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Maggie the Milked Maid Collection

  Title Page

  Maggie the Milked Maid Collection

  Nicky Raven

  Publisher Information

  Maggie the Milked Maid Collection

  published in 2014 by House of Erotica

  an imprint of Andrews UK Limited

  This book is sold subject to the condition that it shall not, by way of trade or otherwise, be lent, resold, hired out or otherwise circulated without the publisher’s prior written consent in any form of binding or cover other than that in which it is published, and without a similar condition being imposed on the subsequent purchaser.

  Copyright © Nicky Raven 2014

  The right of Nicky Raven to be identified as author of this book has been asserted in accordance with section 77 and 78

  The characters and situations in this book are entirely imaginary and bear no relation to any real person or actual happening.

  Maggie the Erotic Milked Maid

  Maggie has fell on hard times, she can see no way out until she answers a mysterious advert in the newspaper for willing participants in a long term clinical trial. Cutting off all ties to the outside world, on the promise of a large payday Maggie enters the world of becoming an human cow for this mystery pharmaceutical company, and so begins her adventure into this new world...

  Maggie was desperate, desperate for a job, she had been unemployed for four months now, and her savings were becoming very very low at the bank.

  She had been working for a high powered PR firm as a secretary, which was why she had moved from her small town and away from her family, to the big city and bright lights which had drawn her in. Drawn her into a new cosmopolitan life, and she had been living the high life relative to her prior existence. Better wages, better apartment, fashionable clothes, and the highest high heels you could wear !

  Then one day Maggie’s world feel apart, as the company she worked for fell on hard times, like the rest of the world the economy was faltering, and the PR work dried up, over a period of months, the work force of the company Maggie worked for had to let people go. Eventually the evitable happened and the day came when Maggie got her redundancy letter.

  Whilst concerned Maggie knew she was well qualified, and had good experience and very good references, she also knew she had quite a bit of savings to tide her over for a while. But as the weeks ticked on and she applied to a dwindling amount of job vacancies in the papers and online, her heart sank further and further as the rejection letters came back to her.

  Maggie started getting a bit desperate, as her savings where almost depleted, and she took out a high interest loan, the type of loan you have to take out when you don’t have a job, and don’t have any security to offer. But she had no choice, she had rent to pay and had to eat. But she also knew she had to then make those loan repayments back. Basically Maggie now knew she was running out of time and choices.

  Maggie knew one of the only ways she might be able to make quick money was to do something desperate, she was even considered selling her body to raise some quick bucks. She shuddered at the thought, but she did not know what else to do. Maggie bought a copy of the local paper, and she knew she had to look in the personal advert section, to see if any of the local escort agencies were hiring, and she had got very very desperate.

  As Maggie knew she had limited choices now, she scanned the paper, looking over the inches of print of adverts for women wanting to sell their bodies for money, and a few agencies looking for fresh meat, sorry, I meant new girls. As Maggie scanned the columns, suddenly another advert caught her eye, - ‘Wanted females aged 18-35 for clinical trial of an adult nature - good rates of remuneration - contact Natures Best Pharmaceuticals on’ - and then a contact number. Well Maggie thought, that has to be way to earn some money, well better than selling my body to some old man, and at least it will do someone some good in terms of the health of someone taking the drugs approved from a clinical trial.

  Maggie wasted no time in ringing the telephone contact number, worried that there might be limited places. She spoke to a young lady on the phone who asked her some basic questions, age, marital status, body measurements, and so on. Satisfied with her answers, the lady on the phone invited Maggie for an interview at the research facility.

  It was based slightly out of town, and Maggie had to get a bus to the area, and then walk to the gatehouse of the facility. Funds were very tight and a taxi was out of the question. She arrived at the research facility gatehouse and was booked in and checked in by the guard. It was all very high security and high tech.

  Maggie was directed to a waiting room, and given a clipboard with lots of questions on it. She was left to write for around an hour, answering questions such as - have you ever been pregnant, do you take drugs, are you in a relationship, do you object to taking medical drugs in a controlled environment, do you object to a longer term contract trial, do you object to sexual based examinations, can you stand long period of inactivity during the trial, and so on. Maggie was sure the questions repeated themselves many times over, but in different ways. She got pretty bored, and was waiting for someone to come, when suddenly a nurse in a starched white uniform came into the room.

  “Sorry for keeping you waiting Maggie, have you filled in all the questionnaires ?” She said. “Yes” Maggie replied,” Good” said the nurse, “so lets talk about the trials with you.”

  “Basically we are looking for people who are willing to enter the trials for a longer than normal period of time, the minimum commitment is six months, as opposed to the more normal 2-3 week drug trials” said the nurse.

  Maggie was a bit shocked, as the nurse could see from her face, but before she could say anything, the nurse spoke to her, “There is a big plus for signing up for a longer period of time, say for a normal trial of say 3 weeks you might normally might expect to be compensated by around $2500, if you sign up for six months with us, you could earn up to $500 a day, which would be $10,500 for the same three week period, as you would be with us 24/7. For the whole six month period we would be talking up to $91,000, a substantial amount of money I am sure you would agree.” Maggie was taken aback by this news, which was a lot more than she used to earn as a secretary.

  Pulling herself back to reality Maggie asked the nurse, “you said up to $500 a day ? What did you mean by that”. “Well” replied the nurse, “the drug you will be trialling will give potentially better results for the trial the more you take of it, and the more you take of it the more samples we can take, and the more samples we take the more you will earn, so the amount you can earn is totally in your hands. Plus we have a rolling agreement so if you choose to stay on after the initial six months you can do and earn even more money.”

  Maggie was both shocked and VERY tempted by the offer. “What are the terms and conditions” she asked the nurse. “Well whilst simple” she replied “they are quite strict. First no visitors, no connections to the outside world at all in fact, once you are in the trial you are in the trial. We require you to give up where you live now, which I can see from your paperwork is rented anyway so that’s not a problem, but we provide free storage for your belongings. Your payments get saved for you with interest while you are in the trial and will be paid by bank transfer to you when you decide to end your stay with us.”

  “OK” said Maggie” I can live with that, as I have limited contact with my family anyway. I am very very interested, finally what is the trial exactly anyway.” “Well until you are signed up and have signed the Non Disclosure documents, I cannot give you much detail” said the nurse, “all I can te
ll you is that it is generally non-invasive, but will cause you to lactate, and we will take samples of that lactation, but that’s pretty much it”, she implied. “But due to the nature of this trial once you start the trial you will not be able to stop it, and that is what you are signing up for, you are agreeing once you start you will stay here until the trial is over at least, unless you decide to stay longer of course” she added.

  Maggie thought well if that’s the worse that’s going to happen to me for that sort of money, how can I say no, that money will set me up for a year, and will give me time to pay off my loans, and look for another normal job when I am out of here.

  “OK” said Maggie - “where do I sign up??”

  Maggie was given a whole bunch of paperwork to sign, official looking documents, page after page of disclaimers, non-disclosure paperwork, and lots and lots of small print.

  Maggie was then told to go home, arrange her affairs, and that a van would collect her and her belongings in three days’ time. Not much time to get organised, but not enough time to worry and start thinking and backing out either.

  Three days later as arranged, a van and driver came and collected Maggie. The driver carefully carried out the packed boxes and packed them in the van, last came her suitcases with her clothes and personal belongings in as well. Maggie joined the driver in the van, and was driven out to the facility.

  The driver dropped Maggie off at the gate, she went to get her cases, but was told don’t worry you will be given everything you need inside. Maggie booked herself in at the gatehouse, and was told to wait and she would be collected by someone.

  The nurse who Maggie had meet before came into the waiting room, and said to her to follow her. She took her to an examination room, and told her, “please strip and place all your clothes in the basket, they will be laundered, and kept with your other clothes for when you leave.” She was given an examination gown to wear, and told to wait for the doctor.

  In due course the doctor came round and after an initial normal medical type of inspection, blood pressure, measurements, that sort of thing, he sat with her, and spoke to her. “Right Maggie, this is your last chance to change your mind, once we start the clinical trial, as you know you are signed up to complete the trial for at least six months...” Maggie’s mind was in a whirl but she knew she really had no choice, she needed the money, plus she needed it now, and other than becoming a prostitute this was the only option she had that she could see to earn this sort of money.

  “No I am 100% sure I want to carry on” she told the doctor. “OK he said I will give you an initial injection, it will make you a little sleepy, but when you come round, you will understand the trial a lot better, and we will go over everything with you.” With that he quickly took a syringe from the trolley, and plunged it into her arm. “Let me help you onto the trolley” he said, and as she slipped into darkness in her mind, she felt straps being placed on her to hold her safely on the trolley.

  Maggie was unsure how long she was out of it for, but slowly in a groggy subdued state she came round. She was very disorientated initially as she felt as if she was floating, and then as she came to more, she realised she was floating almost, well she was suspended in the air on wide straps. She was face down, but at an angle, with her body supported by the wide straps, her legs and arms were also strapped and she could not actually move them, but she was not uncomfortable as all her body was in fact supported in some way, even her head seemed to be supported, as far as she could see and understand, she had some sort of hard harness on which was counterbalanced, so as to support her head weight also. The only part of her body which did not seem to be supported was in fact her breasts which were hanging below her. In fact as she came around more she realised that as well as her breasts hanging they also seemed to have some sort of apparatus attached to them as well.

  Maggie realised also the head harness had some sort of blinkers on it, the sort of thing you might see on a horses harness for example, and because of the weighted head harness, she could not really turn her head very far either. There also seemed to be some piped music, of soothing sounds, with some bird song, and wind noise, it was almost like being in a lovely summer country field she mused to herself.

  Suddenly she was snapped back to reality by the voice of the doctor. “Maggie, Maggie, are you with us Maggie”,” yes I am” she said through sleepy eyes.

  “Let me explain Maggie how this all works. First you are in a special sling to take all the weight and pressure off your body, apart from your breasts you will be fully supported. You might not have noticed it but you have some tubes in you, a catheter, and anal tube, this will take all your nasty waste products away from you without you having to worry. There are some special feeding tubes in front of you, basically if you look you will see a meter which shows the amount of feed you have drunk and taken in, the more feed you take in the more the effect on you Maggie. Maggie are you listening as this is very important, I am listening she said, well the more you drink of the feed Maggie the more you will lactate, and the more you lactate, the more you will earn, as the machine and pipes attached to you will automatically milk you as they sense the milk leaking from you and building up in you Maggie, do you understand ?” “Yes” she said. “Something you also need to understand Maggie is the feed does several things, it first induces lactation in you , it also contains all the nutrients you need Maggie, both water, and food, plus it also has a mild sedative in, to keep you, shall we say relaxed, as we don’t want you getting stressed, or trying to get out of the harnesses do we young lady, and finally it has a special treat in the feed, it is a pleasure drug, which will make your nipples very very sensitive and more receptive to the machine, in fact the more the machine milks you the more you will enjoy it, and the more you will enjoy it the more you will want the machine to milk you. The more you want the machine to milk you the more you will drink the feed, and the more you drink the feed the more you will lactate. It’s a nice circle you will find yourself in.”

  Maggie listened through a slight mental fog, but thought to herself that’s not too bad. She felt a bit thirsty and said to the doctor, “I am really thirsty”,” I am sure you are” he replied, and guided her mouth towards the rubber feeding teat. “You drink up” he said to her, and before you know it you will feel very content. Maggie did as she was told, strangely whatever she was feeling she was feeling very very subservient.

  The doctor stepped outside of Maggie’s ‘pen’ room and shut the door, he walked into the raised control room which was just down the corridor. The nurse was sitting at the control desk, and she looked up at the doctor, and said, “how is our new little Pet doing ??” “She is settled in nicely I would say, in fact judging by the way she is sucking at that teat we should have our first batch of milk flowing from her within 24 hours in fact. How is the client list for her looking ?” he replied. “Excellent” said the nurse, “we already have two clients lined up to order her milk and they are looking at daily deliveries from her.” “Brilliant news” replied the doctor. “She will make an excellent addition to the herd.” He looked up and out of the control room window, across a warehouse sized building which had row after row, of pen after pen for his cow milked maids, all hanging there, all feeding, in a happy drugged state, all in the vicious cycle of their own making. Generally all desperate girls and women, all of child bearing age, but his drugs made them lactate without being pregnant. They all general had money problems, all were more than desperate to join his ‘clinical trial’ program, without any force or coercion needed, and once they were in the program, they were quite happy to carry on. After all if you were being given drugs which made you subservient, and made you sexually high, and the more you took and drunk the drugs, the more you got a sexual kick out of what was happening to you, would you not keep on taking them, what choice would you have ?

  Maggie was quite happy in her pen, she could not see no one else,
in fact all she could feel was her breasts pulsating and being milked as they hung below her. She was little aware of the fact that day by day they grew ever bigger under her, as the weighted sling kept her in balance. She was little aware of the drugs having the effects they were on her. All she felt was pleasure in an almost drunken type stupor. As she drunk she produced more milk, the more milk she produced the more she got milked by the machine, and all her waste products just got flushed away from her, She was happy and locked into her own little world, well she was for now at least...

  Hucow 323 - The Human Cow

  (Maggie the Milked Maid 2)

  Maggie has fell on hard times, she can see no way out until she answers a mysterious advert in the newspaper for willing participants in a long term clinical trial. Cutting off all ties to the outside world, on the promise of a large payday Maggie enters the world of becoming an human cow for this mystery pharmaceutical company. This story continues as Maggie is prepped and induced into giving her first milk to the program, and how these procedures are carried out on her by the nurse...

  Previously...Maggie has fell on hard times, she can see no way out until she answers a mysterious advert in the newspaper for willing participants in a long term clinical trial. Cutting off all ties to the outside world, on the promise of a large payday Maggie enters the world of becoming an human cow for this mystery pharmaceutical company, and so begins her adventure into this new world...

  Maggie was unaware that she was now in a pen, one of several hundred pens of women, all in the same ‘milking trial’, and that each women in each pen was unaware of the others all in the same predicament as her...

  Maggie gently awoke, and found herself, still in the same position, still in the hanging harness. She was also still aware of the words from the doctor which had told her all about what she had signed up for, and how he had made it clear to her, she had signed up for this willingly. She had to agree, as she had known she would be taking some ‘drugs’ as it was a clinical trial, also that she would be here for the period of time agreed for the trial. She also knew that by signing the consent form she would be in the trial for the whole six months. Maggie did not have any close relatives or friends, so no one would miss her, that she knew. So she guessed she would just have to get on with it, no one had forced her to come to this place, so whether she was enjoying herself or not, she just had to get on with it, just like any other clinical trial participant would.

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