Drums:  a Novel

Drums: a Novel

Brad Henderson


Told from a drummer's point of view, Drums: a Novel chronicles a small-time 80s rock band's run at making it big-time. The story moves from San Luis Obispo to Lake Tahoe, where the band chases the ultimate gig. Drums celebrates those musicians who achieve commercial success, as well as the 99.99% who give it their all, only to fall short from attaining mega record deals and glitz-glam fame.Boone is a lone wolf and bounty hunter living day to day and paycheck to paycheck. Boone lives for the money and the chase. He just wants to capture his prey, the most heinous of criminals; rapists, serial killers, etc., collect the reward and return to his secluded cabin in the mountains before the next full moon. Forced to team up with his biggest competition, a beautiful and captivating female bounty hunter with her own secrets, Boone is lured into a world he cannot escape. As he learns more about himself and who his father is, he can never turn back. His secret is revealed but who can he trust?
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