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Wolf’s Honor: Caedmon Wolves Book Six, page 1


Wolf’s Honor: Caedmon Wolves Book Six

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Wolf’s Honor: Caedmon Wolves Book Six

  Wolf’s Honor

  Caedmon Wolves Book Six

  Amber Ella Monroe

  Ambrielle Kirk



  writing as AMBRIELLE KIRK

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  The Protector

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  Shifter Untamed

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  Thank you for purchasing this book! Your kind words, feedback, and support for the Caedmon Wolves series keeps the installments coming. I enjoy writing in this world and hope to continue to do so in the near future.

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  Wolf’s Honor is the sixth installment in this series. The story features Connor (aka Max), who played a very important role in Books 4 and 5, and Antonia who enters Connor’s world while both packs are strengthening their union and dealing with outside opposition. This book will act as a bridge between the Caedmon Wolves series and its spin-off. I announced last year that there will be another series in this world spotlighting more members from these two packs. That is still going to happen and the stories are in the early planning stages. I don’t have an order of books or the name of the series yet, but as soon as I can confirm I’ll release the details.

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  This is not the end for the Caedmon Pack but this will certainly be a new beginning as the characters lead us deeper into this world. Thank you for continuing the journey.

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  Truly Yours,

  Amber Ella Monroe (writing as Ambrielle Kirk)

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  Caedmon Wolves Book Six

  * * *

  Wolf shifter Connor Maxim is a law-abiding citizen. His motto: Keep the peace. Protect the Pack. His firm, Maxim Securities, had been created for this purpose. His honor will be tested when he’s called to deliver on his vows.

  * * *

  The homicide rate escalates to an all-time high on Pack territory, and all evidence points to two prevalent wolf Packs: the Caedmon and the Arnou. The Feds give the leaders of both Packs an ultimatum, and a three-day deadline. They must find the source of the murders before the Feds intervene.

  * * *

  When a police raid goes awry, Connor’s world collides with that of Antonia Trudeau’s. Under the guise of a striking spitfire of a woman—who happens to be his mate—is a criminal with a healthy rap sheet. He must decide if love is worth more than duty and honor.

  * * *

  Antonia circumvents more than just the laws…she captures Connor’s heart.

  * * *








  * * *


  “Connor, what the heck is going on out there?” Conner Maxim, Sr.’s gruff voice boomed throughout the small office. “Murdered remains of men and women are showing up all over the country with higher than normal occurrences right here in Virginia! My boss is all over my ass about handing over any leads and connections to the Packs.”

  “What leads do you have?” Connor asked, raising his gaze to meet his dad’s and giving him a knowing look.

  “Most of the bodies were shifters. Both Caedmon and Arnou. If we can’t handle our cleanups and messes, we’ll have the humans all up in our shit. I can’t hold them off any longer.”

  “Dammit.” Unable to keep his rising frustration at bay, Connor clenched his fist on the desk. His fellow kind were being murdered like utter vermin and left to rot in city dumpsters and desolate streets. “I thought the order between the Packs were restored. Why are we being murdered still?”

  “Maybe another group has retaliated. I don’t know.” Maxim, Sr. sighed deeply.

  Rising from his chair, Connor moved to stand next to the large windows and looked down twelve stories at the busy streets below. Even at this late evening hour, cars, buses, and pedestrians still crowded the well-known business district. Connor’s office was on the thirteenth floor of a fifteen story office building. A national bank and a popular law firm also called the building home.

  Closing time for most of the businesses had happened less than an hour ago, so most people were out fighting traffic and maneuvering through parking garages trying to leave work for the day. The cleaning crew hadn’t made nightly rounds yet, but they’d be here soon.

  Just like any other workday, Connor remained behind after hours working through his case load and answering inquiries. The rest of the inquiries would have to wait until later. This matter was imperative. By the tone and urgency of his dad’s voice, they were running out of time to gain control of the issue.

  Connor rubbed the tension at the back of his neck, ground his teeth together and turned around to face his father. “What you’re saying doesn’t make any sense. The main perpetrator responsible for stripping wolf shifters of their souls was executed months ago following the union of both Packs.”

  Maxim, Sr. plopped down in the high-back leather chair in front of his desk. “If it’s not the witch, who could be behind this?”

  “The witch had followers,” Connor said in a low voice, clutching the edge of the desk. “If this is the case, if they’re the ones behind it, the situation is being handled. This is Pack business and not the humans’ concern.”

  “Pack members were found slaughtered in wolf form. Not stripped, but intentionally shot and killed,” Maxim, Sr. said.

  Connor paused. There had been no known accounts of wolf shifters being stripped while in their real form. Last he had heard, that wasn’t possible. And unless gears had shifted after the witch’s death, the focus had always been on taking the souls of wolves, not ending their lives.

  This wasn’t good. This wasn’t good at all.

  “I’ll need time to investigate. I—”

  “Like I said, I won’t be able to hold the Feds off from intervening for long. The incidents are becoming too frequent, and news reporters are beginning to get suspicious. They are quick to blow a story out of proportion.” Maxim, Sr. narrowed his gaze, his thick grey eyebrows coming together just above his nose. “Do you want to risk discovery to the general public? People aren't ready for that. Not now. Have a meeting with the Caedmon Alpha.” He threw his hands up. “Fuck! Have a meeting with Tristan Arnou for all I care. I don’t think either of the Alphas wants
human authorities up their ass at this point. Come to think of it, I don’t think they want the authorities in their business at all.”

  Conner’s father was more than thirty years his senior. Although, he was a human, he was the man who’d raised him and structured his lucrative and low profile career as one of the few liaisons between the government and the wolf shifter Packs. Conner’s purpose was simple: he had a duty to keep the peace and protect the Packs. It was his honor to ensure continuity of the shifter race, no matter where his allegiance rested. In future years to come, he wanted to raise a generation of children who would covet the same values.

  “Look, Dad…” Connor finally sat down in the chair behind his desk. Maxim Sr. had been on edge the moment he’d barged through the doorway, which had sent Connor straight to attention since his father hardly ever came out in person anymore. “Hold them off as long as you can. What we’re dealing with right now are two Alphas who are bloodthirsty and will immediately kill anyone who crosses them. Both leaders have been burned by traitors, and now is not the time to test their limits. Keep the human authorities at bay as long as you can.”

  Maxim Sr. straightened in his chair. “You know how the Feds work. There’s a deadline. After three days, I won’t be able to convince them that the Pack leaders have everything under control any longer.”

  Connor scrubbed his palm down his face. “Alpha Devin is away on Pack business at the moment. It could be a few days before I can reach him.”

  “You need to reach him now. What about his Council?”

  “I’d much rather report to and receive orders from the Alpha himself, but if I must, I’ll consult with his Second.” Connor linked and unlinked his fingers on the desktop. “We’ve earned this right to live in secrecy and within the rules of our society. Don’t make any rash decisions, Dad. Not until I give the word.”

  Maxim Sr. grumbled under his breath. “You’re patient, son, but I am not. In three days time, I need some answers.”


  “Would you rather live out on the streets, Antonia?”

  Andrew waved his arm behind him to gesture towards a dark alley riddled with trash-filled dumpsters. “Because that cunt of a landlord is this close—” He brought his thumb and pointer finger close together to demonstrate the distance. “—to kicking us out.”

  She didn’t know how they’d come to have this argument here. Why had she agreed to come to this place?

  “We have two thousand dollars right now. That will cover all of the rent and utilities,” she replied.

  Andrew choked on his laughter. “What about food? I don’t know about you, but I’m not eating off the dollar menu all month.”

  Her blood boiled as she assessed her twin brother. “What? Are you too good to eat cheaply now? Why don’t you go steal your meals like you always do whether you have money or not?” She shoved past him. “We can make it off the cash we have until next week when we both get paid from our day jobs.”

  “It’s not enough.”

  Her shoulders slumped. “You said you wouldn’t work for Cobra anymore. You promised me you’d cut all ties to them when we moved here.”

  “It’s not that easy to pass up the money. And if I have to choose between eating and starving, guess which one it’s gonna be, sis? If you’re not with me, I’m making this drop alone.”

  The statement made her stop in her tracks. She turned around. “No, you’re not. It’s too dangerous. Something bad must have happened recently because cops are swarming in this city like locusts.”

  Andrew shrugged. “If we lay low like we always do, everything else will fall into place. It’s just one drop. Like I said, if you’re not in, I can get Chris to do it with me.”

  “No.” She shook her head aggressively. “I don’t trust Chris at all. The last time you did a job with him, you ended up being chased by the cops.”

  Andrew rolled his eyes. “Are you still on that again? For the last time, he didn’t set me up. He knows me better than that. I don’t play that shit.”

  She blew out a sigh of annoyance. “Whatever. I don’t trust him.”

  “Well, either it’s you or Chris. What’s it gonna be? I need money fast. Plus, I owe more than just the landlord.”

  “You owe more than just the landlord?” she questioned in disbelief and shook her head. “We can’t keep robbing Peter to pay Paul. When will you learn?”

  “I’m learning to make a living.” Andrew held his palms upward and his voice grew stern as he tried to drive his point home. “With one assignment like this, I can pay off my debts and take care of a few months of rent in advance so we can get caught up again.”

  Antonia bit her bottom lip and her gaze lingered on her brother. Except for their distinctive brow line and matching amber eye color, no one would ever know they were twins. It was like they had two separate fathers or something. Sometimes, she really wondered about that. Not that she would know this for sure, they’d never known their father—or mother. They’d grown up as orphans of the State.

  They only had each other.

  “We stick together, remember?” Andrew’s eyes pleaded with her and he held out his fist.

  Reluctantly, Antonia gave her brother a fist bump, but she had a terrible feeling about this.


  As Connor approached the old Caedmon mansion, an ominous feeling overtook him. But something pushed him forward, even though all he brought to the table was bad news. His entire profession was mostly about delivering bad news. But it was best that he confronted Alpha Devin before things got out of hand. Well, things were already out of hand. Bodies were being found in the streets, strangled and beaten. None were left alive. They had minimal leads, and the only concrete similarity was that the murders were perpetrated against the wolf shifter population.

  Connor could count on one hand the number of times he’d visited the old Caedmon mansion. Most recently, it had been for one of those extravagant parties the Pack Beta, Dawson, put on. The last one had been held on a Blue Moon, a Pack mating ceremony that came quite infrequently.

  Yet, he’d never forget the very first time he’d stepped foot inside the massive Caedmon estate. At least a decade had passed, and during that time, the last Alpha, Devin’s father—Daniel, had been living. In fact, the meeting had been held at Daniel’s request. At the time, Daniel made an offer to Maxim Sr. and son.

  The late Alpha had learned about the Maxim family’s military background and their connection with the Feds when word spread that Maxim Sr. had recently accepted a job offer at The Pentagon. In exchange for a steady flow of income from the Caedmon family, Maxim Sr. would relay information to the Alpha as it related to the Pack and the wolf shifter population. Especially any news that could prove detrimental to Caedmon existence or prevent their future prosperity.

  Maxim Sr. advised the Alpha that as long as the Pack could govern their own kind without being a threat to human lives, then he would speak on the Pack’s behalf whenever the need arose. The deal resulted in the launch of the firm, Maxim Securities, to which Daniel Caedmon began writing five-figure checks on a quarterly basis. The firm later branched out to provide other services modeled after some of the Country’s top security firms.

  Whenever Caedmon-kind had run-ins with the law, Connor was the one who bailed them out. Sometimes, he even went in to clean up shop after a disaster, and sometimes, death occurred.

  With Maxim Sr.’s connection to the Feds, the company acted as a liaison between the two groups. The humans didn’t understand wolf shifters, and none of the wolf packs wanted the Feds in their daily affairs. This type of deal worked out for both sides. As long as Connor stood by his agreement to keep the peace, the Feds were partially satisfied. The U.S. government had their own issues to deal with. All humans weren’t exactly law-abiding citizens to begin with.

  Up until the last three years, most Caedmon laid low of the law, so after a couple years of being in business, the decision to branch Maxim Securities out
into other divisions was a solid one. Now their most lucrative stream of revenue came from offering protective and bodyguard services on contract. Ninety percent of their customers were humans.

  Right now, Maxim Securities had just under one hundred agents. Connor had all of his top-of-the-line agents working in the field. Two had retired just recently. Aiden, an active Caedmon Council member, and Richard. He should have been out recruiting for their replacements, but more pressing duties called.

  Connor slammed the door of his pickup truck, pushed his keys down into his jeans pocket and moved forward across the pavement.

  This time, his dad would not accompany him. He could handle these matters just as well while his father attended to other responsibilities in The Pentagon. After all, Maxim Sr. was always complaining about how he wouldn’t be around much longer. Connor begged to differ.

  And for that matter, Maxim Sr. was always putting a deadline on things.

  Three days? Shit!

  His dad had sounded serious about the time limit. Heck, Connor gauged the seriousness of the situation the moment he’d called him with the news that he was paying a visit to deliver news. Apparently, the usual phone call wasn’t private enough.

  Before Connor approached the front door, he’d already sensed someone waiting on the other side of it. He could smell their heat and anticipation. As a wolf, his senses were keen and adept, but his five years training with his dad hadn’t gone to waste either. He'd also trained at the best bodyguard school in the country. He used all these skills in his everyday life. He’d given Alpha Devin prior notice, so it wasn’t as if he were showing up out of the blue either.

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