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Unforgettable Love

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Unforgettable Love

  Unforgettable Love

  Copyright © 2015 by K. Elliott Enterprises, INC 2015

  All rights reserved.

  eBook ISBN—978–0-9863895–5-9

  Cover Design by:

  Lisa Jay

  Photography by:

  Shannon Cain


  Editing by:

  Nichole Strauss

  Perfectly Publishable

  Interior Design and Formatting by:

  Christine Borgford

  Perfectly Publishable

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  This book is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents either are products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, events or locales is entirely coincidental.

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  This book is dedicated to my readers. If it weren’t for y’all, Dodge and Sierra’s story would still be in my head waiting to come out!

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  THE FIRST TIME I EVER laid eyes on Dodge Walker, I knew I was in trouble. He was handsome as hell; his smile melted my panties and had me wanting things I’d never dreamed I’d wish for, and he agitated the hell out of me. He had a cocky attitude that drove me insane . . . not to mention he had a thing for Ryn, a friend of mine who used to be his fuck-buddy not too long ago.

  Ugh. Seeing him in my favorite Starbucks this morning certainly had me confused. I wanted to dislike him, but I couldn’t. I found myself lost in thought about him. Dreaming of what it would be like for him to hold me in his arms, slowly make love to me as he whispered in my ear how beautiful and sexy I was.

  Jesus, I needed to stop this.

  After saying hi to Ryn, Dodge turned to me. I could feel my face flush as I looked him over.

  Stupid sexy bastard. I wished like hell he went by his real name . . . Aaron. It fit him so much better than Dodge.

  “Hey, Sierra. How are you doing?”

  Sucking my lower lip into my mouth, I dreamed of Dodge’s lips on mine. Giving him a slight nod, I barely said, “Hey, how’s it going?”

  Smiling, Dodge turned back to Ryn. He narrowed his eyes and pulled his head back. “Holy shit. It’s all over your face.”

  Sucking in a breath, I jumped up and pushed Dodge back. “Oh, no you don’t. I noticed it first, so back off, boy-toy.”

  Dodge glared at me and a fire ignited in my body. I wonder how big he is? Would I feel him for a few days after he buried himself deep inside me?

  Sierra, stop thinking about him like that!

  “I don’t think so, short stack. I noticed the moment I walked in.”

  “I call bullshit,” I said as I threw my hands onto my hips. “Listen, dickhead, you think you saw what you saw, but really you didn’t see anything at all because you’re probably still hung up on her. Being hung up on her, you thought you saw something there, but you didn’t.”

  Dodge pulled his head back and stared at me. Even I knew none of that had made any sense.

  Damn it all to hell. Why does he make me so nervous? I feel like a teenage girl whenever he’s around.

  “What in the fuck do you smoke every morning?”

  An older woman I had been talking to earlier cleared her throat. “Language, kids.”

  Dodge took me by the arm and my stomach dropped as his heat invaded my body. Pulling me out of the Starbucks and away from the door, Dodge turned me to him. “Listen, why don’t you get your coffee and head on out of here? Go to work and do whatever it is you do.”

  Dodge looked me up and down and the pulsing between my legs grew. Shit! I hated that he had such an effect on me. Stupid good-looking, son-of-a-bitch. His blue eyes landed back on mine, and I longed to tell him how I really felt.

  “What do you do? You a secretary to some hot doctor who you screw at night before he goes home to his sad, lonely wife?”

  The air immediately left my body as I heard Tristan and Ryn behind me. The only thing I could do was stare at Dodge as the memory of walking in on my husband and best friend having sex flooded my mind.

  Dodge smirked as he searched my face. Fighting to hold back my tears, I vowed I’d never let Dodge Walker ever make me feel that way again. Turning, I slowly began to walk away as a tear made its way down my cheek. Quickly wiping it away before that asshole could see what he did to me.

  I needed to get out of there before I lost control and let the emotions I had bottled up inside out.

  “Wait! Sierra, I didn’t mean to—”

  Tristan stepped in front of me and looked at Dodge. “Stop. Just stop talking.”

  Glancing back at me, Tristan asked if I was okay. Nodding my head, I was barely able to find the words to speak. “I’m gonna head to work. I’ll give y’all a call later. Let’s do dinner so I can hear all about how y’all got back together again.”

  Turning around, I gave Dodge my best go-to-hell look. “Because I knew first she got back with him, you stupid asshole!” Before Dodge could reply, I headed to my car parked across the street.

  Once I was safely a few blocks away, I pulled ov
er and attempted to get my emotions under control. How stupid was I to think Dodge Walker was anything but a man-whore who only cared about himself?

  He’d never be interested in me.


  Closing my eyes, I let my tears fall.

  SITTING IN THE CONFERENCE ROOM, I let out a soft sigh as I stared out the window at the capitol building. My heart was aching as I glanced down at my shaking hands. I was being assigned a new lawyer and I wasn’t sure if it was a good thing or a bad thing.

  “When is this divorce going to be over?” I whispered as I closed my eyes. Pulling out my phone, I glanced down at the last text message I received from Robert.

  Asshat: Sierra, settle now and things won’t get nasty. We all know you cheated on me first.

  Balling my fist up, I wanted to throw my phone. I hated my husband with every ounce of my being. How dare he accuse me of cheating? Feeling sick, I sat back down and closed my eyes. The moment that changed my life forever flashed into my memory.

  Pulling into the driveway, I noticed Robert’s BMW. What is he doing home? A smile spread across my face. He must have been paying attention when I said I would be off early today. Maybe he was going to take me out to an early dinner. A movie maybe? After all, it was our six-year anniversary.

  Shutting my car door, I smiled as I walked into the house. Things had been tense between us lately; maybe Robert was attempting to make a go at things.

  Glancing around, I called for Duke, my black lab. Then I heard a woman’s voice coming from down the hall.

  Swallowing hard, I held my breath as I made my way toward the master bedroom. The door was shut and I heard mumbled moans. All the times in college when my friends would tell me what a mistake I was making by marrying Robert rushed back into my memory. He couldn’t be trusted . . . he flirted endlessly with women . . . he would end up cheating on me. Their words played over and over in my head. The underlying fear he would cheat on me hit me like a brick wall as I made my way to our room.

  Please, don’t do this to me. Please don’t be cheating on me, Robert.

  Reaching for the doorknob, I slowly turned and opened it. My eyes widened in horror as I saw Lisa, my best friend, on all fours as my husband fucked her from behind. Glancing down at the floor, I saw Duke. Goddamn it. My dog was watching my husband screw my best friend!

  Quickly closing the door, I turned and rushed down the hallway. Placing my hands over my stomach, I attempted to breathe in the oxygen I was clearly lacking.

  When a hand touched my back, I jumped and spun around. Standing before me was my cheating-ass husband.

  “Sierra. What are you doing here?”

  My eyes widened in horror. “I live here, Robert! What in the hell are you doing? You’re screwing my best friend. In our bed! While my damn dog watched!”

  Holding up his hands, he took a step closer to me as I stepped back. “Baby, let me explain.”

  Stopping, I held my hand up. “Don’t even. Don’t you dare patronize me, you asshole. Get out. Get out of this house right now!”

  Dropping his mouth open and taking a step back, he stared at me. “You don’t know what you’re saying, Sierra.”

  Letting out a gruff laugh, I glared at him. “Oh, I know exactly what I’m saying and trust me, you and that little whore in there will pay for this. I swear, Robert. You’re going to pay for this.”

  A smirk grew across his face as he tilted his head at me. “Are you threatening me, Sierra?”

  My body was trembling, and I fought like hell not to let Robert see. Reaching deep down inside, I pulled out every ounce of strength I could muster up. Placing my hands on my hips, I returned the smirk. “You bet your goddamn BMW I’m threatening you.”

  Robert stood there and looked my body over. “You don’t have what it takes, baby, to knock me down.”

  Walking up to him with a smile, I placed my hands on his bare chest and slowly moved them down as his eyes lit up. Sliding one hand over his boxers, I grabbed his balls and twisted until he dropped to the floor. Pulling my foot back, I kicked him as hard as I could in the stomach as Lisa let out a scream.

  Bending over, I placed my lips to his ear and purred, “Watch me.”

  Standing, I pointed to Lisa. “By the time I get back, you both better be out of my house, and throw the damn sheets away. It’s the least you could do.”

  Lisa called out for me as I slammed the door shut and ran away as fast as I could.

  Opening my eyes, I glanced around the conference room as I pushed the memory from my mind. Awards and degrees were plastered all over the walls. Walker Law Firm was one of the best firms in Austin, if not the best. And I needed the best. Unfortunately, my last lawyer was not working up to the standards Mr. Walker wanted. My dirty rotten husband was now accusing me of cheating on him. He didn’t have a leg to stand on, because for some crazy reason, I stayed faithful to the dickhead.

  Yet, he and his lawyer had pulled out every trick they could think of to stall the divorce long enough for me to turn thirty and inherit my trust fund from my father. From emergency surgeries to Robert having the flu.

  Robert’s lawyer had eaten my last lawyer alive during our first and only attempt at mediation. I needed someone who would not be afraid to stand up to the pompous chauvinistic pig who was hell-bent on taking half of everything I had away from me.

  Dropping my head back, I let out a sigh as I began counting the tiles on the ceiling. Jesus, what in the hell is taking so long? I’m already not impressed with this new lawyer making me wait like this.

  The doorknob turned and I sat up, inhaling a deep breath. Please don’t be an old fart. Please.

  The door opened and I sucked in a breath of air. Slowly standing, my mouth dropped open as I stared at Dodge. The man I have fought a major attraction to was standing in front of me looking hotter than hell. What in the hell is he doing here?

  My eyes quickly moved over his body as my insides turned to mush. Dodge was dressed in a white buttoned-down shirt, black dress slacks and a tie. He stood tall and confident as he made his way into the room. My insides melted on the spot. Holy shit does he look good dressed up. The things he could do to me with that tie. I loved that he dyed his blond hair back to brown. It caused his blue eyes to stand out even more and suited him so much better. Damn it all to hell. Why does he have to make my stomach feel like I’m on a thrill ride?

  Slowly licking my lips, I went to talk but nothing came out.

  “Sierra, it’s um—” Clearing his throat, he motioned for me to sit down. My mind was spinning. What is Dodge doing here? Am I being punked?

  Sitting down slowly, I tried to figure out what in the hell was happening. Dodge shut the door and made his way around the table. Sitting down three seats away from me, I couldn’t help but notice how tense he was.

  “W-what are you doing here, Dodge?” I asked.

  Dodge began adjusting his tie as a bead of sweat formed on his brow. “It’s, ah, it’s Aaron, not Dodge.”

  My stomach dropped at the sound of his name off of his lips. I wasn’t sure why I liked his damn name so much. I imagined how it would sound coming off my lips as he slowly made love to me and—Stop this, Sierra!

  Swallowing hard, I shook my head to clear the naughty thoughts away. “Okay, Aaron. Why are you here? I’m about to have a meeting with my new lawyer, so you’re gonna have—”

  My eyes widened as it hit me. Ryn and Tristan mentioned Dodge had gone back to work for his father’s law firm. Shit! Shit! Shit! What is Dodge’s last name?

  Glancing quickly at a degree, I sucked in a breath. Aaron Walker. My eyes snapped back over to Dodge as he gave me a smirk. That bastard.

  “I’m here, Mrs. Jackson, because I’m your new lawyer.”

  Fate surely was not this cruel.

  Placing my hand over my mouth, I whispered, “Holy shit.”

  Dodge attempted to hold his smile back but failed miserably. Dropping my hand, I stood up. “No, no this is so not going to work. I ne
ed a new lawyer. You can’t be my lawyer.”

  Dodge pulled his head back and asked, “Why not?”

  Stunned, I said, “You’re a bartender, Dodge. You’re a . . . a . . .” Leaning closer to him, I whispered, “A man-whore.”

  Dodge inhaled a deep breath and shook his head as he narrowed his eye at me. “I’ll have you know, Mrs. Jackson, I’m far more than just a bartender and man-whore.”

  I could see the hurt and anger in Dodge’s eyes and a part of me was pleased I got one over on him.

  “My father put me on this case to win, and I have every intention of doing just that. Would you like me to show you my degrees? Would that make you have more confidence in me?”

  My small victory was quickly shot down as I realized what a bitch I was being.

  “Um . . . I didn’t mean to—”

  Reaching out his hand, Dodge slid the file closer to him and read over the previous lawyer’s notes. Dodge frowned as he kept reading. Before long he balled up his fist and inhaled a deep breath.

  I slowly sat back down and began chewing on my bottom lip. “What’s wrong?” I asked.

  Looking up from reading, I couldn’t read Dodge’s eyes. Standing, he turned away and said, “I need a few moments please.”

  Without a word, he spun on his heels and left. The moment the door shut, I closed my eyes and prayed Dodge hadn’t read what I thought he read.

  DRAGGING IN A FEW DEEP breaths, I headed down the hall to the main receptionist. “Karen, will you please bring in some bottled waters for Mrs. Jackson and myself.”

  Nodding and giving me a smile, Karen said, “Sure. I’m on it.”

  Turning back around, I headed into the empty conference room next to the one Sierra was in to regain my composure. That motherfucker hit her; I’m going to kill him. Running a hand through my hair, I squeezed my eyes shut. My feelings for Sierra had always thrown me for a loop. The first time I ever saw her I was instantly attracted to her. Her wiseass cracks had always driven me mad with both anger and lust. One minute I wanted to push her down like we were on a school playground, and the next I wanted to pull her into my arms and kiss her like she deserved to be kissed.

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