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Undercover Bear Portland: Marco (BBW Paranormal Bear Shifter Romance)

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Undercover Bear Portland: Marco (BBW Paranormal Bear Shifter Romance)

  Undercover Bear Portland: Marco

  Terra Wolf

  Meredith Clarke

  Pink Empire Publishing



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  Undercover Bear Series

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  Marco: Undercover Bears

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  I ran my hands through my hair and rested my forehand on my palms. All of this fucking paperwork was slowly trying to kill me. Or make me going insane. I lifted my head from my hands and looked around me and noticed that I was the only one left in the station. I glanced down at my watch and realized that it was 9pm. Holy hell. When had it gotten that late?

  I leaned back in my chair and let out a frustrated sigh. Figures that I would be the only one left here burning the midnight oil. There weren’t any urgent cases, so the rest of the squad was back at their homes with their families. Well, everyone except for Garrett. That lucky son of a bitch got pulled into another undercover case at a nearby precinct. I let out a laugh. That fucker always found some way to keep busy when our squad didn’t have much going on.

  I, on the other hand, just had myself. Instead of a loving woman waiting for me at home, all I had was a frozen TV dinner. After Logan had closed his case and moved in with Maggie, the only thing left to do was to prep Dr. Evans for her trial against the hospital.

  I couldn’t believe that within the last few months, so much had happened to our squad. It had all started with Gio coming in from Seattle to assist us on a money laundering case. It was supposed to be a fairly easy investigation, despite the fact that Portland Undercover Unit was investigating my sister Lydia’s company.

  Once we figured out what was really going on there, our unit had used Lydia’s best friend, Natasha, to help us develop our case against them. Things got strange when Gio ended up in the hospital after being shot, protecting Natasha, who we were all surprised to find out was his mate.

  After getting settled in Seattle, Gio called in a favor to us to check out the shifter hospital that he had gone to. I suppressed a low growl in my throat as I thought about how we had to call in Lydia to help Shane go undercover at the hospital. As much as I hated to admit it, especially to her, I had the utmost respect for my sister. I knew that she could handle her own in every situation. I hated the fact that I couldn’t shield her better, but now that she was with Shane, I couldn’t be happier for her. Shane was the perfect mate for her.

  Because of Shane and Lydia’s work, Dr. Evans had become a crucial asset to our investigation against Purest and the hospital. After Logan met Maggie, and realized what the hospital had done to her, we now had a strong case to finally take down these fucking bastards.

  Without Dr. Evans’ help and inside knowledge, we would have never been able to get as much information on the inner workings of the hospital. She was crucial to our case, and I was just finalizing her witness protection paperwork for the U.S. Marshals so that nothing would happen to her. As much as I hated to include the Marshals, the whole squad agreed that it was the safest option for her.

  I looked down at my phone and realized that Dr. Evans hadn’t checked in with me this evening. Since Shane took care of Dr. Tyson, I had Dr. Evans check in with me. Because she was so involved with Logan and Maggie lately, I hadn’t been as concerned about her safety, but it was still strange that she didn’t call.

  My phone rang at my desk. I grabbed it hoping it was Dr. Evans, but then realized it was Logan.

  “Hi man, what’s going on?” In the background I could the soft laughter of Maggie’s baby.

  “How’s fatherhood treating you?”

  Logan laughed.

  “So far, things have seemed pretty easy, despite the lack of sleep.”

  I let out a heartfelt laugh.

  “So what’s up? You guys don’t need me in, do you?” As much as I loved kids, I wasn’t too sure around little ones. They always just seemed too fragile.

  Logan stifled a laugh. “As much as we would love for you to come help out, I can’t imagine you with a baby.”

  “Yeah man, I like them when they’re happy, but the second they start to cry, that’s when they go back to their parents. So what’s up, man?”

  I could sense Logan’s demeanor change over the phone. “Have you heard anything from Dr. Evans at all?”

  A small knot started to form in my stomach. Logan and Maggie hadn’t heard from Dr. Evans yet either? I knew how involved she was with Maggie’s pregnancy. I couldn’t imagine that she would just forget to check in with her as well. Something did not seem right.

  “She was supposed to check in with me earlier this evening, but she hasn’t yet.”

  “Do you think something is wrong? I mean, she was under protection, right?” Logan asked, concern lining his voice.

  “Yeah, she had an officer outside her place at all times, but she insisted that she was fine and that stopped about a week ago. I told her how we wanted to make sure she was safe leading up to the trial, with her testifying, and even hinted at placing her in witness protection, but she wasn’t willing to listen. Don’t worry man, I’ll figure out what’s going on.”

  Logan let out a slight sigh of relief. “Thanks for checking in on her. Maggie and I wanted to thank her for everything that she did to help us, but her phone’s just kept on ringing.”

  “Maybe she just has shitty service,” I lied. I didn’t want to tell Logan that I was starting to get a really bad feeling about all of this. He didn’t need the added worry of Dr. Evans’ whereabouts on his plate with everything else he had going on.

  “Seriously man, go snuggle up with your new family. I’ll drive by her place now and see if I can figure out what’s going on.”

  A short twenty minute drive later, I was parked across the street from Dr. Evans’ house. The neighborhood looked like typical, picturesque suburbia. I had chuckled when I noticed that most of the houses on the street had white picket fences. I didn
t peg Dr. Evans for a PTA mom, but then again, I didn’t know her beyond the few times that I had interacted with her.

  I felt my bear shift underneath my skin. All of the lights in her house were dark. I hoped it was just because she was sleeping. I waited a few moments in the car, scoping out the neighborhood around me, trying to decide if anything seemed off. I let out a nervous laugh. What was I expecting? An obvious unmarked van parked outside of her house?

  I got out of my car and lightly closed the door. As I walked up to her cottage style house, I looked around the street to make sure no one saw me. The street was completely quiet as I got up to her door. I looked in through the side window and noticed that all of the lights were turned off. Shit, I thought. She has to be sleeping. That was why she didn’t check in.

  I started to walk away from the door, but a strange nagging sensation started to creep up from my stomach with each step away from her house I took. Even if she was just sleeping, I needed to know for sure. I used my strong hearing to check the area around me, and once I was sure the coast was clear, I snuck around to her backyard.

  Dr. Evans had a larger than expected backyard. With a nice patio and bar area, it looked like enjoyed entertaining out here. The back of the house had several large floor to ceiling windows that looked into her living room. Like the front of the house, the entire area was dark. I quietly walked up to the patio door, and pulled out my tool kit from my pocket.

  Back when I was a kid, my dad taught Lydia and me how to pick a lock. Lydia was always the fast learner, and was able to pick locks within seconds. I, on the other hand, always seemed to stumble through the process. She never let me hear the end of it, and to this day she always liked to prove that she was better.

  Luckily, Dr. Evans’ lock was fairly easy to pick, and within a few minutes, I heard the latch lift up and I was able to slowly open the door. I took a deep breath for a moment. If Dr. Evans was here, I would scare her half to death if I wasn’t quiet. All I needed to do was to see her sleeping in her bed, and then I could come over the next day and hound her for not checking in with Logan or me.

  I slowly pushed the door closed behind me and looked around the dark living room. There was a plush L-shaped couch in front of a big screen TV. I let out a sigh of relief when I noticed that everything seemed to be in its rightful place. There were no signs of a struggle or a break in, which eased the knots in my stomach slightly.

  I turned to my right and saw a staircase leading upstairs. That was where her bedroom had to be. I slowly crept up the stairs, trying to be as light on my feet as possible in order to not make the stairs creak underneath my weight. I reached the second floor and looked down the hall. Thankfully, my keen eyesight allowed me to see easily in the darkness, and I guessed that the room at the end was the master bedroom.

  I quietly walked toward the room, and peeked my head inside, expecting to see Dr. Evans sleeping soundly in her bed. My mouth fell open when I noticed that the bed was perfectly made and no one was in it. I quickly flipped on the lights and stormed into the room. At this point, I would rather scare the hell out of Dr. Evans than continue to be quiet in an empty house.

  “Dr. Evans?” I called out loudly. I let out a low growl as I was met with complete and utter silence.

  I walked through the rest of the house, periodically calling out her name, but there was no one there. Did she skip town and not tell us? I walked back into her bedroom to see if her clothes were still in her closet. I pulled open the door and noticed that all of her clothes were still on their hangers. I slammed the door as I felt anger start to pulse through my body.

  It was my responsibility to keep Dr. Evans safe, and now she was missing.



  I paced back and forth in my kitchen as I waited for the microwave to finish. My stomach audibly grumbled as I watched the clock barely trickle down. Fifty more seconds. Screw it, I thought. The frozen pizza had to be finished by now. I pulled open the microwave and grabbed the pizza from the tray. I lightly pressed the sides and my body deflated as I felt areas that were still frozen. I sighed in frustration and shoved the pizza back in the microwave.

  I restarted the timer and continued to pace back and forth in the kitchen. I looked around at my empty one-bedroom apartment and desperately fought the sense of loneliness that started to creep through my body. I shook my head in frustration and refused to let the depressing thoughts linger in my mind.

  I glanced over at the kitchen table and spotted my cell phone. Maybe Amanda was still awake, and I could at least talk to her to get my mind off things. She was normally a night owl just like I was. I walked over and picked up my phone and pressed her key for speed dial. The phone rang several times before Amanda’s familiar voice came on asking me to leave a voicemail. I sighed, defeated, and placed my phone back on the table.

  Amanda and I had so many things in common when we were younger. Not only did we shared a lot of the same interests, but we shared all of the same features as well. Amanda was my identical twin, and more importantly, my best friend.

  I laughed at the thought of how I used to secretly hate that we were identical twins when we were in middle school. It never really affected me when were younger, but as soon as puberty and boys got involved, the differences in our personalities emerged. Amanda was always the outgoing one, while I was more than happy to spend the evening reading rather than heading out for a party. Throughout middle school and part of high school, our friend circles began to drastically change, and for a little while, we started to drift apart.

  It wasn’t until our senior year, when we started to look at colleges, that the reality hit us that we could potentially end up in completely different places. Both of us hated the thought of not being near one another, and from that moment on, we became inseparable once again. We decided to go to the same college and even move to Portland after we both graduated. While Amanda pursued her medical degree, I found myself in the completely different field of graphic design. Amanda always had the brains, while I got the creative gene. Amanda probably couldn’t even draw a stick figure while I tended to faint at the sight of blood. I chuckled. Even though we were identical twins, there were so many differences between us.

  My eyes trailed over to my bookshelf and I looked at the picture of Amanda and me with our parents. God, how I missed them. Our parents had both passed away a few years ago in a car accident. It was so sudden and life-altering, and made Amanda and I rely on one another more than we ever had before. I felt the tears prickle at the corner of my eyes and I quickly moved my thoughts to something else.

  I looked back down at my phone and frowned. Since Amanda was a doctor, I was used to reaching her voicemail, but I hadn’t heard from her in a few days. It wasn’t like her to not check in at all, no matter how busy she was.

  The microwave beeped and pulled me out of my thoughts. I walked back over and pulled out the tray of steaming pizza. I leaned my head over and inhaled the delicious scent of cheese and sizzling pepperoni. My stomach grumbled loudly and I quickly grabbed a plate and slid the entire pizza onto it, and walked over to my couch.

  I grabbed my remote and turned the TV on, hoping to catch my favorite vampire show. My phone started to ring and startled me, causing me to quickly bite down into my slice of pizza and burn the roof of my mouth.

  “Shit, that hurt,” I mumbled, and I dropped my pizza slice onto my plate. I moved my plate from my lap to my coffee table and jumped up to grab my phone.

  Thinking it was Amanda finally getting back to me, I answered without looking at the screen.

  “Took you long enough to get back to me.”

  “Well, I didn’t know I was supposed to get back to you,” a strong male voice said with a hint of laughter. I felt the blood drain from my face, as I moved the phone away from my ear and saw a number I didn’t recognize.

  “S-sorry, I thought you were my sister.”

  “It’s quite all right. My name is Officer Santiago.”

  My embarrassment quickly turned into panic and fear. Amanda was all I had left, and if a police officer was calling me, that meant something happened. I felt my heart start to beat strongly in my chest and my hands start to shake.

  “What’s going on? Is Amanda all right?”

  “Ms. Evans? Everything is fine. We’re just trying to get ahold of Amanda. I found your contact information when I did a search for her relatives close by, and I was curious if you have seen or heard anything from her lately?”

  “Why are you trying to get ahold of my sister?”

  “She is a witness to an active investigation.”

  A huge knot started to form in my stomach. A witness to an active investigation? What the hell had Amanda gotten herself into? I closed my eyes and racked my brain to think of the last time I spoke with Amanda.

  “I haven’t seen her in a couple of weeks. The last I spoke to her, I think it was about a week ago. She mentioned that she was super busy with an interesting case at the hospital and that she would get back to me when things calmed down. Oh god, what if something bad happened to her?”

  “Don’t worry, Ms. Evans. We’re working on finding her now. Would you mind coming into the station tomorrow and walking me through the last conversation you had with her?”

  Panic coursed throughout my body.

  “S-sure.” I stumbled over my words. “I’ll come right in.”



  I arrived at the station earlier than usual. No matter how hard I had tried last night, I could not fall asleep. My worries about Dr. Evans seeped through into my dreams, and I was woken several times by nightmares of terrible things happening to her at the hands of Purest.

  After fighting off the nightmares, I finally gave up on getting a decent night’s sleep and I got ready to go into the station. Dr. Evans’ sister, Bree, was coming first thing and I wanted to be prepared before she arrived.

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