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Undercover Secrets

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  Now, Peter didn’t know where to look. He was spoilt for choice. He slowly paced around the bed, relishing every view and every angle. There was Anna, lying on the bed with her legs apart, watching with wide eyes as Suraya began to shave her. There was Suraya, her small breasts pouting over the top of her gaudy satin basque, her dark pussy hair peeking out from her skirt, which had ridden right up as it was designed to. But best of all — so good it made his erection thicken — was the way the women were looking at each other. Suraya’s dark-brown eyes were fixed with concentration on Anna’s mound, following her fingers as she swept the blade across the delicate folds of skin. Anna’s eyes were taking furtive glances at her attendant’s delicate breasts with their dark, soft nipples, at the view beneath her skirt and at Suraya’s long fingers, deft and arousing on her intimate flesh. Anna was falling — he could tell by the quiver in her open lips, and the tremor that rippled across her pelvis as Suraya opened out her delicate creases.

  Suraya soon finished. Peter thanked her as she left. ‘What do you think, Anna?’ he asked.

  Speechless, she looked down her body at her naked mound. There was shock in her eyes, but he could tell the sight thrilled her as much as it did him. Standing at her side, he took her hand and draped her fingers over her bare pussy. His fingers entwined with hers as they both discovered the incredible smoothness that had been hidden beneath her thick bush. Peter loved to see a woman’s sex exposed. Her desire was obvious now. There was no soft hair to hide her scarlet clit as it rose angrily, or to shield her wonderfully fleshy lips from view. It was all he could do to stop himself diving down there and eating her until she came.

  He took a step away, removing himself from temptation. He clicked his fingers at a pair of men, and they approached the bed and undid the two small bottles Suraya had left. Pouring the aromatic oil into their big hands, they rolled Anna on to her front and smoothed it into her skin. Teasing her with their greasy fingers, they rubbed the perfume all over her body. Anna groaned as her neck and shoulders were massaged, and whimpered as two searching hands spread her buttocks and another poured oil into her crack. Flipping her over on to her back, they anointed her breasts, belly and mound, working gently as they fingered her most tender parts. Her body jerked out of its stupor as an oily thumb brushed over her clit. The tiny hump was red with desire, and she had to grip on to the sides of the bed as the epicentre of her pleasure was circled and tweaked.

  Her pure skin shone with oil. Her pussy lips shone with dew. She was ready. Time for her ordeal to begin.

  ‘Present her,’ Galloway said. Her masseurs positioned themselves on either side of the bed and picked her up. They put her arms around their shoulders, and cradled her around the back of her waist and underneath her thighs. Lifting her up from the bed, they waited while Peter pulled the trolley out from underneath her. He pushed it out of the way. Leaving it across the doorway, he walked back into the middle of the room to watch.

  Anna was carried to the first man in line. His eyes glinted from his black shroud as he looked her up and down. ‘Mouth,’ he said curtly, and Anna’s attendants hoisted her pelvis up to his face. They hooked her knees over his broad shoulders and presented him with her open sex. Galloway felt his own mouth watering as the man’s pink tongue poked from his hood. Anna’s head fell slowly back as he lapped at her. Upside-down, she looked directly at Peter as she sighed.

  The men held her still, adjusting their grip as her muscles reacted to the pleasure and she squirmed to get closer to that long, searching tongue. Peter could probably have asked her now, ‘Do you want to stay here for ever?’ and she would have said yes. But he’d only just started; by the end, she would be screaming, ‘Yes! Yes!’

  The first man brought her to shaking orgasm with only his tongue. Without a pause, her carriers moved her on to the next in line. ‘Cock,’ he said, undoing his leather trousers and unfurling his thick penis. Anna was tilted upright into a sitting position, and lowered without ceremony on to the waiting cock. An arch rippled up her pliant spine as she was filled with the rigid meat. Peter saw her shoulders twitch as she tried to free her arms and hold on to her new lover. But the men blocked her, pushing her hands away and pinning her arms down by her side. She wasn’t to touch any of them, except where they instructed. This was sex in its crudest, most primitive form: no emotion, no feeling, faceless and nameless. She wouldn’t even see the pleasure stretched across their mouths and glinting in their eyes. All she would feel was cock and pussy, tongue and anus.

  Her thighs were held open at his waist as she was lowered up and down on his straining rod. He came quickly and without a sound, but Anna’s assistants knew when it was time to move her on. And so she progressed down the first row, sometimes having an orgasm, sometimes giving one. The third man wanted to tongue her anus, and her body was turned face down and raised up on to their shoulders. Supporting her shoulders and hips, they offered number three her arse. Her head and legs dangled straight down as he spread her pale cheeks and explored her most secret place.

  Number four wanted her breasts. Anna was made to kneel, and the men on either side of her squeezed her breasts together while the third thrust manically between the heavy mounds. The fifth man wanted to fuck her, and she was sat astride his cock. He also wanted to feel her torso against his, and her oily, come-streaked breasts squashed and slid against his smooth chest as she was plunged on to his prick. Number six Peter recognised as Simon, partly because he wanted to lick her out, but mainly because he took so long. He relished his task.

  It took an hour for Anna to be ferried around the stiffcocked ranks. She was manoeuvred in every possible direction and fucked in every orifice. She was tilted and turned, her body undulating with ecstasy within her attendants’ strong fingers. By the time it was their turn, the oil covering her skin was mixed with sweat, and come, and juice from her gaping pussy. The pungent smell of sex was heavy in the warm air. Unable and unwilling to do anything else, she allowed the last two men to arrange her limbs the way they wanted. Delirious, she rested her head on one man’s shoulder as he pulled her down over his lap. She knelt astride his hips, sheathing his penis inside her, unaware that the second man was kneeling behind her. Wrapping his muscular body around hers, he pressed his chest against her back. Grasping his prick, he brought the weeping head between her open cheeks. Slowly he pressed, waiting for her sphincter muscles to relax and let him in. The men put their arms around each other’s shoulders, encasing her in the heat of their bodies. Trapped between them, Anna cried out. Tears streamed down her flushed cheeks and dripped from her open lips. Peter stood in front of her and opened his lab coat to reveal his rearing penis. Through halfclosed eyes, she watched as he stepped closer to her. Her moans were smothered as he filled her mouth. Then, every orifice was full with cock. It was all she would smell, and taste, and feel. And if he could have seen inside her mind, he knew he would have found cock there, too — his cock, fucking with her brain. Power surged through his veins as he came on her tongue.

  The three men lifted her used body back on to the medical bed. She lay just as they left her: legs sprawled, arms thrown back over her head. Her pussy was still in spasm at the ferocity of her final climax, and thick white juice trickled down her inner thigh. Galloway smiled at the sight of her, spent with too much pleasure. That was how he liked his women: their eyelids heavy, their eyes clouded, their bodies used and their spirits tamed. Anna was broken.

  He stroked her damp hair as the men silently filed out. She blinked sleepily, confused like someone coming round from anaesthetic. ‘I hope I didn’t push you too far,’ he said, soothing her with his voice and fingers. ‘It usually takes new recruits a while to work up to what you’ve just done. It can be too much for some people.’

  She smiled weakly. ‘I always was a quick learner.’

  ‘And what did you learn today?’

  ‘That I want to stay here.’ Pulling on her reserves of strength, she reached for Peter’s hand. ‘Please… please let
me stay. I swear to you I’ll never set foot outside the door again. I don’t want to, not any more. I don’t want my old life back — I want this life.’

  Galloway nodded. ‘I think we can safely say you proved that to all of us this afternoon. You belong here, Anna. We want you here, with us.’ He wiped a tear away from her cheek. ‘But I want you to fully understand what you’re committing yourself to.’ He caressed her throat. ‘The lucky ones who are offered permanent places here — and I’m happy to say you’re one of them — can enjoy a fulfilling existence. Life here has no limitations, Anna. One of the reasons I founded this Institute was because I was tired of having limitations put on me.’ He tutted, narrowing his eyes at the thought of the world outside, and how it had tried to stop him from reaching his full potential. ‘Right from being a student I was told I couldn’t do this, mustn’t do that. I got frustrated by all the constraints put on my work. After all, who were these people telling me what not to do? — people with closed minds and blinkered views. A closed mind is a dangerous thing, Anna. It stops you from exploring new possibilities.’ His touch drifted down to her breast. He gently touched the bite marks on her flesh. ‘I wanted to open my mind to everything. I wanted no constraints, either on my work or on what I chose to do outside of work. And yet I found that people even wanted to control my private life — to put labels on me, and to brand me.’ He seethed at the memory. He took a couple of slow breaths to calm himself. ‘So I set up this place, Anna. Within these walls there are no limits. Our research has broken boundaries. We’ve opened our minds, and taken genetic studies further than any of our competitors. People told us it couldn’t be done — mustn’t be done — but we did it anyway.’ His voice rose as he got carried away. ‘Joan and I decided from the start that we’d only have like-minded people working for us. We would expect the best from them, and in return we’d give them the best working conditions possible and the opportunity to free their minds. If someone had a scientific theory that had been scoffed at outside, we would let them test it here. And if someone had a dark, deeply buried desire, we would help them admit to it. Our policy wouldn’t suit everyone. But it does suit people who felt uncomfortable with their desires in the outside world. People like you, Anna.’ He paused as he looked again at the beauty of her naked pussy. The sight made his penis ache once more. He tenderly fingered her swollen lips.

  ‘I never realised I had these desires, until I came here,’ she whispered.

  He gave her a gentle smile. He’d never got quite so much pleasure from breaking in a new recruit. The fact that he’d known all along about her ulterior motives made it all the sweeter now; now that she was his. To make any woman admit to her animal longing was deeply gratifying. But to make a spy forget her real purpose — to lead her willingly astray from her work and down a path towards her own corruption — that was enough to give a man a permanent hard-on.

  ‘It must have been fate that brought you to me, Anna. The first day we met I could see that you needed me. I knew you belonged here.’

  ‘I knew it too,’ she said. ‘It just took me a while to realise it.’

  Her creamy inner thighs were bruised where the staff had slammed their hard bodies into her. Peter brushed his fingertips over the faint blemishes. ‘You must stay here now, Anna. There’s nothing left for you outside. The heights of pleasure you’ve reached here aren’t allowed in the so-called real world. From now on, you can climb to those heights whenever you want. The Institute is full of men and women eager to help you.’

  She sighed wistfully.

  ‘Of course, we do ask for a few things in return. There will be days when you must work, just like everyone else. We do have a research laboratory to run.’ He chuckled, trying to diffuse the importance of his next statement. ‘And now that you’ve been accepted on to the permanent staff, we ask you to donate a few cells for our gene bank.’

  Her brow creased slightly. ‘What sort of cells?’

  He picked up her hand and sucked on her fingertip. ‘It’s a painless procedure. We need a constant supply of cells for our scientists to study. On graduation, we ask each new recruit to donate a tiny piece of skin from the tip of one finger.’

  ‘What do you use it for?’

  ‘Where do you think we find genes to study?’ He rolled his tongue around her finger. ‘It’s a small price to pay, don’t you think? A few cells in return for a life of unimaginable pleasure.’

  She smiled. ‘You can have as many of my cells as you want.’

  She watched dreamily as he pulled out a scalpel and test tube from his breast pocket. Taking the guard off the blade, he made a neat incision in the tip of her middle finger. With practised skill, he sliced off a tiny circle of her priceless skin and dropped it into the tube. Holding it up, he looked at the sliver of flesh and wondered how much it would be worth, in months to come.

  He gently lowered her hand and eased her finger into her mouth. He’d barely gone below the epidermis, and there was only a pinprick of blood where he had. ‘Just suck on that for a moment,’ he said. ‘Genetic donations are vital to our work here, Anna. In recognition of the contribution you’ve just made, and to welcome you as a proper staff member, we offer a little reward. For the next week, you’re excused from all work. You’ll stay in this room and do whatever you want, with whoever you want.’ He wished it could be him first, but he had to get the cells labelled and put in the freezer. Turning at the door, Peter took a last lingering look at her beautiful body. ‘Who shall I send in first?’

  She smiled coyly. ‘Can I have Frank?’

  Chapter Twelve

  Frank looked doleful. His deep-blue eyes were overflowing with sorrow. ‘Why did you come back?’ He shook his head as he perched on the edge of the bed. ‘I told you this would happen. Oh,’ he sighed mournfully. ‘Look what they’ve done to you.’ His fingers went where his father’s had been: over her smooth, hairless mound, on to the damaged skin at the tops of her inner thighs, and over the marks on her breasts. ‘They’ve hurt you,’ he whispered. His face was full of sad incomprehension. ‘I said they would. Why didn’t you listen? I thought you’d got away.’

  Anna eased herself up off the bed. She could speak freely now; she knew there were no cameras or microphones in these rooms. ‘Frank, I came back because I have to find out why the women here are being put in these rooms and punished.’ She didn’t have time to explain that Frank had mistaken ecstasy for agony. She had a feeling he’d never understand. ‘Your father’s just taken some cells from my finger.’ She held it up for him to see. ‘I think this is something to do with the way the women are treated here.’

  His brow knitted. He shook his head. ‘The cell-extraction programme has nothing to do with these torture chambers, Anna.’

  She blinked several times, amazed he knew what she was talking about, for a change. ‘What is it to do with, then?’

  ‘Making people, of course.’ He laughed, amused by her naïveté.

  Anna swallowed hard. When she opened her mouth, the breath came out in a rush. ‘What do you know about “making people”?’

  ‘Everything. I work in the gene bank.’ He proudly stuck out his perfect chin. ‘I’m the top scientist here, you know.’

  ‘Of course you are.’ She scrambled from the bed and put her dress back on. ‘I have to see the gene bank, but I’d get into trouble if anyone caught me. They’d punish me again, Frank. When can we go there, alone?’

  He looked at his watch. ‘They’ll be going to lunch. We can go now, if you like.’

  Anna leant against the wall outside the gene bank, trying to catch her breath. Her heart was beating so fast she felt dizzy. Thoughts were colliding in her head. She had to get photographs, video footage — firm evidence of what she’d just seen. But her surveillance equipment was in her wrecked car. She pounded her fists against the wall. Think, she told herself. Think.

  She had three priorities: collect evidence, alert Mike and do nothing to arouse suspicion until he got there. It would be
almost impossible to pull off all three, but she had to try.

  She tried to impress upon Frank that she really was in danger now. Making the most of the camera-less corridor, she explained that she needed him to protect her from further ‘punishment’. He promised he would, telling her again that he had feelings for her — feelings that made his heart ache. If she hadn’t been in such a panic, she would have been moved.

  She went back to her cell, sending Frank downstairs to the labs. Five minutes later, he returned with Simon. ‘Frank said you wanted me,’ he leered. ‘I told him I already knew that, but he insisted I came up to see you.’

  Anna darted to the door, peering out of the hatch to make sure no one was there. ‘Is there anyone back there?’ She motioned towards the mirrored wall. Simon shook his head. ‘I’ll come straight to the point. You were right to be worried about the research you’ve been doing. I’ve just seen the gene bank.’

  Simon’s eyebrows twitched. ‘The what?’

  ‘The gene bank. It’s the reason behind all those inexplicable experiments Peter’s been asking you to do.’ She lunged towards him, squeezing his arm to try to show him how serious this was. ‘Frank works there, with Peter and Joan. I’ve just seen it. It’s frightening, Simon.’

  ‘Calm down,’ he said.

  ‘You wouldn’t be calm if you’d seen what I have. There were rows and rows of freezers in there, packed with metal canisters. Every canister’s labelled with a name and date. Inside each one there are test tubes together with descriptions: eye colour, hair colour, height, gender, intelligence, sexual preferences… Don’t you see what this means? My theory about cloning was right!’ She held up her finger, showing him the scar on the tip. ‘Galloway extracts cells from the staff, and then you’re given the task of identifying the genes and replicating them. Once you’ve done that, the genetic information is documented and stored, and then…’

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