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Mad Dog

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  Harvey continued to brief Rob for a further quarter of an hour before he asked him to wait for him whilst he interviewed Jamie the children’s driver.

  -Do me a favour, - asked Harvey, - as you leave the room I would like you to stop in front of Jamie, glare at him and then simply walk away shaking your head. Don’t say anything and don’t respond if he does. I’d like to see how he reacts. -

  -No problem,-assured Rob, -but you don’t think he’s got anything to do with this do you? I mean, I was watching him while I waited for you, he arrived just before you called me in, and he appeared more angry with me than apologetic, he didn’t seem to feel guilty for anything but rather annoyed. I got the impression that maybe he had argued with Pete or that he’s had a bollocking for something that I, or in this case Pete, had done, that I was being considered guilty by default if you know what I mean. -

  -Well I doubt very much that he has anything to do with this but you never know and I would prefer him to think that we suspect him if you don’t mind. -

  -No, fine by me, -said Rob rising and heading for the door, - see you later. -

  Jamie didn’t react at all to Rob’s behaviour; he simple passively returned his stare, although it certainly made him think.

  Harvey kept Jamie waiting a further ten minutes before calling him in, during which time he had several agents enter and leave the Grace and Hobbs Room, each performing the same act upon leaving, staring at Jamie, shaking their heads and walking away muttering something about “so young.....poor kid.....or who’d believe it...”. It had the desired effect, by the time Jamie entered the room he was a nervous wreck-

  Harvey sat head bowed reading the report that Agent Bradley had given him on Jamie, his bank details, criminal record the testimony of several colleagues, his boss and even a copy of his last school report. It made pretty depressing reading. His bank balance was zero, he had seven hundred pound on his credit card and one thousand three hundred and thirty on his various charge cards. He still had to last another week without money prior to receiving his next pay cheque, it was a pattern that had repeated itself continuously over the previous six months and so it looked like his parents, with whom he lived, would be financing him yet again. He had certainly not received any unexplained payments into his account over the last few months. He had no criminal record, not even minor incidents or parking fines, he received glowing reports from his colleagues and friends although his employers admitted that he could be a little head strong at times. All in all he was just a genuinely good, hard working, not particularly bright young man and almost certainly incapable of being involved in the kidnapping of his clients. None the less he continued shaking his head and tutting and muttering absolutely nothing to himself under his breath.

  Slowly Harvey raised his head and stared Jamie in the eyes. Jamie made no attempt to avoid his stare.

  -I have one question for you, young man. WHY? -

  Harvey wasn’t so much interested in the reply as in the direction the reply took. If Jamie started immediately pleading his innocence he would start to doubt, if he became aggressive he would start to doubt, if he refused to answer he would start to have serious doubts but if he started to explain what had happened he would be sure that his assumption of innocence was correct.

  -I’m not sure, - started Jamie, looking Harvey straight in the eyes,-Peter told me to stop the car urgently. Before I knew what was happening he was out of the car saying something about language lessons, exams or whatever and the others where out of the car along with him. I told them they couldn’t just walk off but they wouldn’t listen, I told Peter I was responsible for them and he just ignored me and then Jennifer stepped in on his behalf and they just turned and walked off. If they’ve gone and got into trouble then you’d best talk to Peter or his dad Mr high and mighty RENEWALL, he’d be better off shaking his head at his son rather than at me. -

  Harvey had instructed that Jamie not be advised of what had happened to the children, that he be kept in the dark as regard to their plight if it was possible. It appeared that his instructions had been obeyed.

  -And if I tell you that they have indeed got themselves “into trouble” as you put it? -

  -What do you mean by trouble; they’ve had an accident or something, who, not Jennifer? -

  -Why the particular interest in Jennifer? -asked Harvey with slow authority.

  -Erm.. no reason, -replied Jamie blushing.

  -What, you like Jennifer do you? There’s nothing wrong with that, is that it? –

  -Well yes I like her so what? What if I do? There’s nothing wrong with finding her fit even if she is too young for me, I ´m not kidding myself, I know she’s both too young and out of my league. -

  -Yes and that bothers you doesn’t it, -barked Harvey accusingly, - That makes you mad doesn’t it, why should she be too good for you? What difference do a couple of years make? Why should she be with Peter and not you? That’s your real problem with Peter isn’t it? He’s with her and your not! -

  -NO! -screeched Jamie, -I don’t have a problem with Peter, I had a row with him that’s all, I don’t care if he’s with her or not, it’s got nothing to do with me. -

  -Then why did you help in their kidnapping!? - Harvey’s tone had changed yet again; he no longer barked at Jamie he simply and calmly, with of tone of exasperation, asked the questions.

  -WHAT?! Blurted Jamie, -They’ve been kidnapped? By who? When? How? -

  -They are exactly the questions that I was hoping that you could answer for me. -said Harvey adopting a fatherly condescending tone.


  -Money, Jealousy, Bitterness, for example. I mean you didn’t exactly do much to stop them from leaving did you? I’ve seen the CCTV footage and you just drive off, and I suppose that it’s just a coincidence that the moment you drive off the kidnappers appear on the scene? - answered Harvey warily.

  Jamie sank into his seat head in hands and wept.

  -You don’t really think that I could have had anything to do with it do you?, - asked Jamie between sobs, -You don’t do you, I mean I had a row with Peter that’s all, he walked off and the rest went with him, what was I supposed to do to stop them, I mean okay in a way I was glad to see the back of them, I admit that, I mean they had been a real pain today and I wanted to get off early but that doesn’t mean I’d do anything to hurt them, not even that prick Peter. I mean come on I wouldn’t, you’ve got to believe me I wouldn’t! -

  -Yes well, you’re probably right, I don’t think you had anything to do with this but I’m going to have to ask you to help us with our enquiries for the time being. - replied Harvey soothingly.

  The next morning Jamie was released with no charges and with no job to go to. He may have been innocent but he was definitely sacked!


  Alan sat stunned. His head span with the possibilities and permutations of what he had just witnessed. The only things that he was sure about were that it was no coincidence and that they were looking for him.

  He was still deep in thought when his mobile phone vibrated into action. Alan had the habit of having his phone programmed to silent mode, he could think of few reasons for wanting the phone to ring and less for wanting those around him to know about it. It was at moments like this that he was grateful for doing so. A mobile phone ringing at that moment, when all around was in virtual silence, could well have been heard as far as the offices in front of him, the offices from where the call was being generated. It wouldn’t have taken a genius to have linked the ringing to the call that was being made, a leap that Agent Evans, and he suspected George Brine Jnr, were more than capable of making.

  -Good Morning, how can I help you Mr Brine, - responded Alan as he pressed the call button on his phone. The George Brine Associates Law Firm were the only people that had his mobile number and was, a
long with the number of the bank, one of only two numbers that he had in his memory.

  -Good Morning Mr Jacks, I’m sorry to bother you so early but I don’t know quite how to say this Sir, I have a certain Agent Cooper from the CIA and an Agent Evans from the British MI5, I believe he said, asking questions about you, they are aware that you recently sold Warmth Mark Jackets Inc but are specifically interested in an address for you. They say they can give me no details of the reasons for their enquiries at this moment and they have no warrants or appropriate instructions which would oblige me to give them information and I would like to know your instructions on the matter.-

  -Are they with you at this moment? -

  -No sir, they are in my office being attended by my secretary.-

  -Do they know you are calling me? -

  -No, I informed them that I needed to consult records. -

  -Okay Mr Brine, I presume that this conversation will be kept in the strictest confidence; - although he hadn’t phrased it as a question he was requiring a confirmatory answer.

  -Absolutely Mr Jacks, as are all our previous conversations. Your instructions have been quite clear on that matter and have been strictly adhered to. I remain the only person in this company with access to your details. -

  -Excellent, -replied Alan a little too vehemently. Alan was desperately trying to keep his emotions under control whilst racking his brain for a solution to his dilemma. He was beginning to see the opening of a window through which he could escape and as his mind raced to create a logical pathway towards it, his emotions had escaped him. George had not missed the excitement in his voice, an excitement that didn’t suggest fear or dread but rather satisfaction even jubilation. It was a sense that left him dismayed. Surely anyone faced with the news that he had just been given would be apprehensive, nervous even traumatised, yet Mr Jacks was none of these things, he was if anything the opposite, he appeared to be enjoying the situation.

  -Right continued Alan, -regaining control of himself and at the same time the situation, -I believe we aught to meet personally to discuss this matter. I can’t think of any reason for them visiting you at the moment nor any reason to not divulge information to them, but I would prefer to consider the options and discuss it with you personally. I can be in Duluth this evening as I am in the area today, so maybe I could pass by the office, shall we say at nine thirty this evening, assuming that’s not too late, I suppose I could make it a little earlier although I am pushed for time? -

  -No, nine thirty will be fine, now what do you want me to tell these gentlemen? -

  -Well, perhaps you could organise to meet them tomorrow morning once you’ve had a chance to contact your client and review his details. -

  -Yes, that will be fine. I’ll see you at nine thirty then. -

  -Excellent, see you then. -responded Alan coldly before hanging up. “Strange” thought George, “he didn’t ask for directions”.

  George had no trouble in bluffing his way through his meeting with Agents Evans and Cooper and arranged to meet them at the same time the following morning. He had just enough time to gently massage Silvia, his secretary’s, breasts before the rest of the staff started to arrive.

  -Look’s like I’ll be a little late this evening darling,-he whispered into her ear as he gently nibbled her earlobe. –I’ve got a client coming over at nine thirty, although I don’t think he’ll be long, you never know. -

  -Ohhh Nooo! -Whimpered Silvia, -Why don’t we do what we did that time your wife dropped in on you. You know how horny hiding in the copy room got me. Watching you attend her while I slowly removed my clothes got me so wet I had two orgasms before you joined me. -

  The erection she felt pushing against her thigh was sufficient for her to understand his acquiescence.

  Alan arrived at the promenade in front of the offices of The George Brine Associates Law Firm shortly before seven thirty, the standard closing time for the business that he had established with a simple phone call earlier that day. Patiently he waited and watched through his newly acquired binoculars as the trickle of staff leaving the building became a flow and then returned to being a trickle and then an occasional drip. No sign of Mr Brine’s secretary! Alan continued to wait and watch ever attentive of those around him, scanning regularly the movement of vehicles and even the lack of movement of some. The possibility that he was not the only person watching the building had not escaped him but he observed nothing that could cause him concern. The truth was that Agent Cooper had organised the pinching of the telephones, both static and mobile, the moment he and Agent Evans had left the offices that morning, but had never considered that Alan would be attending personally. Both Agent Cooper and Agent Evans smiled knowingly at their shared suspicions as to why George Brine Jnr had phoned his wife to advise her that he would be working late, the sexual tension between Mr Brines and his secretary had been palpable.

  At nine o’clock Alan cautiously approached the offices and pressed the button that indicated George Brine Associates Law Firm. He waited only seconds before he heard a male voice enquiring as to what he desired.

  -My name is Mr Jacks and I have an appointment with Mr Brine. -

  -Yes Mr Jacks that is I, enter please and take the lift up to the third floor; it is marked as my private offices, I’ll be waiting for you. The main door will close automatically. -

  Automatic or not, Alan waited for the door to close firmly, he didn’t want to be interrupted.

  “She must have had an early finish”, thought Alan, “probably getting herself ready for him at some hotel or other”. He was only partly wrong.

  George Brine Jnr had inherited more than his fathers company; he had also inherited his common sense, deep thinking, dedication to the local community and debility for extra marital affairs. George wasn’t a physically strong man but mentally he was a rock. His affairs always followed the same pattern, the excitement of the chase or in the majority of the cases being chased, the flush of sexual frenzy that over a period of six months passed from nervous fumbling to deep slow penetrating sex, the growing desire on behalf of the woman to become something more permanent in his life and the inevitable distancing that he imposed in order to protect his family and his reputation. The distancing normally cost him a small fortune as he assisted his secretary to relocate in order to accept the offer of work with one of his lawyer friends, work that he paid for during the first year. George had in this way staffed half of the law firms in the county. At that moment his relationship with Silvia was in its third month of sexual frenzy. He longed all day for the smooth touch of her full breasts, waited impatiently for the moment of the day that he could once more bury his face into her pubic hair and lap up her vaginal juices, and fantasised about the newest position or circumstance in which they would consummate their sweaty grunting alliance. He had to admit that few had been as fully committed as Silvia, she was if anything even more desperate than he was for new experiences, thriving on the danger of being caught, impervious to any sentiment of humiliation in order to satisfy her sexual desire. It was therefore a sign of how serious George considered the risks of his encounter with Mr Alan Jacks that he had considered changing his mind and not allowing her to hide in the copy room. It was only after she enticed him by promising to slowly masturbate in the copy room with the door ever so slightly open that his sexual drive surpassed his concerns and he agreed for her to stay.

  After speaking to Alan that morning, despatching Agents Evans and Cooper and groping with Silvia, George sat and reconstructed the conversation in his mind. He was sure, there had been excitement in the voice of his client, he better than most new the sound of thrill. So what was it that excited his client, what was it that the CIA and MI5 wanted with him and above all why would he want to discuss the options with him when all he required were clear and concise instructions.

  He typed Alan Jacks into Google and scanned through the first page of search results. “That’s a coincidence” he thought as he found that the majority
of the results were related to Alan Jackson a renowned country singer who was extremely big in Minnesota. A country singer being big in Minnesota was like a Rock band being big in Japan, almost inevitable and no guarantee of quality. By the time he scrolled up the seventh page of results he was beginning to convince himself that he aught to try another search, when his attention was drawn by a result that linked the names of Alf Fowler with those of Alan Jacks and Ely. The more he followed links to the story the more he discovered the dreadful truth about the reality of his client. There could be no doubt, his clients Alan, Matthew and Mark could be none others than the deceased brothers responsible for the horrific torture and murder of at least five young women in England. The only thing that stopped him from phoning Agent Cooper on the number that appeared on the card he had left was the fact that he was incapable of breaking his clients trust irrelevant of what he had done. The fact that the situation both stimulated and intrigued him had, of course, nothing to do with his decision.

  The two questions that he had were clear, firstly; why was it that the British Police had confirmed their deaths when quite clearly at least Alan was still alive, and secondly; what could Alan possibly want to “discuss” with him.

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