Volume 9 the dissociat.., p.19

Volume 9 - The Dissociation of Suzumiya Haruhi, page 19


Volume 9 - The Dissociation of Suzumiya Haruhi

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  Isn’t that good? It beats having those with a strange character or a flaw in their characters. I, on the other hand, welcome anybody.

  “I am totally uninterested in that kind of people. Although the many varieties of human character could be matched in different ways, But some thought should be paid into the matter before the matching. This is proof of how humans’ creativity are worsening with the progress of time!”

  Such questions shouldn’t need you to worry about them. This doesn’t sound like something the you who dragged Asahina-san in back then would say.

  “Isn’t Mikuru a unique talent? So of course it is alright.”

  Even if you put it that way, humans had lived this way for so long till now, I am sure there would be some way to continue living in the future. Beats using all kinds of senseless creativity and end up making Earth fly off or something.

  Haruhi revealed her teeth as if she is trying to bite the sides of her cup off.

  “I wanted to look for people with more creativity or unique traits! It would be best if the first year would be the direct opposite of me, and inject some fresh air. It is because I wanted to confirm these traits that I thought of the Brigade entrance examinations. I think we can use the elimination method. Otherwise, I should be able to notice someone with a unique mental structure at first glance when we meet again.”

  Haruhi put down her cup and put her hand back at the mouse.

  “What I am making now is the Brigade entrance examination’s written paper. That is what I am doing last night as well. I always wanted to step out into the upcoming future with my own power! Kyon, the ancestors have got it right, we should always model after others and change ourselves. That is to say to never look down but look up beyond the grasp of our own hands. If humans do not have the “I have to get there” kind of determination, he or she will only keep dropping down!”

  Such teachings that would cause calluses to grow in your ear could be told slowly to the ears of a horse. Besides, that is how Icarus died, from getting too near the sun. I always think that there should be a limit to everything. A common advice was to eat only 80% full isn’t it?

  Asahina-san noticed that my teacup was empty and rushed forward with her teapot.

  If Asahina-san, who had totally regarded herself as a waitress by now, were to work at a coffeeshop, I am afraid there would be a sharp rise in her salary. I am unable to control such imaginations of mine. Now that we think about it, where did her activity funds in the current time frame come from? Is it paid by the time travelers’ organization?

  Because the population in the room decreased, the clubroom had also returned to normal and I could be slightly at ease. Other than Nagato who would never change her reading position no matter what and Haruhi whom I had just argued with just now, other members had returned to their usual seats with the relaxed atmosphere.

  Sitting facing me, Koizumi took out yet another new board game and put it on the table.

  “How about a round?”

  Seems to be Classical Renju (5). Since it is rather boring here, I shall just treat this as some mind exercise and play a few rounds with you. But before that you must first tell me the rules.

  “It is not much different from conventional Renju. You just have to remember the rules.”

  I followed in the lead of Koizumi, putting pieces onto the board while learning how to play through experience.

  We continued playing like this till it is time to leave school. Unconsciously, I had already won against Koizumi continuously for a few rounds by now. I don’t know if it is because I learn fast, or is it Koizumi that is plain weak. No matter what, these activities that does not help academics in any way continued for a while. At evening time, when Nagato closed her book, after waiting for Asahina-san to change out of her clothes, we left school.

  How many first years would come knocking on the clubroom door tomorrow……

  * * *


  No one came to the clubroom. Let’s not talk about Haruhi who kept running around the school, seldom would Nagato not arrive by this time. Did she go to the Computer Research Society side? Koizumi had after all entered an elite class of sorts. Reaching the second year, it is only unavoidable that they have to pay more attention in the various aspects. What a troublesome class he entered. I heard that the form teacher of the ninth class is someone who is more interested in the prospects of the students rather than educating them. Koizumi seemed to have seriously thought about the issue as well. Or else he would never have chosen to enter such a class that is difficult to even catch your breath. If he had relied on the ‘Organization’ for help, I think he would have no problem entering any university he wanted. But Haruhi’s choice of school will most likely be his anyway. As for me, a thought so long away should be entertained only then. A year and a half later I ought to have known my standard better. If we made a comparison on the basis of usual results, the chance of Koizumi and I entering the same school would be smaller than an ant hole. As for Haruhi…… Hmm, that is not something I have control over. Just let her go somewhere where she can express her own abilities.

  Just when I am slowly reading Nagato’s book, the person with the ability to beautify the world with all sorts of colours finally arrived.

  “Ah, Kyon.”

  A walking anion that attracts anything around it, Asahina-san, carefully closed the door and put her bag down like a small squirrel who had just returned from picking acorns.

  “I still thought I am a little late today, how unexpected that no one else had arrived yet. Where is Suzumiya-san?”

  “I don’t know where she went right after lessons. But it is spring now, maybe she had the desire to suddenly run a few rounds.” Just like the flowers storing up their energy in winter for blossoming in spring, or the seeds of the Camellia. It is not like I did not have the feeling of wanting to run around, because the winter this time round seemed exceptionally long. In order to let Asahina-san change as soon as possible, I immediately stood up, but after taking just a step, I turned my head back, “Asahina-san”.


  Facing the clothes rack with both of her hands extended out to take the waitress costume, Asahina-san let go of the costume. “Hm, I remember.”

  Changing to a serious expression, I continued while selecting my choice of words.

  “What exactly do those bastards hope to achieve? I meant for coming back to this time frame. Looking at the state of things, it doesn’t seem to be to observe Haruhi, I really cannot guess what is his purpose here.”

  I said this while feeling frustrated. Would it be alright if I tell her that the time traveler Fujiwara had came again? Regarding him calling himself Fujiwara and the Sasaki issue, which is more important? Should I say it at all?


  Asahina-san pressed onto her lips with her fingers: “That person’s motive is…… That, I am not told of. Hm, but I think he did not come here with the motive of doing anything bad. This is my personal opinion, since my superiors did not issue any orders, I guess this must be the case.” She seemed to find it really hard to talk about the issue, I suppose she don’t want to touch any of the classified information.

  I recalled Asahina-san (big)’s side profile while saying: “Did that bastard come from a time that is related….. linked to our time frame?”

  This is the question I cared the most about.

  “It should be unquestionably linked.”

  Asahina-san continued while categorizing her thoughts: “That guy is the same as myself…… that……, he came to the time frame through a similar method. Using the TPDD to move time…… this……. Because it will leave a mark on the time plane……”

  At this moment, she suddenly seemed to realize something: “Eh……? This matter, it is supposed to be classified information, and yet I am able to say it. Why?”

  Although I wanted to ask as well, but I am mysteriously able to understand the concept behind it.

na-san, what is TPDD an acronym for? Can it be told?”

  “Time Plane Destruction Device……. Eh?”

  Asahina-san hurriedly used her hand to press against her mouth, at the same time widened her eyes.

  “Liar…… it is supposed to be classified.”

  That is a phrase I knew of already. Because in Tanabata four years ago, I had heard about it from the mouth of Asahina-san (big). It must be since then that it became declassified.

  “It seemed to contain some very dangerous words, what exactly do they mean?”

  “That…… When we are crossing the time planes……”

  I looked at the mouth of Asahina-san opening and closing, and wondered in my heart what fish is she exactly trying to imitate. At this moment……

  “…… No, I can’t say it. It seems not all of the restrictions had been lifted.”

  That is a more comforting tone. But I have the same thoughts as well. If one knows too much of knowledge exceeding human intelligence, the end result would definitely not be something good. Like if one hears something top secret about the country is leaked, that person will definitely be silenced or enter the wanted list of the Interpol. This had always been a fact.

  I shrugged my shoulders, Asahina-san revealed a smile.

  “Sorry, Kyon. This is all I can tell you for now. But, in the not-so-distant future, I can definitely tell you more. For the restrictions to be lifted just a little, it shows I had done something useful today.”

  Asahina-san revealed an expression like a dandelion that had successfully blossomed and repeated: “Definitely, in the not-so-distant future.”

  That is exactly the smile I wanted to keep out of others reach by locking the room. Did anyone capture her smiles in a photo? I really hope to be able to store up this current moment. But, I did not bring a camera, nor did I lock the door, much less hang up the latch. What I got was her smile.

  I believe you, Asahina-san. Your hard work will definitely be rewarded. I am very clear about this point. I also knew what you did in order to grow up this way. Even though I do not know how many more years must the current Asahina-san in front of my eyes live before she can become Asahina-san (big), but to me, personally, I hope she does not grow up that quickly.

  Because, the closer this senior who looks even younger than me gets to the elegance of Asahina-san (big), it meant that the time for our parting draws even nearer.

  Since this is so, I hope that she can maintain her current state and thought process, and not develop a more selfish one. Everyone will miss you, especially Haruhi. Without anyone to hug on cold days, that person will definitely feel very regretful.

  I guarded the door on the corridor while reading Nagato’s book. At this moment, the female leader whose wind that her fingernails stir up are also powerful and influential, together with the assistant leader that acts like a free bodyguard cum aide, walked towards me shoulder to shoulder.

  I saw the smile on Koizumi that looked like it really came from his heart and only had a single thought. What an untimely bastard. If you came alone we could have shared some secret talk. Now that you are sticking so close to Haruhi, it is totally impossible to talk now. I originally planned to share my thoughts on Tachibana Kyoko with him, but that guy would have probably heard it from somewhere by now. It may not even be surprising even if I told him Kimidori-san is working at the shop. It is very rare to find a person with so little excitement in his life.

  “Is Mikuru still changing?” Although I do not know where she come back from, but Haruhi does not seem to be breathless. She seemed really happy when she walked towards me, and after pushing me aside, stuck her head in without even knocking on the door……

  “Wa, ah, wait, wawa!”

  Asahina-san produced cute screaming sounds.

  “It is only your back zipper that is still undone, small things like this does not matter.”

  …all she did is pull up the zipper and put up the hairband anyway.

  Haruhi grabbed my shirt collar and dragged me into the clubroom. Haruhi’s description of Asahina-san is really very accurate. In her costume, Asahina-san had her back facing the window, with her hands frozen midway, stretching towards her back. This is everything that I saw. Haruhi is like a soccer ball kicked beyond the last line of defence, revolving around the back of Asahina-san, completing the last time in the changing process. But all she did is pull up the zipper and put up the hairband anyway.

  I returned Nagato’s book back to its original position, turned my head and faced Koizumi with his head sticking in, appearing to be like a peeping tom observing the female bath at a higher platform in a public sauna, and asked: “What did Haruhi and you do before going here?”

  “Nothing much.” Just like a seal swimming in the sea, Koizumi slid into the clubroom and closed the door without changing his expression of nonchalance:

  “We only happened to meet on the walkway on the first level, we are definitely not carrying out some secret mission behind your back.”

  “Really?” That would be good. Even if you didn’t call me along, I would not have any bad impression of you. But again, even if Haruhi wanted to go demand activity funds from the student council, I am sure you would have just followed along anyway. If it is really so it will be a headache, I don’t really want to be involved in any school conspiracy story.

  “The student council president isn’t someone without any brains. Even if he wanted to find trouble he would have found a more convenient time.”

  Koizumi sat on the permanent seat of his while facing Haruhi with a smile:

  “For example, if we started doing some mass advertising to recruit members, it would immediately……”

  “I did not have any plans of doing any major advertising……” Haruhi immediately responded from her desk.

  “…… But we cannot just go without advertising. Putting a leg into the cultural clubs’ open house was because we felt we must at least do a bit of work. I guess it meant the so-called checking on your enemies? Just as I had expected, the student council president indeed pop by and gave some cold advice. Just look at it yourselves, my checks against the enemy had succeeded.”

  If you are behaving this way just to see how the student council responds, I guess I can give you the title of Adviser. But again, didn’t you just think of this? You are just commenting on an incident after it has passed.

  “Does that matter? As long as the ending is the same, the process does not really matter. Working really hard to earn one hundred thousand yen, and picking up a one million yen note, returning it to the owner and then getting one-tenth of the amount as a sign of thanks has no difference at all.”

  It is way different. If working, one may have some luck with the opposite gender (Taniguchi Theory). What’s more important is that it is not that easy to pick up a one million yen note. But the leader started rocking her chair and changed the topic.

  “The recruitment exercise failed to work at all. But, while there are no interesting first years back then, they may be hiding somewhere else. There are also those who are wondering if they should come forward. But after the weekend, they should have found the answer to whatever thoughts they have.”

  Haruhi revealed her pearl-white teeth and took out a piece of paper.

  “So I pasted this on the notice board of the school.”

  I took the piece of A4-sized paper. It had Haruhi’s handwritten words on it: “Notice of holding of Brigade entrance examinations. Limited to first year students.”

  Hearing me say that, Asahina-san stopped preparing her tea and turned her head over, continuously blinking her eyes.

  “Only limited to first years students?”

  “Mikuru likes the fresh and active kind as well? We should eat sashimi that is caught on that day itself since it will be nicer. So of course we will be aiming for those newly-arrived and jumpy ones.”

  Exactly which fishery port is this?

  “But, this……, there is no mention of the SOS Brig
ade here at all……”

  Seeing how observant Asahina-san is, Haruhi replied smugly: “If we were to mention the SOS Brigade like this, the student council president and his gang will come over and make noise. This is just a concession, a concession. Although I am very unwilling, in order to beat the enemies, sometimes, taking a step back is important as well. We just have to mention the Brigade entrance part. After all, there are no other brigades in North High.

  There is no cheerleading brigade in this school, and so we SOS Brigade are the only ones who are remotely linked to the word “brigade”. If there are any others it will be strange.

  “No, Haruhi.” I asked a more fundamental question.

  “What is the so-called examination? Don’t tell me you have to take an examination in order to enter?”


  Why did you give such a nonchalant expression?

  “What exam is it?”

  “That is a secret.”

  “When is it held?”

  “We can begin once those willing to join come by.”

  I read the words on that paper again. Other than the “Notice of holding of Brigade entrance examinations” written in an extra large font, the only other line is “At Literature Club clubroom” that is written in a smaller font.

  Haruhi turned her chair to the other side and looked out of the window: “Entrance, Literature Club, if these two words fail to make a first year understand, I don’t want that guy. Our SOS Brigade namesake had already spread among the cleverer ones. It is best to avoid those who don’t even know this. I don’t want those idiots who will come here and still ask me “What do we do here”?

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