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HADRON Dark Matter

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HADRON Dark Matter


  (Vol. 1)

  Dark Matter


  Stephen Arseneault

  Published By:

  Stephen Arseneault

  Copyright © 2015-2017 Stephen Arseneault

  “To be prepared for war is one of the most effective means of preserving peace.”

  —George Washington

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  This book is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, organizations, places, events, and incidents either are the product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, events, or locales is entirely coincidental.

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  Author's Note: The HADRON series begins as a survivalist story. The science fiction aspect of this first book is thin, but it rapidly gears up in book two and then runs full out through the rest of the series. The story begins as Earth falls to a civilization-crushing calamity. A willing group of friends pushes to stay alive, only being able to speculate as to the cause of man's demise.

  In Dark Matter, humanity is faced with all grid power shutting down and all forms of communication ceasing to function. If trouble comes your way, there will be no calling for help. There will be no police, no firefighters, no emergency workers coming to your aid. It's only you, your family, and your neighbors. All security, and all survivability, becomes local.

  In our modern world, we are virtually dependent on civilization providing us with the means to survive. Trucks and trains keep the stores stocked and ready to serve our ultra-convenient lives. What would happen if those trains no longer ran and those trucks no longer delivered? How ready are you to fully take on the survival of yourself and your family?

  For most, within a few days, the water coming from the faucets in your residence would begin to run dry. The dry goods in your pantry might last you a week. Food stores would quickly be looted with no new supplies, or relief, coming from neighboring areas. Everyone would rush home to protect their own, not knowing anything more than what they could see and hear in front of themselves. Remember, there are NO communications... only face to face conversation.

  In the Dark Matter scenario, a worldwide event, without communications governments have no chain of command. There is no delegation of authority to coordinate survival or relief efforts. Also in this scenario, the military has been told to hunker down, to shelter in place, as the final direction from leadership fears an invasion. Complicating the civilian problem, the supplies the military holds are not shared with the populace. If war is possibly coming, those supplies will be needed. Without the normal order of government, our otherwise civil societies would quickly descend into chaos the world over.

  How long could you survive in your home? How long before you would have to go out searching for food? And how many previously good people would turn to violence if their loved ones were starving? If you held out your hand to those who had stockpiled food, and nothing was placed in it, would you return with a club or a gun in order to feed yourself and your family? For a densely populated area, the lack of food would rapidly become a horrifying situation.

  With large catastrophes as we currently know them, floods, earthquakes, and hurricanes, even in the best prepared of places, relief efforts can take a day or a week to get moving. For the less fortunate, that relief's arrival can stretch as long as several weeks. In HADRON Dark Matter, the catastrophe is worldwide. There is no one the next city or town over who can or will come to your aid. Relief is not coming. You are completely on your own!

  One final set of questions: In this most dire of situations, how long before you would begin to struggle to live? And how far would you be willing to go in that struggle? Asking? Begging? Threatening? Stealing? Attacking? What is your threshold for survival?

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