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Erotic Short Stories Vol 3


  Erotic Short Stories, Volume 3

  [Lynn Hagen ManLove Collection: Contemporary, Alternative, MM, HEA]


  Will has been dumped every Halloween for the past three years, so there was no way he was accepting the pink invitation stuck to his door. Unfortunately, his best friend Ezekiel wasn’t taking no for an answer. After badgering him nonstop to attend Randall Mercedes party, Will reluctantly gave in. And he was glad he did, because it was a night he would never forget.


  Ezekiel really thought he was dying when he entered the emergency room. He was in so much pain. But his agony was nothing compared to the guy next to him. Ezekiel snuck to the stranger’s bed and tried his best to comfort him. In return the stranger took him to Randall’s party where they found an empty room to scorch the sheets.


  After being stood up Chester wanted to drown his sorrows. Too bad he was sitting in a stinking coffee shop instead of a bar. But one free coffee later, and he was staring at the man of his dreams. Mr. Dreamy goes to Randall’s party as Chester’s date, and Chester’s luck finally turns around.


  Having an angst-ridden younger brother is no walk in the park. But after a car crash, being chased by a crazy man, and getting lost in the woods, they stumble upon a house where a stranger lends them his help. He also gave Brad a night of hot, passionate sex once they return from Randall’s party.

  Length: 23,900 words


  Mr. Mercedes Throws a Party

  A Pirate’s Bounty

  A Treasure to Keep

  A Squirrel Chasing a Nut

  Lynn Hagen


  Siren Publishing, Inc.


  Erotic Short Stories, Volume 3

  Copyright © 2019 by Lynn Hagen

  ISBN: 978-1-64637-017-7

  First Publication: October 2019

  Cover design by Emma Nicole

  All art and logo copyright © 2019 by Siren Publishing, Inc.

  ALL RIGHTS RESERVED: This literary work may not be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, including electronic or photographic reproduction, in whole or in part, without express written permission.

  All characters and events in this book are fictitious. Any resemblance to actual persons living or dead is strictly coincidental.

  WARNING: The unauthorized reproduction or distribution of this copyrighted work is illegal. Criminal copyright infringement, including infringement without monetary gain, is investigated by the FBI and is punishable by up to 5 years in federal prison and a fine of $250,000.

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  Siren Publishing, Inc.


  Lynn Hagen loves writing about the somewhat flawed, but lovable. She also loves a hero who can see past all the rough edges to find the shining diamond of a beautiful heart.

  You can find her on any given day curled up with her laptop and a cup of hot java, letting the next set of characters tell their story.

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  Mr. Mercedes Throws a Party

  A Pirate’s Bounty

  A Treasure to Keep

  A Squirrel Chasing a Nut



  Copyright © 2019

  Mr. Mercedes Throws a Party

  I stared at the pink invitation that had been attached to my door when I got home from work. Sidney had talked about the Halloween bash over a month ago at our HOA meeting, but I hadn’t given the party another thought. My best friend, Ezekiel, knew I hated Halloween. I seemed to get dumped at every party I attended. It was as though I was cursed that time of year, no matter how well my relationship was going with whoever I was dating at the time.

  Wouldn’t you hate the holiday if for three years straight years you were dumped?

  I crumpled the paper and let myself in, tossing the invitation in the kitchen trash. No sooner had I poured myself a glass of wine than someone was ringing my doorbell like he had the cops after him. He laid into it, never letting up until I answered.

  “Why can’t you ring the doorbell like a normal person?” I asked my best friend when I let him in. “You should lay on it no longer than two seconds.”

  Ezekiel waved a dismissive hand as he walked to the kitchen and helped himself to my boxed wine. “You would’ve ignored it and taken a bath. I wanted to talk to you about this year’s party.”

  “I’m not going.” I pointed at the balled-up flyer in the trash. It was like a pink angry eye, looking at me, taunting me with the fact that I sucked when it came to love.

  “I’ve got a solution.” Ezekiel flourished his hand as though he’d been holding a magic wand and was now using it to make me see reason. That would never happen. Although I was currently single, there was no way I would attend that party alone.

  “I’m not in the mood, Ezekiel. I’ve had a long, hard day, and all I want to do is sink into a bath full of bubbles.”

  “We could go together. I don’t have a date, either, but I don’t want to miss out on all the fun.” Ezekiel set his glass aside and grabbed my arm. “Come on, Will. Caleb Morgan will be there! He’s so dreamy I could just die.”

  Caleb Morgan was the resident doctor on our cul-de-sac. Ezekiel was right. Caleb was so damn dreamy that he made my molars hurt. Every gay man on Sheffield Lane wanted a piece of the yummy doctor.

  I didn’t have a shot at him with the way my luck went. The guy was charming, gorgeous, and, if you asked me, shy. He was polite, but he always looked as though he struggled to make small talk whenever I ran into him.

  “I’m not going.” I headed down the hallway with my wineglass, already feeling the bubbles surrounding me. “Why don’t you take Chester?” I asked when I saw he was following me.

  “Shut your mouth,” he said with a hiss. “I am not taking my cousin to a party. Besides, Chester and I had an argument.”

  That wasn’t anything new. The two bickered all the time. If I hadn’t known them, I would’ve sworn they were a married couple from the way they argued nonstop.

  “What was it about this time?” I set my glass on my dresser and grabbed some clothes. I couldn’t wait to get out of my work clothes. I had to admit I looked dashing in a suit, but I was ready for some lounge pants and a soft T-shirt.

  Ezekiel flopped onto my bed, careful of his wineglass. He took a sip and rolled his eyes. “Because we both want to go to the party dressed as a dirty pirate. I told him he was too plump to pull it off, and he told me to apologize. I said I loved him no matter how he looked, but I was still being the pirate.” He looked me over. “Have you gotten a costume?”

  “Yep. I’m dressing up as the man who isn’t attending the party.” I tossed my clothes aside and sat on the bed. “Now if you don’t mind, I’m going to get naked, and you’re not allowed to see my amazing body.”

  He chuckled. “I’ve seen it a dozen times, and I’m not impressed.”

  “You’re lying.”

  “Through my teeth.” He winked at me. “If only you were my type, I’d ravish your amazing body.”

  I removed my tie and then my button-down shirt. Next I kicked off my slacks. After grabbing my glass of wine
from the dresser, I went to the bathroom and drew my water.

  Ezekiel followed me. “Come on, Will. You have to go as my date. I can’t show up stag,” he whined. “Think about my reputation.”

  I laughed. “Everyone on Sheffield Lane knows we’re just friends. They won’t think we’re a couple. Besides, think of all the hot man candy you’ll have if you go alone.”

  Ezekiel sat on the closed toilet seat as I poured some liquid bubbles into my bath. I even added a strawberry-scented bath bomb. The room filled with the fragrance as I stripped my underwear off and sank into heaven.

  Ezekiel set my glass on the edge of the tub. “Since Halloween is only a few days away, I doubt there will be any good costumes left. Why don’t you wear one of your suits? You can go as some powerful CEO, and we’ll get you one of those decorative masks that cover your eyes and nose. You’ll be all mysterious and shit.”

  He slurped his wine, smiling as though he was the most brilliant man on the planet.

  “I like my idea better.” I sank down even farther. “Since you insist on being a pest, go order us some dinner. I’m starving.”

  Ezekiel pulled out his phone. “I’ll order from DoorDash. What’re you in the mood for?”

  “Peace and quiet. See if they have that in a family size.”

  “Okay, Chinese it is.” He started tapping away on his phone as I thought about Dr. Morgan. Even though I didn’t have a chance in hell with him, that didn’t stop me from fantasizing about running into him at the party and being ravished by his strong and capable hands.

  But I wasn’t going, no matter how hard Ezekiel begged me to. I had to admit I was tempted, though. Randall Mercedes was known for his extravagant celebrations. The music never ended, and the drinks always flowed. The catered food was always mouthwatering, and his guests included male models and even male strippers.

  Maybe I would stop by for just a second to enjoy the food. Really, just the food. Nothing else. Well, maybe the view, too. But I wasn’t sure I would stop by, so I didn’t say anything to my best friend.

  “The food’ll be here in thirty minutes. Finish your bath while I go see what’s on TV.”

  Finally Ezekiel left me alone. I could’ve kicked him out, but I would never do that. Ezekiel had grown up in foster care and didn’t have many friends. His life hadn’t been easy, but neither had mine. We’d both grown up on the wrong side of the tracks and had busted our humps to become successful, but that still didn’t help with his self-esteem. Or lack thereof.

  For the past year I’d been working to help build Ezekiel up, but he still thought he was mediocre at best, and I thought my best friend was simply incredible. He was hot as fuck, smart, successful, and his shyness was enduring, although he was never shy around me or his cousin.

  Chester had been in foster care, as well. The two had found each other when they’d become adults. They were two peas in a pod, constantly bickering, but there wasn’t anything they wouldn’t do for each other.

  I’d had a single-parent mom who had worked two jobs just to get by. She’d passed away a few years back, and there wasn’t a day that went by that I didn’t miss the hell out of her. I’d never held any resentment that we’d had to struggle to get by. There was always food on the table, even if it was just a bowl of macaroni and cheese. My mom had also made sure we’d kept a roof over our head, although we’d moved a dozen times.

  I’d also had my nana, but she’d passed away when I was fourteen. Glenda Macadam had had sleeves of tattoos, took me on lots of road trips, cursed up a storm, smoked, and drank coffee like it was going out of style. She’d been the coolest grandmother ever.

  Now it was just me and Ezekiel facing the world. I was thankful every day for his presence in my life.

  After washing up and getting dressed, I joined him on the couch. I rested my head on his shoulder, and he curled his arm around me. We just knew when the other needed comfort, and after thinking about my mom and nana, I needed it.

  We sat there quietly, watching the television until the food arrived. We gorged ourselves, read our fortunes, and then Ezekiel went home, leaving me to clean up our mess.

  As I took the trash out, I thought of the party. Maybe going wouldn’t be so bad. It wasn’t as though I had to worry about a breakup. I was single. There were going to be plenty of hot, available guys there. Why not take one home for a one-night stand?

  I secretly prayed it would be Dr. Caleb Morgan who took me home. Wouldn’t that be nice?

  * * * *

  “These were shoved at me, so I’m shoving them at you.” Mr. Bingham slapped a thick folder on my desk. “The CEO wants them completed by Friday, which means you’ll be putting in overtime.”

  “But Halloween is two days away,” I groaned.

  Mr. Bingham, with his long, narrow nose and eyes too small for his face, simply stared at me. “So what? It’s not like I’m asking you to work Christmas. Halloween is for children, and the last time I checked, you’re not a child.”

  I wanted to slap him with the thick folder. It figured that I’d finally decided to go to Randall Mercedes’ party and now I might have to miss it because my boss was too lazy to do his own work.

  A thought struck me. I grabbed the folder and walked out of my office, hurrying next door. Melissa was seated at her desk, typing away. She looked up, then her gaze dropped to my hand. “Nope, not gonna do it. I already have too much to handle right now.”

  “I’ll give you anything you want.” I took a seat on the steel-hard chair against the wall.

  Melissa turned in her chair, crossing her long legs as she looked me over. “It’s the beginning of the week. Why can’t you finish your work by Friday?”

  The walls were paper-thin, and clearly Melissa had heard Mr. Bingham. Our boss wasn’t any nicer to Melissa. The guy liked to throw his weight around, yell at everyone, and belittle those who crossed him. If Mr. Bingham even knew I was trying to pawn this work off on Melissa, he’d have my head.

  “I was invited to a Randall Mercedes party,” I said, as if she would know who Randall was. “It’s Wednesday night, and I can’t miss it.”

  How ironic that I hadn’t even wanted to go and now I was afraid I would miss it. In truth, I wanted to “bump” into Dr. Morgan.

  And possibly get laid by one of the strippers.

  Or a male model. I wasn’t choosey.

  “Did you say Randall Mercedes?” Melissa’s brown eyes lit up. “Are you freaking serious?”

  I frowned. “You know him?”

  She nodded enthusiastically. “Who doesn’t know him? I’ve been dying to attend one of his parties for years.” She got up and closed her office door. “I tell you what. You get me in and I’ll finish your work for an entire month.”

  Wow. I really needed to get her into his party. I’d checked off a plus one, just in case, and now I could take Melissa.

  It wasn’t as though the party was for gay men only, although the percentage of guests were, including the host. I was pretty sure Melissa could find a straight man in the sea of hot gayness. If not, at least she could have a good time just being there.


  Her eyes bugged out. “Are you serious?”

  I smiled. “You can be my plus one.”

  She squealed, and I covered my ears. Damn she was loud. Too loud. I prayed she hadn’t caught Mr. Bingham’s attention. That asshole would yell at us for socializing instead of working our fingers to the bone.

  I grabbed a piece of paper from her desk and wrote down my address. “Be at my house by nine on Wednesday night.”

  She looked as though she’d pass out or piss herself. I hoped for neither. “I’ll be there.”

  “Don’t forget to wear a costume,” I said before I left her office, a pep to my step and a smile on my face.

  * * * *

  I walked to the party, which was a few houses down, with Melissa, Ezekiel, and Chester. My best friend had pitched a bitch for an entire hour because Chester had shown up in a pi
rate costume.

  I’d gone with Ezekiel’s idea. I’d worn one of my more expensive suits, and I had a mask on my face. It was a bit itchy, but I’d deal with that. I liked the whole idea of being mysterious. It made the night seem more fun.

  “Are you sure you can walk in those things?” I asked Melissa. She’d worn a Goth vampire outfit, complete with stilettos. I was afraid she’d stumble and break an ankle. How the hell did women wear those things? My feet ached just looking at them.

  “I’m fine. I’ve been wearing heels since I was a teenager.” She slid her arm in mine as we walked over an uneven part of the sidewalk. The tree on the tree lawn was tall enough, and its roots had grown under the concrete, making it bumpy. I tightened my arm in case her foot got caught on the jutting ground and I had to save her from a fall.

  While waiting for everyone to arrive, I’d heard the music from Randall’s house already thumping. Now it was even louder as we approached. The street was lined with endless cars, going all the way to the stop sign. I was glad I lived close by. Parking would’ve been a nightmare. We probably would’ve had to park three blocks away, and could you imagine Melissa walking that far in her death traps?

  The house was the biggest on the block. There was a circular driveway, and Randall had hired a valet. We walked up the sweeping stairs and stopped to give our names to the man who stood just outside the front door. The guy was big and beefy. No one was getting past him without their name on his list.

  He nodded, and we went inside. I gasped at how extravagant the decorations were. Black and orange streamers were everywhere, as well as paper balls that hung from the vaulted ceiling. This hadn’t been my first time in Randall’s home, but damn, this was incredible.

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