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Haley & Bentley (Falling for Bentley #2.5)

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Haley & Bentley (Falling for Bentley #2.5)


  Shawnté Borris

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  Haley & Bentley

  “Invite you to Celebrate”


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  I HAD NO other plans for Bentley except for it being a novella. However it has grown with such great success that it got a part two, and now a part two-point-five. I still cannot believe the overwhelming love for these two. As this couple comes to an end, I’m sure we’ll see them again, as the series will continue with Travis and Whitney.

  This novelette is for all the fans that wrote and wanted the wedding and to be invited to the happily ever after. I read all of your requests and hopefully made it into a story that you love.

  I always knew Bentley and Haley would marry and have children and I knew with the second book Bentley had to work hard to gain her trust back. I know some of you though Haley was very different in the second book and I think any woman in that situation would be. I feel her character didn’t become weaker if anything I think she became stronger. I think once any mother has an ‘Emerson’ on the way, nothing else matters but to protect your child.

  I FINALLY GOT Emerson down for the night, and now I’m quietly waiting for Bentley to come home from his long day in the field. I stored his dinner in the microwave two hours ago thinking he’d be home then.

  I wander over to the couch to sit and notice a pile of toys beside it just before I sit down. Bending over, I put them away and pull out the wedding magazine sitting on the side table shelf. I flip through it and read an article on how to plan a wedding and all the necessary steps. I take careful note of the biggest rule: Don’t become a Bridezilla. Me, a bridezilla? I laugh to myself. Yeah, right.

  “The worst thing you can do is become a bridezilla. What is a bridezilla? A bridezilla is one ridiculous spoiled bitch that thinks she is the center of the universe just because her “show” (the wedding) is eighteen months from now. She thinks everyone else in the world has to stop and drop everything and come running in this prime-diva's mind. It is well known in the situation of a bridezilla the marriage will not last more than a couple of years, if the groom-to-be is lucky.

  “Man, get a load of that bridezilla. We should warn him that he will never have another blow job after getting married.”

  Laughing, I head to the kitchen and grab a pad of paper and a pen from the junk drawer to start making our guest list. I sit down and start the list, beginning with bridesmaids and groomsmen, or in our case best man and best man. Bentley couldn’t pick between Curtis and Travis, so he is having them both as his best men. I swear Bentley is the diva when it comes to this wedding.

  I write down the people that mean the most to us, making the list a total of twenty-five people. I think about whom else I want there, but realize I don’t want anyone else; I’m happy with this number. Bentley might want other people to attend, and as I try to think of who they might be, I start doodling hearts around the paper and decide I need a glass of wine.

  Pulling the open bottle from the fridge from last night’s romantic dinner Bentley made after I got home from work, I poured myself a steep glass and finished the bottle. Leaving the empty bottle on the counter, I went back to the table and doodled some more while I drank.

  I was so in tune with my heart doodles I didn’t even realize Bentley was home until he kissed the back of my neck.

  “Hey,” I smiled looking over my shoulder at him, “I didn’t hear you come in.”

  “I see this. What are you working on?” he asked, looking over my shoulder.

  “The wedding list, I thought maybe I’d start planning our wedding.”

  Bentley took the seat beside me and pulled me into his lap, “I like the sound of that. How far did you get?” I showed him the paper and he laughed, “Hun, you only have twenty-five people on here.”

  “I know,” I said, grabbing my glass and taking another sip.

  “I think we need more people than that.” He grabbed the glass from my hand and drank the rest.

  “Really, Bentley?” I pouted into my now empty wine glass.

  “Sorry, can I get you another glass?”

  “No, that was the last of it,” I grumbled as I loaded the glass in the dishwasher.

  Bentley came up behind me and kissed down the side of my neck, “Can I make it up to you?”

  “It’s okay, I drank most of it before you got here. Did you eat dinner yet?” I asked turning into him.

  “Not yet.”

  “Let me just heat your dinner; it’s already in the microwave.”

  “What did you make?” he asked before I pulled out of his arms.

  “Nothing exciting, just grilled salmon with fresh baby potatoes and salad.” I sat at the table and watched him eat. “How did your day go?”

  “It was okay. Travis and I went crop touring to see how our canola fields are doing compared to others, then we went to check the wheat down by Rupert’s road to see how much hail damage there was.”

  “Was there lots?”

  “Some of it was down, but I’d say the farmers farther north got the worse of it.”

  “Did you get hail insurance?”

  “No, we didn’t have enough money.”


  “Don’t,” he stopped me, “we talked about this, and I’m—we’re—not taking out a loan. We can do this Haley, but it just has to be one year at a time.”

  “Okay,” I sighed, wishing he would let me help. I know Dad would give us the loan if I asked. “What did you do after that?” I asked, changing the subject.

  “We met dad back at the farm and went to town to get more posts, and we finished fencing the back quarter.”

  “That took all this time? I didn’t realize it was that bad back there; you should have called me. I could have put Emerson in the gator and came to help.

  “Thanks, babe, but we pretty much had to put up a new fence. With Travis working the equipment and me nailing, you would have just been standing around anyways.”

  I rolled my eyes, “Bentley, I am more than capable of hammering in a few nails.”

  “I know.” Bentley kissed the top of my head before sticking his empty plate in the dishwasher. “Thanks for dinner, hun; it was really good.”

  I laughed, “Did you even have time to taste it?”

  “I did,” he replied as he moved to the fridge and pulled out a beer. “I’m going to take a quick shower then we can sit down and talk about those wedding plans.”

  I stopped Bentley as he walked by me and pulled him into me and smelled him.

  “What are you doing, Hales?” he laughed.

  “Smelling you.”


  “Because I like this smell on you…it smells like home to me.”

  He kissed my head one more time. “I love you.”

  “I love you, too.” I turned him and swatted his butt. “Now get out of here, you stink.”

  I watched as Bentley walked down the hallway to the bathroom taking off his shirt as he went.

  BENTLEY REJOINED ME in the living room after his shower wearing just his grey, low-riding Longhorn sweat pants, showing off his muscular chest and his half-mast cock. He was doing this on purpose, so I pretended not to notice and kept my eyes on the magazine and watched him through my eyelashes.

  “I see you looking at me, Hales,” he whispered in my ear before taking a seat beside me on the couch.

  “No, you don’t,” I said, thoroughly enthralled in an article.

  “Care to explain why your cheeks are suddenly pink?”

  “I’m reading an article on what people do on their honeymoons.”

  “And what do they do?” he asked, sliding me onto his lap and tossing the magazine onto the coffee table.

  I ran my fingers through his wet shaggy hair, “They…they ummm…” I lost my train of thought as I felt his cock twitch under me.

  “They what?” he asked into my neck, licking his way up to my ear.

  “They go to Mexico,” I blurted out, tilting my head back to give him better access.

  “I like the sound of that. Do you want to go to Mexico for our honeymoon, Haley?”


  “Where would you like to go?” he asked, whispering in my ear before biting down on it.


  Bentley pulled back and looked at me, “Canada?”

  “Well, Alberta to more exact.”

  “Why?” he asked, his curiosity increasing.

  “Grams and Dad both said it was beautiful there with the huge mountains, fresh running streams, and mountain sheep everywhere.”

  “Do you know what time of year you want to go?”

  “Probably spring, before it gets really busy with tourists.”

  “You know it’s cold there, right?”

  “Bentley, we can go anywhere, it doesn’t have to be there. Besides what would we do with Emerson while we are gone?”

  “Is Alberta a place you want to go and see?”

  “Eventually, yes, before I die.”

  “Is it like a bucket list thing then?”

  “You could say that,” I said, getting more comfortable on his lap.

  “Then let’s go,” he said, simple as that.

  “Bentley, it’s going to be like twenty-three hundred dollars to fly there, and that doesn’t even include the hotels, sightseeing, or even a car rental.”

  “Haley, that’s not an arbitrary figure, have you been looking this up?”

  “Once, when Dad was there while I was pregnant with Emerson.”

  Bentley took my face in his hands, “Sweetheart do you want to see the snowy mountains, running streams, and mountain sheep?”

  “Yes,” I answered quietly.

  “Then I guess we just picked a place for our honeymoon.”

  “What about you, though, where do you want to go?”

  “Anywhere, Haley, as long as I go with you. I’d be fine camping in our backyard.”

  “Maybe we should do that…it will save us some money.”

  “Is that what you are worried about? The money? Is that why our guest list is so small?”

  “No,” I tried kissing his neck to get him off the subject, but he gently pushed me away.

  “Haley, we need to talk about this. I want you to have the wedding and honeymoon you want; we are only getting married once.”

  “I know, but I know what the extra money could mean to the farm—like getting hail insurance. Besides, I’m not really sure our parents would be up for watching Emerson for that long.”

  “You know damn well my mom and Maggie would gladly watch Emerson while we’re on our honeymoon.”

  “Why are you getting upset, Bentley?” I asked, trying to get off his lap.

  Bentley held my hips in place. “I’m not upset. I just want you to tell me what you want instead of you putting everything else first.”

  “Fine,” I answered more sternly than I meant. “I want to go to Canada, and I want to go in the spring.”

  He kissed my neck, “Was that so hard, baby?”

  I shook my head as he turned me into the couch. “I can’t hear you,” he breathed into my mouth.

  “No,” I breathed, capturing his mouth.

  Bentley’s hands slipped under the hem of my shirt, lifting it while I adjusted my hips so they were more under his. Kissing my neck he mumbled, “God you smell like heaven, Hales, my home.” I giggled as he tickled my neck with his words. “Shh, baby, you’ll wake our son.”

  “I’m trying.” I giggled again, moving my hips to meet the now-large tent in his sweats.

  “Baby you want to go camping?”

  “Uh-huh,” I panted as he kissed down my body.

  I slid my hands into the waistband of his sweats, slowly pushing them down over his hips. Bentley moaned as my nails grazed his skin while he kissed my nipples. When his sweats were no longer in my reach, I brought my leg up to catch the band with my toe and push them farther down.

  Bentley stood and pulled them off the rest of the way. Standing before me was my soon-to-be husband, and I couldn’t wait to get his cock in my mouth. I leaned up on my elbows and shifted to the edge of the couch, taking his cock in my mouth.

  His hands grabbed my shoulders then slid down my arms half way before reaching behind me and un-clasping my bra, tugging it off and throwing it behind him. He cupped my breasts, feeling the weight of them, making me moan onto his cock.

  “God, Haley, that feels so good.” He fisted my hair, moving me back and forth a little faster. I could feel him getting harder in my mouth, making me even wetter.

  I pulled back, letting him fall from my mouth and stood to undo my pants, pushing them down before going back to the couch, this time on my knees.

  “Baby, maybe we should move this to our bedroom...” I grabbed his cock stroking him a few times before pulling him back into my mouth. “Or not,” he said, his words strained.

  The more I moved along him, the more I wanted to touch myself. I dropped one hand to rub my clit. The more I moaned, the more turned on Bentley got, further increasing my arousal. The tingling sensation started to build within me, making me suck him like a wild animal.

  “Holy shit, Haley. I don’t know what the fuck got into you…but don’t fucking stop.”

  I was riding my hand, unable to get enough friction. “Oh God…Bentley…” I mumbled. “I’m so close.”

  Bentley stepped back and turned me over, pushing my ass up in the air all in one move before he slid into me.

  “Fuck,” Bentley groaned into my back. “I want this so bad, but I’m going to come so fast.”

  I put one arm on the back of the couch to support my body, and the other returned to my clit.

  “Haley, you have to stop touching yourself. Just watching you will make me come.”

sp; “I want you to come…I want me to come…” I curved my back like a cat before letting the release take me.

  Bentley increased the speed of his movements, gripping my hips as he thrust in and out. I pushed against him, meeting him thrust for thrust. His cock was as hard as steel, filling me as deep as it possibly could.

  “Fuck, Haley. Fuck me,” He chanted as he came, draping himself over me, both of us breathing hard.

  Kissing my back Bentley asked, “What was that all about?”

  I looked over my shoulder and smiled. “I’m not sure, but I liked it.”

  Bentley picked me up and laid us both on the couch, my head resting on his chest as his arms wrapped around me. “Since when have you had moves like that?” Bentley asked while stroking my hair. “Not that I’m complaining; I’m not. I don’t think I ever came that hard before.”

  “I don’t know,” I replied quietly as I played with the little chest hair he had.

  He took my chin and lifted my eyes to meet his. He kissed me with so much passion and love. “Baby, don’t go all shy on me now. That was so fucking hot.”

  “Well, I was reading this book a few nights ago, and she was in charge, and I guess I wanted to try it. I know it’s not something we usually do…should I have asked you first?”

  “Fuck no! Anytime you want to do something different, I’m game.” I lay my head on his chest then heard him breathe out, “That was unreal.” He laid his head against the arm of the couch.

  “Dada!” A tiny voice sounded from our son’s room. “Dada, dada, dad!”

  I went to move off him, but he held me in place. “Just give me a minute or two before I go get my son and kiss him goodnight.”

  I kissed his chest. “Okay.” I settled back down.

  AFTER MY SHOWER, I found Bentley in bed with our son sleeping on his chest. I leaned on the doorframe, just looking at my boys.

  “What are you doing?” Bentley asked.

  “Just looking.”

  Bentley flipped down my side of the duvet, welcoming me in. I crawled in, kissing my son’s head as I went.

  “Let me just put him back to bed and we can start with the wedding plans.” I nodded my head and settled against the headboard, propped up with a pillow.

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