there’s something strange about her healing energy.”

  “Strange? Strange in a bad way?”

  “No! It feels…it feels almost like…no, I must be wrong.”

  “Spit it out, Kel.”

  “No, I shouldn’t say anything unless I’m sure. Let me think on this a bit more, but by all means, don’t let her go back to that hut in the forest. If I’m right, she is more precious than you know.”

  “Go to sleep, Kel. We can puzzle out your cryptic words tomorrow.” Gareth threw a pillow at the dragon and cuddled closer to his woman. Everything would work out now that they were together. He could feel it.

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