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  “What’s up, li’l mama?”

  “Daddy, do you remember when you said we could play in the pool today?” she asked as her and Destiny climbed on the bed.

  “Yes, I remember Niyah. What about it?”

  “Nothing, I was just trying to see if you remembered,” she said as they giggled. I just shook my head because they were forever doing stuff like that, trying to make sure I hadn’t changed my mind.

  “Y’all a trip! Where’s Ni-Ni?”

  “She in there with Ray’Shun,” said Destiny.

  “Well y’all go in there so we can get dressed and y’all better not be getting into shit either. Matter of fact, go put on y’all shoes so y’all can go to the store with Shan and tell Ray’Shun to come here,” I said, dismissing them and seconds later Ray’Shun was walking in.

  “Yeah, Pops?” He was the spitting image of me. At nine years old he was already standing at 5’2 so I already knew he was going to be tall like me and my OG.

  “Go wash yo’ ass and shit so we can head to the barber,” I said to him. The girls were already dressed while he was still walking around with basketball shorts and no shirt on.

  “I already did. I just have to get dressed.”

  “Well go do that and turn that game off because I’m not gonna wait on you. When I take my shower I’m gonna be ready to go and if you’re not ready then you left,” I said to him because his ass would get caught up in that damn game.

  “A’ight,” he said, walking out as Shan was walking out the bathroom. I went right in and took my shower. When I was done she was already dressed.

  “Me and Ray’Shun going to get our hair cut while y’all go to the grocery store,” I said to Shan as I was getting dressed.

  “When did we have a change of plans?”

  “While you was in the shower.” I smiled. “Man, we need haircuts and I’m not about to wait until Monday to get one,” I said because it was already Saturday and they were closed on Sundays.

  “What’s up, Ma?” Ray’Shun said, walking into the room.

  “Hey, love, don’t you look handsome?” Shan kissed him on the cheek and he smiled.

  He was dressed in a pair of army fatigue shorts, a black tee with the word ‘Swag’ written on the front in red bold print letters and a pair of black and red Jordan 11s. He wore diamond studs in each ear and a plain red hat that was slightly turned to the back. I had to laugh because my li’l nigga thought he was the shit.

  “Okay, y’all go ahead to the barber; just don’t be gone long.” Shan kissed me on the lips before leaving out. I finished getting dressed then me and my mini me were out the door.


  “Come on, baby, so we can go to Auntie Shan’s house,” I said to CJ as I gathered his bag. My baby had been back with me for a week now and I was loving every minute of it. I knew he was too because Cornell came over the other day and he didn’t even want to go back with him.

  “Okay, Mama,” he said and we were out the door.

  This would be the first gathering I’d be attending with them in a long time, and to be honest, a bitch was nervous as hell. Though I’d seen everyone, we hadn’t been in the same room all together since Shan and Ronny’s wedding and I felt so out of place there. Hopefully things would be alright. I was getting in the car when Shan called me.

  “Hello,” I answered.

  “Uh, where you at?” she asked me.

  “Leaving my house. Do I need to stop and get anything?”

  I still felt uncomfortable talking to my sister and being in her presence. I think it was more like ashamed, though. Sometimes I cried myself to sleep at night still not believing I went out the way I did. What the fuck was I thinking checking for my sister’s man?

  “No, just get your ass here. Everybody is here but you. We have the grill going, we drinking, and I hope you brought you something to swim in because we’re getting in the pool,” she said excitedly.

  “No, I’m not getting wet but CJ can get in there.”

  “Yes, you are, now get your butt here,” she said, hanging up before I could respond. I just laughed and dropped my phone into my lap.

  I cursed underneath my breath when I noticed my gas light on and pulled into the nearby gas station. I got out, swiped my card, and began filling my tank up. I was playing with CJ through the window when I felt a pair of eyes on me. I turned around and saw a nice-looking brother checking me out. He hit me with a wink and a head nod, and I waved. It wasn’t until I was putting up my pump when he decided he wanted to approach me.

  “Hey, Miss Lady, can I steal a few minutes of your time?” he asked me.

  “Um, I’m kind of in a hurry,” I said, looking at my imaginary watch on my wrist.

  I wasn’t really trying to meet anyone. I was at a great place in my life at the moment and I wasn’t trying to let anything come in between that. Plus after dealing with Drea’s deranged ass I was a little afraid of meeting someone new. He asked my name and I told him.

  “Well can I get your number or you take mines?” he asked. I wasn’t about to give him mine.

  “I guess I’ll take yours,” I said as I reached inside my car to get a pen and piece of paper, and once I got his number I went on about my business. He was cute and all but I had no intention of calling him at all.

  When I finally made it to Shan’s house everybody was there, including my parents. I wasn’t surprised since they all of a sudden worshiped the ground Ronny and Cornell walked on. I smiled as I made my way into the kitchen where Shan and Brooke were sitting having a conversation amongst themselves.

  “Took you long enough,” Shan said, hugging me then taking CJ out my arms. “Hey, Auntie’s big man.” She kissed him on the cheek. She had on what had to be the shortest pair of shorts that were ever made, and because she had on a swimsuit, she didn’t have on a shirt and Brook was dressed the same. They were showing off their flawless bodies.

  “I had to stop and get some gas,” I said to her as I took a seat. I waved at Brooke and she waved back. I really didn’t know how she felt about me, because we were never best of friends from the start, but I honestly didn’t care one way or the other.

  “Oh, okay…well let’s go out with everybody else.”

  We got out back and I made my rounds, hugging and speaking to everyone. The kids were enjoying themselves in the pool with Debbie and my mom, while the guys were drinking and playing cards. I was happy that nobody was being shady towards me or anything.

  “Did you bring something to swim in?” Shan asked me.

  “No, I told you I’m not getting in,” I replied.

  “Okay, well just watch me and CJ have fun. Say bye, Mommy,” she said to CJ as they got into the water. I sat in one of the lounge chairs watching everyone play in the water. It was tempting but I wasn’t in the mood to get in.


  I don’t know why my sister ass acting funny nowadays. Since she’d started coming back around her ass had changed tremendously. I don’t know if she was just embarrassed because of the shit she tried to pull. Maybe that made her uncomfortable to be around us. Whatever the case was, I just hoped she start back to being herself because I missed the outgoing Star.

  “The cookout went good today, didn’t it?” I asked Ronny as I joined him in the living room. He was watching ESPN while smoking a Blunt.

  “Yeah, it did,” was all he said.

  I fell on the couch beside him and threw my feet in his lap. He wasted no time rubbing them.

  “I’m exhausted,” I said, happy to be kid-free. School was starting in another week and my parents wanted to spend some time with their grandkids. They even accepted Destiny as their own grandchild.

  “So what do you have planned for tomorrow?” Ronny asked me.

  “Nothing much. Just have to get the kids some last minute things for school. Why, what’s up?”

  “I was just asking,” he said. I knew he was asking for a reason. I hated when he did shit like that.

  “Well I
’m going to head on up to bed. How long are you gonna be down here,” I asked. Since Ronny and I had been married it was like I could never get enough of him. I would be around him 24/7 if I could.

  “I’m about to come up now,” he said. He grabbed the remote and turned off the TV before following me up the stairs.

  Upstairs, we showered then laid on the bed and cuddled. I loved nights where we would just lay in each other arms and have pillow talks.

  “You know we’re leaving out in the morning, right? Around eleven.”

  “What? I thought y’all weren’t leaving until Monday?” I asked. He and Daddy Willie were driving his grandmother to Jersey. They were planning on staying for a few days to make sure she was settled. She had other family there but Daddy Willie wanted to personally make sure she was good before he left. I didn’t blame him at all. I mean, that was his mother.

  “Nah, Daddy wants to pull out tomorrow.”

  “Aw, I’m gonna miss you,” I pouted. It would be the first time we’d be apart since we got married.

  “I’m gonna miss you, too,” he said as he kissed my forehead. We cuddled the rest of the night before falling asleep.

  The next morning bright and early I was awakened to Ronny entering me from the back as I laid on my side. I wasted no time backing my ass against that morning wood. It wasn’t the first time I’d awakened to my husband’s dick inside of me or him eating me out, and I was pretty damn sure it wouldn’t be the last time. He was my husband and he knew he could get it whenever or however he wanted it. Nothing was off limits when it came to him!

  “Shit, baby, good morning to you, too,” I managed to get out. He didn’t respond. He just planted soft kisses on my back and shoulder. He flipped me over on my stomach so he could get a better shot and that’s when he went in with no mercy. He knew I liked it rough and my baby always aimed to please.

  “Oh, fuck!” He smacked my ass as I threw it back to him. “Girl, you a fucking beast,” he said.

  He stood still on his knees as I made my ass clap on his dick. I knew he loved seeing my ass jiggle so I started bouncing it up and down on his shit, just the way I knew he liked it. I began rotating my hips around and around, then back and forth on his dick, tightening my pussy muscles then releasing it only to tighten it right back. I looked back at him and winked. He didn’t have to do any work because I was doing a damn good job by myself. I wasn’t one to toot my own horn but I was driving his ass crazy.

  He announced he was about to cum then grabbed a fistful of my hair. Screaming out the word fuck, Ronny came long and hard in my pussy and I creamed all over his dick right along with him.

  “Shit, Shaniqua! That shit was awesome,” he said, falling on his side of the bed.

  “I had to give you something to think about while you’re gone,” I said, snuggling under him. He laughed.

  “Shit, you got a nigga not even wanting to leave now,” he said. I just laughed as his phone began to ring. I knew it was Daddy Willie because of the ringtone.

  “Yo,” Ronny answered, still breathing heavily. I’m guessing Daddy Willie said he was on the way by the way Ronny jumped up and headed straight to the shower. While he was getting dressed I went inside and took a quick shower. I came out and he was packing his bag.

  “You need some help?” I asked him.

  “No, I’m just about done,” he replied. I got dressed and we went downstairs to wait on them.

  When they got there I went outside to see them off. I hugged Grandma Thelma and promised I would come visit her, with or without Ronny. I hugged Daddy Willie then turned to my husband. We kissed and said how much we loved one another. If you didn’t know any better you would have thought it would be our last time seeing one another. Ronny promised to call me every day he was there. I kissed him once more and they pulled off. I was really going to miss my husband.

  Chapter 4


  I walked in the house to find Brooke on the couch with her cell phone in her hand. She looked as if she was in a daze. I even spoke and she still didn’t acknowledge me. I walked over to her.

  “Yo, you okay?” I asked her.

  “My mama just passed away,” she finally said as tears began to roll down her cheeks. I pulled her close.

  “Do you want to fly out there today?” She didn’t say anything. She just nodded her head up and down. I helped her off the couch and we walked upstairs.

  Once we we’re up there she called the kids into our room and told them what happened. They seemed sad but they didn’t cry. After all, it was their grandmother. Brooke went into their room to pack them a few clothes and I helped her.

  “Will you come with us?” she asked me.

  I knew there was a possibility that her ex-husband was going to be there but I wasn’t about to not be there for her because of that.

  “Sure,” was all I said.

  While she was packing I booked our flight but I wasn’t pulling out until another four hours. So we chilled until then.

  “I’m gonna call Shan up and see if she’ll watch Kelly for me,” I said to Brooke.

  I wasn’t trying to be mean or petty but I didn’t want my daughter going with us. I knew nothing about Brooke’s family. Shit, look how crazy her bitch ass cousin was. I wasn’t taking any chances. The only reason my son was going is because she was his mother.

  “Why would you do that?” she asked me.

  “I just don’t think it would be a good idea for her to go.”

  “Okay, well I can’t argue with you on that. If you don’t want her to go then that’s on you. I just don’t understand why,” Brooke said as she exited the room. I called up Shan to let her know what was going on. Unlike her friend she understood where I was coming from.

  “Sure, Bino, you know I don’t mind looking after her while you’re away. Do I need to come get her or what?” she asked.

  “Nah, I’ll drop her off on the way to the airport,” I replied. Brooke was coming out the bathroom as we were hanging up. She let me know she was ready and we headed out.

  The tension on the ride to Shan’s house was so thick. I didn’t know why Brooke was so angry and I honestly didn’t care. Kelly was my daughter. It would be my first time meeting her family so why would I take my daughter there? I wasn’t even sure if they would accept me and my son. I mean, let’s be real, they didn’t even want to have anything to do with Brooke since she moved away.

  We pulled up to Shan’s house and she was already outside. She was sitting in the yard while Niyah, Destiny, and Ni-Ni ran around. It was hot outside and they were running through the sprinklers getting wet.

  “Mama, can I stay, too?” Angel asked.

  “Not today, baby,” Brooke said.

  Angel pouted but she knew not to back talk her mother.

  I got Kelly out as Shan was walking to the car. She wasted no time running to get wet. Shan hugged Brooke and told her she was sorry to hear about her mom and to send her condolences to her family.


  As soon as we walked out the airport the SUV Bino rented for us was already out front. We headed straight to my mother’s house, and when we pulled up cars were everywhere. Parking down the street, we exited the truck and walked to the house. It was packed inside and I wasn’t surprised at all because my family was well known in the small town.

  When we entered the house all eyes fell on us. It was so quiet you could’ve heard a needle drop. My eyes landed directly on Bo’s ass. I didn’t think for one second that he would be there. To say it was an awkward situation would’ve been an underestimate.

  “Hey, Brooke,” my stepfather said to me. I was closer to him than I was with my own damn mama.

  “Hey, Edward,” I said as I made my way to him. I hugged him then introduced him to Bino. They shook hands then he hugged the kids and grabbed Brandon out of Bino’s arm.

  “So what exactly happened?” I asked him. When Dre’s mother, my aunt Tracy, called me, all she said was they found her in bed. She was al
ready dead.

  “A heart attack. I was at work when I got the call,” he said sadly. I could see the hurt all over his face.

  My mother and I didn’t have the best relationship but she was still my mother and her death was something I wasn’t mentally prepared for. You never know how much you love a person until they’re gone.

  We sat around kicking it with my family for a while. The kids were enjoying their father and he seemed to be enjoying them as well. I kept catching him shoot daggers at Bino. I just hoped Bino’s ass didn’t see it because I didn’t need that kind of drama at the moment. I saw Bo walking towards us and I quickly cut my eyes at Bino. He was looking directly at Bo and I could tell he was trying to keep his composure.

  “Hey, Brooke, our kids wants to know if it’s okay if they come home with me tonight,” Bo asked.

  He looked like he had cleaned up and was now drug free. Last time I saw his ass he looked all strung out and shit.

  “I don’t know, Bo. I don’t know where you’re living at or anything,” I said. For all I know his ass could be living inside a fucking crack house.

  “Come on now, B, you really think I’d have our kids living anywhere? I’m living inside our house; the one we use to share together when we was married.”

  I shook my head because Bo ass was being messy as fuck right now. I didn’t think he would fuck another bitch in our bed but he did, with my fucking kids in the next room. So I wouldn’t put shit past his ass. I wanted to tell him that they couldn’t go but I knew he would act an ass and I hated for Bino to go to jail for beating the fuck out of him.

  “Okay, Bo. They can go but have them back here tomorrow,” I said, handing Bino our son. “I’m going to get their bags out the truck.” I got up and headed towards the door but stopped. I didn’t want Bino to feel uncomfortable so I turned to him and told him I was ready to leave.

  “We about to head on out, Edward. I’ll be back in the morning, though,” I said.

  “Okay, baby. It was nice meeting you, son.” He and Bino shook hands.

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