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Lucky in Love

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Lucky in Love

  Lucky in Love

  K. M. Bishop

  Copyright © 2019 by K. M. Bishop

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  This book is a piece of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents are the product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events, locales, or persons, living or dead, is coincidental.

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  Published: K. M. Bishop 2019

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  Author’s Note

  Lucky in Love is a full-length standalone novel. At the end, I’ve included an excerpt from my HOT Selling Boxed Set, Indiana Panthers.

  Lucky in Love concludes at around 90% on your device.

  Happy Reading!

  XO, K. M. Bishop


  Want to know a secret?

  I’m still in love with my high school sweetheart.

  I know it sounds silly.

  But his deep brown eyes and adorable dimples give me sleepless nights.

  He abandoned me all those years ago.

  I didn’t think he’d ever return.

  And look at me.

  I’m embarrassingly still holding on to my V-card.

  But now that he’s back...

  He’s hotter than ever.

  A notorious playboy and rich as sin.

  I made the mistake of trusting him once.

  There’s no way I’ll put my heart on the line again.

  A one-night stand?


  Falling in love and carrying his baby?

  No chance in hell.

  …Or is there?

  Chapter One


  “Who is that?” Tara whispers into my ear, making me giggle as she does. “That isn’t Sam, is it?”

  “Who the hell is Sam?” I hiss back. “I don’t even remember any Sam. Was he in our class?”

  “Yes! He’s the quarterback. Did you never follow the jocks and the cheerleaders? All their drama?”

  “Of course I didn’t. You know that. I was only into the drama kids and what we were doing.”

  “Well, he’s the ex-boyfriend of Kayla, and since we’re here for her birthday party, you should try to catch up.”

  I screw up my nose, still unable to believe that Tara managed to convince me to come for this dumb party. I hated Kayla, Sam, and the popular gang while we were in high school. I luckily wasn’t one of their targets, so I never got picked on, but that doesn’t mean I had any time for them at all. Three years later and I still don’t. Even less so because they have all been travelling and off to college, doing their exotic and fun things, and I’ve been stuck here. Waitressing, and barely making a living. It doesn’t make for an interesting conversation, does it?

  I could have gone to college, and I would’ve if I didn’t flunk all of my final exams because of heart break. I keep thinking that I should go back and do my GED to make something of myself, but I don’t have the heart right now. I don’t much like doing anything other than just getting by. Getting through every day is enough.

  “Why did you drag me here again?” I roll my eyes at Tara. “There isn’t anyone I want to see.”

  “One, because we weren’t invited to any of the parties in high school, so it’s cool to finally have an invitation.”

  “Everyone was invited!” I interrupt wryly. “And it’s just so Kayla can show off.”

  “We don’t have to listen! Plus, two, I want to know what happened to everyone… or maybe not everyone but the people who came. Don’t you have that same morbid curiosity to know what’s going on?”

  I shrug. I kinda do, I have to admit that. I’m just as nosy as everyone else and I really want to know what’s going on. But I don’t want people to see what’s happened to me… or more what hasn’t happened. Much as me and Tara will be looking at everyone else, they’ll be looking right back at us. Judging, gossiping, filling in the blanks for us and creating a version of our lives that might be too close to the truth for comfort.

  “Oh shit.” Tara drags me out of my negative thoughts by grabbing my arm hard. “Look.”

  I follow her eye line, expecting to see the face of yet another person I barely recognize from years ago. Someone else that I don’t really care about… but it isn’t. It’s the last person in the world I expect to see.

  “Tony Compton,” I whisper in utter shock as the whole world stops around me. Everyone else pales into insignificance as I stare at the face who was never supposed to come back into my life. He’s supposed to be across the other side of the world, not at Kayla’s fucking birthday party! If I knew he was going to be here…

  Well, I don’t know what I would have done. I might still be here, curiosity getting the better of me.

  “Hey, you were with that dude for a while, weren’t you?” Tara nudges me in the side. “Before he left.”

  ‘With him’ doesn’t really describe what it was like. Not to me. It might have only been a short term relationship really, only five months, but in high school that is forever, and under the guise of puppy love, the intensity makes it seem even longer. We weren’t just together, for a short while, we were one another’s whole world. I went to sleep thinking about him, I woke up with him in my mind, he was with me all the time. We were supposed to be together forever, get married, have kids, all of it… he was my happy ever after and I didn’t think anything could change that. Not until the night he was stripped from my life suddenly and the heart break wrecked everything.

  “I need to go,” I gasp while leaping from my seat. “I need to go to the bathroom…”

  The walls are closing in on me, the air is thinning. I’m growing dizzier by the second. So, when Tara grabs me to prevent me from running, her look of concern only pisses me off. Can’t she see that I’m freaked out?

  “Are you okay, Natasha? Is this an issue for you? I didn’t realize you had such strong feelings…”

  “Oh no.” I laugh thinly. “No, that was years ago, and it was short, I just… need the bathroom, that’s all.”

  Thankfully then she lets me go and I race to the bathroom
to lock myself in a stall. I can’t face Tony now, I can’t speak to him. It’s awful. I know that it isn’t his fault he was taken from me. His parents broke up and his father left for England, taking him with him. He didn’t have a choice. But the last time that we saw one another, it still haunts me. We were alone together for the very first time. We had plans, we were naked, we were just about to sleep together for the very first time. It was all very shy, sweet, and romantic. The sort of perfect first time that you usually see in the movies. It was everything that I wanted and so much more. For me, it was the first day of the rest of our lives together. It was the next chapter in our happy ever after.

  But then his cell phone rang, and his mother was hysterical. He had to run to help her. And then he was just gone. He vanished and the world crumbled around me, my future was no more.

  Fuck, I think desperately as I slump onto the toilet seat and slam my head against the wall. I just need a few moments alone to get my head around everything. I mean, why the hell is he back now after all this time? Why is he here at Kayla’s birthday party? Did he know that I was going to be here too?

  And most importantly, does he have to look better than he has ever done before?

  Tony Compton was always tall, dark, and strikingly handsome. He first attracted me with his warm brown eyes, his wide smile, and his gorgeous dimples, but now he has incredible cheek bones as well. A body that looks incredibly muscular. He has really grown into the person that he was always meant to be.

  I imagine him now with me, on that night, looking like he does right now. Leaning down, kissing me, laying me softly on the bed and stroking all over my skin to make me feel comfortable with this. It’s this feeling that I crave, that I haven’t ever been able to find with anyone else, which is why I’m still embarrassingly a virgin.

  “Oh God,” I groan while throwing my head into my hands. “What the hell is wrong with me?”

  But instead of focusing on the humiliation of that part, my brain continues to picture me in bed with this brand new Tony all over again. Him giving me that wonderfully loving look as he delicately slides his fingers between my legs. Me moaning and pressing my body against him as he touched my wetness, stroking me so passionately that he makes my body buck. But instead of laughing at me, he holds me tight to his chest and just holds me. I can feel his heart hammering against his rib cage as he plunges into me.

  I slam my palm against the toilet walls as the desire buzzes through me. This memory is too much, it’s completely over powering me and swelling pleasure all the way through my body. Even my breaths sound ragged now. I don’t even know how the hell I’m supposed to stand up in this mess.

  I slide back into my fantasy, barely noticing as my fingers slip into my panties. I follow the rhythm which he used to touch me because I remember it so well. If I think for hard enough then I can still feel him on me now. Then I remember touching him, holding his cock between my fingers and gasping as I imagined what it would feel like to have this part of him inside of me. I still don’t know, and I have nothing to compare it to either, but that doesn’t stop my imagination from running away with me, from feeling it as if it’s happening.

  His fingers are exploring me, massaging me, touching me deeply and making me feel everything all at once. Even the fantasy of being with Tony makes up for never being touched by another man. There is just something so special about him to me. A quality that no one else has ever shown me or even come close to.

  This time, he doesn’t get the call at the pivotal moment. This time, we carry on and he slips that gorgeous cock inside of me. My fingers pick up the pace as I feel each thrust. The buzzing of need combined with burning hot bliss trickles all the way through me, causing me to bite down hard on my bottom lip to stop me from screaming out. The whole world might have melted away the moment I spotted Tony again, but there’s still a part of me that’s aware there might be other people in this bathroom and the last thing they need is to hear me, like this.

  Oh, Natasha, I feel him whisper into my ear as I stuff my fist between my teeth. You are mine.

  This drives me towards the edge. I feel him saying it over and over again, telling me that I am his, always and forever. That nothing can get in our way.

  The pleasure bursts and explodes in a shattering orgasm that screams through my body. I want to belong to Tony, I always have done. That’s why nothing has ever worked out for me after him. Why any of the two dates that I have been on in the last three years have come to nothing? Because they aren’t him. It has to be him.

  As every fiber inside of me aches for the man who slipped through my fingers and I shudder violently, fully experiencing every damn inch of the intense phenomenal bliss, I make a snap decision. Tonight, is the night. There is a reason that I allowed Tara to drag me to this nightmare, a reason that he is here as well. We lost our first chance through no fault of our own, we were too damn young to do anything about it then, but this is life giving us another shot. Not many people get this, so we need to grab it with both hands and take it.

  Tonight, is the night I am going to finally lose my virginity and get my satisfaction. It’s time for me to finally become the woman that I was always supposed to a few years ago.

  I just need to sit here for a few more moments to calm right down, then once I’m through this post orgasmic bliss, I will go out and face Tony Compton once more. Then I will let him see what he’s been missing for all this time. I don’t know what his life has been like in England, probably more interesting than mine here, but our paths are about to cross once more.

  Chapter Two


  Natasha Hatfield. The sight of her makes my heart stop racing for a moment. I only came here on the random off chance that I might see her, I wasn’t expecting it to actually happen, but it has. She’s here and so am I. Me and the girl who was I was meant to be with in the same room again after all of these years. Who would have thought it?

  I watch her run all the way to the bathroom. She passed me. She must have seen me, I can tell by the haunted look in her eye. Right now, she wants to escape, she doesn’t want to see me, and I can understand that. After all, we left on really weird terms. The last time I saw her, she was naked, and I was hurriedly shoving my clothes back on as my mom’s hysteria got worse and worse on the phone. All I knew at the time was that my mom’s mental state hadn’t been the best for the last few weeks, so this was going to tip her over the edge.

  And that it did. It left her in such a mess that she didn’t even want me around anymore. In the messy divorce, she couldn’t handle it, so she sent me to live in England without even giving me a chance to say goodbye to Natasha. I got swept away with it, I didn’t think too much about it at the time, I just knew that I had to keep going along with whatever was expected of me. She was pushed to the back of my mind while I tried to figure life out.

  But she never left completely, she’s always been there in my brain. Even when I have dated other people, even when I thought that I would never come back to America, she was always there…

  And now I have come back for her, and I intend to make her mine.

  “Yo, Compton!” my old buddy, Ethan, taps me on the shoulder. “Didn’t know you were coming, mate.”

  “Well, I got the online invite, just like everyone else, so I guess I thought I might as well come.”

  “But don’t you live in like, Australia or something? I didn’t even know that you were here.”

  “England, actually.” Wow, I really did let everyone slide away when I moved.

  “So, are you like, here for good, or what? Because if so, we should totally hang out at some point.”

  I spot the bathroom door swing back open and Natasha returning to the party. Her cheeks have reddened, she appears a little spaced out. Have I really had that much of an effect on her after all this time?

  “Er, yeah maybe,” I reply distractedly. “I don’t totally know what I’m doing yet.”

  “Oh, hey, handsome.” Fingers
pinch my butt, instantly making me spin around. “Thank you for coming to my birthday. It’s really awesome to see you here because…” Kayla makes a big show of glancing around as if she’s worried that anyone cares what she’s saying. Then she leads in with a stage whisper. “I have always had a crush on you. Even in high school. But I was always dating that dumb jock and you had that weird girlfriend.”

  Urgh, she’s repulsive. I never liked her in high school but it’s even worse now to see that she hasn’t grown up at all. Unfortunately for Kayla, high school will always be the best years of her life.

  “Well, happy birthday, Kayla.” I raise my drink up to her. “I hope you have a good one.”

  “Hey wait.” She grabs on to me, refusing to let me go. “Don’t you want to talk to me?”

  Ethan shoots me hey dude, what the hell are you doing look, but I ignore it. She might not have grown up, but I have, and she doesn’t rule the roost anymore. She’s of no interest to me. She never has been.

  “I have somewhere to be actually.” I tug my arm away. “So, I guess I will see you later.”

  “But aren’t you mega rich now?” Kayla’s bottom lip pokes out. “That’s totally hot, you know.”

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