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  an Overwatch story

  She’s finally found a man who sees her for the woman she is, and she’s not holding back.

  Mechanic Veronica “Ronnie” Mack joined the Overwatch club because she’d given up on finding love, and decided to settle for sexual satisfaction. Then Ian, her childhood crush, walked back into her life as one of the club’s Trainers, and proved that their connection was as strong as ever.

  Computer guru Ian Johnson’s work kept him busy, with little time for a social life, which is just the way he liked it. Then Ronnie Mack strode into the club, and straight back into his heart. He couldn’t deny the need to make her his own, and now he’s learning that training a sub he’s in love with is a whole new adventure.

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  Thank you, Beth, for sharing a little piece of yourself with me.

  ISBN: 978-1-928115-12-0

  Published by Sasha White

  White Hot Books Edition

  Copyright © 2015 Sasha White All rights reserved.

  White Hot Books Edition

  Cover art: Syneca Featherstone (Original Syn )

  Electronic book Publication April 2015

  All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or by any information storage and retrieval system, without permission in writing from the author except in the case of brief quotations embodied in reviews.

  This book is a work of fiction. All names, characters, locations, and incidents are products of the author's imagination, or have been used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual persons living or dead, locales, or events is entirely coincidental.

  Table Of Contents


  Reader Letter

  Chapter One

  Chapter Two

  Chapter Three

  Chapter Four

  Chapter Five

  Chapter Six

  Chapter Seven


  About The Author

  Reader Letter

  Dear Reader,

  The Overwatch stories are the first I’ve written with the mindset of building a series. I love being able to revisit characters, and show how their relationship grows and changes over time. However, Because I’m new to doing this I have blundered about a bit.

  Some of you who have been with me from the beginning may recognize the club scene at the end of this story as the one that was in PRIMAL. Thats because it is the same one. I wrote Unfettered, then Primal, and then, when the opportunity to do another short novella in the world, I went back in time to do Unabashed, so I could fill in the timeline of Ronnie and Ian’s relationship from Unfettered to the events in Primal. One of the joys of Indie publishing is that I can go back and fix things that need fixing even after the book has been published. Which means tweaking things that readers have told me pulled from their enjoyment of a work. So I did.

  While the writing and publishing order of the Overwatch books was Unfettered, Primal , Unabashed. the recommended reading order is Unfettered, Unabashed, Primal. This will keep the timeline of events straight for you.

  Thank you for your patience, and I hope you enjoy Ronnie and Ian’s journey as they continue on their journey.



  Chapter One

  Hot lips wrapped around Ian’s cock and pulled him from sleep. It was heaven, and it was hell.

  Ronnie Mack. The girl who’d tempted him so much as a young man that he’d left town without saying good-bye to anyone. Finally, she was in his life again, and in his bed. Heaven.

  He lay there, enjoying the delicious torment of velvet tongue stroking up and down his cock and fighting the need to take control at the same time. It was a rare thing for him to have a sub in his home, in his bed, but it was even rarer for him to fight the urge. He was a Dominant; he liked to be the one in charge, the one tormenting someone until she was drowning in pleasure. Any woman entering his bed knew that, but, normally, they’d have negotiated their boundaries.

  He’d been in such a hurry the night before that they’d skipped that step. Hell.

  Lust for Ronnie had burned him through him so fast and hot the night before that they’d skipped that step. Now, before he even opened his eyes she had his blood pumping hot again. Damn, she was good with that little tongue of hers. He wasn’t going to last very long, which was a shock considering the woman between his legs had pretty much wrung him dry the night before, but he couldn’t seem to get enough of her.

  Talented fingers cupped his balls, the slight roughness of her calluses rasping over his sensitive skin in a way that sent shivers down his spine. She took him deep so he bumped the back of her throat for a too-brief second before moving back, and a growl rumbled in his chest.

  Fuck holding back. She’d said she wanted a man who was dominant; now she had one. Classes at the club might be over, but it was time for her training to truly begin.

  He reached down, wrapped his fist in Ronnie’s dark silky hair, and shoved his dick down her throat until she gagged. Her fingers tightened on his sack briefly, then she pushed herself closer, gagging harder.

  “No,” he growled roughly. He pulled her back and looked down to meet her gaze. “I’m in control. You do nothing but open wide, relax, and swallow when it’s time.”

  Her brown eyes widened, almost lightening to amber as they filled with fiery delight and her cheeks flushed. Raising one brow in challenge, she put both hands on his thighs, dropped her jaw, and opened wide. More than ready to meet her challenge, Ian used his other hand to stroke himself right in front of her face. “You want this, don’t you, naughty girl?”

  “Yes, please,” she said, the sweetness in her voice belied by the wicked glint in her eye. The little minx was feeling playful for sure.

  He rubbed his cock on her bottom lip, popping the head in and out without letting her have a good taste. When she strained against his hold, trying to get closer, her tongue darting out, licking at him, he held back, just out of reach. “Uh uh uh,” he said. “You are the submissive here, little girl. You get this when I say you get it.”

  She glared. “But I said please.”

  “And that was very nice, Ronnie. I like hearing you say please. But now you’re glaring at me, and glaring at your Dom is never the way to get what you want.” He paused then grinned. “Unless you want a spanking. Then glaring will get you exactly what you want.”

  She paused for the briefest of seconds, then grinned. “Uhmm, no thanks, not today. I’d really like to suck you off though.”

  He swallowed a chuckle. She was so damn open and eager. It was beautiful. And, really, he couldn’t — no, he shouldn’t punish her when they hadn’t negotiated anything yet.

  “If you ask nicely, I’ll give you some more,” he said firmly.

  She licked her lips. “Please, Sir, may I have some more?” This time he couldn’t bite back the laugh. Christ, she was gonna be a handful.

  Good thing he was up for it.

  He gave her more of his cock, but as soon as she got a rhythm going, he pulled her back and teased them both with an erotic game of keep-away. He did this again and again, as his heart pounded and lust pulsed through his veins, filling his dick to bursting at her talented tongue play. The way her fair skin flushed with arousal and her brow wrinkled with frustration every time he stopped her made it clear she was enjoying the game as well as getting turned on. Twisting the little sub up was almost as much fun as shoving his cock in and out of her mouth.

  Then he saw the end of her patience near, and the moment before she started to speak, he thrust deep, filling h
er up. Her eyes popped wide before she closed them with a hum of pleasure and he guided her over him. In and out, up and down, she sucked and he went deep until she gagged, then shallow, then deep again and again until saliva dripped down both her chin and his cock, making them both wet and sloppy.

  Her eyes glazed over as she stared up at him, and her hands relaxed on his thighs, telling him without words that she was his in that moment, totally and completely.

  He’d had subs look at him in a similar way before. The look that told him he'd done right by them in their session, and they were getting what they wanted, what they needed. It had fed a need in him, but seeing Ronnie Mack like that, touched something new, something deep inside. He’d known when he gave in to the need to have her that it would be different from any other, but in it truly hit home just how different — how special it was going to be with her.

  “You’re amazing,” he said, tingles running down his spine to his balls.

  She moaned, a raw, hungry sound that sent vibrations rippling up his cock and into his soul, pushing him to the edge. “You ready?” He pushed her hair back with both hands so he could see every tiny micro-expression on her face.

  “Take it,” he groaned as he thrust deep, letting himself go. “Take me.”

  Ronnie sucked air in through her nostrils, closed her eyes, and reveled at the hot cum shooting down her throat. She tried to swallow it all, but she couldn’t do it. Her mouth was so full that juices seeped out, coating her chin, and dribbling down her neck. She didn’t care though. She didn’t care about anything in that moment but making sure Ian’s pleasure lasted as long as possible. Soon, his grip relaxed, and his hands fell to her shoulders. Satisfaction rolled through her as she moved back a bit, and listened to his heavy breathing as it filled the room.

  She’d woken up surrounded by the heat of Ian’s leanly muscled body, the scent of sex still heavy in the air, and couldn’t resist helping herself to more. His stopping her had been a surprise, but the command in his voice and the way he’d taken over had been perfect. She might’ve been the one on top while he was flat on his back, but there was no mistaking he’d been the one in control. And that was the way she liked it.

  Ronnie had dreamed of a dominant man, a master who could look past her skinny body and her rough mechanic’s hands and see her for the sexual creature she was, and she’d found that, and more, in Ian. The night before had been amazing. The best sex of her life, and he’d needed no toys or crosses or anything to make it so. Just the two of them, and their connection.

  She should be surprised that the connection was still there after more than fifteen years apart, but she wasn’t. Not really. As much of a shock as it had been to see Ian walk onto the stage at the Overwatch club, the moment she’d seen him, everything had clicked into place. He’d been her first kiss, her first love. And now, she thought, as she licked his softening cock clean, he was going to be her first Dom.

  Ian’s fingertips played across her naked shoulders, stroking her gently and making her feel cared for and appreciated. As soon as she had the thought, he reached down, grabbed her under her armpits, and dragged her up his body. Her sigh and his soft rumble of pleasure blended as she snuggled against his chest, his heart pounding beneath her ear. Strangely, even though the wetness of her own arousal slicked her inner thighs, she was content where she was.

  “All right,” Ian said as he slid a coffee across the kitchen table to her. “Let’s talk.”

  It wasn’t even seven a.m., and they’d both showered and were relaxing in the kitchen, simply enjoying the quiet time together. She was used to dragging her ass out of bed at five fifteen most mornings to be at the garage for work by six. Weekends were her time to sleep in and be lazy, but, waking up with Ian, even this early, was a hell of a way to start the day off right.

  “Talk about what?”

  “About us.”

  She froze, heart jumping at the serious tone of his voice. Had she read too much into their night together? No freaking way. Before he’d opened the door to his condo the night before, he’d made it clear this was serious. He rarely took subs home. He kept his sex life pretty much confined to the club. At least, before her, he did.

  Lightning bolt to the brain.

  “You’re as new to this as I am, aren’t you?” she said, setting her coffee down suddenly as wonder filled her. “Not the Dom-sub stuff, but the relationship stuff. Right? That’s why you gave me that little speech last night at the door. Because you’re as scared as I am about what’s happening here.”

  “I’m not scared,” he said, sounding a bit surprised. He shifted her chair back then angled his own so that when he sat down, he was close enough that his knees bracketed hers.

  “I admit that when I saw your application for the club, I didn’t think it was a good idea to let you in, but I know now that it wasn’t because I didn’t want you there. It was because the others were already drooling over you, and they hadn’t even met you yet. I was jealous, even then. Then I told myself I wanted you at Overwatch because it was a safe place for you to explore, I didn’t want anything to happen to you, and that it would all be okay. I would just be another one of the trainers, and we would be friends again. Hell, part of me wasn’t even sure you would remember me.”

  “As if I could ever forget the first guy to kiss me,” she said with a laugh.

  “I was your first?”

  She laughed at the pride in his clear blue eyes. “My first kiss back then, and now my first Dom.”

  “There’s plenty more firsts to come for you,” he said with a playful wink.

  She giggled like an idiot and sat straighter in her chair, pressing her thighs together to contain the tingles there.

  Wow, it was so weird to feel all girly and so fucking turned on at the same time. It was different from the dark intensity of their previous interactions, but just as sexy.

  “I take it you don’t work weekends at the garage?” he asked with a glance at the clock.

  “Not normally. Zane has some part-time guys that come in on Saturdays, and we’re closed on Sundays,” she said, happy he’d asked. “But I do have to go in for a bit this morning. What about you?”

  “I’m the boss of my own software company. I can take time off whenever I want. “ He paused. “Usually.”

  They laughed. She got it because Zane, the owner of the garage where she’d worked for the past ten years, was the same way. He worked six days a week, except when he didn’t want to, which was rare because the business was his and he took it seriously.

  She took another slow sip of coffee, her insides tightening as she watched Ian. Something was definitely on his mind. “Okay, Ian, you said we needed to talk about us, so what’s up?”

  His expression smoothed out, making him look both serious and inscrutable at the same time. What she’d already begun to think of as his Dom face. “We need to negotiate our relationship.”

  Umm? “The whole thing?”

  “Yes. By coming in here last night, you told me that you want it all—the power exchange and the relationship. So we need to negotiate the power exchange aspects.”

  Well, shit. Negotiation was important. Ian had been the one to teach her that during her training classes at Overwatch. But negotiating a whole relationship was way different from the back and forths she’d had in her mind about scenes.

  Not one to ever back down when she wanted something, Ronnie straightened in her chair, and met his gaze head on. “Okay, where do we start?”

  He leaned in, cupped her cheek with his hand, and pressed his lips to hers in a soft kiss.

  “Nowhere scary,” he said when he moved back. “You’ve spent the last few weeks thinking about your limits and the areas you really want to explore, but it was all focused on scening at the club, right?”

  “Pretty much, yeah.” She’d dreamed of being strapped to a freaking St. Andrews cross for years.

  “Today I want you to not think about the club. Instead, I want you to think abo
ut how much control you want to give me over you when we spend time together outside the club. So, not only your sexual limits, but submissive boundaries altogether. Then we’ll meet at the club tonight and negotiate. Okay?”

  “This sounds like a really big deal, Ian. Can’t we just sort of be normal outside of the club?”

  “If that’s what you want, then yes, of course. But before we decide anything for sure I want you to consider what it might be like to give me more control, even when we’re not there.”

  Oh, shit. “Is that what you want? To control my whole life? Because I know for sure that isn’t for me.”

  “I’m not saying anything about what I want right now, Ronnie. I’m saying think about how you’d like things to be between us outside the club. Like when we have a date, do you want to be in on making the plans, or are you okay with me taking care of everything. When we’re in bed, do you want to only be submissive during a formal scene, or do you like it when I’m always the one in control?” He quirked an eyebrow, and she blushed, knowing he was thinking about how he’d taken over that morning. She squeezed her thighs together.

  Yeah, she’d liked that for sure.

  “We simply need some boundaries to start with. And nothing is ever set in stone, babe. Remember that.”

  Their gazes locked, and her heart thumped against her ribs, hard. What was he trying to say? The moment passed when her phone pinged loudly in the quiet room, signaling a text message.

  Ian glanced to where her phone sat face down on the counter top. “You going to check that?”

  Ronnie snatched up the phone, eager to have something to look at other than Ian for a moment. She glanced at the message on top and bit back a laugh.

  Well? How was your first real night at the club? Did you get tied up and fucked?

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