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Undercover Secrets

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  He climbed into the empty space beside her. Lying down, he propped his head up on one hand. She lay on her back, looking expectantly up at him.

  ‘You’re beautiful,’ he sighed. Lifting his free hand, he touched her face again. He lightly brushed over her eyelids and lashes, then down her cheek and on to her lips. Her breath was warm on his skin, her tongue even warmer as it darted out and wet his fingertips. Pushing her head up from the pillow, she sucked in two of his fingers up to the first knuckles.

  She seemed to be savouring the taste of his fingers, and he would have stayed there longer, letting her roll her tongue around them, were it not for the sight of her breasts urging him onward. Easing his hand away, he trickled his damp touch over her throat, feeling it arch with pleasure as he moved inexorably towards her cleavage.

  Her breasts were incredible. Everything about them made him hungry inside: their swooping curves, their full, heavy shapes and the delicious darkness of the wide circles on their tips. Involuntarily, his fingers followed the edge of an areola, trembling slightly at the unbelievable smoothness. Hypnotised, he watched as the soft disc turned from rosy pink to brown, and crinkled into stiffness. Her nipple poked out towards his touch, and as he flicked over it Anna sighed and reached up for him. Putting her hand around his neck, she gently squeezed.

  ‘Oh, Frank, that feels so good.’ She pulled his head down. ‘Kiss me there.’

  Her nipple tasted sweet. Frank sucked on it, closing his eyes for a moment as he realised how good he felt. As she urged his head over to her other breast, he began to feel warm, at last. The cold loneliness was dissolving, washed away by her beauty as it seeped into his own body.

  He licked at her breast, feeling the soft mound quiver as he lapped all over it. Anna looked down at him, breathing deeply as she watched him suckle on the darkening peak. Spreading her hand around her curve, she offered it up to him. He fed from her skin. The lovely, faint sounds of her pleasure echoed down his spine and made the hairs stand up on the back of his neck.

  She bent her knees and lifted her hips from the bed, reminding Frank of the secret place he hadn’t tasted yet. Kissing his way down, he worshipped the invisible, downy hairs on her stomach. He darted his tongue into her belly button. Reluctantly removing his lips from her skin, he sat up, changing his position so that he was kneeling on all fours, facing her feet. As his mouth dipped to her pussy, her heady scent filtered into his brain. For a moment, he felt just the same as when Peter gave him those injections to make him sleep: slightly dizzy, heavy-headed and deeply contented. Then Anna whimpered beneath him, and he woke up and buried his face between her thighs.

  Leaning diagonally over her hips, he delved inside her with his long tongue. Her pussy lips were open and wet, and the musk was intoxicating down there. His wide lips crushed against hers as he unfurled his tongue into her tight, hot hole. She levered her pelvis up from the bed, lifting herself into his face as she’d done with her breast. She cried out, quietly, telling him that it was so good and begging him not to stop. He didn’t want to stop. He wanted to stay there for ever, kissing and tonguing her honey-soaked pussy and making her squirm with delight.

  Wriggling across the bed, she moved until she was lying directly beneath him. Her face must have been just under his straining penis, because he felt her mouth close around the swollen tip. Shocked by the feeling, he paused while her lips moved down his rod. Sucking greedily on him, she grunted with effort, and Frank remembered what he was doing.

  Their bodies merged into one. Conscious thought blurred into a beautiful, jumbled mess of shared sensations. Her small hands were on his heavy balls, gently moulding and squeezing. His tongue was exploring deep inside her, while hers darted around the end of his penis, teasing him and wetting his skin. His face was wet with her, his lungs full of her scent as he inhaled deeply. Her soft curls tickled his chin.

  Suddenly, her inner thighs jerked and her mouth slipped from his cock. ‘There,’ she pleaded. ‘Just there, that feels amazing, oh… please…’

  He knew what she was asking for; other women had shown him that tiny, innocuous hump of flesh and told him what to do with it. Sucking hard, he pulled on her scarlet clit with lips eager to please her. The shudders running through her body gave him pleasure too, as he absorbed the aftershocks of her tremor of ecstasy. Waves of warmth rippled over his skin as he pushed her towards her climax. Anna’s thighs enclosed his head, tensing hard against his neck as if she wanted to trap him there. Frank nibbled on her tiny, engorged bud, alternating his tentative biting with generous laps of his tongue all along the inner edges of her open labia, and fluid swirls around her clit. Her hands reached between his legs and smoothed over his buttocks, pulling his hips down. She started work on him, sucking and licking as frantically as he was. But before Frank had reached his climax her mouth froze. Her pelvis juddered. He felt the muscles of her inner thighs go into spasm as they clutched at his neck.

  As he rolled on to his back, they both sighed loudly, letting out the breath they’d been holding in. Frank watched his fingers for a while as they idly stroked her open thighs and slipped in the wetness spilling from her pussy. Then he looked up her body, and his heart seemed to clench tightly in his chest. She looked so lovely, her cheeks flushed pink and her trembling fingers playing with her breasts. How he longed to be inside her.

  ‘Frank,’ she whispered. ‘Oh, Frank, I want you, now.’ Heaving herself out of her cloud of pleasure, she crawled on all fours towards him. ‘You’re so good,’ she said breathlessly. ‘I want to make you feel good.’ Straddling his hips, she bowed her head. Placing her hands on either side of his waist, she began to lower her open pussy.

  ‘Don’t.’ He grabbed her, holding her tight. His huge hands almost fitted around her slender waist. ‘Anna, we mustn’t.’

  Her eyes flashed with frustration. ‘Why not? Why can’t we?’

  ‘You’ll be hurt.’

  ‘Frank, I know you’re big, but —’

  ‘If I put myself inside you here,’ he explained, his finger poking into her sex, ‘they’ll see.’

  Her eyes flicked to the mirror. ‘Who will see, Frank?’

  He didn’t know who, exactly. But he had to make her understand. ‘They’ll see. And then they’ll take you away from me and punish you. They’ll hurt you, Anna.’ He shook her gently, emphasising the importance of his warning. ‘You’ve got to believe me. I’m telling the truth.’

  ‘I’m sure you are,’ she said, concerned. ‘But I don’t understand. Why would I be punished?’


  Startled, he looked up as the door opened. His mother and father were standing there, with strange looks on their faces.

  ‘Frank,’ Joan repeated sternly. ‘I think it’s time you stopped bothering Anna. Unlike you, she needs her sleep.’

  Frank relinquished his grip on Anna and she sat down, covering up her body. He eased his aching limbs from the bed. Standing, he felt his legs shaking. He also felt the ice of his mother’s eyes burning into him, and he guiltily covered his erection. ‘Mother… I was only kissing her down there — I didn’t put my penis inside. I wasn’t doing anything wrong, was I?’

  She gave him a pained smile. ‘No, Frank. But it’s very late. You’ve a lot of work to get through tomorrow, and so has Anna.’

  His father stepped further into the room. With a hand on Frank’s shoulder, he urged him towards the door. ‘Come on, son. Your mother will take care of you.’ He turned to Anna. ‘I’m sorry. He’s under a lot of stress. His work really takes it out of him.’

  Anna didn’t say anything. Her anxious gaze moved from Peter, to Joan, to Frank, and she gave him a sweet smile. ‘Goodnight, Frank.’

  ‘Goodnight, Anna.’

  His parents gave each other that look as they marched him down the corridor. He knew that look so well, and yet he still didn’t know what it meant.

  ‘You won’t punish Anna, will you?’ he asked them.

  ‘No, son.’ Peter guided h
im into the lift. ‘Like your mother said, you two have done nothing wrong. But you must let Anna sleep.’

  ‘I couldn’t sleep,’ he moaned. ‘I can never sleep.’

  Peter and Joan shared another look. It was as if they were deciding something, silently, because his mother nodded.

  ‘We’ll help you, darling. Don’t worry.’

  The lift arrived on his floor. They went to his room, and he got back into bed. Joan straightened the rumpled sheets over his tense body. ‘You like Anna, don’t you?’

  ‘Yes. She’s beautiful.’

  She smoothed down his hair. ‘Not as beautiful as you, darling. You’re perfect.’

  Peter crouched down by the bed. Straightening Frank’s arm, he tapped several times on the inside of his elbow. Then he pulled a syringe from his lab-coat pocket. There was a pinprick. Frank watched as the plunger pushed the viscous liquid down the needle and into his brain. Sleep oozed over him.

  ‘You can rest now.’

  The voice was faint and distorted. He thought of Anna’s green eyes.

  Chapter Eight

  'Simon!’ Anna beamed as he came in, then remembered the cameras and tried to look nonchalant. He returned her smile. ‘Sorry I wasn’t around yesterday. I got… tied up.’

  ‘I wasn’t here either. I was working for Peter,’ she said, trying to show him with a flash of her eyes that all was not well. She got up from her desk and went to his side.

  ‘I started typing up your notes, but there was a bit where I couldn’t read your handwriting. Could you just take a look at it?’ She handed him a dossier.

  ‘Which bit?’

  She pointed to the small handwritten note she’d inserted in the file. ‘You were right to make us whisper,’ she’d written. ‘There are microphones and cameraseverywhere.’

  Simon glanced up at her, his eyebrows raised in surprise. ‘My handwriting isn’t that bad, Anna.’ He read out a section of the notes. ‘Is that clear, now?’

  ‘Yes, thank you.’ She took the dossier back. Slipping a hand around Simon’s neck, she kissed him on the cheek, by his ear. ‘Something weird happened last night,’ she whispered, in a voice so faint she wasn’t sure he would hear it.

  But Simon got the message. A smile eased across his mouth as he put his hands around Anna’s waist. He kissed her on the lips, his mouth full of the passion of their night together. His tongue slithered on to hers, and then his lips moved down, over her chin and on to her throat. His fingers held the back of her head and tangled in her hair as he smothered her neck with kisses.

  ‘I met Frank,’ she breathed, bowing her head so that her hair swung forward and hid her from the camera. She aimed her hushed words at his ear. ‘Do you know him?’

  He nibbled on her earlobe. ‘He’s Peter and Joan’s son.’

  Anna pulled his head up to face hers. Resting her lips on his, she whispered into his mouth. ‘He came to my room last night. He was acting very strangely.’

  ‘How do you mean?’

  Unable to resist his open mouth, she thrust her tongue inside and stole another kiss. ‘He refused to fuck me,’ she breathed, when she’d finished sucking on his lips.

  Simon looked bemused. ‘Anna, we’ve a lot of work to catch up on,’ he said, raising his voice back to its normal level. ‘We’ll have to carry on with this later, in my room.’

  She smiled, knowing that Simon would be looking forward to ‘later’ as much as she was. He wasn’t quite as flawless as Frank, but he made a very attractive confidant.

  ‘So, what did he do to you?’

  A quiver of wicked excitement jumped from her belly to her sex. They were lying on the bed, facing each other, with their heads propped up on their hands. Anticipation glittered in Simon’s brown eyes. Remembering how he’d enjoyed her stories of what Galloway had done to her, Anna smirked. And hoping that Galloway was watching and listening in the monitoring room, she spoke too softly for him to hear. ‘I woke up and he was in my room,’ she whispered. ‘He was naked.’

  ‘What’s he like?’

  Was that a hint of jealousy she detected in his face?

  ‘Oh, he’s gorgeous,’ she crooned. ‘He’s got the most perfect body. He’s huge… all over.’

  Simon pinched her nipple so hard the pain made her gasp. ‘Do you prefer him to me?’

  She thought for a moment, teasing him. ‘Well… he’s the most beautiful man I’ve ever seen. But there’s something not quite right about him. I mean — I was a bit disappointed. He wouldn’t…”put it inside me”, as he phrased it.’

  It was Simon’s turn to tease. ‘Perhaps he didn’t fancy you.’

  ‘Oh, I think he did. He spent ages touching me, licking me —’

  ‘Where?’ Simon’s voice rasped urgently.

  ‘Here.’ She trailed her fingertips over her forehead, nose and mouth, following the path Frank had taken down her body. Her hand trickled down her throat and spread over the curve of her breast. Simon grunted and rested his fingers over hers as she squeezed her pliant flesh. ‘Here,’ she continued, easing her palm out from under his. Caressing a line down over her stomach, she moved over her pubic hair and cupped her mound. She could feel herself throbbing with anticipation. ‘And here,’ she breathed.

  Simon’s touch trailed behind hers. Gently pushing her hand away, he closed his fingers over her mound. Anna lifted her knee to give him room, wrapping her top leg over his.

  ‘He touched you here?’ Simon asked, licking his lips salaciously.

  ‘With his mouth.’ Her body tensed as Simon rubbed a finger along her sex, prising open her labia. ‘He put his tongue inside me.’

  Simon slid a finger into her warm pussy.

  ‘He made me come.’

  Another finger entered her. Slowly, as he held her gaze in the seductive warmth of his, he began to pump his hand in and out of her. Tension gave way to simmering pleasure, and Anna let out a sigh that seemed to come from somewhere deep inside.

  ‘Did you moan?’ Simon whispered.


  ‘Did you beg him not to stop?’

  ‘Mmm.’ Her answer was smothered by the heel of his hand and the hot friction it was causing on her clit.

  ‘Were you very wet? Did you wet his face?’

  ‘Mmm… oh.’ Delirious at the mixture of memory and reality, she flopped on to her back. She flung her arms up, holding on to her soft hair with trembling fingers. Her thighs flopped down on to the bed, open flat; open for him.

  ‘Did you want his cock inside you?’ A third finger joined the two already exploring her slippery sex. His face loomed over hers. He bit her lower lip. ‘Did you want his cock, Anna? Did you want that huge cock inside you? Did you beg him to fuck you hard?’

  Anna moaned pitifully as he thrust his hand up into her pussy, banging against her clit.

  ‘Hello, Anna.’

  Simon froze; Anna jumped with fright. ‘Jesus Christ, Frank,’ she gasped, clutching her heart. ‘Why do you always sneak up on people like that?’

  Simon’s fingers slipped out of her as he rolled away from her, following Anna’s startled gaze. ‘Frank!’ he said brightly. ‘We were just talking about you.’ He glanced back at Anna, giving her a reassuring wink. ‘Don’t just stand there, come in. And close the door behind you — there’s a draught.’

  Hesitantly, his eyes already drifting over Anna’s nakedness, Frank shut the door and stepped inside. ‘She’s beautiful.’

  Simon sat up. ‘Yes, she is.’

  Frank continued to stare at her body. Anna looked at him, wondering why he always walked around naked, and drooling over the size of his erection. Simon looked from one to the other and patted the bed. ‘Sit down, Frank.’

  Very carefully, as if Anna might run away at any moment and deprive him of the view, Frank perched on the edge of the mattress beside her knee. ‘Do you think she’s beautiful?’ he asked Simon, addressing Anna’s breast.

  Simon caught her eye. ‘She’s gorgeous,’ he agreed, smiling n
aughtily. ‘She likes you, too. She was telling me how nice it felt when you were touching her. Why don’t you touch her again?’

  Frank raised a huge, heavy hand. Anna held her breath as he tenderly circled the sensitive tip of her breast. His fingers were so long, his arms so muscular, his skin so deliciously tanned, it was like being fondled by a fantasy. She itched to feel his strong body pressing down on hers.

  ‘I like to touch her down there,’ Simon said, combing his fingers in her pubic hair.

  Frank’s eyes dropped. ‘It’s so soft, down there.’

  ‘Soft and wet,’ Simon added. ‘Feel how wet she is. Put your finger inside her.’

  Simon smoothed her hair as she whimpered. As Frank’s long finger edged its way between her labia, Simon’s finger reached into her open mouth. He stroked her tongue, and Anna could taste her musk on his skin. Frank stroked the inner walls of her pussy, and more of her scent filtered into the air. In silence apart from her sighs, both men worshipped her prone body. Anna looked from one to the other, and felt her brain melting with the thrill of it all. Her mind struggled with the sums: four hands, two tongues, two pricks, one woman.

  It added up to insanity. It was almost too much to bear, just having them both touching her. As well as their attention, she could almost feel the hidden eye of the camera peering at her. The thought of someone watching in the monitoring room, eyes fixed to the screen and penis thickening between his legs, added another pressure on to her already overloaded senses. Anything more and she might faint.

  But Simon didn’t know — or didn’t care — that she was on the edge of madness. Sliding his hands beneath her shoulders, he sat her up. He pushed her forward until she was on all fours, diagonally across the bed. Her head was hanging over Frank’s lap, and a potent mix of fear and deep, dark longing brewed inside her as she saw his penis grow harder still. As his thick rod bobbed up towards his taut stomach, a drop of moisture oozed from the tiny, blind eye. Anna had had lots of men, but never had she seen such a long, thick muscle. It had to be nine or ten inches. Her mouth and pussy flooded with the juice of anticipation.

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