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Ice Monkeys [Drunk Monkeys 7] (Siren Publishing Ménage Everlasting)

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  The second location was a little farther out, on a rural road. A large single building that had previously housed an archery manufacturing operation.

  A very weak outer perimeter fence of nothing but barbed wire, but there was a sturdy fence and gate across the front of the property and the location was better. The closest neighbors were farms on either side, but their houses were at least a quarter mile away in either direction, and the property was surrounded by thick, young stands of timber pine not quite ready for cutting.

  “Do you think there’s enough room to safely land the helo?” Omega asked as they drove around back. There was a loading bay on one side where they could back a truck up to for the equipment.

  “Yeah. He’s landed in smaller areas than this.”

  They got out and walked up to the front door, punching in the code on the key box to get the key.

  Inside, there were several offices, a couple of bathrooms including two showers, a large break room that had previously housed kitchen equipment, based on the empty gaps in the counters and cabinets and the electrical sockets left behind, and a very large main area that had obviously been a manufacturing and warehouse area. Several lines of sturdy racks stood empty, and the space was strewn with broken wooden pallets, cardboard, and other trash.

  “I’m envisioning rack space,” Uni said as he walked over to one of the shelving units and grabbed hold, shaking it. “Damned sturdy. Not a five-star hotel, but at least it’s off the ground.”

  She followed the men, saying nothing.

  Omega walked over to one corner and started marking off steps. “Think we could build out a lab and decon area here?” He pointed to the back wall of the office. “The bathrooms are right there. We can tie into the plumbing and set up self-contained showers and toilets and sinks.”

  “The electric comes in on this wall, too,” Uni said, joining him. “I think we could make this work.” He pointed at a set of stairs that led to the top of the offices. “Must be storage area.”

  “Other than I don’t like only having three strands of barbed wire on three sides of us, it’s pretty good,” Omega said.

  “Agreed. This is a possibility.”

  “Are you all going to be staying here?” Donna finally asked.

  They turned to her. Uni had been so wrapped up in trying to visualize everything they’d need and need to do that he’d almost forgotten she was with them. “Not all of us. It’d be a lab away from home, so to speak. Our other safe house is far more secure and isolated. But Victor could fly to the CDC research lab in about twenty minutes from here. That’s the key point.”

  “Is that why the other place wouldn’t work?”

  “One of the reasons. Too conspicuous.”

  “We have time to look at the third one,” Omega said.

  “Let’s do it.”

  They locked up and returned the key to the box.

  “Why is the key just left there?” she asked.

  “Bubba is working through commercial real estate agents,” Uni explained. “He’s got a company set up that is doing the renting. This looks like a legit business transaction so it doesn’t raise any red flags.”

  “Oh. I guess I have a lot to learn, huh?”

  He glanced at her over the seat. “I’m sorry we’ve put you in this position,” he said. “But I don’t regret meeting you.”

  That finally pulled a smile from her. “Me, either.”

  Had he really thought just a few days ago that he didn’t want to have a relationship?

  Fuck that, Victor was right. It was better to have loved than to not have loved.

  Yes, he was scared for her safety. On the flip side, he realized he was now more determined than ever to make sure they won against this shit and fixed things so that he and Victor could keep their promise to her to come back.

  Maybe that’s why the others are looking more determined than ever. It’s not just about the job anymore. It’s about the people they love.

  Chapter Twenty-Seven

  They had looked at the third location—which was even more remote and both men liked better than the second—before returning to the house. They’d only been there a couple of minutes when the other three returned, Victor making a beeline for Donna and sweeping her into his arms for a kiss.

  “Ready for dinner, baby?” He waggled his eyebrows at her, making her giggle.

  “No time for playing before we leave. This time of day, it’ll take us every minute to get there. Plus we have to pick up pizza.”

  “Ah, voice of reason. You’re no fun. I prefer happy bubble girl myself.”

  They climbed into the SUV that had been parked in the garage and headed out, Uni behind the wheel.

  “So what’s the plan?” Victor asked. “And if you’re supposed to be me tonight, does that mean I get to be Gil?” He grinned.

  “Who?” she asked.

  From that angle, she couldn’t tell if Uni had rolled his eyes, but his tone of voice sure sounded like he was. “Gil. That’s my real name.”

  “Oh.” True. She’d had really hot sex with two guys whose real names she didn’t even know.

  Victor looked over the back of the seat at her. “He’s Gilberto Pickett.”

  “Gil,” Uni darkly corrected.

  “But as you can see, he’s not fond of Gilberto. I’m Quentin Maddox.”

  “I’m just Donna Epperson,” she said. “You already know about me.”

  “You’re going to get a code name sooner or later,” Victor said.

  “We’ll work on that,” Uni said, sounding amused.

  If all the other women had code names, and they were talking about giving her one. That was good, right? More proof they were men of their word?

  “Let us handle the talking tonight,” Victor said. “This is kind of our gig. Just follow our lead.”

  “I won’t let you trip up,” Uni said.

  “Glad you’re confident.” Truth be told, she felt nervous as hell.

  After getting a couple of pizzas, they pulled up outside the apartment complex. The men had taken a different route there than they had yesterday.

  “Well, Lisa’s here,” she said. “Her car’s here.”

  “Cool.” Uni turned to her. “This’ll be okay.”

  “Thank you for doing this. I know this is a pain, but it’s going to make things a lot easier on me in the long run.”

  “I know. That’s why we’re doing this.”

  Victor jumped out and opened the back door for her before she could get out. Uni carried the pizzas as she led the way up to the second floor to their apartment.

  Sure enough, Lisa and Ginny were there. “Hey, who’s hungry?” Donna called out after letting herself in.

  Lisa stuck her head out through the kitchen doorway. “Damn. You weren’t kidding about the pizza. Good.” She wore a wary expression as she crossed the small living room while Ginny emerged from their bedroom.

  Donna nervously swallowed, but before she could start the intros, Uni balanced the pizza boxes in his left hand and stuck out his right. “Lisa, right? Nice to meet you. Donna’s told me a lot about you. Victor Uni.”

  Lisa shook with him. “Funny, she ain’t said shit to us about you.” Lisa glared at her, making her blush.

  “To be fair, I kind of sprang this on her,” Uni said. “I honestly didn’t expect her to say yes. I wouldn’t have blamed her if she’d blown me off as a creeper.” He smiled down at Donna. “I’ve been too chickenshit to ask her out before now for fear of her shooting me down.”

  “Who’s this?” Lisa asked.

  Victor started to raise his hand, but Uni spoke up first. “This is Carl Grimes, my roommate. His boyfriend ditched him tonight so I invited him to come eat with us. Hope that’s okay?”

  “Asshole,” Victor muttered, glaring at Uni and nearly making Donna giggle. “You didn’t have to tell them that.”

  “Sorry, buddy.”

  But it had the desired effect on Lisa and Ginny, who’d now been intr
oduced as well. Both women felt sorry for Victor for being stood up…and neither would make a pass at him.


  Donna didn’t say much during dinner, letting the men spin their tale. They both worked for the same security consultant who was, understandably, increasingly busy with the threat of Kite around the world. But life was short, so why not take risks when they presented themselves?

  Which…actually wasn’t too far from the truth. It was close enough even Donna knew she could stick to it without feeling too guilty.

  “And I apologize for not having you two over to my friend’s place,” Uni said as they were halfway through the pizzas. “I did talk to him on the phone today and, sorry. He’s not cool with me bringing anyone but Donna over yet. But when he gets back, he said if I set up a meeting with him, then he’ll probably say yes for the future.”

  “Oh, that’s okay,” Ginny said. “We understand.”

  “I’ll admit I was more than a little worried when I talked to Donna last night,” Lisa said. “And I was waiting for her to give me some sort of high sign about you, like she needed rescuing or something. Acting like this isn’t in her nature from as long as we’ve known her.”

  Donna blushed a little. “I know it was sudden. You guys are always on me to get out.”

  “Yeah, get out. Not jump into a house with a stranger.”

  “He’s not strange to me,” she said. It was out of her mouth before Donna realized it didn’t even feel like a lie.

  “Strange to us,” Lisa said. “You were so busy in your happy bubble you didn’t even notice a hot guy making moves on you?”

  Donna shrugged. At least she knew her friends would believe that part of her story.

  By the time they left a little after eleven, Donna felt exhausted. Uni again drove and they took yet another course away from the apartment complex.

  “Thank you, guys,” she said. “I appreciate you taking the brunt of that for me.”

  “Well? How’d we do?” Victor asked.

  “I think they believe it. I’m sure I’ll get grilled later on when I’m home.” The men had set up the fact that they frequently travelled for their work and might have to go out of town again soon for an extended assignment.

  That had also handily explained why “Victor” had “suddenly” taken the chance to ask Donna out, for fear of not ever running into her again if he didn’t.

  “Did you have to say I was stood up?” Victor mumbled.

  Uni laughed. “That’s what aggravated you? I figured the gay comment was the trigger.”

  “No, because that kept me from having to worry about them wanting to ask me out. That was quick thinking. But my boyfriend would not have stood me up. Todd’s a great guy, thank you very much.”

  Donna laughed. “Todd?”

  “Well, of course I’d be dating a Todd. Nice guy, little self-absorbed sometimes, but really hot in the sack.”

  That drew a laugh from Uni. “Wow. Glad I can remember all of that, Carl.”

  “Hey, you’re the one who made me gay. I’m the one who made it look goood.”

  * * * *

  Lima was sprawled on the couch, laptop open, TV on and unwatched as he worked on something.

  He held up a hand in greeting to them but didn’t speak.

  “Where’s Chief and Omega?” Victor asked.

  Lima pointed his finger at the hallway.

  As if on cue, they all heard a woman’s muffled cry.

  Definitely not one of pain, either.

  “Ah,” Uni said. “Gotcha.”

  Lima gave them a thumbs-up and kept working.

  They retired to their own bedroom, the men slowly undressing Donna before lowering her to the bed. After they stripped, they stretched out on either side of her, their fingers stroking up and down her arms.

  “How about a little slower and easier tonight?” Uni suggested. “I think we’re all a little tired.”

  “Sounds good to me.”

  “Make it unanimous,” Victor said. He kissed her first, exploring, teasing, tasting, taking his time.

  Uni moved lower, his lips exploring her flesh as he traveled down the valley between her breasts. She felt wanted, desired.


  Hard to explain, but no one she’d ever been with had made her feel like they were paying attention to her the way these two were. In bed, or outside of it. Like they saw her, were really listening to her.

  Wanted her.

  Victor gathered her into his arms, her head tucked in the crook of his arm as he kept kissing her while Uni worked his way south. Once he was between her thighs, she needed no urging to spread them for him, giving him complete access.

  She softly moaned into Victor’s mouth as Uni’s tongue lightly flicked across her clit.

  Victor lifted his head, smiling down at her in the dim light. “That’s it, baby. Let him make you feel good. When he’s done making you come, we’re going to change positions and then I’m going to make you come like that. Make sure you’re a happy girl before we come.”

  She could feel Victor’s stiff cock brushing against her. She blindly groped for it, her fingers closing around his hot length. Both men were generously endowed.

  Two hot, hung guys? Yes, please!

  “Easy there, babe,” he whispered, cautioning her. “That’s a loaded weapon.” His hand closed over hers, slowing her strokes until she was barely moving and her fingers were fisted around his cockhead.

  Between her legs, Uni had made himself comfortable, taking his time and apparently in no rush to hurry things along.

  Another nice problem to have, to not be in control of her orgasm, to have two men taking their time loving her.

  Had the romance books she’d read accurately portrayed this, she would have sought the permutation out a lot sooner.

  Maybe a lot of things she would have done a lot sooner had she known that time might have grown so short.

  It was easy to ignore the world’s troubles when they were on the other side of the globe.

  She couldn’t ignore this, or them. That this was perfection, and it’d break her heart if she didn’t get her happily ever after with both of them.

  Victor’s intense gaze stared down into hers. “That’s it, baby. Let him make you feel good. Relax and enjoy it. We’re here for you.”

  She started flexing her hips in time with Uni’s tongue, his lips lightly tugging on her clit, too, his mouth sucking.

  That was another thing, these two seemed to love giving oral. Only one of her previous partners had done it to her, and he’d been more interested in getting her off so he could fuck her, not…savoring the experience.

  When she glanced down, she spotted Uni’s eyes were closed, a look of contentment on his face, peace, as if he wouldn’t want to be anywhere but right there.

  Never before had she experienced that, either.

  Victor’s mouth closed over hers again, his tongue teasing and tasting, gently probing, finally coaxing her lips to part. He nipped, nibbled, sucked on her lower lip, playfully teasing her and giving her a hint of what was yet to come once he was down there. His hand slowly squeezed hers around his cockhead, rhythmically, not allowing her to stroke him and possibly get him off.

  Yet another thing different about them. Yes, that very first time in the pool they’d rushed, but they’d more than made up for it shortly thereafter. And still, even then, they’d made her come first before they’d gotten off.

  How sad am I that I never had a really good lover before?

  Maybe that was why she’d never tried harder to find a boyfriend before. Because none of them had ever measured up to what she thought they should be. Especially when compared to the books she’d read.

  And the men were right—she didn’t want anyone but them. They had ruined her for anyone else. Who the hell would ever be able to measure up? Literally or figuratively? Why would she want to settle for only one man when she had these two hunks?

  Uni slipped one, then two
fingers inside her pussy, easily gliding in along her juices. Whatever magic it was they knew, he did it again. He hooked his fingers perfectly and hit that sweet spot inside her, sending her straight into orbit.

  Victor crushed his lips onto hers, swallowing her cries as she reached down with her other hand and grabbed Uni’s hair, holding on and pulling a growl of pleasure from him.

  Even a “gentle” orgasm with them was far stronger and better than any she’d ever given herself, she was sad to realize.

  Finally, Uni lifted his head, and she melted against Victor. Victor lifted his mouth from hers and smiled down at her. “There’s one,” he said.

  Before she could laugh or even tell them one was enough, they were switching places, Uni on her other side and now gathering her against him in a mirror image of how Victor had held her. Uni waggled his eyebrows at her before kissing her as Victor dove between her legs.

  Apparently Victor wanted insurance. He started out with two fingers in her pussy, immediately finding and massaging her G-spot while he started sucking on her clit. It didn’t take long for him to get her over the edge, either. Except once he got her there he kept her there for a while, her orgasm rolling through her, not stopping, Uni holding her arms and keeping her from pushing Victor away when she’d started squealing in protest.

  All Victor did was back off just a little, barely enough to let her catch her breath before he did it to her again.

  So much for gentle and easy.

  All she could do was lie there and enjoy it, and enjoying it she damn sure was. Only when Victor was apparently satisfied with the result did he lift his head from her pussy, kissing the insides of her thighs before looking up her body and meeting her gaze.

  “Better, baby?”

  She could only nod, pleasure having robbed her of the ability to speak.

  Uni chuckled, a warm, gentle sound that vibrated through her body. “Did you break her?”

  “No, just ruining her a little more,” Victor joked as he rose to his knees. He lifted her legs, putting her ankles up on his shoulders as he leaned in and swiped the head of his cock up and down her pussy. Finding his target, he easily slid home inside her, drawing a moan from him and her both.

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