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Visigothic_The Barbarians Of Midgard

  Jay P. Newcomb grew up reading history and later became a soldier, spending four years in Germany. He became inspired by the history of England and Germany at an early age and is a person who is very proud to be of English lineage. He was further inspired by the Bible and the works of Tolkien, as well as the saga of Beowulf and the Volsung saga. Newcomb decided to write a fantasy adventure saga synthesizing elements of biblical-type characters with those types he encountered in the Volsung Saga, as well as ideas from Celtic traditions.

  Jay P. Newcomb


  The Barbarians Of Midgard

  Vanguard Press


  © Copyright 2016

  Jay P. Newcomb

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  ISBN 978 1 78465 159 6 (Paperback0

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  Pegasus Elliot MacKenzie Publishers Ltd.

  First Published in 2016

  Vanguard Press

  Sheraton House Castle Park

  Cambridge England

  For Joseph, my beloved son.

  Book One


  In The Dim Times

  Between the times when the waters of the flood drank the world of Primeval Midgard, to the rise of the Sons of Romulus, there was an epoch undreamed of; the first age of Midgard.

  Knowing from the Great God Shaddai, Master of the Legions of the Divine Chariot Throne, that the slander and blasphemy of the Nephilim and of the Sons of Tubal-Cain had corrupted all Midgard and that it should be soon cleansed of evil, Noach built for himself a great long ship! This was the ark on which he and his kin must needs board and save the lives of the seed of all creatures great and small, which El Shaddai had deemed must carry forth to the new world. Great Shaddai saith unto Lord Noach, “Seven pairs of all those that be holy, and two pairs of all those which be common and unclean for the lips of man to touch. These shall ye take on board the Long-ship. To thee shall I send them and neither shall the fear of you be upon them. I shall send unto thee all manner of beasts, from the Great Dragons of the air and of the land; and as well the great Mastodons and Mammoths. Yea also the Tigers of Sabre-tooth shall come unto thee. There shall come unto thee Lions and all manner of creeping things which the ground doth conceal.” So it is written in the Scroll of the Dim Time, the Book of Beginnings:

  There were giants in Midgard in those days; and also after that, when the Angels of the One God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, these same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown, the Titans of Fury. And GOD saw that the wickedness of man was great in Midgard, and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually. And it repented the LORD Shaddai that he had made man in Midgard, and it grieved him at his heart. And the LORD said, I will destroy man whom I have created from the face of all Midgard; both man, and beast, and the creeping thing, and the fowls of the air; for it repenteth me that I have made them. But Noach found grace in the eyes of the LORD Shaddai, the One God.

  Thus, after Lord Noach built the mighty Long Ship, his sons Yapet, Hom and Shem came aboard with their wives and Kinder and all that they had. There has been no boat since the waters receded from Midgard to equal its size and magnitude.

  Upon all Midgard there came a mighty deluge! Thus did Great Shaddai turn earth asunder and spill over the seas across the great land, which was no more! Atlantis, that greatest of countries and most vile, didst perish in a day as well as sad Lemuria! Lemuria the great land of Tubal-Cain doth choke in swirling abyss and Atlantis, home of Giants, has fallen and never more shall rise.

  And Great Shaddai said unto Noach, “The end of all flesh is come before me; for the earth is filled with violence through them; and, behold, I will destroy them with the earth.” And it came to pass after seven days that the waters of the flood were upon Midgard. In the six hundredth year of Noach’s life, in the second month, the seventeenth day of the month, the same day were all the fountains of the great deep broken up, and the windows of heaven were opened. And the rain was upon the earth forty days and forty nights. Behold, land was churned asunder and great mountains did thrust upward, for before this there had been no such lofty heights. Then behold, as the waters began to recede, the new earth didst become cold in the parts of the great north and the far south, and an age of ice was now settled upon those lands! Only in that which is called Midgard was there land free of such frozen horror. Here the sons of Noach found for themselves a new home. Yea, as well, those new races which the Great Shaddai created: the kingdoms of the Dwarves and noble Elves, as well as the Ogres and Goblins and even the hideous Gargoyles; none could live upon the ice-locked lands, and so Midgard was now home to all creatures, great and small. Yea, even Leprechauns and Fauns as well as Trolls, Centaurs and Minotaurs, Fairies and Gnomes; yea, even foul vampires, the Draugrim, could rest naught but only in the sprouting forests and vast open plains of Midgard. In the vast sea which remained, God created the Merwif, peoples of the sea known as Mermen and Mermaids, making them his guardians of the vast abyss and its unique life, and over them was the Watchman of the Sea, the Great Angel Aesir, called Poseidon.

  Behold, when Noach came forth from the Ark with his family, he found Yoshael and Zakarah, father and mother of Elves, the first new race of beings created by God to accompany mankind in the restoration of Midgard.

  It came to pass afterward that, as the new age arose, the Sons of Noach did multiply on the land. The Sons of Ham, Kayin and Mizraim went away from the new mountains of Ararot, for before there had been no great peaks upon earth to tower to sky, past rain and cloud. Lord Noach sent them and all his sons away; for Great Shaddai had thus ordered it so. Each must go to that place of his own, drawn by lot. The Great God Shaddai blessed Noach and his sons, and said unto them, “Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish Midgard.”

  Now, it was at this time that from among the Angels of the Creator God Shaddai did come unto the land Gavral, Thor and Wotan, Brigid and Frigg and Aesir, also called Poseidon. These great beings were appointed Spirit Kings of the powers of the Air over Midgard and Wassergard beneath the waves of the sea, in order to combat the evil and Slanderous Loki the Satan and his Spirit Dragon the Jormungandr. Great Lord Shaddai spared all judgment until the time of the end; to the day of fire! To the day of Ragnarok!

  Mizraim found fertile new soil in a great land by the greatest of all new rivers which now formed upon Midgard. Great Egypt is he, Mizraim, whose pyramids stand even unto this day. From Ham arose the man Sinum, from who come the men of the great Ming of Cathay as well as Shangra-La and Hodu of Asoka. Cush, son of Ham, begot Zulu and Masai, from who arose the Black races of Midgard.

  But Kayin was evil and did covet the land of his uncle Shem, and there he stayed. From Kayin arose new evil. Bu
t Great Shaddai had purposed not to punish Mother Earth, Midgard, in the manner of deluge any more, and so promised. But Great El Shaddai promised the Day of Ragnarok, judgment fire yet to come. Thus the wicked hearts of men brought new evils and the sons of Kayin, believing Devils to be gods, burned alive their babies in idols of Tophet. Thus, in times long since passed, they fell by the edge of the sword of Yoshua the Evri.

  The Sons of Shem found their lands and thus there arose cities of legend and lore! Lands of Gold and rich spices, and from their noble Mothers were born kinder whom thence became men of books and scroll. For from their noble son Avram were born the tribes of the Evri, whose Lord Moses spoke with Great Heaven, Shaddai himself, and thus came written scrolls of Shaddai and all laws of good and right manner.

  It came to pass after 3000 years that the First Age of Midgard came to an end at the time of the rise of the Sons of Romulus, that from these Evrim came, he who was called Son of Heaven, as Great Shaddai walked among men. Yea by choice he allowed himself to be slain by the stake of Romulus, but did arise in victory. And in the fires and cataclysms of those days, began the second age of Midgard, and it is well known that he comes again at Ragnarok in the days of Gotterdammerung when shall begin a new epoch, of which we Visigoths wait with longing! But I digress, my people, so let me continue to weave the tails of the First Age.

  In the great epoch of Noach, in the First Age of Midgard after the deluge, the sons of Yapet began to multiply and move out north of the Land of Ararot. Gomer and Mesheck, from whom come all the noble men, and not so noble men of Sarmatia, Germania, and Scythia most savage. Those Cimmerians and Celts, Magyars, also Huns most savage! Mongols and Tatars and Turk are the pride of Father Mesheck. And let us not forget Tubal, from whom comes all those of the race of the Dwarves, the Gnomes and the Leprechauns of Erin.

  Great Shaddai confounded all the languages, and thus men were divided by group where men did sojourn with fellows of the same tongue. The hearts of men being savage, wars did come between us, as our fathers began to fight for scarce resources as the land recovered from the great deluge.

  In those days, King Nimrod of Babel sought to build a tower, on which he would place a talisman known as The All Seeing Eye. He would use this to create a gateway between Asgard, Heavens, and mortal earth, Midgard. This Tower of Babel was thrown down as God confounded the languages of all sentient beings of Midgard. The amber coloured orb, encased in a crystalline pyramid known as The All Seeing Eye was disassembled by the Elf Wizard Yoshael and its pieces hidden in sacred places around the world. The orb (or pupil) itself was taken to the strange and mysterious temple complex of Gobekli Tepe. Four hundred years would pass, until a descendent of Nimrod, known as Hister, arose as the Black Wizard of Dakkia and ruler of the Dark North, and sought to succeed where his ancestor Nimrod had failed. He craved the day to come when he could possess more than just the pupil, but all pieces of The All Seeing Eye, especially that smallest of parts, the gem of Nechtan or the Heart of the Sea. For only with this seemingly insignificant part, would the Eye function as designed. He hated all Leprechauns as well, and sought to exterminate them as a race from among men.

  Now there was one more noble of those brothers and he was the Great Gomer. Seeking lands in the north and west, his noble sons came unto old Gothland, in the age when the ice, forming after the great cleansing, had thus moved. Ronan Goth, fourth grandson of Great Gomer, followed great herds of Mastodons and deer into the Nordic land and there they stayed. His warrior sons went forth and gave rise to all great Northmen. King Ronan, the child of promise who, with his Goth Lords, would rise as an anointed King to oppose the ruler of the Dark North and a climactic battle of the epoch deciding the fate of Midgard for a thousand years.

  It was in the times of Gomer and his son Tervinge that the races and beings which were not of men but like unto men began to multiply across Midgard, for they too had been brought through from the Primeval age on the great ship of Father Noach. They arose as both companion and foe to all the sons of Noach! There were the Goblins, Gargoyles, Fauns, Satyrs, as well as foul Ogres and Trolls, Centaurs and Minotaurs, the Cyclops and Wolfevolk, even the Giants, yea also even Dragons multiplied across the land as slowly the ice did melt. Ah, and let me not forget that most curious of races. The Huggins (Hoogins): a race of intelligent Ravens, some of whom serve as familiars to evil wizards and sorcerers. Their ancestors migrated to a strange forest in Dakkia called Hrefnawudu, or Ravenswood. Their chief place of habitation within Ravenswood was known as Hrefensholt (Ravensholt).

  Huginn (Hooginn) was Original Father of all Huggins who lived in that first age of Midgard after the flood of Noach, for he had been sent away from the Ark by Lord Noach to find land, but never did he return. For when the waters were abated from off of Midgard, Muninn, Mother of all Huggins, found her mate, and when the forest had begun to grow once more, flew unto Dakkia and there founded Hrefnawudu, or Ravenswood.

  During this first age, Midgard saw the rise and fall of great kings, prophets and poets. The Evrim did rise and fall, and rise again and were holy, but the lands of Assyria, Hellas and Babylon with Parsis and Cush gave rise to pride and palace, warrior and farmer, mothers and fathers. But only from Evrim came priests of Shaddai and the Son of Heaven. They have all now fallen into dust before the ironclad footmen and Knights of the Sons of Romulus and Remus in our age, this second epoch of Midgard!

  Where came these bitter Sons of Romulus from? Who were the Fathers of the Beast Kings? Of this I will now speak. It came to pass in the land of Kanaan early in the First Age, behold, twins were born from the womb of an Evri maiden whose name was Rivka. Izaak their father, who was of the Sons of Avram, favoured the first-born, Esau the Red, while Rivka favoured the Younger, Yakoub. When those young men were of age, through chicanery was Esau lowered and Yakoub made heir. So Esau the Red, disdaining the path of good, turned instead to evil. The twelve sons of Yakoub continued to be Evri, while Esau the Red married daughters of the Sheiks of Ishmael.

  Eight hundred years passed, and then the men of Teman, a tribe of the Sons of Esau the Red, travelled far away across the Great Sea, having been bent low in battle by Dovid, King of the Evrim. Sailing forth from the land of Mizraim and pyramid shadow, these came unto a far west shore in the land of Etalia. Their children became men of the Etruscan Kingdom, who then gave birth to the brothers, Romulus and Remus. These were evil and men of base character, very much friends with both the Ogres of Morag and the Goblins of the Lofty Mountains.

  Now the birth of these was a dark day indeed, for it portended future evil for the noble sons of Gothland, and indeed it was in their times that the First Age came to its end, and thus was born our own epoch. It is said that Mars, a demonic Servant of Loki of whom, some fools took to be a god, came in unto Rhea Silvia in the night! The Incubus thus did father Romulus and Remus, who are of the Spawn of the Refiam! It was said that King Amulus would perish at their hands, and thus by the river Tiber were these twins deposited, for their enemies feared to kill them, yet feared to let them live. But Mars, seeing that his sons would now surely die, sent unto them a She-Wolf, from whom the babes did nurse! As it would happen, a farmer called Faustula found the babes and took them home to his wife Acca. Mars, having thus secured a home for his sucklings, left the unknowing pair to adopt the babes. Thus did Romulus and Remus grow up and build a great and wicked city! This city is Romula, who would rule the West-lands of Africanus, Celtica and Brython, and even unto the far reaches of Mizraim and Evri, and thence Kanaan, coming full circle to their ancient fathers. Thus the Spirit of Esau the Red inflicted hated vengeance upon Yerushalami, city of Yakoub and the Evrim, and it was they who slew the Son of the One God. Woe to Midgard where the sons of Romulus tread their booted soldiers’ feet at behest of their Beast King! And so ended the age of Noach, and thus began the Second Age of our beloved Midgard.

  In the 600th year of the reign of the Beast Kings, the sons of Romulus marched from Etalia and came into Celtica and didst commit sl
aughter in those lands! Pillaging and looting and ravishing the women! Thus did Julian the Curser, Beast King of Romulus, march steadfast into Celtica and Germania with filth, and with greed. Great Vergingedrex, King of Gergovia, was taken as a slave to Romula and strangled to death in front of a mob of blood-lusting madmen!

  Early in the dawn of the Second Age, a dark shadow spread over Midgard unto Gothia and Germania. The dark wizards of Romulus now forced all who would not worship the Beast Kings, or the image of the Beast Kings, to be put to the sword in combat arenas! Yea also, some were nailed to crosses like unto that of the Son of Heaven! He could rise; they could not. The darkness prevailed and even the Druids were put to flight. The Dwarfs and the Elves gave battle as well, but alas the Sons of Romulus flourished in greater numbers.

  But the noble descendants of Ronan, first Goth Lord of that long-past First Age of Midgard, would not bow down, nor would our forefathers submit their children as prey to the Beast King! They found Varus the Romulan in the deep forest of Germania and by the edge of the sword, sent him and his entire Legion away to Halja, the halls of the dishonoured dead! Thus let it be to all the souls of the vile! The Goth Lords are upon you, oh Romulus!

  But I digress once more, my people, my dear noble Visigoths. Let me speak in this chronicle of the time of high adventure, of an epic struggle for freedom by the Barbarians of Midgard, and the Rise of the Goth Lords. We take our thoughts wayward, far back in time, to the days of dim and distant memory, to a time around five hundred years, maybe less, maybe more, after the great flood, to the beginning of the Epoch of Noach, the First Heroic Age of Midgard.

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