Zombie D.O.A.

      JJ Zep

Zombie D.O.A.

Chris Collins was an up-and-coming professional boxer on the verge of the biggest fight of his career when the zombie epidemic struck.

After his wife is brutally killed, Chris sets off an an epic journey across post apocalyptic America, determined to rescue Ruby, his one-day-old daughter, who was taken from him.

Standing in his way are hordes of flesh eating zombies, cannibalistic, slave-trading motorcycle gangs, a demented street thug who wants to be 'King of New York', a psychotic wannabe gunslinger, a zombie super-model, a psychopath who gets his kicks throwing people from skyscrapers and a mysterious hitman who may or may not be his friend.

As the story hurtles from the streets of New York City to the plains of Oklahoma, to the coast of California, Chris faces the ultimate showdown, with the madman who may have started the epidemic in the first place and now plans on conquering the world at the head of a zombie army.

Will Chris get to Ruby in time? And if he does, can he save her from what she's become.

About The Author

JJ Zep is a musician and author who describes himself as a vegetarian, horror-fiction-loving heretic and a citizen of nowhere. The Zombie D.O.A. series is a compilation of four novellas, Dead City. Dead On My Feet, The Dead Men, and Dead On Arrival.

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