Flash Fiction 40 Anthology  - July 2009

Flash Fiction 40 Anthology - July 2009

Flash Fiction 40

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In May 2009, Editor Unleashed and Smashwords co-sponsored The Flash Fiction 40 Contest. Writers submitted stories of 1,000 words or fewer on the Editor Unleashed forum. Maria Schneider, with the community's input, selected the winners. than 280 writers took up the challenge and posted a story. Here, for your reading pleasure, are the top 40 stories.A simple woodcutter learns there is a ten million carat price on his head. Every bounty hunter in the Eleven Kingdoms is on his trail. The Dark Magic Society want him dead. The Gods want him to save the world. Jason Cosmo just wants to get through this alive.HERO WANTED is Book 1 of the comical Jason Cosmo fantasy adventure series.Jason Cosmo is perfectly happy living in the humble village of Lower Hicksnittle—until a foppish stranger tries to kill him, claiming there is a huge price on Jason's head. A price big enough to put the world of Arden’s best—and worst—bounty hunters on his trail. Overnight, Jason has become the most feared man in the Eleven Kingdoms—which is news to him!On the run from mercenaries, Demon Lords, and the full might of the sinister Dark Magic Society, Jason teams up with cynical wizard Mercury Boltblaster and winsome twins Sapphrina and Rubis to learn the truth.Driven inexorably onward by the Laws of Narrative, Jason's quest takes him from the bright realm of The Gods to the deadly depths of the Incredibly Dark Forest—and into a final confrontation with the forces of evil!Followed by an even more final confrontation. And then an obligatory wrapping-up-loose-ends scene.If he lives that long...Praise for HERO WANTED:"Energetic fantasy adventure ... McGirt seems prepared to stoop to the lowest literary levels to set up a joke...gleefully employs coincidence, improbability, and a downright flouting of the laws of narrative.”— Publishers Weekly“Read this book! ... If the point of a book is to entertain, then McGirt’s rollicking fantasy is flawless. It is a witty, humorous, reluctant-hero-saves-world-gets-girl romp with a dash of jaded crabby wizard thrown in...” —P.A. Seasholtz, author of the Fayersae Histories“If you enjoyed Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, you will love this comical fantasy story of Jason Cosmo...A very entertaining tale with all the classic fantasy elements.” —Jasmyn’s Stuff
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