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  “You have a girlfriend yet?” he turned his attention to Ray’Shun. My son just smiled, wide and nodded his little head up and down.

  “Yup! I got four,” he said proudly as he climbed out the chair.

  “Damn, li’l nigga, already?” Jermaine was cracking up.

  “Yup! They be trying to buy me ice cream and junk. They be trying to give me a dollar sometimes too but my daddy told me I had to stop taking money from them.” We all burst out with laughter.

  “Why you tell him that shit, Ron? Shit, if those li’l thots wanna give his li’l ass some dollars and shit then let him take it,” Jermaine’s crazy ass said. That nigga could be so fucking immature at times, but he was my nigga. Now you talking about somebody that didn’t have a fucking care in the world? That nigga stayed trigger happy.

  “Man, my son not about to be taking money from no female. Not no damn 4th grader anyways,” I let him know.

  “Shit, my li’l nigga gon’ take money from whoever.”

  “Yeah, and he’s gonna be a bum ass nigga like his daddy,” I said jokingly and we all laughed. I kicked it with my niggas a little while longer before Ray’Shun and I headed home. On the way there I had to have a talk with his little ass about this damn four girlfriend bullshit. I didn’t need for my mini me to make the same mistake as me.

  When we arrived at the house Shan was in the kitchen with the girls, sitting at the table eating. Ray’Shun and I walked in there where they were.

  “Hey, Mama,” Ray’Shun said.

  “Hey, baby, did you eat yet?” she asked. He let her know he did then he was off to his room.

  “Hey, Daddy. I was looking for you,” said Niyah. I kissed her and Ni-Ni on their foreheads.

  “Oh yeah? What you was looking for me for?” I asked her. She was the true definition of a daddy’s girl.

  “I missed you, silly.” That always melted my heart when one of my girls said they missed me.

  “I missed you too, baby girl. You and Ni-Ni,” I kissed them once more. I walked to the refrigerator and grabbed me a Corona. Popping the top, I took a long swallow, and when I brought it down it was half full. “It’s good somebody missed my ass!” I said with smile because Shan was looking directly at me.

  I got another Corona and walked over to Shan. Leaning down, I whispered in her ear “I’m making love to my wife tonight so you can dead that fucking attitude of yours. Now!” I kissed her on the cheek before walking off. It had been damn near a week and her stubborn ass was still walking around with her ass on her shoulders. I was sick of that shit!


  Ronny ass got on my fucking nerves sometimes with his arrogant ass. I loved him unconditionally, though. Sometimes I hated how much I loved him but I couldn’t see it being any other way. After the kids and I were done eating I cleaned the kitchen then headed upstairs. Once I did my motherly duties and my kids were in bed, I headed to my bedroom. Ignoring Ronny, I went straight to the shower.

  “I don’t know why you have on all that shit. What I tell you downstairs?” he asked once I came out the bathroom. I had on a pair of pajama pants and one of his oversized T-shirts. I sat on the bed and began applying my scented lotion. He got off the bed.

  “Really, Shaniqua? So you’re ignoring me?” He was now standing directly in my face in just a pair of boxers. I looked up at him and, seeing his tatted bare chest, I instantly became wet. His rock hard dick was peeking out through the split of his boxers. My mouth watered from the sight I was seeing.

  “Yo’ ass make me sick,” I said as I whipped out his dick. I kissed the head of it then licked the shaft before taking as much of it in my mouth as I could. I had a lot of making up to do and I loved make up sex with my husband. Shit, I loved sex with him, period. That shit never got old or boring. It was always better than the last time with him.

  “Bae, I think you and Daddy Willie need to sit down and talk,” I said to him after our love session.

  “Nah, that shit not gonna happen. I can tell you that right now.”

  “If your mom can forgive him then you can, Ronny.” I spoke to Debbie earlier and she informed me that she’d let Daddy Willie move back in with her.

  “What the fuck you mean she forgave him? Don’t even answer that. I’ll just go over there tomorrow. Nah, you know what? That’s her crazy ass. If she wanna take that nigga back after he cheated on her then that’s her ass,” he said angrily.

  “So am I crazy for letting you come back time after time? Shit, am I crazy for letting you come back after catching you with Denise ho ass? Then you had a baby with the bitch.”

  He blew out a frustrated breath.

  “Man ,let’s not start that shit back up, Shan. We just made up. Why you trying to start shit back up?” he had the nerve to ask.

  “I’m not trying to argue though, Ronny. You calling your mom crazy for taking your dad back but look at all the times I’ve taken you back. I even married your ass,” I said calmly. I really wasn’t trying to argue at all.

  “I’m not trying to hurt your feelings or nothing like that when I say this, but that’s my mama. When you find out someone is doing your mom wrong, all that is on your mind is murder. I think I speak for everybody when I say that. I mean, I didn’t put a gun to your head and make you take me back. You could have easily walked away but you chose to stay.”

  I stared into his green eyes and didn’t say anything back. How could I? What he said was the truth. He didn’t put a gun to my head but I stayed with him because I loved his ass just that much.

  “But that’s your dad, Ronny. Y’all asses was too close to be acting this way. Can you just talk to him for me?” I asked as I caressed his face.

  He smacked his lips. “Man, I can’t say when that’s gone be. But I guess I can apologize for spazzing out the way I did,” he said. I just rolled my eyes because he was going to do it one way or the other.

  Chapter 13


  I’d just left my mom’s house when I received a call from my brother. I shook my head as I picked up the phone. I had spoken with his dad while I was there and he told me that Ronny still wasn’t fucking with him. He knew how Ronny’s ass was so he was giving him some time to cool off. How much time did that nigga need, though?

  “What’s up, bruh?” I answered.

  “What the fuck yo’ ass up to? You been MIA since you got yourself a girlfriend and shit,” he laughed.

  “Man, chill out. I haven’t been MIA and you know it,” I replied. It had been a minute since I last saw him. My kids and Tykise were taking up all my time.

  “Yeah, whatever. Ol’ girl cuffing that ass. Got my li’l brother pussy whipped and shit.”

  “Man, cut it out with the damn jokes, nigga,” I couldn’t help but to laugh at his crazy ass.

  “I’m just fucking with ya’. What you up to, though?”

  “Shit, just left from over to Ma’s house. Yo’ old man was there. You know he done moved back in,” I said.

  “That nigga ain’t shit to me. Fuck him!” Ronny barked. I just shook my head as if he could see me.

  “Man, you need to let that shit go bruh, forreal. If Ma can forgive him then you can,” I tried talking some sense into his ass.

  “Man, don’t you start that shit, too. I already have to hear all the preaching from my wife. Then yo’ mama calling me with that shit, too. I don’t feel like hearing it.”

  “I’m just saying though, big bro; y’all asses just alike. Just talk to him. He over there looking like he just lost his best friend and shit,” I laughed. Willie and Ronny’s asses were closer than close so I knew he was hurting.

  “Shut up, nigga. I might go over there in a few. I don’t know,” he finally said.

  “A’ight. You might as well go over there.”

  We talked for a little while longer before I pulled up to Tykise’s place. I let my brother know I was at my destination and we ended the call. Hopping out my truck, I strolled up to her door.

  “Hey, baby,” s
he said once she opened the door.

  “What’s up, li’l mama?” I replied. I wrapped my arms around her neck before walking over to the couch. She was right behind me.

  “What you up to in here?” I asked.

  “Shit, sitting around being bored. I called my homegirl and we’re going out tonight,”

  I just nodded my head. I wondered was she getting tired of this little thing we had going on. I mean, we’d been dating for six, almost seven months and we still weren’t official yet.

  She let me know she was going to the restroom and I made myself comfy on the couch. It’s like as soon as I did that her phone went off. I tried to ignore it but the little devil on my shoulder was telling me to check it. Curiosity got the best of me and I picked it up.

  “So you going out with your home girl, huh?” I asked. She looked confused.

  “Yeah, I am,” she replied nonchalantly.

  “So who the fuck is Troy?” I asked. I didn’t even know why I was tripping, but I was. Tykise’s eyes widened.

  “He’s just a friend, Nell. Why are you even going through my shit?” She tried to snatch the phone out my hand.

  “Why the fuck you felt the need to lie to me?”

  “Why the fuck you felt you had the right to go through my shit?”

  I already knew I had no right to go through her phone, but who wouldn’t? I mean, the shit was right there in my face.

  “Don’t answer a question with a fucking question. Why you couldn’t keep it real with a nigga? Shit, it’s not like I could stop you or no shit like that. We’re not together, remember?” I said to her.

  “Exactly! So you had no right going through my shit,” she said as she stormed to her bedroom, slamming the door behind her. I just walked out the front door. I didn’t even know I cared for Tykise that much to get angry because she was talking to someone else.

  I hopped in my ride and headed to Star’s house to pick up the kids. I was surprised when I pulled up and her little boyfriend Theodore’s car wasn’t in the driveway. What kind of fucking name was that anyways? Dude was cool and everything but that nigga had damn near moved in. I had pretty much stopped letting my daughter stay all night over there because of that. Bad enough my son was there.

  “Hey, you,” Star said as she hugged my neck. I was happy to have the old Star back, even if we weren’t together.

  “Hey, what’s up?” I said. Kandice ran to me screaming “Daddy!” That was my pride and joy. If only Kandi had still been alive to see our little one.

  “What’s up, Daddy’s baby?” I scooped my baby girl up in my arms and kissed her cheeks. “Thanks for doing her hair for me,” I said to Star.

  “Oh, no problem. This my baby. Looking just like her mama.” Star took her out my arms and walked over to her couch. I loved the way she stepped up to the plate and took my daughter in.

  “Where is CJ?” I asked, noticing my son wasn’t there. She informed me that he was with her parents. I just nodded my head up and down as we sat in silence.

  “Thanks, Star,” I finally said.

  “For what, Cornell?” She looked confused.

  “For all that you’ve done. Mainly for changing. You’re back to the old Starletta now. Thank God!” I laughed but I was dead ass serious.

  “Shut up, Nell.” She playfully pushed me.

  We chilled for a minute before I decided to head home. As I was pulling off her boo thang was pulling up. I waved and kept it moving. Hopefully she treated that nigga better than she treated me. I headed on home to chill with the one lady that held the key to my heart, my daughter, Kandice.


  We got through the week that Bo was in town with no altercation. Thank God! I didn’t need the father of my kids dead, but for the most part, I didn’t want or need for my man to be locked up for killing his ass. I thought for sure that Bo was gonna try some slick shit. That’s why I asked Bino if he could get one of his goons to follow him around for that week. He informed me that he was already on it and his niggas weren’t letting Bo out of their sight. I just smiled. My nigga was a boss!

  “What yo’ ass over there thinking about?” Shan asked me. We were having a ladies day out, just me, her, and Star. It was just like old times again, minus Star’s little ass throwing shade and shit. I think I speak for everybody when I say I’m happy she got her life!

  “I’m thinking about my man,” I blushed. Shan smacked her lips and rolled her eyes upwards. “Bitch, don’t do that. I don’t be hating when you be bragging about yo’ husband.” I rolled my eyes.

  “Fuck you, Brooke!” We all burst out laughing. I loved that crazy chick!

  “Ain’t nothing wrong with you thinking about your man, sis. Shit, I couldn’t get mines out my head,” said Star. Whenever she mentioned something about her boo her eyes would light up.

  “Shit, looking that good, how can you keep that nigga off your mind?” Shan laughed. I had to high-five her ass on that.

  “Bitch, you ain’t never lied,” I cosigned.

  Star just smiled. Shit, she knew that man was as fine as they come. They made a cute couple, too, because her ass was gorgeous.

  “Isn’t that Cornell’s girl over there,” Star asked as she nodded her head towards the door.

  “Damn sure is,” said Shan as she called her over.

  “Hey ladies. I didn’t even see y’all over here,” Tykise smiled then introduced us to her home girls. We talked for a while and when we were done getting our nails and toes done we headed back to Shan’s house.

  When we walked in, all eyes were on us. I’m assuming because we brought Tykise back with us. Shit, we didn’t think it was a problem, last we checked she and Cornell were dating.

  “Look who we ran into,” Shan announced. Everyone spoke except Cornell. He just rolled his eyes, picked up Kandice, and walked out the door. Damn, what was that about? I thought to myself.

  “What’s wrong with him?” I asked. I know one thing; that bitch better not have done anything to him. Cornell’s ass might’ve needed to give up on finding love. It just was not meant for him to be happy. Everybody looked at Tykise and she smacked her lips before speaking.

  “He’s mad at me,” she simply said. Everybody gave her a ‘Duh bitch, we can see that shit’ look. She sighed and continued. “He’s mad because I told him I was going out with my homegirl. He went through my phone and saw I had been texting one of my guy friends,” she said with no shame.

  “So you was just gonna cheat on him like that?” asked Shan. We all looked at her for answers.

  “Cornell and I aren’t together. We never were. I knew he wasn’t ready for a relationship and I was cool with that, but after a while I started feeling like a fucking fool. I wait on this nigga hand and foot but he doesn’t want to make shit official with us. I’m tired of being faithful to a nigga I’m not with,” Tykise said with tear-filled eyes.

  “Shit, you crazy. Ain’t no way I’m gonna wait on a nigga hand and foot and we’re still in that ‘friends’ categories,” Star laughed as she sat in Theodore’s lap. Shan and I cosigned, telling her there was no way we could’ve done that.

  “Nah, for real, though. I think Cornell really likes you, Tykise. His pride and joy are his kids. He’s very protective of them and for him to let you around them, he had to care for you or really like you,” Star assured her.

  “I mean, I think he does like me or whatnot. If he didn’t then he wouldn’t have blew up the way he did when he went through my phone, but it’s something that’s holding him back from committing to me. I don’t know if it’s because of his baby’s momma’s death of what,” she said sadly.

  Shan and I exchanged looks. It was funny how we could communicate with our eyes. She knew what I meant and I damn sure knew what she meant.


  I had been trying to reach out to Amber to get her some help but that shit was like talking to a brick wall. I even met up with her one day. I wanted to take her to rehab myself but all her ass could talk about
was getting money for her next hit. I wasn’t about to support her drug habit. That shit broke my heart to see my baby mama, the lady that once had my heart, go through that shit. But if she didn’t want to get the proper help she needed I wasn’t going to pressure her to get any. I had other shit to worry about anyways.

  Brooke didn’t know I knew that her ex-husband was still texting her trying to get back in. I’d been having this feeling that her and that nigga were talking about shit other than the kids. That’s why I took it upon myself to go through her phone one night when she was asleep. Nigga was talking hella shit; I mean, damn near begging her to come up there, saying what he was gonna do to me when he see me, how he was gonna take her away from me, just a bunch of bullshit that pissed me off. So you knew what a nigga like me was ‘gon do. I was gonna pay that fuck nigga a visit!

  I pulled up to my nigga Ronny’s house and got my son out. Brooke was already there with the other kids.

  “What’s up, Ray’Shun?” I asked as I dapped him up. That was my li’l nigga there.

  “What’s up, Unc? You ready to get yo’ butt whooped on the game?” he asked me. I was forever owing his ass cash when he beat my ass in video games. It didn’t matter what damn game we played or who he played, he would win.

  “Nah, I’m about to go somewhere but when I get back, it’s on,” I said to him. He nodded his head in agreement and I walked on it the living room.

  “Hey, Li’l Bino.” Shan took my son out my arms.

  “Where you about to go?” Brook asked me.

  I took a seat next to her, rubbed my hands down my face, and blew out a frustrated breath. I hated lying to her.

  “Me and Ronny about to go take care of a little business,” I said as her phone began to ring. I watched her as she cut her eyes at me. I already knew it was that nigga.

  “Answer the fucking phone for the nigga,” I said calmly.

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