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Virtually Bossy: A Billionaire Office Romance (The Billionaire Bossy Series Book 1)

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Virtually Bossy: A Billionaire Office Romance (The Billionaire Bossy Series Book 1)

  Virtually Bossy

  A Billionaire Boss Romance


  Ted Evans

  © 2017 Ted Evans

  All Rights Reserved. This book or any portion thereof may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without the express permission of the publisher except for the use of brief quotations in a book review.

  This book is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to persons, living or dead, or places, events or locations is purely coincidental. The characters are all productions of the author's imagination.

  Please note that this work is intended only for adults over the age of 18 and all characters represented as 18 or over.

  About Virtually Bossy…

  About Ted Evans

  This is the first book in the series. It’s about a billionaire that loves to curse and can’t keep his dick in his pants. If you like the sound out of it, then read on…

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  Virtually Bossy is a 25,000 word novella, suitable for mature readers that love to read about dirty men with filthy mouths.

  About Virtually Bossy…

  My virtual assistant is going to find out who’s boss…

  When my PA quits, I can’t say I’m sorry. She was as incompetent in the office as she was in the bedroom.I need to stay the hell away from virgins.One f**k and they think that I’m ready to walk them down the aisle!

  HR are on my case, and I can’t hire another assistant.

  I own the f*cking corporation, but I can’t get decent help… …apart from Olivia.

  She’s been my backup assistant for years, working remotely in middle of nowhere.

  I’ll pay her double, give her days off, anything to meet this deadline.

  I just don’t need another distraction.

  I’ve never met Olivia, but I have a feeling she’s a middle-aged spinster with a dozen cats. Perfect for keeping me and my cock out of trouble.

  Trouble is I got it all wrong. Olivia walks into my office, and she’s an emerald-eyed bombshell.

  I may be in charge, but Olivia’s holding all the cards until this deadline is done.

  Then I’m going to bend her over my desk and show her what a good boss I can be.

  Author's Note:

  It's short and steamy with enough sexiness for you to enjoy this novella. It is standalone, and there's no cheating.

  Chapter One


  “What do you fucking want?”

  I shouldn’t have been so crude and I shouldn’t have shouted at her. But I was tired. Scarlett was my secretary, NOT my fucking wife. I’d made the mistake of fucking her once and I’d been repeatedly that mistake over the course of the last week.

  She was fun.

  The kind that got a kick out of fooling around, but she killed the fun the second night when she asked me to hold her until she fell asleep. After I’d already got out of bed and was going to sleep in my real bedroom, not the one that I’d just fucked her in.

  The second time, I made sure that I fucked her at her place. Just so that I could leave.

  She still didn’t get the hint.

  That’s when the fun stopped and I knew that I had to get rid off her.

  There was just one problem. I had a deadline and until it was met. She needed to stay working for me as my secretary.

  “I just feel as if I’ve been used…” she purred as she got closer to me.


  “Like you just want me for my body and nothing else.”

  She started to pout and I could see that she was up to something, because she left the door wide open. We were in my office and she was talking about matters of the heart. Only for me they were matters for my dick and I could tell that she was getting attached. This wasn’t going to go down well, not by a long shot. I knew that she wanted everyone outside to hear. I didn’t need the staff to know that I’d done the same thing again.

  The same fucking stupid thing that I’d been warned about.

  I stood up quickly and closed the door. Then I turned to comfort her. Wondering what would happen if she left and stopped working as my secretary. And, even worse, what if she went to tell HR that I really couldn’t keep my dick in my pants? Then I was truly fucked. The employment agency would be on my case and could shut the company down for sexual harassment. The way Scarlett was behaving she would be more than willing to speak to them about my bad behavior.

  “You need to think about what this all means.”

  I was fucking stalling, thinking of a way to try and get a distraction. I was a fucking CEO. Built-up my company from scratch. Yet, when it came to matters of the heart, I couldn’t think. That’s why I usually fucked and worried about the consequences later.


  She was right, where was I going with this?

  My palms were wet from trying to calm her down. My voice was raspy from running to close the door and back to her. Then to make matters worse, my head was fucking spinning out of control. I had an important meeting in around twenty minutes. When did my life become so fucking complicated and when did I lose control of everything?

  “I know you think that I don’t appreciate you,” I stared into her sea-blue eyes.

  “But I do. You’re beautiful.”

  I stroked her long fair hair, thinking that blondes really do have more fun. Once again, I was distracted, because my hands moved to her breasts. Those big thick melons that could feed me for a fucking month. They were so damn juicy that I found myself opening up her shirt. Not fucking opening it, but ripping it open and popping those buttons as my mouth wanted to suck and my dick wanted to fuck.

  “You’re doing it again,” she protested. She never complained before!

  “You’re looking at my body and wanting to take me.”

  “Shit, your tits, I’ve never had any woman with tits as big as yours…”

  I was down to her bra, but she had a scaffolding bra on that no one under forty should ever wear. She used to wear sexy bras, which left nothing to the imagination. The type that just about covered her nipple and gave me easy access.

  She pushed me away, but like a hungry wolf getting ready for a feeding frenzy. I ignored the warning signs and all I could think about was sucking her tits.

  “Don’t do that,” I growled as I moved closer to her.

  “See? You only want me for my body. I asked you one question. Answer me, Ross Hamilton!”

  She had her hands on her hips and she wasn’t messing around. I had a feeling that my dick was on hold.

  “Do you LOVE me?”

  Oh God, not that debate again. My cock was swaying from left-to-right like a pendant, as I began to realize that this could be the end of a beautiful relationship. My heart was racing out of control, debating whether to lie or not. My mouth did something completely different.

  It opened and shut like the shutters in my office did whenever I had company. Whenever I wanted people to know what I was up to, I would leave them open so that I could spy on them too. Whenever they were closed, that was when it was none of their fucking business.

  Like now.

  I took a deep breath.

  I was a billionaire.

/>   I needed to keep her as a secretary.

  I couldn’t afford to lose her right then.

  Her eyes were wide open, waiting for my response.

  Okay, here goes nothing. I’m going to say it. I’m going to do it for the first time in my life. Those three words would stop me from being sued and having to deal with all sorts of shit that I hated doing in public.

  I was a billionaire. I had built my company from scratch. I could fucking do this.

  She moved closer to me as I smiled. I was about to say the words that she fucking wanted to hear.

  Even if it was a lie, she was a woman. She didn’t care about the truth; she just needed to hear those three little words.

  I was going to do this.

  I fucking needed to.

  My mouth opened one time. I was so close to her that her tits were rubbing on my chest. My dick was on board with the situation and everything was going according to plan.

  “Yes?” said Scarlett, nodding her head like a bobbing doll.

  And then I just blurted it out.


  My dick screamed “You fool!” and my racing heart went back to its regular rhythm. The headache that I’d had was now passing. She lifted her hand and slapped me across the face. She didn’t even bother to button up her shirt. She left my door wide open for everyone to see that I was about to seduce her; that I really couldn’t keep my dick in my pants. I slumped down on my desk, thinking that despite everything it was for the best.

  It was the right thing to do.

  There was just one problem.

  I never did the right thing when it comes to matters of the heart.

  I must be getting old—or fucking soft—and it sucks!

  I patted my pants, where my dick was still half hard.

  I whispered, “Down boy.” I was going to be having so many fucking cold showers from now on; it was fucking frightening. Yet, I felt better that I didn’t have to deal with Scarlett and all her dramatic shit.

  Chapter Two


  There was only one option. One thing that I could do to get out of this mess. I closed the door and ignored Scarlett shouting about me being a liar and trying to get as much attention as possible.

  Fuck, she was dramatic!

  Then again, that’s what I liked about her in the bedroom. She nearly screamed my damn chandelier down, she was screaming like a siren every single time I made her come. I smiled for a minute thinking about her.

  I soon realized that things didn’t need to be that bad. It was exactly why I was a billionaire, because I was capable of thinking outside of the box. I went back to my desk and started to type; the one thing that I hated doing more than anything in the world. Usually I dictated, but this was an emergency. I had an important deal going through and I needed everything to go as smoothly as possible. Fuck, I was panicking and I didn’t need to, because I had a fucking plan. And it was brilliant!

  Dear Virtual Assistant

  I realized that I didn’t even know her fucking name. Where was it? Scarlett was crap. The only thing she was good at was giving head and screaming at the top of her lungs. And being fucking hot to look at, especially when she came to work with no panties.

  I was getting distracted. I needed to start typing fast and getting this show on the road. I flicked through the emails that Scarlett forwarded to me from her.

  Where were they?

  Shit, where the fuck were they?

  Right found it, her name’s Olivia. So I deleted the “Dear Virtual Assistant” greeting and made it a little personal. I didn’t want to scare her over email. I needed her to work for me. I really needed her to come into the office.

  Subject: Employment in the Office

  Dear Olivia,

  I am sorry to send this at such short notice.

  I need you to stop being a virtual assistant and start working in the office for six weeks. That’s all I require, it’s just that Scarlett is temporarily unavailable and I really need your assistance in the office.

  I would appreciate it if you could be in the office by nine tomorrow morning, so that we can get started.

  Ross Hamilton


  Hamilton Investments

  I wasn’t expecting her to reply straight away. Even Scarlett never did that, and she used to sit outside my office. Within two minutes of me pressing the send button, she had already replied to my message. She was that good. Part of me wished that I had typed that she would have to start today. I knew that she had been with the company for over two years, but had never stepped inside this building. I found it a bit strange. Even the ones that did job sharing or worked from home, made an appearance in the office once in a while, especially when it came to the office party.

  There was one predictable element of an employee. They could complain about work, but the moment they were given something for free, they didn’t hesitate in coming to work. Especially in this office and especially around Christmas, because they knew that it meant the Yearly Office Party.

  Re: Employment not in the Office.

  Dear Mr. Hamilton

  Thank you very much for your e-mail. I must say that I was surprised to receive an e-mail from you and not Scarlett, because she’s been your longest standing assistant to date. As you well know I work not only for your department, but also for the whole company.

  Do you mind if I assess my duties for the week, prior to committing to coming into the office tomorrow?


  Olivia Watson

  Hamilton Investments

  I reread her email and stared at it blankly. She must have thought that I was giving her the option to come in to work. I wasn’t asking, I was fucking telling her. Whoever had booked her this week, wasn’t my problem. No matter how much she felt the need to check her duties prior to committing to coming here tomorrow, it was already done.

  She should have checked them prior to responding.

  Subject: Not an Option!


  Be in my office at 7am tomorrow.


  I didn’t wait for a response. It wasn’t a debate: she had to be in my office the next morning or she would be out of a job. I didn’t know her situation and I had to get to a meeting. I buzzed for HR to pass on the details, confident that tomorrow I would have a secretary by my side, and judging by Olivia’s lack of enthusiasm for the change of arrangements, I was confident that it would be all work and no play. She had to be a hermit or something. But frankly, after Scarlett my dick could do with a rest from both work and play. I didn’t even understand how I’d gotten myself into this fucking mess.

  Silly me.

  Once bitten, twice shy. Sometimes, I act as if I’m not thirty, but twelve, especially when it comes to girls. I’d been messing around with girls in the playground instead of getting in touch with real women. Experienced ones that knew what they wanted and knew how to act like a woman and not cry like a baby after one fuck and expect a ring on their finger.

  Even joining the private BDSM club that Lenny, my old friend from college said that I should join with him sounded like a good option. He said that it was an elite club and based on members only. The ladies were checked and the men based on invitation only. When he first suggested it to me, it sounded like a high-class brothel. But if it meant that my dick was satisfied and I didn’t have to deal with the type of awkward situations like the one I had with Scarlett earlier then it was a good thing. I couldn’t deal with that shit again.

  Maybe it was a good thing that Olivia was a hermit with one too many cats. It meant that I was unlikely to be tempted by her and I wouldn’t even think about fucking my secretary. She would get more money and out of the house. Give her cats a break, they could probably do with it and I would join Lenny’s club. It was a win-win situation. For the first time this morning I had a fucking smile on my face, because I thought out of the box again and it fucking worked.

  Chapter Three

br />
  My finger hovered over the keyboard, ready to tell him that I couldn’t come to the office. The point of being a virtual assistant was to stay at home. I had to look after my mom and I couldn’t afford to hire a nurse to help her.

  Scarlett knew about my situation, the situation that led to me working practically 24/7. The times I wasn’t helping my mom, I was working. I used to be a top executive, but the moment Mom started suffering from dementia, I started working from home. At first it was fine getting a nurse to look after her, but then she started to get worse and besides she brought me up. It didn’t feel right passing her on to another, because she wasn’t well.

  Since I’d been at home, she’d spent most of her time with me in the room. Sometimes reading the same page over and over again. At times, reading became too much for her and she tended to watch television, which she really enjoyed.

  It had been nearly three years since I’d been a virtual assistant. I didn’t want to change it. I used to have other clients, but they never paid as much as Hamilton Investments, which is why I made them my sole client.

  “I need to tell him the truth. Maybe he’ll be reasonable?” I suggested to the computer, psyching myself to pick up the phone.

  Mom shouted out, “Who dear?”

  “My boss.”

  She shook her head, “Who are you?”

  I was just about to answer her; I could see the confusion in her eyes. The confusion that appeared from time to time whenever she hadn’t taken her pills.

  “Shit!” I shouted as I headed to the kitchen. One thing about Mom, especially when she was this confused, was that she wouldn’t get angry. If anything she would cry about her confusion.

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