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  “Don’t worry. I got something for that ass,” Shan said to me. That’s why her ass was wifey right there. My li’l G stayed ready! I secretly wished she should’ve stayed at home, though. I mean, I didn’t need for us both to be locked up.

  “Stay in the car,” I told Shan as I felt under my seat. I was reaching for my .45 but I quickly remembered I had took it in the house the other day. Shit, maybe it was a good thing I did. Walking up to the front porch I had to shake my head because Shan’s ass was right behind me when I had just told her to keep her ass inside the car.

  I banged on the front door and waited for Denise to come to it. Shit, I prayed and hoped her nigga opened it. Just my fucking luck, it swung opened and Denise stood there with a fucking mug on her face like she had a reason to be upset.

  “Why the fuck are y’all knocking on my door like that?” she asked. Shan made a movement but I grabbed her. I wanted to hear what this bitch had to say first.

  “I’m gonna ask you one fucking time. Which one of y’all did that shit to my baby?” I asked.

  “What are you talking about?” Her dumb ass acted as if she didn’t know what I was talking about.

  “You know what? Where the fuck that nigga at?” I asked as I grabbed her by the neck, damn near dragging her from room to room, with Shan right behind us.

  “He’s not here, Ronny!” Denise screamed.

  “Which one of y’all did that shit to my daughter?” I asked. I already knew it was that pussy ass nigga; I just wanted her to confirm it. I was two seconds away from letting Shan tag that ass when she hesitated.

  “I kept telling Destiny to stop running through the house, Ronny. She wouldn’t listen! It wasn’t his fault. She knows how he is…” that stupid ass ho had the nerve to say. I didn’t have time to react and before I knew it her and Shan was going at it. Yeah, I probably should have stopped Shan and any other time I would have but this bitch deserved it and since I couldn’t lay hands on her, my wife was.

  I was standing back watching my wife when the front door swung open and in walked the nigga I had been looking for. Since Shan and Denise were closer to the front door, before I could get to him he slung Shan off Denise. She fell back against the wall before sliding down. Denise took that as an opportunity to get on top of her. Whatever happened after that I don’t know because I was too busy stomping a hole through her nigga. The first connection my fist did to his face knocked his ass on the ground. It was a wrap after that. It’s like I blacked out, until I felt Shan yanking on my shirt begging me to stop.

  “Bae, stop before you kill him!” she screamed, snapping me back to reality. Breathing hard, I stopped with my right leg in the air about to stomp his ass once more. I brought it down slowly. I know the nigga was still alive because he was breathing, barely.

  “Ronny, why don’t you and your hood rat ass wife get the fuck outta my house?!” Denise yelled with blood dripping from her mouth. “Y’all lucky I don’t call the police on y’all!” She rushed over to her boyfriend’s side. I just shook my head at her sorry ass.

  “Bitch, you lucky we don’t call the police on you for letting this nigga beat yo’ fucking daughter like that. I tell you what; you don’t have to worry about her because she wont be back here,” Shan said as she spit in Denise’s face. There was nothing more that needed to be said as I gave her punk ass nigga one last kick and walked out the house.

  Inside the car, Shan reached in the glove compartment and grabbed a napkin to wipe her bloody nose. Luckily she was there to stop me from killing that nigga.

  “I’m going to court Monday morning to get full custody of my daughter,” I let her know.

  “I’m going with you,” she replied.

  The rest of the ride to the house was a quiet one. I couldn’t believe Denise had the nerve to be okay with that nigga beating on my baby like that. Talking about it wasn’t that nigga’s fault. Thinking about that shit had me wanting to turn my whip around and go finish his ass off. That shit had me heated. I don’t think I’d ever been that pissed off. Yeah, I was pissed to the max when that nigga Dre hit my son, but hearing Denise say is was Destiny’s fault for her boyfriend to beat her like that hurt to the core.


  “Are you sure you wanna do this, bruh?” Ronny asked me. I smiled as I admired the special designed princess cut diamond engagement rings I was holding in my hand.

  “I never been so sure about anything before in my life,” I said to him. He embraced me in a brotherly hug.

  “Congrats, my nigga,” he said to me.

  Lately Brooke had been pouting around the house since she found out about her ex-husband’s engagement. I already knew what was going through her head, but little did she know I was waiting for my personal designer to finish her ring. The last thing I needed was for her to think I didn’t want to marry her.

  I walked in my house to find her in the kids’ room packing their bags while yapping on the phone. From her phone conversation I could tell she was talking to Shan. When she saw me she let Shan know she would call her back. It was funny how they were close again like nothing ever happened. Females can be a trip at times. I walked over to her and kissed her on the lips then spoke to the kids. All five of them were in Keon’s room.

  “What’s wrong, baby girl?” I picked pouting Angel up off the floor.

  “She don’t wanna leave me,” Kelly answered for her. I laughed.

  “Is that what’s wrong?” I asked Angel and she nodded her little head up and down before laying it on my shoulder. I had her and Kelly so spoiled.

  “Angel, stop all that damn crying,” Brooke said to her.

  I put baby girl down and told Brooke to let me holla at her for a minute. Walking into our bedroom, I closed the door behind us.

  “Why don’t you just let her stay here?” I asked her.

  “But Bo wants her to spend some time with him and I don’t feel like hearing his mouth about her not going.”

  “Well she can just go a couple of weeks before school start back. That way she can still spend time with him,” I said. She looked as if she was thinking about it. “Come on now, you don’t want her going up there crying and shit. She’s not going to enjoy herself is she does.”

  “Yeah, you right.” She smiled as she wrapped her arms around my neck. She kissed me passionately, causing my dick to stand. I raised her long sundress up and gripped her fat ass. Pulling her thong panties to the side, I inserted one finger inside her wet pussy, then another one. She moaned softly.

  Taking my fingers out her pussy, I said, “Too bad the kids up.” With that I walked into the bathroom.

  “Damn it, Bino. I got yo’ ass tonight,” I heard her say right before I closed the door. I laughed because she hated when I teased her like that.

  Later on that night as we laid in bed she let me know that Bo would be down that morning to get the kids. I still didn’t trust that nigga to know where we lived so we were meeting him at the airport. I just hoped I’d be able to control my temper. Seeing that nigga might anger me all over again.

  Lying in bed, I was supposed to be watching TV with Brooke but all I could do was recite the words to say to her when I propose. I knew the day would come but I never prepared myself for it. I’d never been the romantic type nigga so this shit is going to be new for me.

  “Bae, I’m ready to finish what we started earlier,” Brooke said as she climbed on me and began kissing on my neck. Instantly my dick became hard.

  She began placing sloppy kisses down my chest and abs until she was face to face with my anaconda. Licking the head before she swallowed it whole, Brook began deep throating the hell out of my shit. Like, this shit had a nigga’s toes curling for real. I was in my own zone and didn’t know what came over me.

  “Marry me!” I shouted out. Shit, I wasn’t planning on asking like that but I did and couldn’t take it back. I felt Brooke staring at me and I slowly opened my eyes.

  “You’re just saying that in the heat of the moment, right
?” she asked me. I didn’t say anything as I climbed off the bed and went inside the walk-in closet.

  When I came back out I pulled Brooke off the bed, dropped down to my knees, and opened the small black box. “I wasn’t planning on asking like this and no I didn’t ask in the heat of the moment. I honestly can’t see myself living life without you in it. Will you marry me?” I asked her.

  She stared at me with teary eyes as she nodded her head up and down. “Yeah. Yes, I will,” she damn near screamed. I placed the ring on her finger and made love to my fiancée for the remainder of the night.

  Chapter 19


  It was another sleepless night as I laid in bed with Tykise. Kandice had been with my mom for the past two days so I took that as an opportunity to lay up. I thought maybe sleeping with Tykise and just being in her presence would help take my mind off the whole dream situation. All this time I’d been having the same dream about Kandi only for it to take place with Star. That shit had a nigga all the way fucked up.

  “What’s wrong?” Tykise asked me as she stroked the side of my face. I didn’t even know she was awake.

  “Hey, I didn’t even know you was awake.”

  “Yeah. Just like you, I can’t sleep either,” she said as she got out of bed and went into my bathroom.

  I sat up and ran my hands down my face. Was Star the reason I couldn’t make a commitment to Tykise? I questioned myself. Shaking my head, I tried to push the thought out my mind. After all the shit she put me through there was no way in hell I would ever consider getting back with her ass.

  “You wanna talk about it?” Tykise asked me.

  “There’s nothing to talk about,” I let her know. There was no way I was going to tell her about the dream I’d been having. Well telling her about the dream I didn’t care about, but the fact that it was Star that I’d been dreaming about all along, I wasn’t going to share it with her.

  “Well I have to talk to you about something, Nell,” she said to me.

  I cursed underneath my breath, hoping she wasn’t about to tell me she was pregnant. Though I made sure I strapped up with her every single time we had sex, anything was possible. I didn’t know what to expect at this moment and the look on her face let me know it was serious.

  “Don’t tell me you pregnant,” I said. I didn’t mean for it to come out like that but that was the first thing to pop up in my mind. She looked shocked, before bursting out with laughter.

  “God, no, Nell. Don’t even jinx me like that. We use protection and I’m on birth control,” she explained. I breathed a sigh of relief. That was like music to my ears.

  I mean, don’t get me wrong, she was nice and would probably make a great mother, but I just wasn’t ready for all that. The next baby I was having was going to be with my wife and that shit wasn’t happening no time soon.

  “Well what is it?” I asked.

  “I’m moving away. To New York to be exact.” She looked me dead in the eyes. I just nodded my head up and down but didn’t say anything.

  “Say something,” she said. Shit, what she wanted me to say?

  “Why?” I asked. She looked down then back up at me nervously.

  “I just think it’s a better opportunity for me.”

  I looked at her like she was crazy. I already knew it was another nigga and why she felt she had to hide it from me, I didn’t understand. Not trying to be heartless, but it wasn’t like I gave a damn if she had a nigga or not. The fact that she always felt the need to lie was what pissed me off.

  “I mean, I’m not gonna say that I’m not going to miss you. But if that’s what you wanna do then I’m not going to stop you,” I said honestly.

  “I’m pretty sure you’re not gonna stop me,” was all she said. She got out of my bed and began putting her clothes on. I scratched my head. What the fuck was that shit supposed to mean?

  “What you mean by that, Tykise?” I asked her.

  “Nothing, Nell. Don’t worry about it.”

  “Nah, obviously it’s something you wanna get off your chest.” I watched her pack her bag.

  “Being that you’re still in love with yo’ baby’s mom, why would you stop me?”

  When she said that shit it was like everything stopped moving around me. I sat on the bed staring at her with my lips slightly parted. Why she would think something like that was beyond me.

  “Man, get the fuck outta here with that bullshit,” I finally said. She leaned back on my dresser with her arms folded underneath her breasts, not saying anything.

  “Maybe you know something I don’t know,” I finally said.

  “I know you’re still in love with Star. You think I don’t know that’s why you wont make shit official with us. You know it too, Nell!”

  “I don’t know a damn thing,” I said to her.

  “Who are you trying to convince, me or yourself? I see it in your eyes. Shit, I think everybody can see it. The chemistry between you and Star is undeniable.” She walked over to me and took a seat on the bed. “I know you’re still in love with her, Nell. You just need to realize it and accept it. You’ll never be happy if you keep that shit balled up. Just let her know how you feel before it’s too late,” she stared into my eyes and said.

  Damn, was what she saying true?


  Ronny, the kids and I had just gotten home from a week-long vacation. He and I decided to take them to Disney World since Destiny and Ni-Ni had never been before. I was exhausted and happy to be in my own bed again. Running around with four kids tired a bitch out. I was seriously thinking about hiring a damn nanny. I needed a break and that’s why I was taking them to my parents’ house first thing in the morning. I had to laugh because it was crazy; when I was with them, they worked on my nerves but I missed them when I was away from them.

  “Man, their li’l bad asses is a handful,” Ronny said getting into bed.

  “I’m glad you know,” I said to him. Now he see what I go through every damn day. They were better when he was around, though.

  Ronny began kissing on the back of my neck and running his hands all over my body. I loved my husband to death but his ass acted as if he couldn’t go a day without sex. I just wanted to have a good night’s sleep.

  “I’m too tired, Ronny,” I said.

  “Okay, I just wanted a kiss,” his ass lied. I laughed and gave him a peck on the lips before getting comfy on my side of the bed. He didn’t say anything as he rolled on his side. He must’ve been tired as well because any other time he would’ve kept going until I gave in.

  The next morning I was awakened to the sound of my phone ringing. I looked over at Ronny and he was knocked out. Ni-Ni was stretched across the bed. I shook my head and smiled, not even remembering her coming into the room.

  “Hello,” I answered.

  “You still asleep?” Star asked excitedly.

  “Yeah, I was,” I let her know. I looked at the phone and saw it was after 12 p.m. I headed straight to my kids’ room because usually they would have busted into our bedroom waking me up to cook. Since they hadn’t did that I just knew they were up to something. I walked into Ray’Shun’s room and him, Niyah, and Destiny were knocked out in his bed. I just smiled and walked back out, closing the door behind me.

  “I want you to go to the bridal shop with me. My wedding is in two months and I still haven’t gotten me a wedding dress yet,” said Star.

  “Okay. Let me cook Ronny and the kids something to eat then I’ll call you when I’m ready,” I said between yawns. We said our goodbyes and ended the call.

  After taking care of my hygiene I headed down the stairs to cook my family lunch. By the time I was done cooking everyone was up and running around. When I was done eating I headed upstairs to get dressed.

  “Where you going?” Ronny asked me when I walked back downstairs fully dressed. I let him know Star was on her way to get me.

  “Go put on y’all shoes so y’all can go with y’all mama,” he told the g
irls. I hated when he did shit like that. He acted as if he couldn’t keep them.

  “Nah, we’re going to the bridal shop. How can I run after them and help my sister pick out a dress, too? You can keep them until I come back, Ronny,” I said, taking a seat on the couch. It wasn’t like he had anything to do anyways.

  “A’ight,” was all he said as Star was knocking on the door. I grabbed my purse, kissed him and the kids, and was out the door.

  I was so excited to help my sister pick out her dress. To say I was a proud big sister would have been an understatement. Her getting her shit together was the best thing she could’ve done and I was just happy we put all the bullshit behind us.

  “Okay, you ready for this one?” Star yelled from behind the other side of the door. So far I hadn’t liked any of the wedding dresses she tried on. They were either old fashioned or just plain out ugly.

  This time when she came out my mouth hit the floor. She was absolutely beautiful and that damn dress was the bomb. It was a mermaid gown that praised her body to the tee, with a long train. It was gorgeous!

  “That’s the one, sis. It’s perfect and don’t even need no work done to it,” I smiled and said. She smiled and nodded her head excitedly in agreement.

  “Yes, I fucking love it,” she said, admiring herself in the mirror. “I think I’m going to get this one!”

  Once she changed out the dress, we went to the counter to purchase it. But something had been on my mind since she announced her engagement.

  “Star, are you sure you’re ready to marry Theodore?” I hoped I wasn’t overstepping my boundaries by asking her that. She looked at me confusedly.

  “What you mean, Shan?”

  “I mean, are you ready for all that? Are you really in love with him?” I asked. I didn’t want her getting married to him just because he asked. She needed to do it for the right reason, and I personally didn’t think she was in love with him like she was claiming to be. I could be wrong but I honestly didn’t see the love in her eyes.

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