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Undertones: A June Indulgence (An Indulgences Novella Book 7)

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Undertones: A June Indulgence (An Indulgences Novella Book 7)


  A June Indulgence

  Xyla Turner


  Indulgence Series

  Indulgences, The Prequel


  Prequel: Chapter One




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  Indulgence Series

  Indulgences, The Prequel

  Hildie McQueen

  Pink Door Publishing, Augusta, Georgia 2016

  Indulgences, The Prequel

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  Hildie McQueen

  Pink Door Publishing

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  Prequel: Chapter One

  The turquoise ocean lapped at their feet as they strolled leisurely along the water’s edge. Antonio Aragon never tired of the view from the beach, nor did he ever wish to enjoy it without Kenderly.

  He brought her hand to his lips and brushed them over her knuckles. Her eyes sparkled with warmth. “Stop or I may have to take advantage of you here.” She motioned to several crabs that scattered out of their way. “It may not be as enjoyable as one would expect for a sunset setting.”

  The lush greenery along the shoreline, the view of the palatial resort, and the red-tiled roof contrasting with the bright blue sky painted a beautiful picture to admire as they continued on their walk.

  No, he did not regret one bit moving from the crowded streets of Panama City to develop the private island into what was now Indulgences Resort. Aragon Island blossomed under the development thanks to every detail being meticulously overseen by an ecological group he'd hired. Nothing was wasted; everything from the treatment of the pools to the disposal of garbage was ensured not to harm the ecology of the island.

  It was Antonio's vow to the land. Since the island provided a place to live and wealth, in return, he did his best to keep from causing any ecological damage. Six years later, the resort was finally open to those that sought an escape.

  Indulgences Resort welcomed couples or single people who desired to live their deepest wishes and fantasies. Seekers of an adventure came to discover and live it, if even for a few days.

  The saying “Be careful what you wish for” was a visitor’s experience more times than not. In the end, whether happier or not than when arriving, the person would be satisfied in knowing the one thing most sought in life. An important truth about the visitor became clear at the end of each visit.

  It was the last day of the “In-between period”, as he and Kenderly liked to call it. The week between guests was when they rested and prepared the resort for the next group of visitors. Usually it was also the week they hosted family or friends to visit.

  Antonio guided her toward the resort. “I think we will turn in early tonight.”

  Her laughter rang out and he pulled her close, quieting her with his mouth.

  The next morning, Antonio woke to the pinging sound of a video call. A woman’s face appeared on his large computer screen as he got up from the bed and poured coffee. A quick scan of the room was enough to know Kenderly had risen at sunrise as was her practice and started her day.

  "You are so fortunate to live there.” The attractive woman’s gaze met his before lowering to his bare chest. “Oh, did I call too early?”

  Any time before ten was too early for him. A night owl by nature, Antonio would often sleep in until ten. He never set any business meetings until after eleven. Today’s call was not one he’d expected, nor did he wish to have a discussion that would revolve around making changes to his home.

  “My schedule is ever evolving. What can I do for you Cassandra?”

  Her lips curved knowingly. She’d been his lover and knew full well he detested early conversations. It was an obvious ploy to get him before he was fully awake.

  “My company is prepared to offer you two hundred million for one-quarter of the island. Consider it. It will bring you a fortune. We would remain on the opposite side and our customers will, of course, be easy conquests for your resort scheme, whatever it is, I’m sure.”

  Scheme? “Not interested.” He yanked on a shirt and leaned closer to the monitor. “Tell your investors to find another island. There are others.”

  Her eyes narrowed and her nostrils flared. There was an obvious struggle to keep from losing her temper. “You should consider developing the other side of the island. Condos would make a fortune. People would fight to live there. I would live there.” Her pointed look left no room for misinterpretation. "Wouldn't that be lovely?"

  "I moved here to get away from people. To live as I desire. I own property in Panama City as well as Southern California. If I want, I can be there in a matter of minutes or hours."

  She sighed and looked towards the ceiling. "I suppose you don't need the money. But don't you consider it selfish not to share all that beauty?"

  "Not at all. Like I said, there are plenty of developed tropical islands where people can enjoy the overdevelopment and lack of privacy. I must end the call, Cassandra. I have some business to attend to."

  A subtle ding sounded and he looked from her to the intercom system. “I have to go. I will remain firm in my decision. Please ensure your investors are aware. Good day, Cassandra.”

  Antonio ended the conversation and pushed a button on the intercom. A soft voice answered. "Good morning, Mr. Aragon. The airplane has departed to the mainland."

  The next group of guests would arrive this day. The start of each adventure always thrilled him.

  The entire Prologue, can be read for FREE here. Continue to read Xyla Turner’s Undertones as Travis and Bianca arrive on Aragon Island to get their fantasies fulfilled.


  Welcome to the wonderful world of Indulgences, where twelve authors will bring the story of different people who come to the resort to live out their fantasy. The resort is not just a beautiful place but also, as you will find out, has magical secrets.

  Each fantasy will come to life, taking the guests to what
seems to be other locations, making each wish a reality.

  Here is the list of the Indulgence books and the authors.

  Indulgences, Prologue, Hildie McQueen

  Hearts Adrift, January Indulgence, C. Knight

  A Game of Hearts, February Indulgence, Tigris Eden

  Watching Mia, March Indulgence, Olivia Gaines

  Yours for the Weekend, April Indulgence, Lana Williams

  Cowboy in Paradise, May Indulgence, Hildie McQueen

  Undertones, June Indulgence, Xyla Turner

  Summer In Paradise, July Indulgence, J.D. Monroe

  Double Jeopardy, August Indulgence, KaLyn Cooper

  Take Me Away, September Indulgence, Allie K. Adams

  Midnight’s Kiss, October Indulgence, Victoria Zak & D.L. Roan

  So Great A Love, November Indulgence, T.M. Cromer

  Hired Heart, December Indulgence, Elizabeth Rose


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  To my family, friends, co-workers, supporters, and fellow authors!

  To the fans of the Indulgences Series!

  Xyla World, this couldn’t happen without you.

  Shatisha Nash, my friend and confidant.

  Gayla Leath, my editor.

  Thank you Olivia Gaines for thinking of me and Hildie for the opportunity to join this awesome collaboration.

  Thank you for all!

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  Undertones: Chapter 1


  "Listen, I don't know you and I don't really care who you are," I snapped back at him. "However, I was here first so you're going to need to wait."

  "You snooze, you lose," he replied in a matter-of-fact tone.

  The man did not budge one inch, which made Bianca more upset. Who was this much of a jerk that he would not even move for a woman?

  "Wow." I shook her head. "You are such an asshole. I mean, wow. That's just disappointing."

  I picked up my suitcases and moved to one of the love seats that were in the middle of the main lobby at the luxurious resort. My plan was to wait the jerk out because the trip was supposed to be a relaxing vacation and of all the things, fantasy fulfilling. Yet, I found myself arguing with an asinine jerk who called himself a man, wore a hoodie, scowled at everyone, and cut in front of women. An encounter like this was not on the fantasy fulfillment agenda.

  One, two, three, four…I started to count to one-hundred.

  When I finished, I looked around and he was gone.

  Thank goodness.

  I quietly rose from my chair, walked over to the smiling concierge and said, "My name is Bianca Norman, and I'd like to check-in."

  The man behind the counter was medium build, very tanned and handsome. The tag on his shirt indicated his name was Alonzo. His eyes seemed to sparkle but it could have been the magic of Indulgences. It was absolutely breathtaking and I hadn't even seen the cabanas or the island yet except from a bird’s eye view in the Indulgences airplane. We traveled to this main building directly from the landing strip in some sort of stretch Jeep while watching a video about Aragon Island.

  "Yes, Ms. Norman. It's so sweet of you to be here with us at Indulgences. ‘We’re here to serve and fulfill your fantasy. Has your meeting with Kenderly been set up yet? If not, I can do that right now," he offered.

  "Yes, I've spoken with Kenderly already. We are all set." I smiled. "Right now, I just need to get to my room, put these bags down and get me a nice, relaxing fruity drink."

  Alonzo laughed and said, "Okay, I have you staying for seven days and you'll leave Indulgences on the twenty-fifth. Is that correct?"

  "Yes, that is accurate," I confirmed.

  "Very well." He nodded his head and gave me an open folder that had a map and a small envelope with two room keys peeking out of the top. "This is for you and you'll need to go through your itinerary to make sure you're on time for your sessions. Remember, each one may be different according to your particular fantasy. Kenderly can explain more in her consultation."

  I took the folder, glanced at the cabana number and said, "Okay, thank you so much."

  "Enjoy your stay, Ms. Norman. I know that you will." He nodded in my direction and continued typing on the computer in front of him.

  I eagerly walked toward the exit, then headed in the direction of my cabana using the map. Once I arrived to my temporary place of residence, I ran into the rude man with the stupid hood over his head from earlier. He was standing in the open doorway of the cabana next to mine.


  The groan that escaped my mouth was not intended to be audible but I couldn't help myself. Earlier, I had silently prayed his cabana would not be close to mine. However, watching him with his hand on the knob, I knew it was just my luck and nearly dropped my bags.

  "Is there a problem?" the arrogant, hooded villain asked.

  "Yes," I answered, because by then I had had enough of him. "You are the problem. You're near my cabana which is yet another issue. I guess you plan to knock my bags out my hand, too. Why don't you kick me while I'm down as well? That should make your day. Happy?"

  His head tilted back, which showed that his hair was longer than I was used to from the guys in my family or from work. Most of them had low cuts, short hair or even some sort of product that kept their hair back or spiked. Long hair usually meant unkempt or rugged in my limited experience. I was young, had only traveled to a few states for various reasons and didn't have a lot of life experience. This guy seemed to have too much which made him jaded, or so it seemed.

  "Lady, what the hell are you talking about?" he sneered. "I've done nothing to you. You weren't in line earlier and now you've made me miss the shuttle with your high and mighty speech."

  The man slammed the door to his cabana and walked away from me and towards the other residences. I, again, audibly groaned at his dismissal of me and opened the door to my place.

  "Calm down," I murmured to myself. "Calm down, Bianca."

  Once I successfully opened the door, after the third attempt, a gasp escaped my mouth upon entering the cabana. It was breathtakingly beautiful. The floors were a blend of brown, white and golden colored marble in the kitchen and bathroom areas and Macassar Ebony, plush white carpet in the common areas.

  I dropped my bags and flopped down on the large king-size bed.

  "Wow," I gasped.

  After closing my eyes for all of five seconds, I woke up two hours later with my stomach communicating that I hadn't had much to eat that day. I yelped, "Oh my God."

  Jumping to my feet, I swung around three-hundred and sixty degrees, trying to adjust to my surroundings. When I finally gathered my wits about me, I decided to go to the Indulgences Cuisine for All Restaurant. That night, it was a buffet styled, group-sized dinner. Luckily enough, there were a variety of foods available including surf and turf plus a dizzying arra
y of vegetables. This feast would please even the pickiest eaters. An enormous table sat in the middle of the facility with a massive centerpiece that slowly rotated so everyone had access to all the food.

  It was the largest table I had ever seen in my life with guests of all colors, shapes and sizes. Some people were older, middle aged, or younger like me but we all came to this place seeking something, a fantasy that would be granted. On some level, the family-sized dinner made sense. There were a few open spots, so I chose the one closest to the door. I noticed a woman who was sitting on a man's lap and kissing each other profusely; they were clearly together. To the right of the couple was a guy with long hair who was eating and ignoring everyone. My type of guy, because I planned to do the same thing.

  Once I sat down, the couple that was just kissing like their fantasy was to be watched, the guy she was sitting on, looked at me, giving a half smile. The long-haired guy on the right just kept eating. Quickly, I put food on my plate and when the seafood made it around again, I grabbed another plate and piled that on top. After eating bits and pieces from all of it, when the coconut shrimp came back around, I went to grab some but my hand bumped into the guy on the right.

  "Excuse me," I said as I waited for the long-haired man to get some shrimp.

  He kept piling them on his plate. When the turning table briefly held the shrimp in front of me, the guy was still getting them and then there were no more.

  Any other day, I would have ignored the man's rude behavior. But, the hooded man from earlier had already set me off. Therefore, I did what my mom had taught me never to do; take food off of someone’s plate.

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