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Undercover Secrets

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  ‘You’re gorgeous,’ he groaned.

  She gave him a self-satisfied look that said she knew.

  ‘You’re not so bad yourself,’ she said. Running her hands up over his arms, she dug her vicious nails into his bulging muscles. Then she brought her knees right up to her chest, and slid her feet up and around his neck. Digging in hard with her heels, she flashed Simon a smile that belonged to the woman of his dreams; a smile as depraved and downright dirty as he was. ‘Now stop talking and finish what you started,’ she invited.

  Returning to his selfish pleasure, he rammed himself hard and fast inside her soaking-wet pussy. Lowering his body, he crouched over her like a slavering animal with his helpless prey. With her legs hooked over his shoulders he seemed to plunge deeper, until he felt his penis nudge at the neck of her womb. She cried out, urging him on. His face twisted into an involuntary grimace as he felt his climax rush from his body into hers. He shuddered violently while she rolled and writhed on the crumpled sheets.

  Simon had finished but Anna’s hips continued to move. Levering with her legs, she gently thrust her pelvis upward to his cock, reaching for more. She hadn’t come, but she would have to wait for her climax. For just one moment, Simon wanted to savour the ecstasy of holding a woman prisoner to his needs. He had been under Peter’s cruel control for so long now he’d almost forgotten how good it felt.

  Anna came, trembling and whimpering, with only a few rapid flickers of his thumb on her stiff clit. She clung desperately to his arm as her orgasm seeped over her body, as if she might float away on a wave of pleasure if she didn’t hold on tight. Keeping her eyes open, she stared gratefully up at Simon as his face loomed over hers. At that moment she was his; her mind, body and soul belonged to him, just as he belonged to Peter.

  He prayed that she wasn’t involved in industrial espionage. He wanted her to stay on at the Institute. He wanted her to be his for ever. Already, he was looking forward to the day she completed her month’s trial. Then she would be initiated into the Institute’s special ways, and Simon was planning on being the one to guide her through that particular ordeal. He had to close his eyes for a moment at the thought of her wrists and ankles shackled, her body wide open — open for him. Another erection began to stir.

  ‘What are you thinking?’ she asked, running her fingers through his hair.

  He opened his eyes. ‘I was just thinking, you’re the best assistant I’ve ever had.’

  ‘Oh.’ She rolled on to her side and propped her head up on her hand. ‘And I bet you’ve “had” a lot of your assistants,’ she smirked.

  Simon nodded. ‘Are you jealous?’

  ‘Me?’ She wrinkled her nose. ‘What would be the point? Your usual assistant will be better soon, and I expect you’ll forget all about me.’

  ‘I won’t.’ Absent-mindedly, Anna stroked her breast with her fingertips, circling her luscious shape and lightly grazing her wide areola with her nails. Simon avidly followed the path of her touch. He loved to see a woman enjoy her own body. ‘What were you thinking?’ he asked.

  ‘I was wondering about something you said to me this afternoon, about how your assistants are always female and always attractive. Why is that, do you think?’

  ‘I don’t know. It’s just the way it is — the male scientists get female staff, and the female scientists get male staff. One of the perks of the job, I suppose.’

  ‘But it doesn’t make sense.’

  Simon’s heart sank. No more questions, he begged.

  ‘What doesn’t?’

  ‘Well, everyone here is very good-looking. All the doctors are involved in ground-breaking research, right?’


  ‘Wouldn’t you find it easier to concentrate if you didn’t have a good-looking woman, in a uniform that’s too small for her, working in your lab?’

  ‘Definitely.’ He put his fingers over hers, flattening her hand on to her breast. ‘But it wouldn’t be half so much fun. The Institute was set up to carry out scientific research, but there’s no reason why we can’t enjoy ourselves doing it.’

  She didn’t seem sure. ‘It is strange though, isn’t it?’

  Shut up, he thought. Peter’s listening. ‘Is it?’

  ‘Well, you would think that the staff would be encouraged to leave sex until after working hours. But you’re not the only one who mixes business with pleasure, are you? When you sent me to deliver those test results this afternoon, there was something going on in practically every lab I passed.’

  ‘So? We have a different work ethic here, Anna. We get all our research done, but we believe in showing our feelings. There’s sexual tension in every workplace. Peter’s policy is for people to let their sexual tension out into the open, instead of bottling it up. At the end of the day, it makes for a happier staff.’

  ‘Is that what you were doing in the lecture theatre, then — letting your feelings out?’

  She slipped her hand out from underneath his. For a moment he toyed with her nipple, pinching it back into stiffness while he thought of what to say. The traditional welcome for new recruits was just the first test in a series; a series which would determine whether they could stay on at the Institute. But Anna wasn’t to be told about the selection procedure. Not yet. If she were a spy, she would be asked to leave. If she wasn’t, she would find out all about the Institute’s selection process when the time was right.

  ‘When I see a beautiful woman, a woman like you, Anna, I can’t help myself. I just want to taste her, to feel her come.’ His fingertips trickled down over the soft curve of her belly, into the soft curls covering her sex. She opened her legs as he felt the wetness between her labia. ‘Most of you come here because you didn’t like the world outside. We like to make the new recruits feel welcome, and to show them that this place is different. The limits that society places upon us don’t exist here.’ He poked a finger inside her. Her gasp was faintly warm on his face. Rolling on to her back again, she bent her knees up slightly and clenched her buttocks, lifting her hips from the bed. A fresh surge of lust welled up inside his chest as he felt her body respond to his touch. ‘I wanted you the moment I saw you, Anna. In the outside world I’d have sat there, looking at you, wishing I could push up your skirt and lick your pussy. But what’s the point of keeping your desires to yourself?’ He rubbed the heel of his hand against her swollen clit, forcing a bolt of pleasure to jump up from beneath his hand, along her spine and out in a quiet whimper. ‘That’s what the Institute is all about, Anna. Freeing your thoughts. That’s what science is all about.’

  ‘Exploring new possibilities?’

  He nodded, recognising one of the Institute’s mottoes.

  Anna turned her head on the pillow and looked up at him. ‘And what if the possibilities you’re exploring are illegal?’

  His finger froze over her clit. ‘What… What are you talking about?’

  She gently pushed his hand away, now that it had stopped giving her any pleasure. Sitting up, she hugged her knees, squashing her breasts. ‘You told me that most of your work can’t be explained — that it doesn’t have an obvious reason. And you said something else, something very interesting.’

  ‘I did?’

  ‘That you’re so happy here you’ve pushed any questions you had to the back of your mind.’ Her eyes widened and she jutted her head forward, encouraging him to think about what she was suggesting. ‘Don’t you see? You said yourself, this place is a scientist’s dream. No one telling you what to do; the best equipment; a lab to yourself; not to mention sex whenever you want it, with a choice of extremely attractive women. You know which side your bread’s buttered, Simon. You know you’ll never get facilities and perks like these in any other job.’ She grabbed his arm. ‘You are being used, Simon. You’re being given all these wonderful things on a plate, to keep you so happy that you won’t question whatever Galloway asks you to do.’

  He felt tension pulling at his mouth. ‘The research we’re doing may not ha
ve a use right now, Anna, but it certainly isn’t illegal.’

  Her eyes were bright. ‘The research may not be, but what Galloway does with all that information is a different matter.’

  Simon’s heart missed a beat. He held his breath. ‘And what do you think he’ll do?’

  She leant towards him. For a moment, he thought she was going to kiss him, but her lips stopped by his ear. ‘I think he’s going to try and clone a human. Now, that would be illegal, wouldn’t it?’

  An uncomfortable smile faltered at the edges of his mouth. ‘Yes, Anna. It would. What on earth makes you think that Peter’s going to try something like that?’

  She searched his face as if she was deciding whether to trust him or not. ‘I don’t know. I could be completely wrong. But it would all add up, wouldn’t it? Why else would you be doing research into eye colour?’

  Simon attempted a dismissive laugh, but it came out wrong. ‘Cloning is illegal, Anna. It would be insane for Peter to attempt it.’

  ‘But not impossible?’

  Deflated, he looked at her for a moment: at her flushed cheeks, her beautiful, clever eyes and her sensual mouth. And he cursed Peter’s intuition.

  Why? Why did she have to be a spy? And why did he have to find out now, when he’d just discovered how good it felt to fuck her?

  Gently, he brushed a strand of sweat-dampened hair away from her cheek. ‘Why so many questions, Anna?’

  Pulling his hand down on to her breast, she moulded his rapidly cooling fingers to her shape. ‘You started it, remember? You’re the one who said you had things on your mind.’

  ‘I wish I hadn’t now.’ Simon couldn’t help himself; she was too beautiful to resist. His fingers began caressing her flesh and teasing her areola. ‘Perhaps it would be better for both of us to put those thoughts away to the back of our minds. Better not to cause trouble.’

  ‘No, Simon.’ She sighed as he tugged at her nipple.

  ‘Like you said, it’s better to let your feelings out. It’s good to share your worries with someone. Tell me everything that’s on your mind. Free your thoughts.’

  Chapter Six

  Simon’s thoughts were far from free. They were knotted and frayed beyond repair. He was confused, worried about what was going to happen to Anna, and strangely dejected.

  He got in the lift and pressed the button. As he was whirred towards the interview room, he studied himself in the lift’s smoky, mirrored walls. He looked tired; not surprising, as he and Anna had got very little sleep. But he looked drawn, too, and not his usual self.

  How strange, he thought, that after three years at the Institute — three years of casual sex with beautiful, willing women — he should suddenly feel like this. But it was unmistakable. Beneath his loyalty to Peter and his dedication to the Institute, there was a tiny pang of guilt that he had betrayed Anna. He liked her a lot. Apart from her obvious attractions, she was feisty and intelligent; but then, those would be necessary attributes for an industrial mole. How bloody typical, he cursed, that the one woman at the Institute he would really like to spend some time with would be leaving soon — before her induction. He would have to imagine her handcuffed in one of the cells, her beautiful face contorted with agony, because now he wouldn’t get the chance to see it for real.

  He stepped out of the lift, sullenly scuffing his feet as he approached the interview room. He knocked on the door, quietly, almost hoping that Peter wouldn’t hear.

  But he did. ‘Good morning,’ he said, beaming, as he opened the door. He put his arm around Simon’s shoulder and guided him towards the desk. ‘And how are you this fine day?’ He turned to face him. Standing a little too close, as he often did, Peter parted Simon’s lab coat. Reaching inside the pristine white material, he cupped a hand to Simon’s crotch. ‘Got any cock left, after last night? Kept you busy, didn’t she?’

  Simon nodded. The familiar feelings stirred in his tight stomach as he looked into Peter’s hypnotic grey eyes. ‘Were you watching the whole time?’

  ‘Oh yes. It was quite a performance. I’ve got it all on tape, should you ever want to see yourself in action.’

  He mustered a smile. ‘How thoughtful of you. A souvenir to remember her by.’

  A line creased Peter’s brow. ‘And why would you need a souvenir when you’ve got the real thing? You can have her whenever you want her.’

  Simon hesitated, his words trapped for a moment as Peter’s grip clutched at his balls. ‘But surely you’ll be asking her to leave today?’

  ‘Will I?’

  Simon hurriedly filled Peter in on the parts of his conversation with Anna which the microphone wouldn’t have picked up. He revealed Anna’s suspicions. ‘She thinks we’re cloning.’

  ‘So?’ Peter watched for a reaction as he rubbed his palm over Simon’s semi-turgid penis.

  ‘So…’ Despite his exhaustion, Simon felt himself thickening again. His concentration wavered. ‘So you have to get rid of her, before she finds out anything that could really damage us.’

  Peter grinned and closed his fingers around Simon’s cock. It was a grin Simon recognised immediately; it was fuelled by power. Galloway knew he had Simon under his control, and he obviously thought he had Anna where he wanted her, too. ‘Anna’s only a danger to us if she leaves the Institute,’ he said. ‘But she isn’t going to leave.’

  ‘What do you mean?’

  ‘I know what makes women like Anna tick. She’s just discovering what it’s like to surrender control of her mind and body. Remember that, Simon? Remember how that felt?’

  He did, vividly. Relinquishing himself to Peter had been the start of an addiction — an incredible, fulfilling addiction that couldn’t be kicked. ‘But Anna’s only doing these things because she has to. As soon as she’s got the information she needs, she’ll be gone. And then we’ll be in serious trouble.’

  Peter watched his free hand smooth down Simon’s hair. ‘You couldn’t leave this place now, could you, even if you wanted to?’

  ‘No. You know I couldn’t.’

  ‘Well, it’ll be the same with Anna. She may think she’s the one in control, but I’m far cleverer than she is. I can see what’s going on in here.’ He tapped on Simon’s forehead. ‘By the time I’ve finished with Anna, she’ll be begging me to let her stay.’

  ‘You think so?’

  ‘I know so. Anna’s being a spy would explain why she’s willing to do what we ask her. But it wouldn’t explain why she enjoys it so much.’

  Simon gasped as his cock unfurled into an erection beneath Peter’s insistent hand. ‘I hope you’re right.’

  ‘I’m always right, Simon. Anna will stay. She belongs here.’

  Simon could feel the back of his neck warming as tension smouldered between the two men. Their bodies were only inches apart and the temptation was strong. Simon longed to grab Peter’s cock and mould it into stiffness; to hold his jaw and force their lips together; to feel his tongue on Peter’s. But he daren’t make such a bold move. He knew his place, and he relished it.

  ‘Now, there are two things I must attend to today. I need to give Anna a little fright.’ He fell silent, his eyes stabbing into Simon’s.

  ‘And?’ Simon prompted. ‘You said there were two things.’

  ‘Ah, yes. I also have to deal with you.’

  ‘Me?’ Simon whispered, desperate excitement rolling in his guts.

  Peter’s hand left Simon’s cock and snatched at his wrist. Tugging roughly on his arm, he dragged Simon into the next room. There was no selection panel lurking behind the two-way mirror today, but the medical trolley was there, empty and waiting.

  Simon allowed himself to be manhandled on to the bed. Peter unbuttoned Simon’s lab coat and shirt, and unfastened his trousers. Then he strapped him down, tying his wrists and ankles so tightly into the leather straps that they immediately began to ache. Moving behind him to the head of the trolley, Peter swivelled the bed around and pushed it right up to the glass. Simon had a perfect
view into the next-door office.

  ‘You can watch while I attend to Anna.’

  ‘No,’ Simon gasped, lifting his head from the pillow. ‘Please, Peter.’

  Peter’s smile was sadistic. ‘I told you to make love to Anna, and you blatantly disobeyed me. You fucked her. You were weak, Simon. You gave in to your body.’

  Simon let his head fall back on to the pillow. It was pointless arguing.

  ‘I hope this treatment will help you. You have to learn to control your own body, Simon, before you can be trusted with anyone else’s.’

  ‘Yes, Doctor.’

  As Peter walked off back towards the interview room, Simon looked down his tethered body. Rearing angrily from his trousers, his prick was swollen and red, and thrusting demandingly from his foreskin. Galloway appeared back in the office, and a moment later there was a tap at the door.

  ‘Come in, Anna,’ he said, his voice clear as it was relayed to Simon through the microphone.

  ‘You wanted to see me?’ she said, closing the door behind her.

  Simon tugged at his bindings but he was buckled in so tightly there was no way out; no way of freeing a hand and relieving the tight pressure on his heavy balls. This was going to be almost unbearably wonderful. ‘God help me,’ he groaned.

  Peter tried not to smile as he looked at Anna’s dossier, but the feeling of power was making him deliriously happy. Weaning each new recruit on to his methods was always a satisfying process, but there was an extra dimension with Anna. If she was working undercover — and the fact that she had jumped to a conclusion about cloning would suggest that she was — then she was like a soft piece of clay in his hands, waiting to be sculpted. And he could form her into anything he wanted.

  ‘Anna,’ he said, looking up. ‘You’ve been here almost two weeks now. How do you feel things are going?’

  ‘Fine, I think. I’m getting on pretty well with Simon.’

  ‘Really? I’m pleased to hear it.’ Opening up a drawer, he pulled out his stethoscope and thermometer. He got to his feet and moved around the desk. ‘Now, Anna, I need to give you a check-up. If you’ll just unbutton your dress for me…’

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