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Happy Spanksgiving

  Suncoast Society

  Happy Spanksgiving

  When Max, Sean, and Cali throw a Suncoast Society party, it’s usually a doozy. Unfortunately old, painful memories are uninvited guests when they get unexpected news about someone from their past. While others are celebrating, the triad is examining their emotions.

  Not even Baxter high on catnip, a repentant T-Rex, or a pregnant and hormonally psychotic bestie’s snark can completely lift their mood over what’s happened.

  But when a karmic opportunity presents itself to do the right thing, can their hearts and peace of mind handle being kind, or will they take their friends’ sound advice to walk away?

  Genre: BDSM, Contemporary, Ménage a Trois/Quatre

  Length: 21,744 words


  Suncoast Society

  Tymber Dalton


  Siren Publishing, Inc.




  Copyright © 2017 by Tymber Dalton

  ISBN: 978-1-64010-718-2

  First Publication: November 2017

  Cover design by Harris Channing

  All art and logo copyright © 2017 by Siren Publishing, Inc.

  ALL RIGHTS RESERVED: This literary work may not be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, including electronic or photographic reproduction, in whole or in part, without express written permission.

  All characters and events in this book are fictitious. Any resemblance to actual persons living or dead is strictly coincidental.

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  For Hubby and Sir. And for all my friends, who give me ideas for my books just by being themselves. Love you all!


  Tymber Dalton is the wild-child alter-ego of author Lesli Richardson. She lives in the Tampa Bay region of Florida with her husband (aka “The World’s Best Husband™”) and too many pets. Active in the BDSM lifestyle, the two-time EPIC award winner is also the bestselling author of over one hundred books, including The Reluctant Dom, The Denim Dom, Cardinal’s Rule, the Suncoast Society series, the Love Slave for Two series, the Triple Trouble series, the Coffeeshop Coven series, the Good Will Ghost Hunting series, the Drunk Monkeys series, and many more.

  She loves to hear from readers! Please feel free to drop by her website and sign up for updates to keep abreast of the latest news, views, snarkage, and releases. You can also find all of her Siren-BookStrand releases under all four of her pen names on her author page on the BookStrand site.

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  Cali, Sean, and Max have been previously featured in Crafty Bastards, Kinko de Mayo, Happy Spank Patrick’s Day, and This Moody Bastard. They’ve also appeared in several other books as secondary characters.

  While the books in the Suncoast Society series are standalone works which may be read independently of each other, the recommended reading order to avoid spoilers and to not miss any backstory information is as follows:

  1. Safe Harbor

  2. Domme by Default

  3. Cardinal’s Rule

  4. The Reluctant Dom

  5. The Denim Dom

  6. Pinch Me

  7. Broken Toy

  8. A Clean Sweep

  9. A Roll of the Dice

  10. His Canvas

  11. A Lovely Shade of Ouch

  12. Crafty Bastards

  13. A Merry Little Kinkmas

  14. Sapiosexual

  15. A Very Kinky Valentine’s Day

  16. Things Made Right

  17. Click

  18. Spank or Treat

  19. A Turn of the Screwed

  20. Chains

  21. Kinko de Mayo

  22. Broken Arrow

  23. Out of the Spotlight

  24. Friends Like These

  25. Vicious Carousel

  26. Hot Sauce

  27. Open Doors

  28. One Ring

  29. Vulnerable

  30. The Strength of the Pack

  31. Initiative

  32. Impact

  33. Liability

  34. Switchy

  35. Rhymes With Orange

  36. Beware Falling Ice

  37. Beware Falling Rocks

  38. Dangerous Curves Ahead

  39. Two Against Nature

  40. Home at Last

  41. A Kinkmas Carol

  42. Ask DNA

  43. Time Out of Mind

  44. Happy Valenkink’s Day

  45. Splendid Isolation

  46. Similar to Rain

  47. Happy Spank Patrick’s Day

  48. Fire in the Hole

  49. Pretzel Logic

  50. This Moody Bastard

  51. Walk Between the Raindrops

  52. Rub Me Raw

  53. Any World That I’m Welcome To

  54. Heartache Spoken Here

  55. Roll With the Punches

  56. See You Sometime

  57. Borderline

  58. A Case of You

  59. Reconsider Me

  60. Never Too Late for Love

  61. Blues Beach

  62. Happy Spanksgiving

  Some of the characters in this book appear in or are featured in previous books in the Suncoast Society series. All titles available from Siren-BookStrand.

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  Copyright Page


  About the Author

  Author's Note

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  Chapter Two

  Chapter Three

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  Suncoast Society


  Copyright © 2017

  Chapter One

  An e-mail sent out by Tony Daniels to specially selected members of the Suncoast Society munch group.

  November 1…

  Dear Friends,

  The winter holiday season is upon us, and Max, Sean, and Cali have volunteered to host a Spanksgiving Day party. (I make no apologies, because that one wrote itself.)

  You and your significant (or non-significant) other(s) are invited. Dress up (or undress) for a sexy night of kinky festivities, fun, and frivolity.

  The event takes place Saturday, November 22nd.

  RSVP to Tony BEFORE Monday, November 1
7th. Directions and parking instructions will be sent to those who RSVP on Tuesday, November 18th.

  Arrive after 6:00 p.m.

  Dinner will be at 7:00 p.m.

  Stay and play until ???

  There is a heated pool and a hot tub. If you’d like to use them, bring a towel and a bathing suit. The towel is mandatory, but the suit is optional.

  Please bring a side dish to share, and beverages of your choice. There will be a main barbecue dish provided (beef and chicken).


  1) Please arrive in non-fetish attire. The neighbors are very vanilla and we do not want to upset their peaceful world.

  2) Dress for a sexy barbecue. If you want to change (or strip) after dark for sexy play, that’s okay, too.

  3) Don’t bring uninvited guests (we usually say yes if you want to add someone, but please ask first), and please don’t talk about the party to anyone not on the guest list.

  4) NO drugs. No smoking inside (outside on lanai ONLY in designated area).

  5) Alcohol is allowed, but you must bring your own and play responsibly.

  6) Please leave the parking spaces near the house free for people bringing play furniture. If you wish to bring play furniture, please coordinate with Max, Tony, or Ross. Due to street parking, please pay attention to the parking instructions that will be included in the confirmation e-mail.

  7) No flushing anything down the toilet that isn’t toilet paper or didn’t come from inside your…

  Chapter Two


  Cali studied the image on her computer screen. She’d been playing with Photoshop all morning, trying to come up with a creative website banner for their “Spanksgiving Black and Blue Friday” sale without verging into racially or culturally insensitive bullshit tropes.

  Currently, she had a series of duplicated red and orange paddles arranged into a fan shape that called to mind the shape of a turkey’s ass, and three nylon whips coiled in a messy pile in front of them, one red and black, one brown and black, and one orange and red.

  In her office, she had several of their inventory items spread across the floor where she’d left them after using her photo setup to take quality shots of them.


  Baxter, her black and white tuxedo cat, twined himself around her legs. She scooped him up into her lap and stroked his head. “Maybe I should dress Sean as a turkey and truss him up.”

  Baxter purred and head-butted her hand, insistent, wanting more attention.

  She’d also thought about baking a turkey early and then tying it in a shibari style. Except she didn’t want to waste rope like that, because like hell she’d want to keep rope, washed or not, that had been tied around a turkey.

  I could use butcher’s twine. Or paracord.


  She still had over three weeks, so it wasn’t like she had to decide today.

  Sean was always willing and eager to take one for the team when it came to the website header images. It was something fun for the three of them to do together, although sometimes it was more Sean and Max than her.

  That’s when it usually went off the rails.

  Like the Easter header that she’d forbidden her men to so much as speak about, one they’d shot and then posted without her permission.

  Which was why she now had unilateral final control over website headers and graphics.

  She hoisted Baxter into her arms, stood, and headed out to the kitchen to make herself a mug of hot tea. Today, she needed to make a UPS run to ship orders, which was becoming an increasingly frequent occurrence, thankfully. It wasn’t like she could retire on what the Two Crafty Bastards Toys website paid her, but it was paying its own way, paying her, and the business savings account was slowly growing.

  Even after she’d taken a trip out to Arizona over the summer, to a week-long whip-making workshop. She wouldn’t consider herself an expert whipmaker yet, but her nylon whips were pretty dang good, according to Seth, Leah, Ross, Tony, and Landry, her guinea pigs.

  She still struggled to create quality leather whips, her plaits not tight or neat enough for her to have anyone test throw for her.

  Eventually, she’d get better with practice. For now, she was happy to master nylon. It meant she could expand their product offerings both online and over at Venture.

  After she drank her tea, she finished packaging her orders and loaded everything into the trunk of her car. She stopped at Essie’s house, just down the street from theirs, for a quick visit.

  Cali let herself in after announcing her presence. “It’s me. Do you need anything while I’m—wow, are you okay?”

  Eddie, their toddler son, was sitting on the living room floor and playing with a couple of toy cars.

  Essie, who lay sprawled across the couch, looked like hell warmed over.

  Worse, she looked like she’d been crying.

  “Honey, are you okay?”

  She nodded, shook her head, nodded, shook her head—then burst into tears.

  Cali hurried over to her and sat next to her, pulling her into her arms. “What’s wrong, honey?”

  Essie was apparently too overcome to talk. Fortunately, Eddie was too focused on his cars—and on the cartoon playing on the TV—to pay attention to his mom’s quiet meltdown.

  Cali got Essie up off the couch and down the hall, into the master bedroom. “What’s wrong, sweetie?”

  Essie waved her hand at the bathroom doorway.

  Confused, Cali walked in there…

  And immediately spotted the pregnancy test kit sitting on the counter.


  Cali returned to the doorway. “Is this a…bad thing?”

  Essie shook her head, still crying.

  “Ooookay.” She walked over to Essie and sat next to her on the bed. “Want to tell me why you’re so upset?”

  “I don’t want to move!” she wailed.

  Cali suspected she was missing something. She held her friend, gently rocking her. “Can you please fill in the blanks for me?”

  Sniffling and snotting, Essie finally choked out the discussion she and her three men had just the week before, debating whether or not to build a larger house. Essie was fine with where they were living, but the men had brought up the valid point that if they had more kids, they’d really need a bigger house.

  “I don’t want to move,” she said. “I like living here, and I like being just down the block from you guys.”

  “Then don’t move yet. Tell them you don’t want to.”

  “But they made the point we could have a bigger master bedroom and bathroom. And a pool.”

  “Then that’s good, right?”


  “I didn’t even know you guys were trying to get pregnant again.”

  “We weren’t!” she sobbed. “I realized this morning my period was over two weeks late, and I had a kit left over from last time and took it.”

  “Wait…you mean I know about this before your guys know about it?”

  Essie stared at her, her eyes going wide before she sobbed again. “Oh, my god, I’m a horrible wife, too!”

  Cali fought the urge to laugh as she held her crying friend. During Essie’s pregnancy with Eddie, the first three months had been a massive hormone-induced emotional roller coaster that saw Essie’s men seeking refuge at Cali’s house more than once. She could be laughing and sobbing, tenderly homicidal, all over literally nothing. Even she would admit it.

  “Well, congratulations, for starters. But please don’t get upset. Remember the last time?”

  “I’m going to neuter all three of them.” Essie sniffled. “I don’t even know which one is Eddie’s father yet. We were going to get DNA testing done and figure it out so we could plan the next time.”

  “Deep breaths, honey. Did you want me to take Eddie for you for a couple of hours?”

  She sniffled. “Can you take me?”

  Cali laughed. “I thought your mom had to work today?”

  “She does.”

  “So she can’t watch Eddie while we run away from home today.”

  More sniffling from Essie. “Nooooo!” She devolved into tears.


  “Do you want me to watch Eddie while you call the guys?”

  Essie hiccupped. “No, I’ll be okay.”

  “Do you want me to call your guys and ask them to come home?”

  “They’re out of town. They’re at a job in Orlando for three days. Filmed.”

  “Ah.” Cali tried again. “Would you like me to take Eddie overnight so you can go be with the guys?”

  Essie blew her nose. “They won’t let me on-site once they know I’m pregnant.”

  “You can go stay at the hotel with them.” Cali had another idea. “How about I run ship these packages, then I drive you to Orlando and leave you there so you can be with them. I’ll bring Eddie home with me.”

  “I can’t ask you to do that.”

  “Honey, you’re approaching crazy-time. We went through this with you with Eddie. This isn’t good for you. You need your guys.”

  “I know!” More tears.

  Cali would laugh if she didn’t think it would set Essie off even worse. Even Essie had admitted last time around that she felt like she had no control over her emotions. Her obstetrician had told her it was totally normal for that to happen sometimes.

  “I’ll be back in an hour,” Cali told her. “Be ready to go, and pack me stuff for Eddie for two nights, so you don’t have to rush back. Okay?”

  Essie nodded.

  Cali kissed her on the cheek. “Let’s get you back out there before Eddie finger-paints poop on the wall again.”

  * * * *

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