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You're My Little Secret 3

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You're My Little Secret 3

  You’re My Little Secret 3

  (Truths Revealed)

  By: Chenell Parker

  Copyright © 2015 Chenell Parker

  Published by Write House Publishing

  All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced in any form without prior written consent of the publisher, excepting brief quotes used in reviews.

  This is a work of fiction. Any references or similarities to actual events, real people, living or dead, or to the real locals are intended to give the novel a sense of reality. Any similarity in other names, characters, places, and incidents are entirely coincidental.


  I’ll try my best to make this short and sweet. I can’t go one step further without giving thanks to God for everything. This writing journey has been an amazing one, and I’m forever grateful. I also have to acknowledge my family. My kids, sisters, brother, aunts, uncles, cousins, nieces, nephews and my many wonderful friends (I didn’t name anyone specifically because I always manage to forget somebody). I also thank my publishing Family, Write House Publishing for everything. They have shown me the true meaning of working as a team. Last, but not least, I thank each and every person who has purchased a copy of this book as well as all the others. Without you it would not be possible. Your support is greatly appreciated.


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  You’re My Little Secret

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  You’re My Little Secret 3


  I’m really starting to get numb to the pain. I’m being calm, but my heart is being ripped apart by the same man who is supposed to love me. Six months into my marriage and my husband tells me that he’s fathered another child with the same woman that he cheated on me with before. When I found out that I was pregnant, I was so happy. I ran out and bought some chocolate covered strawberries and wine, thinking Dominic, and I would celebrate the good news. When he walked through the door, I jumped in his arms and kissed him all over his face. I knew that something was wrong just by the way his body stiffened at my touch. Never in a million years would I have thought that he would tell me what he did. I couldn’t believe that I would have to go through this heartache all over again, all while carrying a child of my own. It hurt me to my heart to see how upset he looked when I told him that I was having his baby as well.

  “Why do you keep doing this to me Dominic?” I wanted to know what I did so wrong to deserve all of this. I tried to be a good girlfriend and an even better wife. Obviously that wasn’t enough for him.

  “Stop always trying to play like you’re the victim Kennedi. We’re not happy with each other, and you know it.”

  “I am happy, so speak for yourself. You never even tried Dominic. You swore that you and Brooklyn were through, but she ends up carrying another one of your kids,” I cried. “So how many months is she?”

  “She’s three months,” he replied crushing me once again.

  “Wow, so we’ve been married for six months and she’s three months pregnant. So you never did leave her alone like you said,” I wondered.

  “I tried to do right by you and stay away from Brooklyn. You basically ran me to her with all of your bitching and complaining.”

  “So I made you cheat on me Dominic? Is that what you’re saying?”

  “No, I’m saying that we should have never gotten married to begin with. I married you knowing that I was in love with another woman. I bought my baby’s mama a gift on my honeymoon Kennedi. Do you know how fucked up that is? This shit was doomed from the start. We weren’t even married a good month before I begged Brooklyn to take me back,” he yelled.

  I was devastated. I knew Dominic had some feelings for Brooklyn, but I never thought that he was in love with her. Then to find out they had been messing around almost as long as we’d been married totally crushed me.

  “Well, I’m having your baby too so now what?”

  “I’m going to take care of my baby and you of all people should know that,” he replied. “That’s if you’re really even pregnant.”

  “I have no reason to lie. I can take another test right now if you want me to, but what about us Dominic? I hope you don’t think I’m going to sit around and wait until you figure out what you want?”

  “No, because I already know what I want. I want a divorce,” he said like it was that simple.

  “So our marriage is over just like that? You fucked up, and I have to suffer for it?” I sobbed uncontrollably.

  “You can keep the townhouse. I’ll make sure the rent is paid. You know if you need anything all you have to do is call,” he said ignoring my cries.

  “Please don’t do this to me Dominic. I can’t go through this pregnancy without you. You know how hard it is for me to carry a baby,” I tried to play on his sympathy in hopes of getting him to stay.

  “You won’t be alone. Like I said, all you have to do is call,” he replied pissing me off.

  “You’re leaving me to go run to that nasty bitch!” I yelled. Just that fast my hurt had turned into anger. I hated Dominic and Brooklyn for what they were doing to me.

  “Don’t disrespect her like that Kennedi. Not one time have I ever heard her say anything bad about you so chill with the name calling,” he said defending that home wrecker.

  “You’re coming to her rescue, but are you even sure that it’s your baby that she’s carrying?” I asked him.

  “You can miss me with that shit. I’m positive that it’s mine, and I don’t need a test to prove it. And while we’re talking about it, I don’t appreciate you running your mouth to Brooklyn about me testing DJ either,” he replied making me even madder.

  “Fuck her!” I shouted as loud as I could. I knew I was making a fool of myself, but I didn’t care. “You’re acting like that bitch is somebody special.”

  “Alright Kennedi, I’m about to grab a few things and I’m out of here. I’m not with this arguing and shit,” Dominic announced.

  “I know you’re not trying to leave tonight!” I screeched. He was filling up an overnight bag with clothes and toiletries. When he started packing his suitcase, I was really freaking out.

  “Yes, I am. It doesn’t make sense for us to prolong things. I want to be happy, and I’m tired of faking it Kennedi. I can’t even be myself around you. You hate everything I do.”

  “That’s because everything you do is so damn hood. All you want to do is hang with your pathetic ass brother and smoke. You’re not in the projects anymore, and you need to stop acting like it. I’m not okay with that, and I won’t pretend like I am,” I said honestly.

  “And that’s why we need to end this right now. I’m not changing who I am for you or anybody else.”

  “My mama had you right. You got lucky enough to overcome your circumstances, but mentally you’ll never change your ghetto ways,” I said angrily.

  “You think I give a damn about what your mama says? Four husbands later and her ass is still alone and miserable. You’re going to end up just like her if you keep listening to her. I don’t blame your daddy for leaving her crazy ass,” Dominic barked.

  “Dominic, please just think about this before you make a decision. I know we can work this out,” I pleaded.

  “Kennedi I’ve been thinking about this for a while. There were so many times that I just wanted to walk away. I put your feelings before my own, so I never did it. I never wanted you to be hurt, so I put my own feelings to the side, but I can’t do that anymore. I wa
nt to be happy just like everybody else. I just think we got married for the wrong reasons, and I knew it from the start,” he confessed.

  “Well, I’m not giving you a divorce,” I admitted.

  “I don’t want this to be ugly Kennedi, but that’s up to you. We can do this on our own as adults or we can get our lawyers involved.”

  “No judge on the face of this earth is going to grant you a divorce knowing that I’m carrying your child. My mama has been through this enough for me to know how it works. I’m prepared to fight for my marriage,” I warned.

  “What are you fighting for Kennedi? There’s nothing left between us, but the baby that you’re carrying.”

  “I don’t care. I refuse to sit by and let her have you. If I can’t get my happily ever after then, neither can she,” I seethed.

  “Well, I guess I’ll see you in court,” he said right before walking out the door.

  I went to the window and watched as he drove away, taking a part of me with him. I sat on the floor and cried until my eyes started to hurt. Never in a million years did I see this coming. I knew Dominic, and I had some issues to work on, but him leaving me was never part of the plan. I never imagined myself being a single mother. That was the whole point of me getting married. I’m only four weeks pregnant, but I find it hard to be happy about it. As bad as it sounds, I won’t be hurt if I don’t go full term with this pregnancy. Without Dominic by my side, I’m not even excited about having a baby anymore.


  I’m so ready to go to bed, but my house is full of people. My mama, brothers, and cousins are all sitting around my living room acting like they’re not going home. I keep telling them that we’re alright, but Bryce is acting like a damn detective. He keeps asking us the same questions over and over. The answer will never change, but he just keeps pressing us for info. Dominic had just sent me a text telling me that he’s on his way. I’m starving so he’s stopping to get me and DJ something to eat. He told me that we needed to talk, and it didn’t sound too good. I’m sure that things with him and Kennedi didn’t go well. I assume that’s why he wants to talk.

  I still can’t believe that I’m three months pregnant and didn’t even know it. Dominic and I have only been back together for five months, so I had to get pregnant in month number two. I don’t have morning sickness like I did with DJ, which is great. I gained a little weight, but it all went straight to my ass and hips. I’ve been sleeping a lot lately, but even that didn’t make me suspicious. I guess that explains why I crave ice cream so much now.

  “So when are you going to tell everybody that you’re pregnant?” Candace asked shaking me from my thoughts. I was in the kitchen drinking some juice when she and Co-Co came in.

  “I don’t know. Dominic said he would tell them if I was scared to do it. You know my mama is going to have a fit,” I said. As far as my mama knew, Dominic and I were no longer together. Even my brothers thought it was over between us. The only people who really knew that we hooked up again was Taylor, my cousins, and David.

  “You better stop being so scary. Everybody is here so this is the perfect time. I don’t know why anybody would get mad. Dominic takes very good care of you and DJ. Nobody has to do anything for y’all,” Candace fussed.

  “That boy got some potent sperm. He popping those babies in you left and right,” Co-Co said.

  “Shut up Co-Co,” I said laughing.

  “Kennedi is going to die, but that’s good for her ass,” Candace said.

  “He left her,” I said.

  “Girl wait, who left who?” Co-Co asked dramatically.

  “Dominic left Kennedi. He’s on his way over here now,” I answered.

  “What! That’s so good for her. After the way she did my friend, I don’t feel sorry for her ass. Karma is a bitch,” Candace declared.

  “Have you talked to Nadia lately?” I asked.

  “No, not really. She’s always telling me she’ll call me back, but she never does. I’m still trying to see what’s up with her hanging with Shannon’s ratchet ass all of a sudden,” Candace replied.

  Just the mention of Shannon had me thinking about Kevin. Usually he would be here with the rest of the family, but that was a thing of the past. I really did miss our friendship, but I knew that it was over.

  My cousins and I returned to the living room to join the rest of the family. DJ ran around full of energy while my nieces sat around watching TV. “I’m surprised DJ is home,” my mama said. “Usually he’s with Dominic whenever I call.”

  Candace was nudging me slightly trying to get me to say something. This is the perfect time since I have everybody together, but I’m just not in the mood to hear the negative comments that I’m sure are going to come. Dominic is right, he takes care of me and my son, so there is no need for anybody else to be upset. Co-Co is staring at me and nodding his head towards my mother. I’m shaking my head no, but he’s very persistent. Even though he’s trying to be discreet about what he’s doing, my mama still saw him.

  “Why are you sitting over there looking like you’re catching a spasm?” She asked him laughing.

  “I’m good, but Brooklyn has something to say,” he blurted out.

  I wanted to jump up from this sofa and punch him in his big ass mouth. I hate when he does shit like that. If I wasn’t ready to talk, he should have respected my wishes.

  “Co-Co you are so wrong for that,” Candace said angrily.

  “What? She needed a push, so I pushed her ass,” he replied like he didn’t do anything wrong.

  “What’s wrong Brooklyn?” My mother asked with concern dripping from her voice.

  “Nothing is wrong, Co-Co is just being stupid,” I replied trying to brush her off. I rolled my eyes at him and focused on the TV.

  “That’s bullshit, I know you well enough to know when you’re lying. So what’s up?” She asked again.

  Candace looked at me and nodded her head as if she was telling me to go ahead and come clean.

  “I’m pregnant,” I blurted out loud enough for everyone to hear.

  “Aww, shit! Do you even try to use protection Baby? Who are you pregnant by now?” Jaden yelled angrily.

  “What the hell do mean who am I pregnant by now? The same person I was pregnant by before,” I answered smartly.

  “Oh my God Brooklyn! Dominic is a married man. I thought you were done with him. After all the talks we’ve had about you not being his mistress, you turn around and do just that. You act like you’re happy being the woman on the side,” my mama spat angrily.

  My feelings were hurt by what she said, but I didn’t expect her to understand the situation. Dominic never makes me feel like the woman on the side. He treats and respects me as if I’m the only woman in his life.

  “It’s not even like that. We didn’t deal with each for months before he got married, but at the same time I can’t help how I feel about him. After tonight, he and Kennedi are no longer together anyway,” I explained.

  “Dominic is my boy, and I love him like a brother, but I really hope you don’t believe that shit,” Bryce spoke up.

  “I really don’t expect y’all to understand and I’m not asking for anybody’s approval. I’m three months pregnant and my baby will be here in six months whether y’all like it or not,” I said.

  “Honestly, I don’t like that you’re having all of these damn babies so young. But at the same time, Dominic handles his business with you and his son. Besides him getting you this apartment and your truck, he makes sure that you and DJ are straight,” Jaden said.

  I couldn’t believe how calm my brothers are now compared to the way they behaved the first time they found out that I was pregnant.

  “Wait, so Dominic got you that truck? You told me that you got that with your school money,” my mama said in shock.

  “I know, I just didn’t want you to know that we were messing around again,” I confessed.

  “I mean Dominic does do what he’s supposed to do for you and DJ.
I just don’t want you to end up getting hurt in the end. You know how many men claim to be leaving their wives and never actually do it? That’s how it goes Brooklyn. They say whatever you want to hear just to keep you around,” my mama told me.

  “I’ve already made it clear to him that I don’t want him to leave his wife. Dominic and Kennedi’s problems go back much further than just me. He’s leaving because that’s what he wants to do,” I explained.

  “That man is not leaving his wife, Brooklyn. Now, I do believe that he’ll take care of you and your kids, but don’t get your hopes up high thinking that y’all are going to be together,” Caleb said.

  Right when he finished talking I heard a key turning in the lock. Dominic walked through the front door and paused when he saw everybody sitting around my huge living room.

  “Hey, y’all,” he spoke before handing me our food. Everybody spoke back as he walked back out the front door. A few seconds later he returned with a huge duffle bag and a suitcase. Everybody looked on in stunned silence as he walked down the hall and straight into my bedroom, followed by DJ.

  “Well, I guess he made y’all out of some liars. Looks like he’s here to stay,” Candace commented.

  “Daddy’s home,” Co-Co said loudly singing one of Usher’s songs.

  “Shut your crazy ass up boy,” my mama fused at him. “I’m happy he’s here so we can get some things straight.”

  “Wait a minute, just in case everybody forgot, I’m grown, and this is my house that y’all are sitting in. Nobody needs to get anything straight with Dominic. He doesn’t owe anybody in here an explanation. I just told y’all the situation, but it’s really nobody’s business,” I said.

  “You might be grown, but you’re still my baby. Don’t get mad at me for worrying about you. I just know how these situations can turn out. I’m not saying that Dominic is going to do you dirty. I just want you to be prepared for whatever happens,” my mama replied.

  Dominic walked back in holding DJ and took a seat next to me.

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