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Undercover Secrets

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  ‘I still can’t see any mistakes,’ Anna insisted breathily, her skin prickling.

  ‘You’re obviously not looking hard enough, then,’ Galloway said, his voice low and syrupy.

  Anna pored over the rota. She was right; her typing was perfect. But Peter wanted her to continue searching, so she did.

  ‘Still not found it?’

  Anna shook her head.

  ‘Really, Anna, you must do better than this. I cannot abide sloppiness.’ Sitting forward again, Galloway pushed the offending sheet of paper a few inches further away. ‘I demand perfection from you, Anna, as I do of all my staff. Now, have another good look.’

  Anna put her elbows down on the desk and pushed her body further over until her eyeline reached the paper. She felt her hamstrings pulling slightly. She felt her dress riding higher, until she was sure the tops of her stockings were exposed. The back of her knee twitched as one of Galloway’s fingers began a path up the rear of her thigh.

  ‘I still can’t see it,’ she whispered, as his touch slipped over her stocking top and upwards, following the taut line of one suspender as it rose beneath her dress.

  ‘Keep looking.’ The warmth of his wide palm spread over her buttock. Beneath the flimsy white cotton of her knickers, Anna could feel goosebumps forming. ‘We’ll stay here all day, if necessary, until you find that mistake.’

  Anna closed her eyes. She could happily stay there all day, with his fingers and eyes on her panties. What was it about this man, she wondered, that made her want to do these things for him? How did he manage to make her feel like it was her duty to show him her body? And, even more amazing, why didn’t she find herself repulsed by him?

  It was quite the opposite. As his fingers edged towards the cleft of her arse, a shudder of cold pleasure ran up Anna’s spine. Her mouth opened as one finger moved along her crack. Even with her knickers shielding her skin from his, when he touched her anus there were miniature shocks of delight. Continuing down, he brushed over her plump labia. Anna was sure she could feel her sex lips swelling as he passed over them, reaching for him from within her underwear and her pubic hair like the silent, sucking mouth of a sea anemone.

  ‘Found it yet?’

  ‘No,’ she breathed. But she had found something much more interesting — that whatever warped mind game Peter had in store for his new recruit, she was going to enjoying playing it.

  ‘How’s the new girl coming along?’

  Peter looked up from his lunch. ‘Anna? Oh, she’s wonderful. Isn’t she, darling?’

  At the other end of the long dining table, Joan winced with delight. ‘She’s perfect,’ she agreed. ‘I’ve been watching on the monitor while she’s been working with Peter.’ She shook her head slightly in disbelief. ‘Do you know, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a new recruit take to our training methods quite so willingly.’

  ‘Is that true?’ one of the doctors asked Peter.

  ‘Oh, yes.’ He nodded, his eyes narrowing slightly.

  ‘She’s very keen. There’s something different about Anna. I can’t quite put my finger on it.’

  ‘I bet you’ve had your finger on it quite a few times already, if I know you,’ another doctor sneered enviously.

  Peter looked around the senior scientists’ private dining room. The selection panel had gathered for lunch to discuss, amongst other things, the success of their latest recruitment drive. ‘I think she’s ideal for us. She’s certainly willing. She does whatever I ask her.’

  ‘But?’ Dr Jeffries prompted. ‘There is a “but” coming, isn’t there?’

  ‘Yes.’ Galloway eased himself up from the table. Walking over to the window, he stared out. He didn’t see the splendour of the distant snow-capped mountains though, because his eyes were glazed. ‘I have a funny feeling about Anna.’

  ‘I bet you do,’ someone sniggered.

  Peter ignored the schoolboy innuendo. ‘I have a gut feeling. And my gut feelings are usually right.’

  Struck by the seriousness in her husband’s voice, Joan put down her knife and fork. ‘What is it, darling? What’s worrying you?’

  ‘I don’t know.’ His eyes clouded like the grey sky. ‘But she’s been working for me for three days now, and she hasn’t hesitated for a second, no matter what I’ve asked her to do. Her interview was the same story. Don’t you think that’s odd?’

  ‘I think it’s wonderful,’ said Jeffries.

  ‘Oh, she makes my job very easy,’ Galloway nodded.

  ‘Too easy. It almost spoils the fun. It’s usually quite a struggle to break in our new staff members, as you all know.’

  ‘She does seem very eager,’ Joan said, looking around the table. ‘Did you see her in the lecture theatre?’

  A murmuring hum went round the room. ‘She was shameless,’ Dr Sullivan admitted. ‘Most of the new girls run out, or cry out, or do something, but she just sat there and let it all happen.’

  ‘She enjoyed it,’ said another.

  Dr Jeffries shrugged. He didn’t see the problem. ‘Perhaps Anna’s an exhibitionist.’

  ‘Perhaps.’ Peter turned back to face the room. ‘Perhaps she’s a spy.’

  Shock silenced the table. Everyone stopped eating. The doctors glanced nervously at each other.

  ‘Peter, do you really believe that?’ Joan got up from her meal and went to her husband’s side. She eased him back into his seat and put a comforting hand around his neck, lightly squeezing his tense muscles. ‘Don’t you think you could be getting a little paranoid?’

  Peter looked up at his wife. ‘Maybe you’re right. Maybe I am feeling a little nervous. It’s probably just a coincidence that Anna turned up now, when we’re about to embark on the next phase. But there’s so much riding on our work here. I don’t want to risk anything going wrong. There’s too much at stake for all of us.’

  The doctors muttered in agreement. ‘So get rid of her, now,’ one of them said.

  ‘That would be the easiest thing to do. But we’ve got to think of the consequences. What if she is a spy? Industrial espionage isn’t uncommon in our business. But if she is working for one of our rival labs, asking her to leave now is only going to convince them that we’re close.’ Peter reached around his neck and held Joan’s hand. ‘And if she is genuine, then Joan’s right. She’s perfect. We’d be getting rid of a fresh research subject and a willing participant in our other activities.’ He winked wickedly at his colleagues. ‘Don’t forget, gentlemen, the other reason we set up this Institute.’

  Dr Sullivan made a suggestion. ‘We should keep her out of the way of anything… sensitive. No security or lab work. Assign her to the kitchen or the laundry, and keep her there until we’re sure about her.’

  Peter huffed. For one of the world’s leading genetic engineers, a genius in his field, Sullivan was surprisingly stupid. ‘When you think there’s a rat in the ranks, Sullivan, what do you do? Ignore it? Or set a trap? Anna will be working on our most sensitive material, I’ll make sure of that. That way I can keep my eye on her. If she’s interested in what we’re doing here, we’ll soon find out.’

  The doctors nodded in approval. ‘What’s the plan, then?’ asked Sullivan.

  Peter pulled on Joan’s arm and sat her on his lap. He put one hand around her waist and the other on her thigh. ‘We’ll continue with the month’s trial. I’ll follow the usual training procedure, and see how she reacts. She’ll work with me until the end of the week. When I’ve finished with Anna, I’ll give her to Simon. He’ll be able to find out whether she has an ulterior motive for being here, or not. If anyone can get her to confide in them, it’s Simon.’

  Joan looked lovingly at her husband. ‘Let’s hope she has nothing to confide. It would be a shame to lose someone so willing.’

  Peter’s skin warmed with the familiar look of restrained excitement on his wife’s face. ‘You like Anna, don’t you?’

  Joan nodded.

  ‘Will you be watching this afternoon?’

She nodded again, quickly, her eyes glittering. ‘What will you do to her?’

  Peter’s hand slowly travelled up Joan’s leg and into the warmth of her crotch. ‘Anna’s a little different. So I’ve something a little different in store for her.’

  ‘What?’ Joan urged, shuddering as Peter’s hand squeezed between her inner thighs.

  ‘Wait and see,’ he purred.

  Anna was already sitting at her desk when Peter returned to the office. ‘Nice lunch?’ he asked, settling back into his leather chair.

  She looked up from her work and smiled sweetly. ‘Yes, thank you.’

  Beneath the heaviness of the food in his belly, Peter’s guts twitched. Anna was his favourite type of woman: a wide-eyed beauty with the ability to look both deliciously innocent and wickedly corrupt. Innocent women were lovely; so were corrupt ones. But it was rare to find both qualities in one woman. Anna, as he had said to his wife, was different.

  In silence, except for the quick sound of her fingers on the keyboard, he watched her for a long time. Her face was radiant, the grey glow of the computer screen doing nothing to dull the translucent perfection of her skin. She was quite obviously aware of his staring and was enjoying it; her body language made that clear. It was almost as if she was posing for him. Sitting up straight, her breasts jutted eagerly towards him, straining to escape from the tightness of her dress. Slowly, deliberately, she uncrossed and re-crossed her legs, and Galloway was sure that she was relishing the faint sound of her stockings rubbing over each other, just as much as he was. Occasionally she would glance up at him, and a secret smile would dance at the corners of her full lips.

  Galloway was excited by the thought that Anna might be an industrial spy, sent from another lab. If that was the case — if her mission was to infiltrate the Institute — then he could probably ask her to do almost anything, and she would comply. She would have to. The sense of power rushed through his veins and put him on a high.

  ‘Made any friends yet, Anna?’

  She looked across at him. ‘Well, no one in particular. But everyone seems very nice. They’ve all made me feel very welcome here.’

  ‘Especially Simon.’

  She seemed embarrassed at the memory of her ordeal in the lecture theatre. She blinked several times and her cheeks flushed faintly. There it was again, Galloway thought; the contradiction that was Anna. Shameless and yet ashamed.

  ‘Well… I…’Shewas lost for words.

  ‘You didn’t expect quite such a warm welcome, did you?’

  She shook her head, relieved he’d answered for her.

  ‘We like to do things a little differently here, Anna. You may have noticed that already.’

  ‘Well, yes.’ She blinked again, and the embarrassment was gone. She gave Peter a knowing look.

  ‘Am I right to think that you’re enjoying your work here so far?’

  Her lips parted. Oh, Galloway thought, how he would love to slide his angry cock between those pretty lips. How he would love to fill that mouth —

  ‘Yes,’ she answered, interrupting his silently raging desire. ‘I’m glad I came.’

  ‘So am I.’ He fidgeted in his seat, readjusting himself as his penis began to thicken. ‘And is my wife behaving herself?’

  Anna was puzzled. Her dark eyebrows flickered with confusion. ‘Joan? What do you mean?’

  Peter laced his fingers behind his head and sighed, looking up at the ceiling. ‘Joan has… problems. She finds it hard to deal with her emotions. She is an accomplished scientist — a woman with a brilliant analytical mind. And yet she has no control over her insane jealousy.’

  Anna pushed her hair away from her face and tucked it behind her ear. ‘What is it she’s jealous of… if you don’t mind my asking?’

  ‘No, I don’t mind, Anna.’ He sighed again, as if the weight of the world was pressing down on his shoulders.

  ‘She’s jealous of you.’

  Anna’s eyes widened. ‘Of me? What have I done?’

  ‘Nothing.’ Peter tutted. ‘Joan is jealous of every new recruit we get here. She accepts that the Institute needs to expand, and she knows we need more staff in order to do that, but she just cannot accept that we need to recruit women as well as men. She’d rather we had an all-male staff, but like I keep explaining to her, that just wouldn’t be healthy.’ Peter slumped forward dramatically, banging his elbows down on to the desk and dropping his head into his hands. ‘She makes my life hell. She’s furious that I’ve asked you to do some typing for me, but what does she want me to do? Whoever I ask to do my secretarial work, she isn’t happy. There’s no pleasing her.’ He was silent for a moment. Then, as if he had just realised what he’d said, he looked up. ‘Oh, I’m sorry, Anna. I shouldn’t burden you with all this.’

  ‘It’s all right,’ she soothed, getting up from her seat. She moved around her desk and stood in front of Peter’s.

  ‘Is there anything I can do to help?’

  Oh yes, Peter thought, his eyes falling quickly over her body. You could take off that sexy little dress, for a start. You could plant your luscious arse on my desk and spread your milky white thighs for me. You could let me lick your pussy like Simon did, until I feel you coming beneath my tongue. You could wrap your pretty ankles around my neck, push your mound into my face, wet my lips with your juices, beg me for more…

  Peter swallowed hard, his erection throbbing now at the thought of what he would ask her to do next. This wasn’t written in the training manual. This wasn’t usual. Would she fall for it?

  ‘Well,’ he said quietly, his eyes lowered. ‘There is something you could do for me, Anna. But I’m afraid to ask.’


  He slowly lifted his gaze, as if he was ashamed to meet her eager eyes.

  ‘Peter, what is it? I’d like to help, please.’ She searched his eyes. ‘Peter, I’ll do anything.’

  ‘Well,’ he winced, pretending he was frightened to let the words out, ‘I don’t quite know how to put this.’

  ‘Just say it,’ Anna urged.

  ‘When Joan’s furious with me, she won’t… she doesn’t…’ Peter glanced down into his lap. ‘And I get very frustrated and, when I’m frustrated, I can’t concentrate on my work. And working with you, Anna, makes it even harder.’

  If she noticed the double entendre, she didn’t react to it. ‘Would you like me to relieve some of your… frustration?’ she breathed huskily.

  ‘Oh, Anna,’ he whispered gratefully, holding out his hand. He could hardly believe it as she walked around to his side. He put his arm around her waist and looked up at her, smiling to thank her. ‘If only you knew how much this means to me.’

  If only you knew, he continued silently. If only you knew that Joan is watching on the monitor, lapping up my lies, her fingers busy between her slender legs. If only you knew that my cock is bursting for you, and that the thought of my wife watching, and wanting you as much as I want you, will make me want to flood your lovely mouth with my come. If only you knew what else is in store for you here.

  Peter’s arm slid from her waist. One greedy hand gripped her buttock and squeezed lasciviously. His other hand parted his white lab coat and unfastened his trousers. He had no underwear on, as usual, and Anna’s eyes were drawn to his cock as he unfurled its length from the darkness of his groin.

  Peter pulled on Anna’s arse and slowly she got to her knees. Tentatively, she rested her hands on Peter’s thighs. With a subconscious movement, the tip of her tongue ran across her pouting lower lip. She stared at Peter’s long, thick penis, mesmerised, it seemed, by the sight of it rearing from his trousers. Peter touched her chin, raising her eyes to his.

  Her green eyes were wide, looking up at him with such innocence he almost lost control and slammed her head down into his lap. Gritting his teeth, he slowly moved his hand round to the back of her neck. Gently, he brought her lips closer to the head of his cock. His cock wept a silvery tear in anticipation.

  Peter dropped
his head back and groaned as her lips sucked greedily at the end of his penis. Her mouth was soft and wet and warm, her lips strong and her tongue urgent. Her fingers delved into his trousers and felt for his hairy balls, lightly squeezing until his buttocks twitched with pleasure. Tangling his fingers in her dark, silky hair, he pushed her further down on to him. She sucked him in as far as she could, until most of his penis was inside her. Then she began to raise and lower her head, flickering incessantly with her tongue between hungry sucks, and driving him mad. He was torn, not knowing whether to look down at her head bobbing and the way her hair brushed his lap, or up into the centre of the ceiling at the light fitting, where the tiny concealed camera was sending images of his pleasure to his wife.

  A moment later his dilemma was solved. Without knocking, Joan opened the door. Leaving it wide open, she stalked into the office, right up to Peter’s desk.

  ‘Where’s Anna?’ she snapped, her eyes glinting with evil delight.

  Anna froze. With an urgent hand, Peter pushed at her shoulder, moving her into the footwell of his desk. She was the perfect accomplice; with one silent backward movement, and without taking her lips from his cock, she settled her body into the narrow hole. Peter opened his thighs wide, pressing his feet and knees against the sides of the footwell. Anna crouched between them, out of sight — or so she thought.

  Peter grinned at his wife, making sure to keep his voice calm for Anna’s benefit. ‘Anna’s on an errand, darling. I sent her down to the kitchen with the rosters.’

  ‘Hmmm.’ Joan bit down on her thin lips, stifling the laugh that was trying to escape. ‘I don’t like that young woman, Peter.’

  ‘You shouldn’t be so hard on her.’ He smirked. ‘She’s very efficient.’

  ‘Oh, I’m sure she is.’ Joan’s eyebrows flickered suggestively.

  Peter slipped one hand beneath the desk. Reassuringly, he stroked Anna’s hair. In response, she grasped his penis in one hand and slowly licked from base to tip. Peter shivered at the feeling.

  ‘Are you all right?’ Joan asked, almost giggling.

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