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Mad Dog

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  His guess was that the first was a mixture of facilitating his capture by maintaining him unaware that he was being searched for and the need to satisfy the public. The suspects dying was far better than them escaping! The second however was much more alarming, having alerted Alan to the interest of the CIA and MI5 it would only be natural that he would want to eliminate the only person that could lead them to him! He got the impression that Alan’s idea of a discussion was not going to be to his liking.

  Like most good Americans, George had an active firearms licence and in his case was an exceptionally good shot, competing at State level and being both calm and accurate under pressure. He was therefore more than convinced that he could control the situation with the assistance of the Colt 45 that he kept in the top draw of his desk. He achieved his third erection of the day fantasising about how, if he allowed her to stay, his domination of a multiple murderer was going to send Silvia into the greatest sexual frenzy of her and his life.

  -Good evening Mr Jacks, - greeted George as the lift door opened,- follow me to my office please, I’m afraid I can’t offer you any refreshments as everyone else has gone home.-

  -That’s fine, I’m not thirsty anyway and this shouldn’t take long. Thank you for waiting for me. -

  -There really is no need, I seldom leave the office before nine thirty anyway, old habits die hard and all that. My father always insisted that we should be the first to arrive and the last to leave. Lead by example and all that. Besides it’s the best part of the day to work. Very few interruptions if you know what I mean. -

  “He’s nervous” thought Alan “talking too much! I bet he’s been doing some researching”.

  Once seated with his hand resting on his Colt 45, George’s pulse and mouth slowed down. He couldn’t help but glance towards the slightly ajar door to the copy room that had been to their left as they entered the office. It was a short glance, almost imperceptible but not short enough or imperceptible enough to escape Alan’s attention. Alan maintained calm, not even twitching in the direction of the not quite closed door that had concerned him as they had entered the room.

  “It’s either a bathroom, a store room or a copy room” thought Alan, “So, who’s in there? Not Agent Evans and his CIA buddy that’s for sure, they’d have been on me by now, no not them, so who? Of course, it’s his secretary that’s who, she’s stayed behind for a quick one after we’ve finished. This couldn’t be working out better.” Alan had been concerned as to just how much she would know. He no longer needed to be concerned; he could deal with her after dealing with her boss.

  -Well Alan what is it that you wish to discuss with me, -started George, -you don’t mind me calling you Alan do you? Or would you rather that I called you Alf!? -

  Alan remained impassive as he scanned George’s posture and body movements. George’s hand resting in the top draw of his desk was the source of the confidence that he was oozing, thought Alan.

  -Whatever you wish, - replied Alan calmly. –But perhaps it would be best if you tell me what you wish to discuss with me as you’ve obviously been investigating and equally obviously have not informed either the CIA or my good friend Agent Evans of your findings as they would be here otherwise.-

  -Well, I couldn’t inform them Alan, I have an oath to keep, especially the “I will maintain the confidence and preserve inviolate the secrets of my client, and will accept no compensation in connection with my client’s business except with my client’s knowledge and approval” part. However, -continued George as he slowly removed his hand from the draw, pointing the Colt directly at Alan’s chest, -I need to inform you that as of this moment I can no longer continue to act on your behalf and must therefore instruct you to look for the services of another lawyer. I take it that you do not wish me to inform either the CIA or MI5 of your whereabouts and therefore I will only do so if legally obliged to do so. I have no idea as to how you and your brothers escaped Britain having been responsible for the murder of five young women nor do I have any interest in discovering the details. I will not be using this situation in any way or form for personal gain but can under no circumstances continue to represent you so it would probably be best if you left now. I am an honourable man and would prefer not to sully my good name or that of this firm by continuing to have dealings with your good self and yes I do use the term loosely. Goodbye Mr Jacks! -

  -Thank you for your honesty and frankness Mr Brine, George I believe, you don’t mind me calling you George do you? -snarled Alan.-

  -Goodbye Mr Jacks, -repeated George exasperatedly.

  -Interesting concept HONESTY don’t you think? -continued Alan, -I mean it’s kind of all encompassing isn’t it? I mean, most people claim to be honest but are they really? You say you’re honest don’t you George? But what would your wife say about the little slut of a secretary that you have hidden in THAT ROOM!? - barked Alan spinning and pointing at the copy room door.

  It took George completely by surprise and he rose placing both hands on his desk top to support himself as he did so. It was the movement that Alan had hoped for, supporting his own weight, aiming and pulling the trigger all at the same time would be a virtual impossibility. Alan’s left hand had pinned George’s gun hand to the desk before he even realised his mistake and Alan’s right hand forced his hunting knife deep into George’s throat before he had a chance to react. The spasm that surged through George’s body swept down every nerve end causing his fingers to twitch which in turn caused the Colt to explode into action. The only sound that was audible through the ringing in Alan’s ears what that of Silvia screaming in pain. George’s bullet had found itself a target!

  Alan allowed George to slump back into his seat with the knife still embedded in his throat where he could numbly and coldly drift towards his death, and swept through the door of the copy room. The naked form of George’s secretary would, in other circumstances, have been irresistible to him; she was after all physically stunning but the sight and sound of her screaming in pain as she desperately clutched at her stomach in an attempt to stop the blood from flowing out of it left him with one thought only. “SHUT HER UP!” He quickly clasped his hand over her mouth and nose and pressed with all his force against her struggling body. The struggle was short as she first thrashed, kicked and lashed out and then twitched and spasmed as the lack of air ceased to generate the power required for the fight. Alan left her naked bloody body collapse limply to the floor and returned to the office.

  He headed straight to the window to see if there was any sign that the gun flash or the blast had drawn attention from passers by, tapping the window with his knuckles as he scanned the surrounding area. The clunk of his knuckles on the glass left him in no doubt that the glass was thick enough to have cushioned the sound of the explosion and the lack of movement below left him little doubt that their little drama had failed to attract unwanted attention.

  Alan turned to the desk and brusquely poured George’s remains out of his seat and replaced him spinning the chair around and facing the computer. It was time for him to remove all trace of himself.

  It took Alan little time to find the computer files relating to Warmth Mark Jackets Inc and remove all those relating to the purchase of the farm and renumbered the files so that their absence would not be detected. His next step was to boot up the computer on Silvia’s desk which was, as he suspected, linked directly to the main frame. Once again he checked for any possible existence of files relating to Warmth Mark Jackets Inc, once he was satisfied that none existed he mentally thanked George for having been so thorough in keeping all their dealings strictly for his personal attention. Finally he accessed the physical files that were kept in George’s office and as suspected there existed a quite substantial folder relating to their dealings including all the paperwork relating to the purchase of Josie’s Rest Farm. He removed all the relevant documents and slipped them into his jacket returning the file to its previous position in the cabinet and then left content in the knowledge that
nothing was left to incriminate him. It was twelve thirty on a cold but clear night.

  He was well aware that they would know that he was responsible but he couldn’t see how they were going to announce that taking into account the small detail that he was officially dead. They were hardly going to put out an all points bulletin for a dead man. He could think of only one possible route by which they could locate him and that was via the Land Register Office where all property sales were automatically lodged, but he could think of no reason why they would consider checking that register having removed everything that could possibly lead them to believe that the company had purchased a property and anyway as there was nothing he could do to effect that situation he set off in the direction of home with a light heart. He was, for the time being, safe.

  Maria Gonzalez arrived at the office shortly before six as she did every day except Monday, the company not opening Sunday. “Strange” she thought when she discovered that the front door was not bolt locked and that the alarm was not activated. She nervously went up the stairs to the first floor administration offices but finding everything in order assumed that it had been a simple slip of attention on behalf of whoever was the last to leave. If she had known her boss she would have been far more concerned. He would never have committed such an error. She collected her cleaning utensils, smiling to herself as she once again remembered the news that her eldest daughter Rita had given her the night before. She was to be a grandmother yet again. She loaded the brushes, mops and corresponding cleaning liquids into the lift and pressed the third floor button. The first offices to be cleaned were the boss’s as he was always the first to arrive and she had to be finished before he did so. Mr almighty Brine didn’t like to have cleaning staff interrupting the peace and tranquillity of his office during one of the few periods during the day that he could genuinely concentrate. She suspected that it had more to do with the latest “zorra” that he had as a secretary but “orders were orders” and what did she care, she was going to be a grandmother again. The smile disappeared off her face the moment she opened the door to the office. The pungent smell of death was enough to alarm her and taking only two steps into the room brought Silvia’s naked lifeless form into view and as she stumbled backwards from the shock the equally lifeless form of Mr Brine with the knife still embedded in his throat, came into her line of vision.

  Maria took two deep breaths picked the phone up off Mr Brine’s desk and called the police. She didn’t scream and didn’t panic she simply crossed herself three times, took a long careful look at both bodies, took out her mobile phone and snapped half a dozen photos of each from various angles, left the office and took the lift to the ground floor where she entered the bathroom to brush her hair and correct her makeup before waited for the police to arrive. She had witnessed enough violence and death as a young girl in one of the fiercest drug districts of Colombia to not be disturbed by what she had seen and she knew the value that the photos could achieve if she negotiated well with the news companies but first she wanted to look her best for when the cameras arrived. She may have been a grandmother but she still had her pride and she wanted her children and grandchildren to be proud of her too when she related the full details of what she had seen on television, the photos she would sell later. It wasn’t her fault that they had been killed but if she could make some extra cash out of it then all the better.

  Agents Evans and Cooper arrived at what had become a crime scene at seven o’clock just as Dr Terence Pancini of Lakeland Pathology appeared on the scene. He as Chief Medical Examiner had been called to the scene by Sheriff Russ Pitman who had personally taken control of the situation. Sheriff Russ Pitman was the Sheriff of St Louis County and had been since 1994, he was therefore the maximum authority in the county and only he was capable of waking Dr Pancini so early. Dr Pancini on this occasion was not living up to his reputation as the most severe and obnoxious medical officer in the county although admittedly by far the best. The death of George Brine Jnr and the finding of the body along with the naked body of his secretary was not something that could be designated to other officers. George had been, after all, one of the pillars of the community.

  On identifying themselves Agents Cooper and Evans were immediately led to Sheriff Pitman on the third floor although they were halted by Deputy Tony Groves the moment they stepped out of the lift.

  -SHERIFF PITMAN!, -shouted Deputy Groves,-There’s a CIA agent here and some guy from England. -

  -Who the hell called the CIA in? blasted Sheriff Pitman as he strode out of the office. -

  -Well actually no one did, -answered Agent Cooper extending his hand in the direction of Sheriff Pitman, -Agent Evans of the British MI5 and I are here for an appointment we have with Mr Brine this morning. -

  -Well I’m afraid your appointments cancelled, -replied Sheriff Pitmen, shaking the agent’s hands. -

  -May I ask what has happened? -

  -Well yes, if you can tell me what your appointment was for. -

  -We came to try to establish an address for a missing person that Agent Evans here is searching for. We believe Mr Brine acted on his behalf. -

  -Right then, follow me and I’ll show you what has happened. -

  Dr Pancini was examining Silvia’s body when they entered but they could clearly see the fact that she was naked and the quantity of blood that surrounded the body. When Agent Evans saw Georges body however he couldn’t help but think “FOWLER”.

  -We have just picked up Silvia’s ex husband, Jimmy, to help us with our enquiries. It seems pretty straight forward don’t you think? There is no sign of robbery, the safe in the corner is untouched, he’s more than a little violent and she had a restraining order to keep him away from her. My guess is that he caught them together and killed George with the hunting knife after George threatened him with his Colt. He then used the gun to kill Silvia. She’s been shot in the stomach. I guess George just played around with one secretary too many. -explained Sheriff Pitman as if instructing two novices unaccustomed to real police work.

  In normal circumstances there would have been several questions that the agents would have wanted answers to, for example, how did he get on to the premises?, why was she naked and George not?, why was she in the copy room?, who’s fingerprints were on the gun?, and did the knife carry prints? Agent Evans would have bet that the prints on the knife were Alan’s, that the gun carried only Georges prints and that they would find absolutely no physical evidence to implicate Silvia’s former husband.

  These weren’t normal circumstances however and as a result both Agents simply nodded their knowing agreement.

  -Sheriff Pitman, -started Agent Evans.

  -Yes Sir, you have a question? -rasped Sheriff Pitman suspecting that his judgement was going to be challenged by this uninvited stranger.

  -No, absolutely not, -replied Agent Evans realising immediately the implication of Sheriff Pitman’s reaction, -well yes, well I mean no, at least not in relation to your theory at least, rather I was wondering whether you would allow me to access the computer, perhaps I’ll be able to find some link to our man, now that Mr Brine clearly can not help. -

  -Well I can see no reason why not, -replied Sheriff Pitman, -I hardly think that we’ll need to dust it, I doubt if Jimmy would know what a computer was if it landed on his head. -a response that he clearly considered highly amusing.

  Agent Evans was about to break the majority of the rules that he knew about crime scene integrity but given the acquiescence of Sheriff Pitman he gritted his teeth, pulled George’s chair back behind the desk and booted up the computer. It took him only seconds to discover the files on Warmth Mark Jackets Inc but found nothing that gave an address other than that of the law firm and the internet address that he already possessed.

  -No nothing, -stated Agent Evans despondently, -Erm I’m sorry to bother you Sheriff Pitman but do you think I could have a glance at the physical file, I suspect it will be in the cabinet here? -

  -Go a
head, -answered Sheriff Pitman, wishing that he would get the hell out of there and allow them to get on with the real work of drinking coffee and chatting to Dr Pancini as he examined the bodies.

  Once again, to his chagrin, he drew a blank and left with little option, thanked Sheriff Pitman for his assistance and suggested to Agent Cooper that they leave. Once outside the offices he suggested to Agent Cooper that he keep a close eye on the investigation and that, only if absolutely necessary, he inform the appropriate authority of the obvious failings in Sheriff Pitman’s investigation.

  He needed to talk to Harvey urgently.


  Peter started to wake early on the morning of Tuesday 27th June. The four of them had slept together that night having refused point blank to let them separate Jennifer from them. Once they had been bundled into Foundry Cottage Jamil instructed that they be separated from Jennifer who was to be kept in a bedroom by herself. Peter with the immediate support of Julian and Henry refused and declared themselves willing to die before they be separated as a group. After a short session of jostling which came to a sudden halt the moment that Abdul had decided to take a hand in the proceedings, Abdul being the largest of the five companions was also physically the strongest and deceptively fast. Not in vain had he been Bin Laden´s body guard for the past five years. The fact that he had been sent to participate in there mission was Bin Ladens way of stressing the importance of it to him. The blow that he delivered to Peter’s chest was sufficient to leave him gasping for air on the floor at the side of a bed, he then turned his attention to Henry who received a open handed blow to the side of his head that left him dazed alongside Peter, Julian immediately positioned himself behind Jennifer.

  -Okay you can stay together if you like, we were only separating you so that Jennifer could have some privacy anyway. - conceded Jamil. –There are, however, only three beds so you’re going to have to sort the sleeping arrangements out for yourselves.-

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