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  Suncoast Society

  Ask DNA

  After nothing but bad luck, Melanie’s ready to give up on love. She puts herself in her friends’ hands and goes with them to a shibari class at Venture. It seems her luck changes when she meets Kirby and his fraternal twin brother, Davis.

  Kirby and Davis are immediately smitten. While fully independent, Davis falls on the high-functioning end of the autism spectrum. Even better, Kirby realizes Melanie seems to understand Davis in a way few people ever have. Davis knows he’s not the easiest person to live with, but Melanie soothes his mind like no one else. He’s willing to do anything to make this work.

  As the three of them settle into their dynamic, Melanie can’t believe she’s got not one, but two sexy Doms of her dreams. But when a jealous ex and a deeply buried family secret both explode at the same time, will they jeopardize the happiness that finally seems within the trio’s grasp?

  Genre: BDSM, Contemporary, Ménage a Trois/Quatre

  Length: 71,773 words


  Suncoast Society

  Tymber Dalton



  Siren Publishing, Inc.

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  E-book ISBN: 978-1-68295-683-0

  First E-book Publication: January 2017

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  All characters and events in this book are fictitious. Any resemblance to actual persons living or dead is strictly coincidental.


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  Amanda Hilton, Publisher


  For Hubby and Sir, for their love and support. Huge thank you to Bella J. for reading through this and giving me guidance. (Any oopsies are totally my responsibility.) And for all my readers who keep buying my books and allowing me to do this for a living.


  Kim, Mason, and Cole’s story is told in Liability, where Melanie is briefly introduced.

  While all the books in the Suncoast Society series are standalone works which may be read independently of each other, the recommended reading order to avoid spoilers and to not miss any backstory information is as follows:

  1. Safe Harbor

  2. Cardinal’s Rule

  3. Domme by Default

  4. The Reluctant Dom

  5. The Denim Dom

  6. Pinch Me

  7. Broken Toy

  8. A Clean Sweep

  9. A Roll of the Dice

  10. His Canvas

  11. A Lovely Shade of Ouch

  12. Crafty Bastards

  13. A Merry Little Kinkmas

  14. Sapiosexual

  15. A Very Kinky Valentine’s Day

  16. Things Made Right

  17. Click

  18. Spank or Treat

  19. A Turn of the Screwed

  20. Chains

  21. Kinko de Mayo

  22. Broken Arrow

  23. Out of the Spotlight

  24. Friends Like These

  25. Vicious Carousel

  26. Hot Sauce

  27. Open Doors

  28. One Ring

  29. Vulnerable

  30. The Strength of the Pack

  31. Initiative

  32. Impact

  33. Liability

  34. Switchy

  35. Rhymes With Orange

  36. Beware Falling Ice

  37. Beware Falling Rocks

  38. Dangerous Curves Ahead

  39. Two Against Nature

  40. Home at Last

  41. A Kinkmas Carol

  42. Ask DNA

  Some of the characters in this book appear in or are featured in previous books in the Suncoast Society series. All titles available from Siren-BookStrand.

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  Suncoast Society


  Copyright © 2017

  Chapter One

  Kirby stood in the entry of their house, arms crossed over his chest, and struggled not to walk down to his twin brother’s bedroom and physically drag him out regardless of his state of dress—or undress.

  “Davis, now! We’re going to be late.”

  Of course, Davis didn’t respond.

  Who’s the crazy one? Him for being a nutjob, or me for expecting him to actu
ally be punctual for once?

  Which immediately made Kirby feel like shit for thinking like that. It was the frustration talking.

  Frustration that, after forty-one years, he should be over. He knew damn well Davis had little control over some of his behaviors.

  It was the ones Davis did have control over that aggravated the crap out of Kirby. Kirby had gotten sidetracked by e-mail, which had allowed Davis to start on a task of his own.

  And once started, he would complete it, even if it meant they’d now be late.

  One obsessive scheduling tic trumped by a completion tic…check.

  Kirby was getting ready to go get Davis when he finally emerged from his bedroom and headed toward Kirby.

  “Finally!” Kirby jingled the keys in his hand. “You ready?”

  Kirby mentally smacked himself when Davis pulled up short and stared at him. “Why would you ask me that?” Davis calmly asked. “I’m here, am I not? And I was ready earlier, but you weren’t.”



  They’d only been brothers for forty-one years, if you didn’t count the nearly eight months they shared a womb.

  You’d think I’d know better than to walk into that one.

  Kirby took a deep breath. “Forget it. Let’s go.” He was driving, of course.

  That was something he wouldn’t get tripped up by, at least.

  Kirby headed out the door, leaving it standing open and insuring that Davis would follow him.

  At least he could use a few of his brother’s tics against him.

  Once Davis had locked the front door behind them and they were both in the car, Kirby got them headed toward their parents’ house. They lived down in Port Charlotte and were expecting them in less than an hour for dinner.

  If Kirby was alone, it was a drive that, barring traffic, would take him maybe thirty minutes.

  With Davis, he’d be lucky if they’d make it in the sixty minutes Kirby had allotted, especially since it was a Friday night.

  At least their parents knew what Kirby was up against and would understand if they were late.

  * * * *

  Now that Kirby had Davis trapped in the car with him and unable to escape, he decided to broach the subject he’d been dreading and putting off all week. “I’m probably not going to be around a lot tomorrow.”

  “Why not?”

  “Well, there’s this class I’d like to go to. In fact, I was going to ask if it’s okay if we change our dinner from Saturday to Sunday.”

  That was what made Davis turn from where he stared out his window like a little dog. “Why? What kind of class?”

  “I’d…rather not say.”

  “Well, why not?”

  “Because it’s…delicate.”

  “Like glass blowing?”

  Kirby tightened his grip on the steering wheel. Of course this wasn’t going to be easy.

  Nothing with Davis was ever easy.

  He should have known that but still, even this many years later, hope sprang eternal. Although there were times, like this, that he suspected Davis was deliberately fucking with him.

  Unfortunately, with Davis, even when he knew Davis was deliberately fucking with him, it was still impossible to tell.

  “It’s not something I want to discuss in front of Mom and Dad, for starters, so we’re not discussing it once we get there, understood?”


  At least that was one thing Kirby could count on. If Davis agreed to something, it might as well be notarized in triplicate in solid concrete with SCOTUS as the witnesses, because he’d follow through with it.

  “I’ve been looking around online and there are some things I’m interested in exploring.”

  “Is this one of those things where you’re embarrassed to tell me because it has something to do with sex?”

  Of course, Davis said it matter of factly, not snarkily.

  Davis didn’t have an intentional snark setting.

  Another oddly comforting quirk his brother possessed.

  “It’s not about sex. Not really.” He stopped for a red light. “I want to pursue some…unconventional things. There’s a local club where they’re teaching rope bondage techniques tomorrow. A class. I’d like to go.”

  “You mean shibari, the Japanese style of rope tying?”

  Kirby stared at him so long that the car behind them had to honk when he didn’t realize the light had turned green. “What do you know about that?”

  “I know it can be used for basic restraint techniques or very elaborate, artistic ties, depending on the person’s skillsets and the desired outcome. It’s frequently used by BDSM practitioners.”

  “Okay. Let me rephrase my question. How do you know about that?”

  “When we were going for our Eagle Scout rankings I researched rope ties and stumbled across some sites on the Internet.”

  “You never told me that.”

  “You never asked. I wasn’t going to tell Mom and Dad, of course.”

  “Of course.” This was…weird, even for their normal discussions. Not that Davis was completely educated on a topic he’d researched, because Kirby knew if he asked, Davis could likely recite all the websites and any books he’d referenced.

  It was the topic itself that had tossed Kirby into the weird zone. “Back to my original point. I’d like to go to the class, and I don’t know if I’ll be done in time to make our usual dinner.”

  “Why can’t I just go to the class with you and we go out to dinner after?”

  If he wasn’t driving, Kirby would close his eyes and count to ten. Maybe pound his head against the steering wheel, too.

  Since he couldn’t do that without risking life and limb, he instead chose to take a deep, cleansing breath.

  So much for me having a few Davis-free hours on a Saturday night. “The class lasts for several hours. Why would you want to do that?”

  “I can take my laptop and work.”

  “They probably won’t let you do that since it has a camera on it. No cell phones are allowed to be out, either.”

  “Oh. Well, I can bring my Kindle, the older one, and read while you take your class. It doesn’t have a camera.” Davis turned back to his window.

  At least he wasn’t going on about it. That meant he was satisfied with the negotiation.

  Take the win and let him go and possibly cock-block me? Or push harder?

  Kirby was no dummy.

  He’d take the win.

  “Okay. But you pay your own entry fee.”

  “That’s reasonable.”

  There wasn’t any more discussion until they were almost to their parents’ house. That wasn’t unusual. Davis wasn’t much for small talk if there wasn’t anything new or interesting—by his standards—to talk about. He couldn’t care less about discussing politics, and Kirby didn’t know shit about chemistry, which was what Davis did for a living.

  The irony that Davis could more than hold his own with Kirby in a physics or engineering discussion wasn’t lost on Kirby.



  “Why are you going tomorrow? Are you hoping to meet someone at the class, or have you met someone already that you’re meeting in person there?”

  Okay, Davis could have spookily intuitive flashes of social insight at times. His brother wasn’t a damn robot. “I haven’t met anyone yet, but I’ve talked to a few people online who really recommend the place. I’ve been thinking about stuff like this for a while. The only way I’m going to meet like-minded people is if I go where those people are.”

  “That’s reasonable.”

  Aaaannd…that was it.

  You know, I should be used to this by now, but he still manages to keep me on my toes even this many years later.

  So what did that say about him? Especially since Davis wasn’t even trying to do that on purpose.

  Davis never did.

  Davis…was just Davis.

  Maybe he’s the “normal
” one and I’m the neuroatypical one.

  * * * *

  Their parents, Alana and Jonas Silva, lived in an older but still decent subdivision in Pt. Charlotte. Spared from the worst ravages of Hurricane Charley, the larger homes and lots made up a quiet neighborhood of mostly older people, retirees well off and escaping extreme northern winters.

  Except that their parents had both been born in Florida and had lived there all their lives.

  Their mom already had the door open and was smiling at them as they walked up to the front door. Kirby gave her a long hug that would more than make up for Davis’ lack of willing hugging. “Hey, Mom.”

  “There’s my boys. How are you?” She gave Davis the quick peck on the cheek that he tolerated and closed the door behind them.

  “About the same from when we saw you two weeks ago, Mom,” Davis said.

  Their mom glanced at Kirby and winked.

  This wasn’t her first rodeo, either. With Davis’ tactile sensitivity, they avoided doing things they knew made him uncomfortable.

  They followed her down the hall and through the living room. As always, their parents’ house felt homey and lived in. The slightly cluttered feel of two bookworms, but not in a way that bothered Kirby. Having grown up in it, and with their family’s focus having been on Davis’ social and tactile issues, keeping a Martha Stewart showplace had been low on their parents’ radar.

  Hence why Kirby and Davis paid for a cleaning service.

  The irony was that at work, Davis’ office was spotless, as was his car. It just hadn’t translated into home, for some reason.

  The exception to that was a small slice of his parents’ living room. On one bookcase sat the urn of their friend who’d died when he and Davis were just infants, along with pictures of the three of them. Dust-free and meticulously arranged, it had been the one uncluttered and perfectly kept space, always. A tribute to their parents’ dear friend.

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