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Unbreakable 4


  Unbreakable 4

  By: Tynessa


  Editor Vanna B

  Copyright © 2014 Tynessa All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or by any information storage and retrieval system, without permission in writing from the publisher. This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.


  First, I would like to thank God for giving me this gift and the ability to stay focused.

  To my #1 fan, my mom Varnessa (Rena) Mack, I can’t even begin to describe how much I love you. Thanks for being you and for all the love that you give to me. I love you more than life itself! To my aunt Trellis (Gail) Watson, you are the one true person that I could share anything with and won’t judge me. You are more like my best friend than my aunt and I love you more than you will ever know. Thanks ladies, for encouraging me to not give up, and for always listening to all my ideas and even adding a few of y’all own. I love you ladies more than anything in this world! I would also like to give a special shout out to my dad Michael Mack for your love & support. I love you more than anything! Also, shouts out to my little brother and nephews Mi’kerriun, Johntavious, and Jahiem Mack. I love you guys so much. To my little sister Knykayshia, Welcome home boo!! The turn up is about to be off the charts. Love ya!!

  TO MY GRANDFATHER: I can’t begin to describe how much I love you. You mean the world and more to me, Matthew Watson!!! Keep being the OG that you are!!!

  Shouting out to ALL my cousins (SO MANY I CAN’T NAME.) Special shout out to my Watson Gang Crew, my down chicks who I love dearly Shawnketrius, Cappericcia, LaShonta, my big sister from another mother Lyshon (thanks for always being a phone call away and for all that you do. I love you so, so much), Keyonal, Shay, Carleetha, Trel, Shawneequa (you’re close to being a Watson,) and Corlenna. Love you ladies soooo much. Thanks Brittney for being my Authors-Pet, as you would call it (proofreader) LOL. I would also like to give a big thank you to Cassie Holston for giving me the advice that I needed to go further and for always being there for me whenever I need your input. Love you, chica!

  To a few of my male cousins: my big brother from another mother Peanut, Barron, Pook, A.G, Bk, Duck, Marco, Mario, Londell, Marquis, Rafeal, Phil, Bo-Bo, Li’l Mac, Rocky-Fella, Dee, Ted, Marc, Kraze, and my cousin and Pastor Greg. Love you guys with everything that’s in me.

  Free my cousins Rick and Quan! I know y’all will be touching down soon. TURN UP! TURN UP!

  Shout out to all my aunts: Patricia Thomas, Brenda Holston, Margaret Watson, Bessie Watson, Maxine Watson, Cassandra Keikens, Frances Rouse, and last but not least, Kimberly James. I love you ladies to the death of me and thanks for y’all love!

  Shout out to my three uncles: Rev. Mac, Minister Joedell, and Uncle Ricky. I LOVE Y’ALL SO MUCH!

  I would like to give a BIG thank you to Leo Sullivan for blessing me with this great opportunity. You are the best Boss in the world and I will forever be grateful!!! To my new ‘We Are Family’ family, thanks for accepting me with open arms; and to Shiana for always being there to answer all my questions. You guys rock!!!!

  Demettrea, thanks for believing in me, Cassie and Atiba thanks for keeping me laughing. Even when I’m down I can ALWAYS count on you two to give me a good laugh. I have grown to love you three ladies as my sisters. Y’all Rock!!

  I dedicate this book to my four angels that are watching over me…Nellie Jo (GRANDMA JACKIE) Hammock, Johnnie Mae (ME-MAMA) Watson, Quinterrance (QUINN) Watson and Uncle Allen (T.A.Tuddy) Watson. I love and miss y’all so much and I know the four of you would be so proud of me. REST IN PEACE! Also, RIP Moon. Y’all are definitely being missed!

  To my readers: Anitra Scott-Landry, Dannett Malone, Raychelle Williams, Ashley B Pegram, Shanice Hill, Veronica Cody, and last but not least,Nicki Ervin(Thanks for always rocking the cover boo) and the rest of the readers thanks for the love and support. I could never thank y’all enough! You guys rock!

  To the whole United Sister’s Bookclub… Shawnda, Jasmine, Ikia, Victoria, Tywanda, Paula and the rest of the ladies, thanks for all the love and support that you guys give!

  If I forgot anyone please don’t blame it on my heart; blame it on my mind. THE TURN UP IS REAL!

  Hope y’all enjoy!



  I rolled over and stared into the eyes of my beautiful wife. She smiled at me then kissed me softly on the lips. Damn, I loved her ass!

  “Good morning, handsome,” Shan said to me.

  “Morning! Why are you up so early?” I asked her.

  “Couldn’t sleep! I been up for a while. I can’t seem to get Kandi out my head. This shit doesn’t seem real,” she answered me sadly.

  “I know,” was all I said. I felt sorry for my brother and I couldn’t imagine being in his shoes.

  “Let’s get up so we can go get the kids. I miss my babies.”

  She gave me another peck on the lips then slipped out of bed and walked over to her dresser. I got out right after her to go relieve myself in the bathroom and take care of my hygiene. Once I was done in there I walked back out with a towel wrapped around my lower body. Shan stared at me with lustful eyes before she winked and disappeared into the bathroom.

  I threw on a pair of boxers before sitting on the edge of the bed to smoke the remainder of a Blunt I had a few hours prior. I looked over at Shan’s phone that was ringing for the fourth time since she went inside the bathroom. I knew it was her mom because of the ringtone.

  “Hello?” I finally answered. I heard sniffles and knew something was wrong.

  “Mrs. Samantha?” I said.

  “Ronny, she shot my baby,” she sobbed into my ear and that got my attention.

  “Who? What happened?” I asked.

  “That girl shot my baby. She shot Star,” was all she said before dropping the phone.

  It was like déjà vu all over again. Less than 24 hours ago my mom was calling telling me that Kandi had died, now my mother-in-law was calling telling me that Star had been shot. Shit, how was I going to tell Shan this shit?

  “Hello,” Mr. Holmes spoke. I could tell he’d been crying but he was a lot calmer than his wife.

  “Mr. Holmes, what’s going on?”

  “Son, I need you to get Shaniqua to the hospital. Star has been shot and it’s not looking good at all for her,” he informed me.

  I sighed deeply as a tear rolled down my cheek. I mean, yeah, Star did some fucked up shit but she was still family and I didn’t want anything to happen to her. I let Mr. Holmes know that we were on the way and ended the call.

  Shan walked out the bathroom singing. I hated to kill her mood but I had to tell her. I watched as she got dressed and once she was done, I let her know I had something to tell her.

  “Your sister is in the hospital. All I know is she was shot. I don’t know how serious it is but we need to get there now.”

  She just stared at me with widened eyes and held no face expression. She finally blinked and tears rolled down both cheeks, but she still didn’t ask any questions. After I threw on some clothes we headed for the door. I called my mom to let her know what was going on and she informed me that she already saw it on the news and, though she wasn’t feeling Star, she was going to meet us at the hospital.

  I knew my brother was already there with his newborn daughter so I decided to not call him. I would just wait until I got there to tell him face to face. I knew he was going to take it ha
rd being that he’d just lost one of his kids’ mothers.

  When we finally made it there Shan’s parents were inside the waiting room. Mr. Holmes was trying to calm his wife down while Ni-Ni and CJ sat beside them just looking.

  “What happened?” Shan ran to her parents and asked. Her mom fell into her arms.

  “She shot my baby, Shaniqua. My baby might die because she shot her.” Mrs. Samantha and Shan cried in each other’s arms.

  “I have to see her, Ma. I have to see my sister,” Shan cried out. Mrs. Samantha led her to Star’s room while Mr. Holmes and I stayed in the waiting room.

  “How is she?” I finally asked.

  “She’s on a ventilator,” he said sadly. I just shook my head.

  “What happened?” was my next question.

  “We left church early and came home to her on the floor in a puddle of blood and her friend Drea right beside her,” he said with teary eyes. “Drea was already dead when we got there,”

  Damn, this shit was all bad. I knew I had to go let my brother know. This nigga had just lost one baby mama and now his other one was on life support. I hated that I had to be the one to deliver the bad news to him. I walked down to the second floor Nell was on with Ni-Ni and CJ in both arms. He was in the nursery with his new baby girl and when he noticed me he walked out.

  “What brings y’all here? Where’s Shan?” he smiled, taking his son out my arms. I took a deep breath as I rubbed my hand over my waves.

  “Man, it’s Star,” I finally said.

  “What about her?” His smile slowly faded.

  “That bitch Drea shot her then turned around and killed herself.”

  “Da fuck? Bruh, you joking, right?” he asked but the look on my face let him know I wasn’t.

  “How is she?” he asked, looking me dead in the eyes. I couldn’t lie to him even if I wanted to.

  “She’s on life support. Mr. Holmes said it’s not looking too good for her.”

  That’s when he lost it.

  “Bruh, please tell me you’re lying. I just lost Kandi. I can’t lose Star, too,” he cried.

  “I know, bruh,” I said, hugging him. I didn’t know what else to say. I couldn’t say I felt his pain because I didn’t. I’d never had to go through anything like this and wished he didn’t. All I could do is give him a shoulder to cry on.

  “I need to see her. Where she at?”

  I led him up to the third floor and took my nephew while he went back to check on her. I sat inside the waiting room with my parents and the kids, while my brother, Shan, and her parents were in with Star. Everyone was a wreck and couldn’t believe this shit had happened. My mom did something I never saw her do before; she asked us to join hands and she prayed.


  “Starletta, are you going to Bible study with us tonight?” my mom asked me.

  “No, I’m sleepy,” I said as I turned over.

  “Well, I’m going to take CJ with me so Ray’Niyah won’t be by herself,” she said to me.

  “Okay, that’s fine, Mom. Thanks.”

  “No problem. Come lock up,” she told me.

  I got out of bed to go lock up the house, and after I was done I went to the bathroom. Once I got back in bed and closed my eyes there was a knock on the door. I threw the covers back and went to answer it.

  “What you forget, Ma?” I slung the door back.

  “Well, hey to you too, Star,” Drea said to me. I tried to close the door on her but she was too damn strong.

  “Drea, what are you doing here? Please don’t come over here with all that crazy ass shit. I have my son here with me,” I lied to her. She laughed.

  “Why must you lie, Star? I just saw the bastard leave with your folks,” she said as she pulled out a gun on me.

  “Drea, please don’t do anything crazy.” I began to cry.

  “Okay, so now you want to cry? What happened to the big bad ass Starletta? I don’t see you talking shit now,” she said to me before shooting me in the stomach. I grabbed my stomach before falling to the floor.

  “Get up, bitch!” she said as she grabbed the collar of my shirt, yanking me up. “I told you if I can’t have you then nobody can. I meant that shit,” she said, letting me go, and I fell backwards.


  I felt the bullets rip through my body and before I could black out, there was another shot then Drea’s body hit the floor, landing right beside me…

  Laying in the hospital bed I could hear everything around me. I heard Cornell apologizing for everything when he really didn’t have anything to be sorry about. I could hear him begging me to open my eyes. I was trying but they just wouldn’t open.

  I then heard my sister crying, letting me know that she forgave me for everything. She grabbed my hand and told me how sorry she was for going so long without talking to me. She begged me not to leave her and to just open my eyes. When she said “Wake up for CJ” I tried with all my might to open them. They were just too heavy. They felt like they were wired shut or something. Finally, after so many attempts, I just gave up. I sighed deeply as I released my sister’s hand…

  Chapter 1

  1 year later


  The past few years of my life have been hectic; it had been one thing after

  another one. First the love of my life turning gay and deciding she wanted to try to fuck my brother behind my back. Then I met the second love of my life, Kandi, who won my heart only to die while giving birth to our daughter.

  I look at my daughter, Kandice, every day and just smile because she looks more and more like her mother as the days pass by. I show her pictures every single day of Kandi and even had a necklace made for her with a photo of Kandi on it. I know she’s young and don’t understand, but I let her know that her mother is in heaven, smiling down on us.

  She and CJ gets along great and he’s very protective of his little sister. Having both of my kids living with me, I couldn’t ask for anything better than that.

  “Daddy, we’re hungry,” CJ ran into the kitchen where I was preparing breakfast for them.

  “I know you are, li’l man. Where your sister at?” I asked him. Usually Kandice would be right behind him.

  “In her room,” he said as he took off to go get her.

  I fixed their plates as they were running into the kitchen. Picking my daughter up, I kissed her chubby cheeks before sitting her down in her high chair.

  “Daddy, can we go to the park?” CJ asked with a mouth full of food. If his mother would have seen that she would’ve popped his little butt.

  “What I tell you about talking with your mouth full?”

  “Don’t do it,” he said sadly.

  “A’ight, don’t let me see you do it again. Now yes, we can go to the park once we get dressed,” I said and he screamed with excitement and so did one-year-old Kandice. Her not knowing why she was screaming caused me to laugh.

  “We have to stop by your grandma’s house first,” I let him know.

  He nodded his little head and we continued to eat in silence. Once we were done I cleaned the kitchen before dressing them, then myself.

  When we arrived at my mom’s house, her and Ronny were outside, sitting on the front porch.

  “What’s up, Unc?” Ray’Shun asked as I was getting out the car. He little butt was getting so tall.

  “What’s up, li’l man?” I responded as we dapped each other up.

  I hugged my nieces as I made my way to the porch with Kandice in my arms while CJ ran around the yard with his cousins. I spoke to my mom and my brother as I took a seat.

  “Give me my grandbaby.” My mom reached for Kandice and she damn near fell into her arms. One thing about my mom, she adored all six of her grandkids.

  “CJ, come give me a hug, boy!” she yelled to him and he came running to her.

  “Hey, Grandma,” he said as she kissed his forehead, they talked amongst themselves and after he dapped Ronny up he took off running.

li’l nigga getting big,” Ronny said.

  “I know, their li’l asses eat up everything in the damn house. You see how big Kandice ass is getting,” I said because she was a li’l chunky but she was beyond beautiful.

  “Leave my niece alone,” Ronny said, taking her from my mom’s arms.

  “So where’s the wife at?” I asked because he had all the kids. Usually if Niyah and Ni-Ni were with him that meant they were together as a family or it would just be him and Ray’Shun by themselves.

  “She’s at the salon getting her hair done. She’ll be calling me in a minute.”

  “How’s married life treating you?”

  “Shit, a nigga is loving it.” Ronny smiled proudly. I was truly happy for my brother and hoped one day I’ll have a shot at love once again.

  “That’s what’s up,” was all I said.

  Once Shan called Ronny and he left, I sat kicking it with my mom and lost track of time until CJ reminded me about taking them to the park. After kissing my mom goodbye I took Kandice from her arms and we left.


  Once Cornell had left I went in the house to call Willie. His mother was moving back to Jersey in two weeks, so he’d been spending time with her and getting her all packed up so I hadn’t been seeing him that much. I wasn’t stressing it, though, because he was staying here with me when she moved.

  “What’s good, baby?” he answered in his deep, raspy baritone voice that did something to me every time.

  “Hey, you busy?” I asked.

  “Nah, just helping mom pack up. What you got going on?”

  “Nothing much. Ronny, Nell, and my grandkids just left so I’m going to relax all day,” I responded as I sat at my kitchen table rolling me a Blunt.

  “Hmm, sounds like you need a little company over there,”

  “I sure does,” I replied. My cheeks were burning from smiling so hard. He always had that effect on me. That man had my heart and he knew it.

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