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Ice Monkeys [Drunk Monkeys 7] (Siren Publishing Ménage Everlasting)

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  Why not a really sexy one that she thought only existed in the books she’d read? Wasn’t like she’d probably ever see any of these people again once they caught the guy they were looking for, right?

  And life was short. Damned short.

  Too short to turn her back on what might literally be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

  And it would, technically, mean she hadn’t lied to her friends. Not completely.

  She turned to Victor and Uni. “And you guys…don’t have a third?”

  The men smiled. “Nope,” they said. “Not yet,” Uni added.

  She stared at them for a long minute. “Maybe I’d like to take that swim after all,” she said. “With both of you. If you two are…up to it?” She hoped that didn’t come off sounding too corny.

  The men exchanged a glance. “That’s great,” Victor said with a smirk. “But fair warning, we don’t have any trunks. We’d have to skinny dip.”

  Donna met his gaze without flinching, deciding that maybe she wanted to take a few risks in her life after all. “I’m good with that.”

  * * * *

  Victor fetched them towels while Donna went into the bedroom and changed into her swimsuit. Which, truth be told, she thought might admittedly be stupid on her part, considering she was really hoping to get laid.

  She pulled her bathrobe on against the chill in the air and joined the men on the lanai. Steam drifted up and off the surface of the warm water. Over in the corner, where the hot tub was, even more steam floated off it.

  The men were already waiting for her in the pool. Taking a deep breath, she shrugged off her robe and let it fall onto the concrete deck. Then she jumped into the deep end and bobbed to the surface, pushing her wet hair back off her face.

  The men swam over to join her. She wasn’t sure if she was happy or disappointed that she couldn’t get a good look at their…equipment.

  Two sets of eyes intently focused on her. Victor’s smoky hazel gaze and Uni’s dark blue orbs. In this light a midnight blue, like deep waters.

  “So…” She felt incredibly lame and not at all vampish like some of the heroines in the books she devoured. “Swimming.”

  Both men smiled, identical in their simmering heat and yet completely different at the same time. “Swimming,” Uni said. “Or…floating and talking.”

  “Or not…talking,” Victor added. “Can do lots of things in a pool.”

  She gulped.

  Another brief impasse before she could form words again. “Look, I know you guys aren’t here for long and can’t make me any promises. But I’m clean and have a five-year, if that makes any difference.”

  The men exchanged a guarded, knowing glance before moving in closer. “What do you want to happen?” Uni asked in a low, throaty tone that made her clit tingle.

  “Besides not dying? I’d like to have a little…strings-free fun. It’s been a damned long time—”

  “Since you had a boyfriend,” Uni finished with a sexy little smile. “You said that earlier.”

  “I don’t just randomly sleep around with anyone,” she said. “Don’t get the wrong impression about me. I don’t have much time for relationships anyway with my job schedule. And…now all of this happening. In the world. Time might be…short.”

  Victor eased his way behind her. “Life is short indeed,” he said. “I wish we could make you promises, but the last thing we want to do is hurt you.”

  “We don’t randomly sleep around either,” Uni said. “Haven’t been with someone else in over a year. But we can’t offer you long-term right now.”

  “I know. I get it. I’m a big girl. I’ll settle for a few nights of fun before going back to my life. Just…there is a promise I want you to make me.”

  “What?” Uni asked.

  “Don’t lie to me. I get it if you can’t tell me something, but just say that. That it’s classified or whatever. But don’t lie to me.”

  “That is a promise we can keep,” Victor said. “I swear.”

  “Okay. And maybe keep me in mind…after. I want to believe you guys will fix all this crazy. Come find me after it’s over and let’s see what happens. I mean, we might find we hate each other. Then again, we might…have more than just fun together.”

  “I will promise you that,” Uni said.

  “Me, too,” Victor said. “Absolutely.”

  That eased her heart and mind. She wasn’t being reckless, and from what she’d learned today, she suspected they were men of their word when it came to stuff like this.

  She draped her arms around Uni’s neck and drew him in closer. “Then let’s quit wasting time and have some fun,” she said.

  Behind her, Victor moved in, wrapping his arms around her waist and pressing against her back, pushing her into Uni. Uni reached down and drew her legs around his waist as his lips closed over hers. Between her legs, she felt his stiff and generous cock rubbing against her clit through her bathing suit. Behind her, she felt Victor’s shaft pressed against her lower back and feeling every bit as large as Uni’s.

  Wow. Closing her eyes, she savored his slow, sweet, burning kiss. The tip of his tongue lightly traced the seam of her lips, not rushing, gently teasing. Behind her, Victor started kissing the top of her left shoulder, slowly nibbling his way toward her neck and making her moan.

  “Ever have two cocks before, baby?” Victor whispered in her ear.

  Uni lifted his mouth from hers so she could answer. “No.”

  “Your call,” Victor said. “We’ll do whatever you want to do.”

  She’d read about that permutation in books before. “I’d like to try it but I’ve never done anal before.”

  Uni widely smiled. “Oh, baby. We get to pop your cherry. I promise you, we’ll go slow and you’ll enjoy every second of it.”

  Victor slid the left strap of her bathing suit down her shoulder, kissing his way across her flesh. “Might make you never want just one guy again, though,” he teased.

  “Yeah, well, you’re promising to come back later, so maybe I’m good with not wanting a single guy again.”

  Uni slipped a hand around the back of her neck and kissed her, taking control this time, the simmering heat flashing over to a rolling boil as her lips parted for his. Before she realized it, the men had eased her out of her bathing suit and tossed it out of the pool. This time when she felt Uni’s cock rubbing against her clit it was flesh against flesh. Ditto Victor’s behind her, against her ass.

  She whimpered with need as she dug her heels into Uni’s ass and tried to rub her clit against his cock. It felt sooo damn good having someone—two someones—to get her off and not her own hand and sexy thoughts or scenes from a book.

  “Aw, someone’s horny,” Victor teased. He pulled her hair away from the back of her neck and nibbled, sucking, licking, only adding fuel to the fire.

  Uni lifted his lips from hers and stared down into her eyes. “Rub yourself against me, baby. Work that first one out for us. We want to hear what you sound like when you come for us.”

  His gaze never left hers as she arched her back, flexing her hips, rocking, rubbing, trying to generate enough friction against her throbbing clit to make it over the edge.

  Victor reached around her, even as he kept nibbling on her neck, and cupped his hands over her breasts. He started rolling her nipples between his fingers and that triggered her orgasm.

  She was still coming as Uni shifted position, his cock easily sliding home inside her, deliciously stretching her and keeping her release going, surging through her.

  “That’s it,” he said, his lips just over hers. “Such a good girl. Gonna wear you out tonight and make it up to you for the scare we put you through earlier.” Instead of fucking her, he reached between them and found her clit with his fingers and started rubbing it.

  Victor’s hands changed position, one of them gliding around and down her back, between her ass cheeks, gently probing there. She started to tense up except Uni rolled her clit between his fi
ngers just right and sent her into orbit again.

  “Don’t worry,” Victor softly spoke in her ear. “This is just a little warm-up. We’ll be using plenty of lube and going slow for the real thing.” He rubbed the tip of his finger around her rim, teasing but not breaching.

  “I’ve gotta come,” Uni said. “I’m gonna explode if I don’t.” His hands moved to her hips and he started fucking her, thrusting. Her eyes dropped closed as he kissed her again, devouring her soul with the scorching flames now flickering between them. A few strokes and he pressed deep, against her clit, his cock throbbing inside her as he gasped in relief.

  “So fucking good, baby,” he muttered before kissing her again, slowly, sweetly, sated for the moment.

  She couldn’t believe she was doing this. That she was sandwiched in a pool between two guys she barely knew.

  Although having the hottest sex of her life was more than making up for what little reservations remained in her mind.

  Uni’s cock slipped out of her, but then Victor grabbed her hip and with his other hand swiped the head of his cock up and down between her legs, sinking home inside her pussy with a deep grunt.

  “Oh…fuck, baby. Yes. That.” He held on tight and fucked her hard and fast like that while Uni kept kissing her. At that angle, his cock went even deeper than Uni’s had, filling her, making her heart race at the thought of what both their cocks would feel like embedded in her body.

  He didn’t last long, adding his load to her pussy as he held her ass pressed tightly against his body. “Yes,” he said. “So good.” He kissed the back of her shoulder. “Now for the second round we can last longer and do right by you. If I’d tried to fuck that gorgeous ass of yours without having busted a nut first, I wouldn’t have lasted past getting it inside you.”

  Uni lifted his lips from hers. “I’ll be right back.” He untangled himself from her and climbed out of the pool, not even bothering to grab a towel as he raced inside. As he did, she spotted the tribal tattoo on his back, circular, dark, but she couldn’t tell exactly what it was.

  “What’s that tattoo he has?”

  “Monkey. We all have them. Our unit’s mascot. See?”

  Victor pulled his softening cock out of her and turned so she could see his, in approximately the same place Uni had his, between his shoulder blades in the center of his back. Then he turned back to her, wrapping her arms and legs around him so he could finally kiss her properly.

  “Where’d he go?” she managed to ask.

  He grinned. “Supplies. Probably going to get something from Omega and Chief.”

  Sure enough, when Uni returned a moment later, he held a tube of lube and a condom in his hand. “Hot tub,” he said, heading there.

  “We’ll be right there,” Victor said.

  Chapter Twenty-Three

  Victor swept Donna into his arms and carried her up the steps and out of the pool, across the deck, easing her into the hot tub’s even warmer water. Before she could below the surface, Uni pushed her back against the edge and buried his face between her legs.

  Victor got behind her. Tipping her head back, he kissed her, reaching around her again and playing with her nipples.

  She shivered a little in the chilly air, but with her legs in the water and the warmth of Victor’s body pressed against her back, she soon fell over the edge again. This time, she cried out, muffled by Victor’s mouth over hers. Even when she thought she couldn’t take any more and tried pushing Uni’s skilled mouth and tongue away from her sensitive clit, he slung her legs over his shoulders and dug his fingers into her thighs, holding on, sucking, licking, and driving her toward the edge again.

  Only after he’d pulled a third one from her like that did he relent. He stood, his cock—very nice, now that she could actually see it—standing out rigid in front of him. He sat on the steps and pulled her to him, straddling him, impaling her on his cock.

  Her ass was out of the water, and Victor grabbed the tube of lube Uni had brought out and started applying it to her virgin rim. Uni sank down into the water enough she was mostly covered, but he’d propped his legs against two of the molded seats in the hot tub, forcing her legs wider apart and keeping her ass out of the water and accessible to Victor.

  “Perfect,” Victor said as he started rubbing a finger against her asshole.

  Uni made her look at him. He wore a teasing, handsome smile. “Get ready for your mind to be blown, baby,” he promised. Inside her, his cock twitched. “Now that we got one out of the way, we can both last longer. We won’t be happy until we fuck at least one more out of you with you coming around both our cocks.”

  He reached between them and found her swollen clit, started playing with it as Victor’s finger gently pressed for entrance.

  “That’s it,” Uni encouraged. “Just look at me and breathe and enjoy it. He’s going to go really slow.”

  “You can take three, you can take me,” Victor teased. “We’re going to be here for a while, and that lucky bastard gets to lie there with his cock buried inside that gorgeous body of yours.”

  “Move your body,” Uni said. “Fuck yourself onto his hand.” With his finger stroking, teasing her clit, she started moving, tentatively at first until she got used to the feel of Victor’s finger inside her ass.

  It surprised her to realize she was soon actively fucking herself back onto his hand, his whole finger buried in her ass at the bottom of every stroke.

  Uni was teasing her, not quite letting her get over. After a few more moments of this he made her hold still while Victor finger-fucked her ass, slowly picking up speed as he added more lube, loosening her up.

  When his finger disappeared, she softly gasped.

  “Don’t worry,” Victor said. “That was just the preliminary stage. This is where it’ll get interesting.” More lube, and now two fingers.

  She froze, whining as she felt her ass stretching to accommodate the wider girth.

  Uni’s fingers on her clit sped up. Now a war was being waged between her body wanting the intrusion in her ass to disappear and wanting more of it inside her while her clit was deliciously distracted.

  “I know,” Victor coaxed. “Just relax and breathe through it.” He stopped after breaching her rim, her body caught in a battle between wanting more and wanting it to stop.

  Uni’s other hand cupped her right breast, his thumb brushing over her nipple. “Such a good girl,” he whispered. “Give it a moment, and then you start moving again when it starts feeling good.”

  Victor wasn’t fucking her with his fingers, but he was wiggling them around a little, slowly twisting his hand back and forth without gaining any depth. She…she wanted more, and yet she wasn’t sure she could take it.

  She rested her forehead against Uni’s as his fingers distracted her, the one on her right breast moving to her left, toying with her nipple, then back again to the right. On her clit, he’d slowed his hand, not enough to get her over but more than enough to keep her interest up as her pussy spasmed around his cock. His cock felt like hot, velvet iron buried inside her.

  Slowly, she started fucking them, Victor pressing against her ass but letting her set the speed. It took a lot longer that time, she wasn’t sure how long, before she felt the rest of his hand flat against her ass.

  “Good girl,” Victor said. Then he pressed his other hand flat in the middle of her back. “Let me do some of the work now.” She whined as he slowly withdrew, then pressed forward again, Uni pulling her really close to the edge of coming again, but still not letting her over.

  “I know,” Victor said. “You’ll be sore in the good ways tomorrow when we’re done with this. But I promise you, you’ll have come harder and more times than you ever have before.”

  Uni pressed a kiss to her forehead. “Once we fuck you like this,” he said, “we’ll get our strength back up and do it one more time, only with me in that gorgeous ass of yours.”

  Her heart fluttered, her body completely lost to pleasure and sensatio
n, and the delicious bite of the nice kind of pain mixing with everything churning inside her. They were in control, men on a mission, and this was a hell of a lot better than in the damn books she’d read.

  “Nice thing about doing this here,” Uni continued. “Makes it easy to clean up. When we get done with this round, we’ll all go back into the pool to rest, and then you’re going to get to suck our cocks and get us hard for one more round. Then when we go to bed, we’re going to curl up together with you snuggled between us.”

  Victor was still slowly stroking his two fingers inside her ass. “I think I want to wake you up in the morning by burying my face in that pussy of yours before we each put a load in it.” His voice sounded hoarse. Several times, she’d felt his cock, hard again, brushing against her body. “While you’re with us, every spare moment we’ve got, trust me, you’re going to be spending it with one or both of our cocks inside you.”

  “Going to spit-roast you at some point,” Uni said. “One cock inside that pretty mouth of yours, and one inside that sweet pussy.”

  She whimpered with pleasure, anticipation, her body hovering as desire built inside her. Between what they were doing and what they were saying, she felt lost in a delicious sexual haze. She also felt sexier than she ever had in her life.

  As Victor’s hand picked up speed, plunging into her ass and the pinching burn turning into sheer pleasure, she tried rocking against them again.

  “Good,” he said, stopping with his fingers deep inside her again. He slowly scissored his fingers back and forth, once again the pinchy burn returning as he stretched her, making her whine.

  “I know, baby. I need to do this to make sure we don’t hurt you. Going to work you up to three fingers here in a minute and this’ll make it easier.” He pulled his fingers almost all the way out and she felt him add more lube before sliding them inside her again, still scissoring, stretching her.

  Uni kissed her, fucking her with his tongue and distracting her more until Victor pulled his fingers all the way out. When they returned, there were more, and this time she froze, moaning, unsure if she could take it or not. He rubbed them against her rim, plenty of lube making things slippery as he started working them inside her.

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