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Undercover Secrets

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  Anna gasped as she realised he was telling the truth.

  He was voicing her own thoughts; the ones she had been vainly trying to push back into the recesses of her brain. But hearing him say those things was like a flash of revelation. It did feel good, to do what he said, to let herself go, not to have to think. But it was shocking to admit to herself that, investigation or no investigation, she actually wanted to masturbate for this man. For an instant — a long, blinding, earth-shattering instant — she was not in control. She was so out of control, she felt light-headed.

  And then the instant crashed to the floor, and suddenly Anna had the upper hand again. ‘You’ve no panties on,’ Galloway said, shock quivering in his throat.

  Anna’s clitoris throbbed in triumph. It was satisfying to see him taken aback. But as quickly as she had taken command it was seized from her again. Galloway got to his feet. Turning his back on Anna, he looked into the mirror.

  ‘Well, gentlemen, I think we’ve found our new recruit.’

  Galloway went through the doorway first, holding it open for Anna. She stepped through in some trepidation, and turned to find it was as she had suspected: on the other side of the mirror, a panel of eight scientists sat behind a long table. Every one was wearing a white doctor’s coat. Every one had a notebook and pen in front of them on the table. And every one of them had watched through the glass as Anna had been ‘interviewed’.

  ‘Come and meet the selection team.’ Galloway took Anna’s elbow and steered her across the wide, empty room to one end of the table. Walking along its length with Galloway, she was introduced to each of the doctors, and she tried to memorise their names in order to tell them to Mike later. It was difficult, though. These men were older and not quite as pretty as the staff she had seen downstairs but, like Galloway, each was compelling in his own way. And they all stared, quite openly, at Anna’s body. She might as well have been a naked slave, being offered like a gift. They were treating her like an object, looking her up and down, inspecting her for flaws.

  ‘You won’t see much of these doctors,’ Galloway explained. ‘These men are the Institute’s patrons, decision-makers and top scientists. They are leaders in their respected fields, and as such they are extremely busy. The men you’re meeting here are in demand all over the world. We are very lucky they find the time to show such an interest in our recruitment days.’

  Not so lucky for me, Anna thought, feeling distinctly uncomfortable at their avid attention.

  ‘You’ll be pleased to know you’ve passed the interview stage,’ Galloway continued. ‘Now, Anna, if you wish to gain entry to the Institute — to your new life — you must undergo a medical.’ He gently grasped her shoulders and turned her to face him. ‘Are you happy to have a medical, Anna? If not, you can leave now. You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to.’

  His voice was low and quiet. It was as if he was Anna’s confidant; they had shared the ordeal of the ‘interview’, and they had found an understanding. Now, they were friends. She could trust him — that was what his tone of voice implied. But Anna wasn’t fooled. She knew this was all part of the elaborate act he was putting on for her benefit.

  ‘Anna? Do you want to go on? Or do you want to leave?’

  She wanted to leave. These men were giving her the creeps. Or perhaps she was feeling the aftershock of submitting to a man, for the first time in her life. Whatever the reason, she had no option but to hide her unease and go through with whatever was necessary. ‘I’ll have the medical,’ she said.

  At some unseen signal, a door at the back of the huge room opened. A petite, striking woman, with pale skin and dark auburn hair cut dramatically short, strode purposefully across the floor.

  ‘May I introduce Joan, my wife.’

  Joan stuck out her hand and gave Anna’s a cursory, no-nonsense shake. ‘Full examination?’ she asked her husband. Galloway nodded and took the empty seat at the table, giving Anna a reassuring wink.

  Behind Anna, lurking silently like a beast about to pounce, was a medical bed. Joan wheeled it forward into the centre of the room, placing it beneath the large cluster of ceiling lamps so it seemed to be in a pool of light. Then, moving back to Anna, she told her to raise her arms and pulled off her black satin dress in one swift movement.

  Anna was so taken aback she didn’t know where to look. The doctors, sitting only feet away, knew precisely where to look, though: at her pert, naked breasts, her brown nipples and her black bush of luscious pubic hair. Kneeling, Joan supported Anna’s weight as she slipped off her shoes. With quick fingers, she unfastened Anna’s suspenders and rolled down her stockings. Before Anna knew it, she was totally naked.

  Joan pulled a tape measure out of her white coat pocket and unfurled it like a weapon. Directing Anna to bend her arms, to move this way and that, she measured each joint and limb. As she called out her dimensions to the watching doctors, Anna wondered why they would need to know the size of her wrists and the width of her neck. She had no idea; all she knew was that this woman was going about her well-practised tasks without a thought for Anna’s embarrassment. Anna enjoyed being an exhibitionist in the privacy of her own bedroom, with her lovers. This was a different matter.

  And yet, at the same time, there was a germ of excitement growing inside her. It was exactly the same excitement she had felt during that moment of clarity in Galloway’s office, when she had realised she was out of control — and realised it felt good. In a strange, bizarre twist, her own humiliation was becoming a turn-on. Her shame in front of these men was working like an aphrodisiac. She hardly dared admit it to herself, but it was undeniable: her pussy was wet.

  Startled, Anna jumped as Joan squeezed one of her breasts, and then the other. ‘Nice firm tits,’ she commented to the panel. Manoeuvring Anna by the shoulders, she turned her so her back was to the audience. ‘Bend down and touch your toes.’

  Anna complied, feeling her hamstrings stretching as she did so. She also felt her face heating up. The doctors now had an extremely intimate view of her arse. Her pussy lips were open. They would see her moistness, glistening from between her swollen, fleshy lips. They would see her clit, burning red with desire. And they would know what she was so ashamed of: that this examination was becoming as thrilling as it was embarrassing.

  Anna heard the snap of rubber gloves being put on. A second later, something cold and greasy was rubbed into the delicate skin around her anus. Anna shuddered and held her breath as her arsehole twitched in response, the nerve-endings sending panicked signals to her brain from beneath Joan’s fingers. Anna guessed what was coming next. Hanging upside down, she could see the eagerness in the face of the scientist sitting directly opposite her. Still, it was a shock when Joan slid her long forefinger deep inside Anna’s arse. She bit her lip to stifle her cry. It came out as a faint, strangled whimper. Joan moved in and out, in and out, and the backs of Anna’s legs began to tremble. ‘Tight anus,’ Joan said, her voice as rasping as Galloway’s was smooth. ‘Normal reflexes — she’s trying to expel my finger. She’s enjoying it, though. I’d say she’s had anal sex before. Stand up, Anna.’ Joan’s finger was gone. She peeled off her surgical glove and dropped it to the floor. How strange for a doctor to do that, Anna thought, her mind choosing to fixate on this tiny incongruity instead of the incredible weirdness of the situation.

  Joan rolled on another glove and patted the bed. Anna climbed on and lay down on the clean white sheet as directed, with her head propped up on the pillows and her feet facing the scientists’ hungry eyes.

  Joan moved Anna’s legs so that her knees were bent and her legs wide apart. Anna wanted to shut her eyes, to shut out what was coming next. She wanted to close down her senses and stop her pulse from racing so frighteningly. But Galloway’s words echoed in her mind, taunting her. Open your legs, Anna. Show me. Let yourself go. You know you want to.

  She did want to. She wanted Joan’s long, probing finger inside her. She wanted the doctors to watch her beau
tiful pussy being invaded. She wanted them to see, and smell, and taste her pleasure. She wanted to spread her thighs wide for them, to let each one into the secrets of her sex.

  Anna groaned and arched her throat as Joan slipped into her warm cunt. A solitary finger eased effortlessly in, lubricated by Anna’s readiness. ‘Squeeze my finger,’ Joan commanded, and Anna did, clutching greedily to try to trap the pleasure within her. ‘Tight vagina, strong inner muscles,’ Joan said. ‘Excellent lubrication.’ Joan withdrew the first finger and pushed in again, this time entering Anna with two. With the next stroke it was three, gently stretching Anna’s sex.

  Anna’s body, subjected to such intense examination, was beginning to free itself from self-consciousness. Allowing her desire out into the open, Anna lifted her pelvis from the bed. She pushed her hips up slightly to meet Joan’s thrusting hand, moaning pathetically with the strength of her need. She felt dizzy as Joan invited the scientists to approach the bed and inspect her for themselves. Yes, she screamed inside. Look at me. Touch me. Fuck me.

  They didn’t fuck her. Instead, they formed an orderly queue behind Joan, as if they were waiting for dinner. Joan stepped aside, relinquishing her hold on Anna’s pleasure, and the first doctor loomed over Anna’s prone body. With searching hands he grabbed her breasts and squeezed them, hard. He pinched her nipples. He put one hand on one shaking inner thigh and his other hand over her mound. His thumb slipped inside her gaping pussy, filling her with a fraction of relief. Then he stepped aside, mumbling his comments, and the next doctor took his turn. Standing at the end of the bed, he held on to Anna’s ankles and bowed his head to her crotch. His nose pressed to her hole and he took in a deep breath. Anna looked down her body at his face, eyes shut in rapture. Fuck me, she begged silently. Why won’t you fuck me?

  He moved away and another doctor took his turn. As Anna lay there, helpless, she watched with wide eyes as her body was scrutinised. Fingers poked in and out of her vagina as if she were a medical specimen. Her pussy was licked with one flick of a doctor’s tongue. He then proceeded to try to describe her taste to the others, while Joan conscientiously wrote down his remarks. Her breasts were praised for their shape and pertness as if they were separate beings in their own right and nothing to do with the naked woman lying in front of them.

  Then it was Galloway’s turn. He walked slowly up to the bed, Anna following his every movement with desperate eyes. This is it, she thought. He’s the boss; he would be the one to take her, to plunge his penis inside her and induct her into the Institute. In a moment her body would be filled with his, and she couldn’t wait. Her need for relief was becoming unbearable.

  But, for a cruel eternity, Galloway didn’t even touch her. Putting his hands behind his back, he circled the bed. Stopping when he saw something of interest, he bowed over Anna to inspect closer. He took a good look at her nipples, her neck and her open lips. He peered into her eyes and spent a long time at the end of the bed, staring inside her open sex. Just like before in his office, when she had crossed her legs to show him her stockings, he was oblivious of Anna and concerned only with following his secret agenda. Then, all of a sudden, he reached between her legs and rubbed her clit between finger and thumb.

  Anna’s body jerked with shock, and she cried out. Immediately, Galloway removed his touch, straightened up and nodded at the others.

  ‘She’s perfect, gentlemen. Are we all agreed?’

  The panel murmured, making positive noises.

  Galloway clapped his hands together. ‘Conference room, five minutes.’ And, with that, the others filed out.

  Now, Anna begged. Do it, now.

  ‘You may get dressed again,’ he said, as the door closed, leaving them alone.

  Anna didn’t move. She couldn’t.

  ‘Put your clothes on, Anna.’

  As he walked back to the table, she propped herself up on her elbows. Looking between her spread thighs, she threw Galloway a sultry smile. Two could play at this game. ‘What if I don’t want to put my clothes on?’

  He didn’t look up from his notebook. ‘Then you’ll get cold.’


  ‘But what, Anna?’

  He remained engrossed in his notes. Confused, Anna slunk off the bed and retrieved her clothes. Standing in front of him, she waited like a naughty schoolgirl for him to finish writing.

  Finally he put down his pen. His smile was like silk. ‘Well, Anna, you’ve passed with flying colours. I’m pleased to be able to offer you a place at our Institute. You have been accepted on the basis of a one-month trial, which is as much for your benefit as it is for ours. Seeing as you have nothing to go home to, you can start here immediately.’

  Anna thought of Mike, waiting for her at the motel. ‘Oh.’

  ‘Is there a problem?’ Galloway’s tone turned chilly. ‘I thought you would be pleased.’

  ‘I am,’ she insisted. ‘I’m really pleased. But I have a few things I need to sort out first.’

  His eyes narrowed. ‘Such as?’

  Anna looked down at her outfit. ‘Well, I’ll need to get some more clothes, for one.’

  ‘Uniform is provided. You don’t need to bring anything with you.’

  ‘Well, that’s great, but there are a few other things I need to do.’ Anna concentrated on her body language, trying not to fidget or blink — telltale signs of dishonesty.

  ‘I rent a flat. I’ll have to tell the landlord I’m leaving, and move my stuff out. I’ll have to find a home for my cat. I’ll have to settle my bills and tell the telephone and electricity companies that I’m moving out. Then there’s the —’

  ‘You won’t come back.’

  Anna’s brow twitched nervously. ‘Sorry?’

  ‘You’re a beautiful woman. You’re also a smart, rational woman. You’ll get back to the outside world and you’ll wonder what on earth you were thinking of. You’ll meet some man who’ll make you believe that life out there —’ he waved dismissively towards the black window ‘— isn’t so bad, after all. And you’ll forget all about this place. If you go now, Anna, you won’t come back.’

  ‘Oh, I will,’ she promised. I’ll come back and get to the bottom of your warped mind games. ‘Nothing could keep me away from here, believe me. But I do have to tie up my loose ends. You don’t want me to get in debt for unpaid rent, do you? Or to let my cat starve to death?’

  ‘No, of course not. I just don’t want you to forget what brought you here today. Sometimes, in the cold light of day, people have second thoughts.’

  ‘Not me. I’ll be back as soon as I can.’

  Galloway got up and moved to Anna’s side. He put his gentle fingers to her neck and smiled with what seemed like genuine concern. ‘You’re right for the Institute, Anna. And the Institute is right for you. We want you here, with us.’

  I know you do, she thought. I just don’t know why. But I will find out.

  ‘Thank God you’re back. I was getting worried.’

  Anna practically leapt past Mike into the room. She had been on a high since she had left the Institute. She had turned the radio on in the car and sung at the top of her voice all the way back to the motel, trying to expel some of the exhilaration bubbling up inside her. Her voice had sounded strong and clear, booming powerfully above the noise of the engine. With every breath she took, she seemed to refuel her body with simmering energy. She felt empowered by her sense of achievement at securing her place in the research centre. At this moment, she knew she could do anything.

  ‘Mike, it was amazing,’ she said, jumping around. ‘I’ve never done anything so exciting in my life. I feel fantastic.’ She paused as she caught sight of herself in the mirror. She looked like she had just had sex: flushed, breathless, glowing. ‘I was born to do this job, Mike. I’m bloody brilliant, I tell you.’

  Mike slumped down on the edge of the bed and scratched his stubbly chin. ‘I’ve been going out of my mind here, not knowing what was happening, wondering whether you were OK.’<
br />
  ‘OK? You should have seen me, Mike. I gave such a convincing performance, I even managed to produce a tear when I was talking about my poor “parents”.’

  ‘And Galloway? Was he what we expected?’

  ‘Oh, yes. Jane’s information was spot on. He is mesmerising.’ Anna failed to hide a secretive smile.

  ‘Do you like him?’ Mike asked, suspicion in his voice.

  Anna tried to find the words to describe how she felt about Galloway. She shouldn’t like him; after all, she knew he was up to something which was possibly quite sinister. But she couldn’t help admiring the man. He was audacious. Anna was someone who had always liked playing games, and in Galloway she recognised a masterful opponent. She wanted to get to know him better. The way he had acted with her was bizarre, creepy even; but she found him intriguing rather than repulsive. ‘He’s an enigma,’ she said wistfully.

  Mike got his dictaphone from his bag and turned it on. ‘Tell me everything,’ he urged.

  Anna told him everything, prancing excitedly around the room as she spoke and illustrating her narration with wild gestures. It was thrilling to reveal the fruits of her first investigation, and her excitement was mirrored in Mike’s taut features. But there was something else there in his tired face. Anna couldn’t quite put her finger on it, until she began to tell Mike about the ‘interview’.

  As it emerged that Galloway had, as expected, asked Anna to touch herself, Mike’s envy became obvious. His cheeks colouring faintly, he lowered his eyes to the grubby carpet and gritted his teeth. ‘And how did that make you feel?’ he asked accusingly, his face set hard. ‘Was it revolting, having that pervert leering at you?’

  ‘Not really.’ How could she possibly explain that Galloway’s leering had been a thrill — a warped, twisted thrill, turning everything Anna had ever felt completely on its head? ‘It sounds strange, but it was sort of enjoyable.’

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