Janis Jones



So many ways to spend your anniversary night. Praying your partner survives a vicious assault by an unknown attacker is not high on the list, but for LAPD detective Mara Bays, this is reality.

Theories abound - a gay hate crime, a random assault, a revenge attack - but no leads. When her personal connection shuts her out of the investigation, Mara must rely on her colleagues to handle the case.

Mara's story unfolds in flashback: hurting as she buries her younger Marine brother, she turns to her detective partner, Derek, and their short, intense relationship blossoms and fades. They remain friends but later Mara surprises herself by falling for Casey, a girl's girl. It is Casey who opens the door to the would-be killer, posing as a flower delivery man.

Casey recovers but, haunted by panic attacks, she relives the assault, knowing whoever di it is still out there, watching.

With no leads, the case goes cold and life resumes....

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