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Valkyrie - the Vampire Princess 3

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Valkyrie - the Vampire Princess 3


  The Vampire Princess 3



  Book Three

  In the

  Valkyrie - the Vampire Princess Saga

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  Copyright © 2013 by Pet Torres books

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  Title: Valkyrie – the Vampire Princess 3

  Author: (2012) Pet Torres

  Original title: Valquíria – a princesa vampira 3

  Translation: (2012) Pet Torres books

  Revision: December/07/2013

  Electronics edition: (2012) Pet Torres books

  This book is a work of fiction. The names, characters, places, and incidents are products of the writer's imagination or used fictitiously Have Been and are not to be construed as real. Any resemblance to persons, living or dead, actual events, or locales is entirely coincidental Organizations

  All rights are reserved. No part of this book may be used or reproduced in any Manner whatsoever without written permission from the author.


  The vampire Princess


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  To my dear readers

  The band Evanescence

  For having inspirited me with its melodies.


  Valkyrie returns to the planet Earth.

  She goes back to live together with her mother and with human kind.

  What she doesn't know is that her existence on Earth will never be the same after she has become an immortal.

  She’ll have to choose between remainig on planet Earth or returning to the planet Neptune. That is, where her father the Vampire King, reigns.

  Chapter 1

  My return to the planet Earth happened on a Sunday morning.

  Time had stood still for my mother since my journey to Neptune. While she slept tranquilly, I could only think of one thing.

  I remembered the Rock and Roll concert night. It had happened before my departure. Eros did something and my mother fell asleep. She didn’t suffer from my absence.

  I thought.

  If I would never return from Neptune, would my mother sleep forever? Would she pay a high price for my choice?

  As soon as I realized that,I appeared in my mother's bedroom. Nothing looked out of place, that is, her dresser, closet and bed were all in order.

  I was standing next to her bed and I watched her. My adorable mother was in an intense sleep.

  At that moment I had eyes for nothing but her sweet and innocent face. She didn‘t really know what had happened to me, I had transformed into a monster.

  My first reaction was that my hands were in her hair, moving it softly as I tried not to wake her up.

  My nostalgia had died at that moment.

  It was because I was together with my mother again.

  A blood tear welled in my eyes. This time it was an intense emotion I couldn’t explain.

  Chapter 2

  I had changed my dress. Now I was in black panty hose and a black dress. But I put out another dress which I had worn when I came from Neptune.

  I didn’t want my mother to see my dress in a deplorable state. She would trouble about me and would ask me questions regarding what happened to me.

  Almost immediately, my mother opened her eyes and gazed up at me as I was standing at her side. I stood motionless as I was waiting for her reaction.

  Then she sat on her and looked straight at me.

  “How was your Rock and Roll concert?” she asked.

  Her mind had stopped functioning that night. As far as she remembered I just went out for a Rock and Roll concert.

  I breathed a sigh of relief as I was sure my mother didn’t witness my absence in her life.

  “It was so cool...” I said and smiled at her. “I am really glad to see you again!”

  “I tried to be out of bed to wait for your arrival from the concert, but I was so tired,” she explained.

  “Don’t worry! The most important is that you are okay,” I said, looking into her eyes.

  “You speak as if you have not seen me for a long time!” she supposed.

  “The hours were eternal... and it seemed this moment would never come,” I said subsequently.

  “Come here!” she said. “I want a hug!”

  My mother extended her hands to me. I turned my body back, avoiding her physical contact.

  “I think better... No,” I said confused.

  “Why are you acting this way? Are you angry at me? She asked, concerned.

  “No. I am not angry at you. I only don’t want your hug, no...At this moment,” I said as I walked in the direction of her door.

  “Valkyrie! Where are you going?”

  “I’ll sleep a little... I am very exhausted,” I said, walking to my room.

  “We didn’t finish our conversation yet.”

  “We’ll finish it after,” I said and locked myself in my bedroom.

  All I wanted at that moment was to be alone.

  Chapter 3

  However, I couldn't sleep. I was locked in my room. I sighed long and deep and stared out my window. The deep black of the night was just beginning to emerge.

  That was my first night back on planet Earth.

  I got up and walked toward my window and gazed at the tenebrous sky.

  What a good sensation!

  Before I had always preferred the daytime but now and forever I couldn’t stand the daylight. My visibility at night was more precise. I could always see something away from me. It looked amazing, my vampire power.

  I could tranquilize my supernatural face as I was looking up at that immense, black sky.

  I took a deep breath. The air was so pure and it had come from the garden.

  I stared toward my room’s door as soon as I heard noises.

  It was my mother slamming the door.

  “Valkyrie, come to have dinner!” my mom hollered.

  “I'm coming, mom!” I answered back.


  My mother and I sat down at our small dining table. I stared at our food for a moment. It wasn’t having any effect on me.

  I‘d be just acting as a social person in my mother‘s presence.

  My hunger would never again be satiated by human food.

  My palate wished only one thing...


  Two spoons were enough for me to reject the rest of my meal. I wasn't used to that menu.

  “You didn’t eat enough,” my mother whispered as she had just placed her plate into the kitchen sink.

  “I have no appetite,” I said, without looking at her.

  “You need to eat...and talking about that, I have to get your blood count.”

  “Blood count?” I asked as I remembered the doctor who chased me that night. He was dead and my mother didn't know that yet.

  “Yes... your blood count,” she said.

  “I won’t go back to that place!” I said startled.

  “You really don’t need go back there... I’ll go alone to get your blood count,” she informed me.

  “Okay.” I agr
eed with her.

  After that I kept my eyes on the plate. I was not expecting my mother’s reaction.

  She held my arm gently and consequently I stared into her eyes as I looked frightened and then I let my plate go down.

  “Why are you... frozen?” she asked.

  I shook my head at her as I was confused.

  “I didn’t want you to know about it...” I said, looking down at the floor.

  “To know about what?” she insisted.

  “I am sick,” I confessed to her and bit my lips.

  “Sick?” She asked and her eyes widened “What are you talking about, Valkyrie?”

  “Take it easy, mother... It’s nothing serious,” I said after I saw her stare. A tear had trickled down her cheek. She was so nervous after my confession.

  “How is it nothing serious?” she insisted.

  “I suffer from a rare illness... It’s the same as Eros’s illness.”

  “You weren’t like this until last night!”

  “That’s it, it appeared this morning. It has been some time that I have known about it.”

  Once again, I was lying to my mother.

  “I don’t believe it!” my mother exclaimed, shocked.

  “That’s why I didn‘t want to hug you back,” I said, relieved.

  “This might be hereditary! Your father was also like this,” she said oddly.

  “See...there is more than one reason for you to not be so nervous, mother.”

  “I’ll always be at your side, daughter....”

  My mother hugged me, but she seemed distracted at something.

  My skin’s coldness bothered her, I could sense it. Even so she tried to keep her body firm and show me her disposition to support the touch of my cold body. She exhibited to me her immense motherly love.

  Chapter 4

  As soon as I entered my schoolyard, I felt an emptiness inside me. Eros was no more a part of this place, where it all began. Where I met him and fell in love with him.

  Now he was the farthest from me. He was situated on the planet Neptune.

  I tried to convince myself of that this was better - being apart from him. Nothing could link us.

  I was determined to not to suffer any longer for a love condemned by immortality and it would never live up to my expectations.

  I reasoned there wasn’t any need for me to be going to school. I was a vampire. I wouldn't need any study. However, I should keep my normal attitude for the benefit of my mother and all other people.

  Since I decided to be among humans again, I would have to behave like them, or at least, try...

  My thoughts were reprehended after a lyrical voice screamed at my back.


  It was Mirta, my only girlfriend.

  I turned to face her and was surprised by her huge hug. I had no time to avoid it.

  “I missed you... friend! You disappeared!” she said with a naive smile.

  I turned my body, refusing her return her hug.

  “Did I disappear?” my face was abruptly confused.

  “Are you okay, Valkyrie? You’re so cold!” she squeezed my hand.

  “I am sick,” I said and lowered my head.

  “Sick? What wrong with you, friend?”

  Inside her eyes there was an apprehensive expression. She seemed worried about my illness.

  “I discovered I have an unusual illness, where I have several symptoms and coldness is one of them.”

  I only smiled awkwardly and shrugged my shoulders at her.

  “That's why you didn’t attend school?” she asked.

  “Pretty much” I said, avoiding extending our conversation.

  “I went to your house and called you two times. But no person appeared. Your front door was closed. Then I imagined that maybe you had traveled,” she completed.

  “I went to a clinic out of town. I had a medical examination. It was so fast... I haven’t had any time to tell you,” I said and grimaced.

  The time really had not moved for my mother.

  “After the rock and roll concert... several people disappeared,” Mirta said, holding her books.

  “Several people disappeared?” I asked and panic grew into my huge black eyes.

  “You disappeared... Christian... even Eros doesn’t attended school anymore,” she informed me.

  “Why has Christian disappeared?” I asked confused at Christian’s disappearance that night.

  What did he have to do with that night?

  I knew the reason for the Eros’ disappearance.

  “They found Christian’s father’s car parked next to his house, but he wasn’t there. They suspect something terrible happened to him,” Mirta added.

  “And who would harm him?” I asked.

  “No one knows.” She looked down at the ground. “Oh, I am so unhappy after his disappearance. I cry every night.” Her tears streamed down her cheeks.

  “He’ll appear.” I was trying to be persuasive.

  “He’s all I crave!” She confessed.

  “It’s strange...” I said softly and glanced away.

  “I see you didn’t bother about Eros’ disappearance! What happened to Eros and you that night? Did he hurt you? She asked, stepping closer.

  “Eros... told me about his trip. He needed to visit his parents and he doesn’t know when he will return,” I said in an unconvincing voice.

  “At least he’s okay,” she said without hope for Christian.

  “You’re right!”

  “Do you miss him?” She looked at my face.

  “Yes, I miss him so much! But I think it is better all has happened this way.”

  “Why? You’re in love with him!” she affirmed.

  “I never told I am in love with him.” I shook my head at her.

  “You don’t need to tell me that. Who would not have noticed that?”

  “I don’t want to talk about it... I don’t want to talk about him,” I said quickly.

  “Okay,” she agreed.


  Taking my seat in my class, my eyes ran toward a chair at the end of my classroom. The same chair which Eros had always sat in. I imagined him there, sitting on it and staring at me.

  When I just woke out of my day-dream, I saw everyone staring at me in the class. They noticed my black clothes and my obscure face.

  They knew I wasn't the same Valkyrie. Something was wrong with me. They didn’t know exactly what was happening to me, however.

  I looked down at my books, trying to escape their investigative eyes.

  While the students walked out of their classes, two schoolmates approached me. They were enchanted by my cryptic appearance. I was in my black pleated skirt, knee-length, black panty hose, black blouse and black top boots.

  “I like your new style!” the black-haired girl said, with a smug smile on her face.

  “It is totally dark!” another girl added.

  They had the same style like my friend Mirta. They were dressed in their in their pink colored clothes.

  “Thanks!” I said grinning.

  They had no idea why I had adopted a different style from that which I was accustomed to.

  I didn’t wear those dark clothes because I loved them. It was necessary. My view was more sensitive before clear -colored clothes.

  Chapter 5

  I was coming back home, walking into slow motion, observing a landscape totally green, the wind whistled through the vivacious trees. All was different from everything I‘d seen on Neptune, where there were dry trees and darkness.

  There appeared in front of me a seven–year old boy. He rode on his red bike toward me. A stone on the way interrupted his route. He fell to the ground after I had moved past it. His bike fell shortly after his body.

  He mumbled when he saw his wounded knee. I took five steps forward to help him.

  “Are you all right?” I asked him as I grabbed his arm, trying to pick him up.

  “My knee aches!” he said, crying.
  I was surprised to see his knee was covered with blood....Then I closed my eyes, avoiding an increasing desire inside me.

  The sweet soft scent of his blood turmed me into a bloodthirsty vampire. I turned around and quickly looked up at the sky thus the little boy could not see my supernatural face. My eyes changed color. They were gray and my teeth became sharp.

  My brain imagined a drastic scene. I had penetrated my fangs into his neck flesh.

  I fought against my thoughts as much as I could.

  Then my muscles compressed and an extensive pain invaded my stomach. It was the symptom in favor of my blood’s dependence.

  First, I wanted to save the existence of that innocent child. I didn’t want to interrupt his lifetime to feed myself. It would be such cruelty.

  Despite the fact that I had become a vampire, I struggled against it. I didn’t want to adjust myself to their form.

  I tried to feed as little as I could to try and preserve lives

  “Go away!” I shouted at him. “Go away, now!”

  The boy, startled, took his bike, went up on it and was pedaling away. He didn’t understand what was wrong with me, though, he followed my orders.

  I put my hands against the ground and looked up into the air. The cloudy sky had witnessed my agony. My gaze and my teeth had come back to normal.

  At that moment, I realized I had defeated my wish to drink blood, at that moment.

  Chapter 6

  I slept a lot more. I was late for school.

  Then my mother realized I hadn't woken yet. She walked into my room and gazed at my bed.

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