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Make Me Sweat [Uniformed and Blazing Hot 5] (Siren Publishing Ménage Everlasting)

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Make Me Sweat [Uniformed and Blazing Hot 5] (Siren Publishing Ménage Everlasting)

  Uniformed and Blazing Hot 5

  Make Me Sweat

  Eliza wants a man that knows how to sweat. Or, in Cherish, where ménage relationships are the norm, two is better. Convincing her wealthy, controlling father of that is impossible. When he arranges a date for her, she dreads spending another evening with a stuffy white-collared man. But Aiden brings Chaz and one look at them has her sweating.

  Firefighter Aiden Reeves rebelled against his wealthy parents' wishes long ago, but he gives into his mother’s matchmaking schemes to keep the peace. Her latest ploy involves Eliza Montgomery. He fears he’s in trouble when he hears her sultry voice. Then he meets her and knows he’s met his match.

  Firefighter Chaz Slone isn’t part of the wealthy crowd, but Aiden enjoys dragging him along. Eliza might be drop-dead gorgeous, but there’s more to women than meets the eye. He’s right and the “more” she possesses ignites a fire that has the three of them hot, sweaty, and ready for more.

  Genre: Contemporary, Ménage a Trois/Quatre

  Length: 38,363 words


  Uniformed and Blazing Hot 5

  Tonya Ramagos


  Siren Publishing, Inc.

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  IMPRINT: Ménage Everlasting


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  First E-book Publication: March 2015

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  Uniformed and Blazing Hot 5


  Copyright © 2015

  Chapter One

  Eliza Montgomery’s girly parts sighed in disappointment as she paused in the doorway and studied the space. The Cherish Country Club gym was like every other one she had ever stepped into…classy, clean, and full of top-of-the-line equipment being utilized by high-society beautiful people.

  It was almost enough to make her turn and walk right back out the door.

  A handful of women were scattered about on the elliptical trainers and treadmills, all dressed to impress in skin-tight full-body workout suits complete with matching jewelry and perfect ponytails. The men weren’t much different in their designer-label shorts and muscle shirts as they lifted weights and landed blows on the defenseless punching bags.

  Eliza took a deep breath and let it out slow. It was as she had suspected. The air in the gym reeked of expensive perfumes and colognes. Heaven forbid the rich smell of anything but money and sophistication even when they worked out. Lucky for her, she hadn’t come here looking to find Mr. Right.

  She spotted the door to the women’s locker room and made her way to it, noting the heads that turned as she passed. She didn’t bother to rank the men on any scale of attractiveness. She may have been born into their world, but she was done with their type. The next time she got close to a man, he was going to be from a different world.

  The thought made her giggle as she put her gym bag on the bench inside the locker room and unzipped it. She supposed a guy like Spock would do, though he was way too old for her. Maybe he had a younger Vulcan brother.

  Right, and you’re going to run into Scotty on the streets and have him beam you straight to the Enterprise where the two of you can meet.

  She exchanged her khaki shorts and tank top for the sports bra and workout shorts inside her gym bag, resigning herself to the fact that Spock and his younger Vulcan brother weren’t viable options. What she needed was an all-American man. A blue-collar worker with muscles that came from long days of hard labor instead of a half-hour daily trip to the gym. A construction worker or a carpenter or a mechanic. A man that knew how to sweat and smelled of Irish Spring rather than Giorgio Armani.

  Someday. Somehow.

  For now, what she needed was to hit the treadmill. She needed to drop the extra pounds she had gained courtesy of Ben and Jerry’s and the end of her last debacle of a relationship with exactly the same kind of man as the ones staring at her as she exited the women’s locker room. She found an empty treadmill, gave the woman on the machine next to it a quick, polite smile, and set the controls for an intense half-hour workout. Three minutes in, she found herself wishing she had remembered her iPod.

  Letting her mind wander to pass the time, she settled into thoughts about her qualifications for Mr. Right. His first name should be something simple like Mike or Ryan, and his last name should be McSomething with absolutely no roman numeral behind it. His wardrobe should consist of worn jeans that rode low on his hips and T-shirts sporting the logos of his favorite football team
or beer. His hair needed to be messy despite its short cut and his hands need to be callused and strong. A working man’s hands that would be abrasive to her smoother flesh as he explored her body. He should be fully knowledgeable about sex, too, willing to venture away from the missionary to discover the vast array of positions that would keep them sweating through the night.

  Where did she look to find such a man?

  Her thoughts switched to possible locations. Sports bars, the race track, a baseball game…She didn’t know a thing about sports, but maybe it was time to learn. What else did the good ole American man like to do? Where else did he go?

  Movement out of the corner of her eye drew her from her thoughts just as a man passed by her treadmill on his way to one of the weight benches along the far wall. Her step faltered and she nearly fell on her nose at the sight of his short, messy hair the color of a fine bottle of bourbon. His shoulders were broad and bare, and his back was taut with muscles. He wore navy-blue jogging pants that rode low on his narrow hips with black-and-blue Adidas tennis shoes.

  Eliza sighed and tore her attention from the man when her gaze locked on his truly superior ass. Though he was definitely rankable, she refused to allow herself to go there. She knew him too well already and she hadn’t even seen his face. He’d have an Italian suit in the men’s locker room waiting for his return after he finished his workout and showered. He’d have a Porsche or a Jaguar in the parking lot waiting to take him back to his office on the top floor of some legal office building or executive complex downtown.

  She knew these things because she had already dated him ten times over. It didn’t matter how handsome he was, she swore she wouldn’t go there again.

  Steadier now, she glanced his way as he swung a powerful leg over the weight bench and sat. Deep hazel eyes briefly met hers before giving her body a full, cold once-over that brought goose pimples to the surface of her flesh. Seemingly unimpressed, the guy lay back and curled his long fingers around the metal weight bar above his face.

  Pure attitude. That kind of cool arrogance was something else she recognized all too easily. He could keep it, too. She wasn’t any more impressed with him than he apparently was with her.

  Yeah, right. That’s such a lie.

  She frowned, ignoring the shiver of desire that moved through her. The man had no doubt been sent to test her resistance. She could handle that. Mr. Cool Arrogance might be truly delicious looking, but she had a firm hold on her willpower and refused to let go.

  She dared to slide her attention his way again. The muscles in his forearms and biceps flexed with the movement as he lifted the weights. Strong arms built to hold a woman tight as he settled between her thighs and brought her to orgasm after orgasm.

  She sighed again, knowing he might be built to do such a thing, but doubting he possessed the skill.

  A soft, orchestrated melody began playing in her left ear. She wasn’t sure if she should be grateful for the distraction or pissed that she had forgotten to leave her Bluetooth in the locker room. Knowing her father would keep calling until she answered, she decided to go with the first.

  She glanced at the woman still on the treadmill beside her, noted the earbuds in her ears, and pushed the button on her Bluetooth to answer the call. “Shouldn’t you be in a boardroom somewhere?”

  Her father was a corporate guru with stakes in several conglomerates that had put him at number nine of the Forbes top ten wealthiest men last year.

  “Are you having sex, Eliza?”

  She barked a laugh loud enough to draw the attention of the woman listening to music on the treadmill beside her. It drew Mr. Cool Arrogance’s attention, too. The man lifted his head off the bench beneath her and shot a glance complete with a scowl her way. Heat rose to her cheeks.

  No, but I was thinking about sex, damn it.

  “Why in the world would you ask me that?”

  “You sound winded. Where are you? What are you doing?”

  Eliza blew a frustrated breath up her face. “I’m on the treadmill, Dad.”

  “Good. I’m glad you’re putting that country club membership I paid for to use.”

  She hadn’t had much choice, but she didn’t bother telling him that. The resident gym in her new apartment complex was closed for renovations and, as luck would have it, so was the public gym she had found three blocks away from her neighborhood.

  “And since you’re there,” her father went on, “I gather you have heard the buzz about the charity benefit Saturday night.”

  Eliza slowly closed her eyes, already knowing what was coming. “I saw a couple of signs on my way in.”

  “I’m sure it will be a small event given the city, but we received an invitation, nevertheless.”

  We received. As in he had received and was including her.

  “You and mother are planning to attend, then?” Eliza asked hopefully.

  “Your mother and I have committed ourselves to another engagement that evening. You will be representing us at this event.”

  Eliza gritted her teeth. He wasn’t asking. He was telling. As usual. “I already made plans for Saturday night.”

  She fully intended to spend the night in front of her laptop catching up on the slew of cover questionnaires in her inbox. Her move to Cherish had thrown her behind. With several deadlines looming in the too-near future and others quickly following suit, she needed to get caught up as quickly as possible.

  Not that she could tell her father about it. Her job as a cover artist with an online e-publisher was only one of her carefully best-kept secrets. Her father would hit the roof if he found out she was working, especially designing covers for erotic ménage novels. Jefferson Montgomery was old school with what she often thought of as caveman values. He thought women belonged at home, catering to their man who provided for them, and spending their free time shopping.

  “Cancel them.” Also, as usual, her father wasn’t going to take no for an answer. “I finished a call moments ago with Charlotte Reeves. She’s a truly delightful woman who coincidentally has a son living in Cherish. His name is Aiden and he will be your date for the evening. Expect a call from him in the next twenty-four hours to make arrangements to pick you up.”

  Eliza saw red. It was all she could do to keep her voice calm and even. “We’ve been through this, Dad. You promised you would start consulting me before you make plans with my time, especially if said plans involved fixing me up on a date.”

  He wanted her married. He wanted her to live a life like her mother’s full of daily luncheons with other glamorous housewives and dinner parties where she was the trophy on her father’s arm.

  “You haven’t been out in months, Eliza.”

  That wasn’t true. She went to the movies last week. Granted, she had gone alone, but she had thoroughly enjoyed watching Brad Pitt’s latest movie.

  “And I know you haven’t reconciled with Simon.”

  She would only reconcile with the lying, cheating asshat over her dead body. She had caught him with his pants down, literally, in the restroom at a dinner party with the woman she had thought of as her best friend. He hadn’t been the first boyfriend to do such a thing to her either. That was the night she made the solemn vow she was done with high-class, sophisticated men. The gall of them to all seem to believe it was okay to have a spouse and a mistress or four on the side.

  “How do you know I haven’t been out in months?”

  “I’m your father.”

  Eliza couldn’t see his face, but she could hear the warm smile in his voice. He meant well. She knew that. He loved her in his own way and only wanted the best for her. The trouble came in also knowing what he thought was best was a far cry from her definition of the word.

  “It’s my job to know. I’m sure you will find Aiden to be a perfectly suitable companion for the evening.”

  No, you will find him perfectly suitable. I’ll be bored to tears.

  Eliza knew she could refuse, but she was choosing her battles
with her father more carefully these days. In twenty-six years, she had learned how to play her father. Give him an inch and it was far easier to take a mile. It had been a while since she had given him that inch, but she had taken nearly one hundred and twenty miles when she had moved to Cherish.

  “I wasn’t aware you knew anyone here.”

  Her father gave her a half laugh. “I know people all over the world, princess, even in that odd city you’re insisting on calling home.”

  The odd city of Cherish, Tennessee, where men outnumbered women three to one and ménage relationships were the preferred norm by most. She chose the place because it was a decent distance from Atlanta to get her out from under her parents’ thumbs, but close enough to visit them when the mood struck. She hadn’t chosen it in hopes of living the ménage lifestyle. So far, she hadn’t met one man that made all her girly parts do a happy dance, let alone two.

  Except Mr. Cool Arrogance over there.

  She ignored the thought, knowing damn well he couldn’t give her what she wanted. He wouldn’t make her feel like a desired woman. She would be a trophy on his arm. He wouldn’t turn her blood to the temperature of molten lava with a simple kiss or have her sweating and panting his name as his hands roamed her body. He wouldn’t—

  “I have to go now,” her father cut into her thoughts. “As I said, be expecting Aiden’s call within the next day. I will be in touch by Monday to hear how things turned out.”

  Eliza clenched her teeth on the angry growl bubbling in her throat as her Bluetooth beeped, signaling the end of the call. She already knew how things would turn out. Aiden Reeves would be just like Mr. Cool Arrogance and every other moneybags guy her father thought to be perfectly suitable for her, and she would spend the evening miserably thwarting off his advances.

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