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Blaze's Inferno

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Blaze's Inferno

  The Lost City:

  Blaze’s Inferno

  By: D.L.Colón


  Copyright © 2019 D.L. Colón

  All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in or introduced into a retrieval system, or transmitted, in any form, or by any means without prior written permission of the copyright owner. This is a work of fiction


  I want to say thanks to those that supported me, no matter how small or big your support was it is appreciated. I want to thank everyone for their patience. I want to say thanks to everyone around the world that buys my book and enjoys them, I also want to give my thanks to Patricia From (Books to curls up with book blog), for continuing to support me throughout these years.

  To the new readers joining the ride I have ready for you, welcome to my world, and thank you for your support.

  For those who have waited all this time, this book is for you.


  It has been three weeks since they last saw Rick Blaze. Noryad has fulfilled his word and has granted a whole city to the race of Behemoth that were there to protect their King but they also they lived among the people in Puerto Rico awaiting his return, so city was granted to the people he brought with him from Puerto Rico after the defeat of Raphael. He has stopped wearing his crown, but the people are demanding that he as their king should rise to the throne and fulfill the promises heard when God’s announcement was made to the world. But King Noryad is not ready to step up to his destiny, and the people are growing restless.

  Blaze has been traveling for weeks looking for the Holy Flame, but all he comes across are ruins and destruction. He is starting to think that Noryad has sent him to the wrong location. However, he has started to hear the calling and now he knows he is heading the right way. Every time he would step away from his path, the calling would stop and once he found the right way again the calling would resume.

  Kenna Flames has been defending her temple from the Saviors, and it has been three weeks since she used her powers to compel any fire user to arrive at her temple located in Japan. Recently some people she doesn’t recognize have started to appear and some of them have been fighting with her against the Saviors. She believes that her calling was heard, she’s been hearing rumors that the Holy Flame was the one that started to summon those warriors to touch it, Kenna knows that sooner or later the chosen one will appear and she knows that at that moment her fate will be sealed. She only wondered if she would be ready to submit herself to her mate as it has been dictated since her since birth.

  Gabriel wants to gain control of the Holy Flame and he has been sending small troops to weaken the Holy Flame Temple because he knows that whoever takes it, will have the power to burn anything in his way and can set the world aflame. This will give Gabriel the power he needs to clean the earth in one swoop, but will Gabriel be able to fight through its protector, the Goddess of Fire, Kenna Flames?

  Chapter 1

  Noryad is in Brock’s workshop waiting for him, after a few minutes the large, black metal door opens. A muscular man walks in, scanning the room, as if looking for someone. Upon making eye contact with Noryad he makes his way toward him. Noryad closes his eyes for a couple of seconds as he gathers his magic. Light emits from Noryad’s body. As the magic spreads out through the room, the black metal door seals completely as Noryad uses his magic to block any noise from escaping.

  Noryad has been on edge lately. His magic has been keeping him up and active most of the night, not letting him sleep as it showed him visions of how a massive war is approaching and how his people are not ready for it. Noryad, knowing this, has grown quite restless and has decided to make sure that there’s something in place for protection. The Saviors and Destroyers detector has started to fail. He decided to approach Brock with what he has in mind but needs to make sure that no one else will be able to get the information out of him. With a lethal glare, he walks toward Brock and puts a hand on his shoulder, letting his magic put pressure on him. His eyes turn a solid, ephemeral blue.

  “Brock, what I am about to tell you, nobody should know about it other than me. Once I start talking I want you to listen very carefully because you will only hear it once. What I want is to create an invisible barrier that will distinguish friend from foe, and I already have the blueprints in my head and I will transfer the blueprints from my brain to your brain. You won’t be able to write anything about it. I will be taking precautions to ensure that you don’t share the information. This is not because I don’t trust you, but because I have to be sure that no one else knows about this. I decided that I will place a blockage on your mind, preventing you from leaving clues or saying anything that has to do with this or how to build it. My plan will require someone to sacrifice themselves to become what I call the Watcher, and we need to find someone who would be interested in doing so.”

  Brock swallows heavily, his body and mind feeling the pressure of Noryad’s magic and the convictions of his word. His body just wants to kneel as if asking for forgiveness. As he gathers his thoughts, a chill runs down his spine. He looks at Noryad in the eyes for a second but decides not to break eye contact.

  “Why are you doing this, Noryad?”

  Noryad nods looking at him. “Because I have a bad feeling in my gut that something is going to happen and I always trust my gut. I need to know if you will take care of this task for me or not, Brock.”

  Brock nods without flinching and puts a hand on Noryad’s shoulder. “I will always do whatever you ask me to. You are my king, Noryad, and your word is the law. Where do you want this barrier set up?”

  Noryad sighs as he rubs his face, frustration showing on his features as he turns around, not looking at Brock. “I am not asking you as the king. I haven’t taken the throne and as you may notice I am not wearing my crown. I want this barrier set up surrounding Nashville where Behemoth are living. You have very little time to do it. I’ll be counting on you. Once you finish this barrier all you have to say to me is ‘it has been done,’ and I will know. Remember that we need someone that will be the Watcher, but I will be taking care of that matter, just focus on building it.”

  Noryad turns around and touches Brock’s head, giving him the blueprints and also setting up the blockage on his mind. Once he passes that, Brock’s face registers shock realizing the complexity of the barrier and that Noryad was serious when he said that a life needed to be sacrificed.

  “Why would you want to sacrifice a life to make it become the Watcher and watch everyone who tries to enter the Behemoth City?”

  Noryad nods. “Because now that the Destroyers have lost their commander they can wander freely around the city without being known and without anyone knowing their intentions. And before you say anything, the mechanism that we have been using to check everyone is starting to fail. Now they know how to pass through it without being discovered and stopped, so I need to be sure that nothing will happen to my people that are now living in the Behemoth City.”

  Noryad turns around and leaves. Brocks starts to work tirelessly on creating the chamber of the Watcher. Noryad then heads to the Guild. On the way there he hears that Vince has called him, and while Coral has been doing her job as the Goddess of Fate, she has taken a break and

  is waiting for him in his office. Noryad stands there facing Vince. Vince has his head buried in paperwork. He looks up after a moment and gets up, stretching his hand toward a seat. “Your Majesty, care to take a seat?”

  Noryad is now annoyed at the way everyone is speaking at him. “Vince, you know you can cut the formalities, we are not in the open. You should know that you don’t need to treat me that way.”

  Vince sighs. “Very well, Noryad, why aren’t y
ou taking your responsibility and becoming our king?”

  Noryad’s anger is evident in his tone and eyes. “I never wanted to lead people and you should know this better than anyone. This responsibility was shoved into my hands without my feelings being considered. No one asked if I wanted to be the one or not, so now I want you to summon everyone in the city, I am making my announcement today.”

  Vince nods. “Understood.”

  Noryad leaves the office and Coral follows him, once she gets beside him she puts her hand around his waist. “What are you announcing, my love?”

  Noryad captures Coral’s lips in a kiss. “The truth, my love.”

  Chapter 2

  Word was spread out of the announcement Noryad is going to make. Every citizen starts to mobilize and they gather in the plaza since it is where Noryad is going to make his appearance.

  The excitement builds as the minutes tick by. Everyone in the city is now watching intently toward the podium, waiting for Noryad to appear so they can hear the words he has for them. The people believe that the time has come and he has chosen to rise to the throne so they are eager to listen to their king, but they are in for a surprise as things are about to change for everyone and it is not what everyone expects.

  Noryad is seen coming out of the Guild in his royal clothing heading toward the podium. The crowd sees him and they start chanting his name, Noryad looks around and sees that everyone is watching him intently as he is making his way toward the podium, the chants grow in a crescendo the closer he gets.

  Noryad grins to himself as everyone cheers for him. Once at the podium he takes a deep breath as he activates his magic to enhance his voice and makes sure there are projections of him for the people in the back so they can also hear what he has to say, as he doesn’t want anyone to miss a single word. Noryad takes a moment to see the scenery before him as he knows what’s coming for them is not what they want to hear. As the magic releases, a breeze is felt by everyone and projections of him appears in different spots throughout the massive crowd.

  Beside him, Coral is looking at the scenery with him. He looks around to see the excitement on the faces of his subject. Raising his hand to calm the people's excitement, he starts.

  “I believe each one of you is thinking that I have chosen to rise up to the throne, but you are wrong. Instead, I have come to make clear that what you want from me is something I am not ready to give you. I never asked for this responsibility in the first place and I am not ready to hold that many lives in my hands. I had no choice back in Puerto Rico, it was either that or the destruction of my island. I was searching for my inheritance and all that happened at once but now is different. For all this time your safety has been in the hands of the four guilds protecting the cities long before I was announced as the king. What you want is for me to set my personal feelings and my own life aside to sacrifice it all for all of you. If I remember correctly when my family needed help, none of you came to our aid. Instead, my family had to die so this city could be spared and what happened to me? I had to suffer the nightmare of seeing my own parents killed in front of me so your city could be spared from the war before it arrived here. I’m not sorry to say this but what you want from me is not something I am ready to give and what you ask is completely selfish.”

  Noryad’s emotions are all over the place as he walks away. But the people will not take no for an answer. The people are shocked at the turns of event, they came for one reason: to see him take the throne. Their emotions change from shock to anger as they start screaming at him that he is a coward, that he should have died with his family the moment that war started, that they don’t need him and they will make it without him. People begin grabbing everything they can use and throw it at him.

  Noryad places a magic barrier around himself and everyone that is going with him. He pays the crowd no mind, they are just shouting words because of their anger and soon enough the dread of the situation will hit them and they will turn their back to him.

  As they continue walking away in silence, hearing the shouting of the people, Coral can’t help to turn around and look back at the people there. “Why did you do that, my love?”

  Noryad sighs in frustration but stops to look at Coral. “I had no choice, my queen. I am not ready to have that many lives in my hands. All I see is the blood that will taint my hands and the many lives that will be lost because I can’t do what they want me to do for them. They want me to give them a paradise, but all we will see is war, chaos, and enemies no matter where we go for many years to come. I don’t see the end of it as much as I want it. Do you think I want to go to sleep having to keep one eye open all night?”

  Coral shakes her head. “No, my king.”

  Noryad nods as he gathers his magic. “When I am ready I will go to the throne, but first…” Noryad snaps his fingers as he proceeds to let go of the magic he is holding onto the ground. “I need to bring the Castle of the King of Death back to the surface.”

  Everyone who was screaming moments ago stops immediately in their tracks as the ground starts to shake while a barrier keeping the people from falling comes up and the earth begins to open. Suddenly a castle of red, black, and gold starts to slowly rise, taking over most of the land that wasn't being used. The people are running to their houses, hiding from the ominous castle that now has arrived unannounced.

  Coral turns around to see the castle that now has claimed a spot in the city where the forgotten lands used to be. She glances to Noryad with a questioning look on her face, waiting to hear what he has to say.

  Noryad simply nods as he knows what she is thinking. “Well, I needed to do it, because if something were to happened I know I can return to the throne where all began to change for me. Only I can enter unless there’s another necromancer that has come to fight for it, but I believe I am the last one.”

  The moment those words come out of his mouth he feels chills along his back. For some reason, he has the feeling that he is no longer the last necromancer alive, but he can’t be sure. Noryad’s mind is starting to go haywire thinking about the possibility of another necromancer being alive.

  Coral, upon seeing the look on Noryad’s eyes, knows that there’s something he hasn’t told her. She knows this as she sees him calculating, thinking as a king, and not as the savior of the earth. She puts her hand on Noryad’s and it brings him out of his thoughts.

  “Did you say something, mi Diosa?”

  Coral shivers when he calls her that. “Is there something troubling you?”

  Noryad nods while putting a hand on her shoulder as he looks at her. “Can I talk to you about it when I get back from seeing Xandar?”

  Coral nods and smiles. “I’ll hold your word to that.”

  Noryad smiles as he approaches Coral and captures her mouth in a deep, slow kiss. “I promise to tell you when I get back.”

  Putting some distance between them, Noryad disappears in a flash of black light. Coral, worried, goes back to her place where she is doing her duty as Goddess of Fate, helping those that need it the most. She is hoping it will take her mind off things.

  Noryad reappears and he looks around and notices that this is the balcony that Xandar uses to watch over Behemoth City as the monarch. It is located behind the throne room. Noryad walks slowly, trying to not to startle Xandar. He moves to stand beside Xandar who is looking over the city. Xandar, knowing the presence of his king, turns toward him and kneels in reverence.

  “Your Majesty, what brings you here?”

  Noryad motions for Xandar to stand up, looking at him with concern.

  “I’m sensing danger everywhere I go to. I have come to tell you that I’m not stepping up as the king yet but came to tell you instead that I want your city to work as an independent city until I rise up to the throne. The devices that we were using to sense Destroyers and Saviors are failing and I have the make the choice of making a barrier that will cover all over Behemoth City by bringing the Watcher and use it to distinguish frien
d from foe. It will scan the city constantly so it doesn’t miss anything, nobody will feel it, but it will have the power to see who are the enemies and alert us. If an enemy tries to come through, it will place him on the other side of the city like it's leaving. I don’t have someone that can do that yet and I know what I am asking is too much, but you are going to need to what know is approaching and prepare accordingly.”

  Xandar looks around. “I think I know someone who would be interested in becoming the Watcher and would meet the requirements you may have for the person who would be taking on this role.”


  Xandar smiles. “Luna.”

  Xandar proceeds to call Luna, and they see a female walking toward them. Her eyes are as white as pearls. As she approaches she tries to cover her eyes.

  “Too Bright.”

  “Luna is blind, but her blindness lets her see who is good and who is evil through their auras. She has been with us since you brought everyone from Puerto Rico, she was one of them, but her life is growing short. Her loved one has parted from this world and she refuses to leave this world until she fulfills her dream, which is to protect the city from the enemies.”

  Noryad approaches Luna, but Luna keeps covering her eyes the closer Noryad get. He stops with worry on his features. “Why are you covering your eyes, Luna?”

  “Because your aura is shining too brightly, Your Majesty.”

  “I never told you who I was, how can you tell?” Noryad asks.

  Luna nods. “Because I can feel the power in you, I can tell you are made to do some great things. Your aura is different than everyone else’s, you have this aura that only kings possess.”

  Noryad nods and smiles. “I want to talk to you about something, but as of right now can you tell me if there’s an enemy in this room?”

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