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Maiden Flight

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  The mating feast was a grand affair. Every soul in the Lair had gathered in the communal area, up on the bluff above the main entrance to the Lair. Up on the flat, there was enough room for all the dragons and the humans as well. A huge fire had been lit at the center of the gathering along with several smaller ones for cooking and for those who wished more intimate circles, but the guests of honor were in the center, where the dancing was.

  Belora and her new mates had already danced all of the dances they’d taught her during her brief lesson, some three and four times. The party in full swing, the other mated trios joined them while the unmated knights watched and clapped their hands in time with the music. Belora felt the pull of the men’s eyes on her, but her full attention focused on her two mates and on the two mighty dragons who watched, their necks twining together as their own passions rose steadily through the evening.

  There had been excellent food served to them as the celebration began, joined by fine wines and beers, and even sweets for dessert. Then the tables had been cleared away to make room for the raucous dancing. But first, the ceremony.

  As the elders of the Lair, Kelzy and Jared waited in the center of the clearing, the huge dragon a witness and support behind her knight, the General of the winged forces of this Lair. It was before Jared they would promise themselves to each other and with his words of blessing, they would officially be wed.

  The ceremonial words were short, but no less beautiful for their brevity. Belora’s mother wept openly as she watched her little girl pledge her life to the two magnificent knights that stood tall and strong at her sides. Gareth and Lars took turns promising their love and protection for all time to the woman they both loved and then it was the dragons’ turn.

  Kelvan and his beautiful Rohtina stood behind the humans, surrounding them and protecting them as they shared in the joining ceremony. They pledged their lives to each other in the presence of Kelzy and Jared, receiving slightly altered words of blessing from the dragon in return for their promises to share their fire and their flight with only each other for as long as their knights and their mate should live.

  Belora realized belatedly that dragon joining had to depend greatly on the humans involved—at least among fighting dragons who were paired with human knights. Since dragons lived far longer than their human partners, they could mate only while the humans had their own partners, unless they wanted to break the laws that bound human and dragon together and drive their bonded partner insane with need at the same time. It was just not done. Belora shed a tear when she realized just how greatly the dragons sacrificed to protect their human partners and what such a partnership really meant.

  “Whom the Mother has joined, in Her wisdom, let none put asunder.” Jared’s voice boomed out so that all could hear, echoed by Kelzy’s triumphant trumpeting call. The other dragons joined in, howling their happiness to the heavens as the ceremony concluded and Belora felt the thunder of their call rumble through her body. It was an amazing feeling.

  Moments later, the dancing began in earnest and her new mates swept her up into their strong arms and twirled her around and around, making her dizzy with happiness. She danced with them and noticed the other trios joining them in the space set aside for dancing. There were more family groups in the Lair than she had realized. Every woman she had met was on the dance floor with two knights each and she realized that there were no single women in the Lair, only a wealth of single men who had little hope of finding a mate who could fit in with their odd lifestyle.

  They had been dancing for hours, though it was such fun it seemed like only a few minutes to Belora. Her two men had grown increasingly bold as the night wore on, handling her body with possession and a masterful strength that excited her blood more than she had thought possible. Lars was coming out of his shell more and more too, it seemed, equal with Gareth on every count both in his provocative actions and in her heart.

  Before the feast, they had gifted her with a special outfit, crafted of the finest, softest leather. It was a strange garment, consisting of a short, floaty skirt and a halter top covered by a wrap that preserved her modesty on top. She had been afraid she might be cold, but the fires and increased tempo of the dancing kept her warm as the night wore on.

  When the mating dance began, she did the few steps required of her, then gave herself almost completely over to the control of her two men. Smiling up into their faces as they lifted and twirled her around, passing her from one to the other of them, she was warmed by the love and fire flashing back from their eyes to hers.

  At one point, they let her back on her feet for a moment. Gareth twirled her about, stealing the wrap from about her upper body, leaving her clad only in the brief halter and skirt. She gasped as the night wind caressed her body, but only a moment later she was twirled into Lars’ strong arms. He held her close against his warm chest. His shirt had disappeared and her skin brushed his with longing. When she next saw Gareth, his shirt was gone as well.

  The dance progressed, their flesh making contact in tantalizing, mesmerizing, and gratifying brushes that only heightened her excitement and desire for her men. She wanted them. Oh, how she wanted them! Separately, together, however she could get them.

  “Now we come to it, my love.” Gareth spoke in a low, harsh voice as he held her off her feet, her breasts soft against his hard, bare chest. “The dance is nearly over and the true wedding rite begins.”

  Lars pressed up behind her, sandwiching her body between them. Her eyes widened and all around them she noted that the other married trios were in the same position. The dance ended, but all held quiet while the dragons around them began their trumpeting calls. Two by two, the dragons were twining their necks around each other, moving off toward the ledge from which they could easily launch skyward. Two by two, they took to the sky, their knight partners and their mate disappearing from the dance floor to seek the shadowed bowers that were a natural part of the bluff.

  Last to seek the sky were the newly mated Kelvan and Rohtina. When they beat their great wings in time and launched skyward, all the unmated dragons bellowed and breathed fire up to the stars in a magnificent send-off. As Kel and Tina took to the air, Belora was lifted in her mates’ arms and led to the beautiful bower in the shelter of magnificent fir trees that had been reserved for them alone this night of nights.

  The married women of the Lair had prepared this special love nest with all the comforts of their home below, decorating it specially for this one perfect night. Soft pillows covered a bed of piled furs. Lars lifted her high and placed her gently on the center of the fur bed, coming down almost immediately to one side while Gareth claimed the other. Both men had fire in their eyes as their dragons twined around each other in an intricate dance in the sky.

  Belora knew that both knights were intimately bound to their dragons and that as the dragons’ lust grew, so would theirs. The other women had warned her that this first time could be somewhat overwhelming since both dragons were very young and had never mated before. The dragons might not realize how their passions would inflame their partners or themselves and they could easily work themselves and their knights into a frenzy before morning.

  The women said this uniformly with a twinkle in their eye and a look almost of longing, while reassuring Belora that she would enjoy every single moment of it. But the caution remained. They warned her not to deny the knights this one, most important night of their union. This night, she must remain passive and allow the men their ease. All the women assured her that taking a passive role, at least this once, would be more rewarding than she could imagine and she trusted their judgment. After all, these women had lived through it. They knew what they were talking about. She would have to trust their judgment in this and in other things as she learned from them the everyday ways of life in the Lair.

  Gareth turned her in his arms and kissed her deeply. She moaned and writhed as Lars’ hands began a slow torture of the flesh of her hips and lowe
r. One of his hands slipped between the cheeks of her ass, teasing the puckered hole there, while the other played in her pussy, slipping and sliding in her eager readiness.

  “Tell me you want this,” Gareth breathed when he let her up for air, his eyes blazing with fire into her own. “Tell me you want us both.”

  “I do!” Her voice was a squeak of pleasure as Lars dipped his fingers deep inside her pussy, pulsing and scissoring through her sensitive tissues. “I want you both.”

  Gareth sat back, glancing over at Lars as some kind of unspoken communication seemed to pass between the two. Lars pulled back as well and she could see the fire reflected in his turquoise eyes, now burning with golden flickers as he watched her.

  “We talked about this.” Gareth caressed her face as if he could not help but touch her in some way. “Lars gets your pussy first, I’ll come behind. He wants to be inside you so badly, Belora. As do I.”

  “Behind?” She squealed just a bit as Lars’ incredibly strong hands grasped her roughly and turned her toward him. He didn’t hurt her. He couldn’t hurt her. He was so gentle, even with all his vast strength. But she thrilled at the small hint of roughness, the only clue he gave her that he was near the edge of his control. She liked the idea more than she could say.

  “Yes, Belora.” Gareth stroked her ass cheeks as Lars pulled her on top of him, adjusting her legs so she straddled his massive body. His thick erection nestled just at the apex of her thighs, waiting impatiently to go where it longed to bury itself inside her. Gareth’s hands, meanwhile, stroked between her cheeks, slathering a warm, slippery substance that smelled faintly of cinnamon, making his path easier as he probed into her. She gasped. It felt surprisingly good.

  “I’m going to take your ass this time,” he went on to say, all the while playing inside her, bringing her passions to a new level, “while Lars has your pussy. It’s something I’ve wanted for a long time. I’ve dreamed of this moment, my love. Of making you come around us both so hard, you forget your own name. Forget anything existed beyond the pleasure we could give you.”

  She must have seemed frightened, for Lars tightened his strong arms around her, bringing her eyes to his. He kissed her softly, his fire receding for the tiniest moment while he seemed to assure himself that she was truly okay.

  “If you don’t want this, just say the word.” Lars kissed her softly, coaxing her to tell him the truth of her feelings. “We’ll never hurt you, my love. We want only your pleasure.”

  She kissed him back with more pressure, hoping to bring that fire back to his eyes. Squirming, she was able to take just the tip of his bulging cock inside her pussy as she did her best to inflame him. She lifted her head to view her handiwork, smiling down at him.

  “I trust you both. More than that, I love you. I know you won’t hurt me.” She pecked at the corner of his lips, biting lightly, glad to see the fire leap once more, even brighter in his eyes. “If you two want this and think it will increase my pleasure, I believe you.” She leaned just a little father back—as far as Lars’ tight arms would let her go and turned her head to wink up at Gareth who appeared to be listening closely. “Do your worst, boys.”

  She giggled as Lars clamped down with his arms, bringing her body tight against his as he kissed her long and deep. Gareth went back to preparing her back entrance and she was able to take just a bit more of Lars’ hot hardness within her aching sheath.

  How she wanted them!

  She heard a far off roar and knew the dragons were nearing their own peaks of ecstasy. Lars grunted and slid all the way inside her. She was surprised at the sudden move, but thrilled by the feel of him, so wide and thick inside her. He felt different from Gareth, but just as sexy and exciting. How she loved them both!

  “You fit around him like a glove, Belora.” Gareth’s words were harsh behind her. “Now take me too. Relax, open and take me, my love.”

  He pushed gently, but with firm pressure against the small opening he had made wider with his gliding touch. It was hard at first for her to accept this, but she knew she must. The other wives had warned her in not so many words about this sort of thing, each admitting that great pleasure could be had from letting the men have their way. Keeping that in mind, along with her ever-expanding love for both of these warriors, she relaxed and submitted to their pleasure in whatever way they would take it.

  Gareth eased inside, a harsh groan coming from his lips as he seated himself fully within Belora’s tight, virgin ass.

  “Yes, that’s it. Sweet Mother, Belora!”

  Both men began to move as the fire from their dragons intensified. Bonded on a soul-deep level with the great beasts that even now tangled in the air high above, mating in a frenzy that could kill them if they didn’t finish in time to break apart and spread their wings to fly high once more. The free fall of dragon mating was something he had never experienced before, though the older knights talked about it once in a while. Feeling the echoes of Kelvan’s pleasure through their link, and the incredible pleasure he was finding within Belora’s willing body, was amazing.

  No words could do this sensation justice. For a moment, he felt completely joined. As he was joined to Kel, so was Kel joined to Tina and Tina to Lars. Through the thin links that joined them, he could almost feel echoes of what Lars was feeling, and he knew exactly when to press down and when to retreat to bring them all the most pleasure.

  His eyes sought Lars’ and an understanding passed between them. They were already as close as brothers, but this experience bonded them anew. He could feel the other man through the thin barrier of Belora’s body that separated them and he knew Lars’ heart and the love that mirrored his own for the small woman giving them so much of her trust, heart and love. In that moment he knew this partnership was right. They were a family now and would be together until they died.

  The dragons came in a rush of pleasure that seemed to go on and on and it fired the passions in both Gareth and Lars. He felt all four of them explode in his mind even as he felt Belora reaching out to join them. Her mind opened and then suddenly, she was part of the tenuous link they all shared, part of the family of dragons and knights.

  Gareth was astounded as the pleasure they all felt doubled back and mirrored itself through each one of them. It was like nothing he’d ever heard described. It was completely unique. It was devastating.

  He came with a harsh groan as Lars continued to pump his release into their wife’s wondrous body. She shuddered around both of them, coaxing them yet higher even as their dragons began beating their wings out in the starry sky, seeking higher ground to begin their love play anew.

  And still there was Belora, in the back of his mind, sharing the most extraordinary link. She seemed unaware of it, but he knew. Looking into Lars’ eyes, he knew too that the other man felt it as well. Astounding. Somehow, Belora was part of them all—part of the union of knight and dragon in a way he was not sure should be possible.

  But exploration of that odd thought would have to wait. The dragons were gaining height again as were their passions. The echoes were undeniable as both cocks hardened and lengthened inside their woman once more. This would be a long, supremely pleasurable night. Thinking would come later.

  Much later.

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