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Unexpectedly Mated (BBW Paranormal Shape Shifter Romance): An Alpha male. A curvy but sassy BBW. A trip to Sin City neither will ever forget. (Sassy Mates), page 1


Unexpectedly Mated (BBW Paranormal Shape Shifter Romance): An Alpha male. A curvy but sassy BBW. A trip to Sin City neither will ever forget. (Sassy Mates)

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Unexpectedly Mated (BBW Paranormal Shape Shifter Romance): An Alpha male. A curvy but sassy BBW. A trip to Sin City neither will ever forget. (Sassy Mates)

  This book is a work of fiction. The names, characters, places, and incidents are fictitious or have been used fictitiously, and are not to be construed as real in any way. Any resemblance to persons, living or dead, actual events, locales, or organizations is entirely coincidental.

  Published By

  Latin Goddess Press

  New York, NY 10456


  Unexpectedly Mated

  Copyright © 2014 by Milly Taiden

  Edited by Melinda Fulton

  Cover by Mina Carter

  Formatting by Inkstain Interior Book Designing

  All Rights Are Reserved. No part of this book may be used or reproduced in any manner whatsoever without written permission, except in the case of brief quotations embodied in critical articles and reviews.

  Property of Milly Taiden July 2014

  “The author has definitely not disappointed her readers with this book and I feel that her books just keep getting better as her stories come out especially with this series (and that is hard to say because I loved the first one immediately)!”

  —Sue-Ellen Robertson, Girly Girl Book Reviews

  “Here are my first thoughts after reading a "specific" scene. I nearly collapsed, just sayin': I think I loved Nathan more than Aric for some reason. I mean, they're both really HOT (like, with a capital H.O.T), but that one scene with Nathan and Karla... and the school... I just about lost half my mind and passed out on my keyboard!”

  —N.K. Richards, My Home Away From Home

  “Great character development, action, romance and erotica all in one book. I love how this book is part of a series, yet totally stands alone on its own. It was so easy to fall into this book, because it moves at a quick pace without missing a beat.”

  —Tonya Rupell, Stone Soup Designs Review

  “I am a fan of Milly's books, but I can honestly say that with each book she gets stronger and stronger. I read this book in one sitting and couldn’t get enough! You have to love a man who opens his whole life for a woman. The sex is hot, the story fabulous and I want more already!!!”

  —Sheri & Jen, Two Bibliophiles Guide

  “Larger than life Karla is amazing! I love her spunky attitude. I love the fact that she is a real woman. She's not toothpick thin, she embraces her body the way it is. She's not intimidated by her crush Nate. She takes what he gives and tries to walk away.”

  —Nicole Kuhn, Ebooks Galore Reviews

  —For My Betas

  Teracia Loretan - Theresa Esterline

  Tonya Rupell - Julie Duran-Fernandez

  Because you girls know how hard sharing unedited work is and you make my life so much easier with your support and encouragement!!

  For my Sassy readers that love my big beautiful female main characters

  And my wonderfully supportive Street Team (Sexy Biter Book Pimps)...

  I hope you enjoy another installment of humor, heat and sass.

  I love you all!

  For crying out loud! Nicole Acosta tugged the earpiece out and glared at it. It wasn’t that she didn’t like Emma, heck, most of the time she pretty much ignored her friend. Emma was just…bossy. Yeah, bossy. But tonight, that wasn’t the problem. She glared into the darkness. There better not be any mosquitoes or she’d go ballistic. Already her skin crawled with the thought of what could be in the area.

  She shoved the ear piece back in.

  “It’s only for a little while,” Jordan said. “We’ll be out of here in no time, Nic.”

  Right. Not frickin’ likely. She bit her lip to swallow the yell she wanted to throw at her friends. There were bugs all over the place and she and bugs did not mix. She’d have to buy new trainers after this. There was no way in hell she’d wear those mud-covered ones again.

  “It’s not the end of the world,” Emma whispered. “We all agreed to come and do this for Ellie. Just suck it up.”

  Suck it up? Easy for her to say. Emma loved the outdoors and all that stuff. Outdoors to Nic meant the park. Or the pool. Now here she was, like a deranged teenager, spying on a scent ritual that was sacred to Ellie’s people. All for what? To catch a glimpse of Jake Wolfe. That philandering mutt.

  She couldn’t help herself, she peeked over the ceremony site where Mrs. Wolfe or as she preferred to be called, Barbara, motioned the guys into the woods. Ellie said they’d be on watch. Something moved on Nic’s leg. Oh God. Was it a snake? She peered into the darkness and swatted away whatever crawled on her.

  The things she did for her insatiable crush on Jake. It’d been that way from the first time she’d met him. And what a way to meet a man that had been. If first impressions were everything, Nic got the best first impression of Jake ever. She’d visited Ellie’s house for a weekend sleepover when they’d been in college. Their gazes met and she swore she’d been electrocuted. She’d been rooted to the spot like an idiot, staring at his hunkiness in all his wet and naked glory with stars in her eyes. Well, that’s what he loved to tell her.

  From that moment on, Nic knew she couldn’t let Jake get to her. He was the world’s biggest flirt, used to women falling to his feet. And while she wasn’t familiar with the whole love thing, she knew all about lust. He’d smiled one time. That’s all it took. For him to show her that dimple she adored and her girly bits had readied for surrender. Not to mention her brain cells had gone AWOL. It was pathetic. It was also the reason why she’d let herself get talked into sitting on a picnic blanket, with her knees to her chest. She still couldn’t figure out what made the noise in the grass.

  Maybe Ellie was wrong. What if there were snakes there? A firefly zoomed around her. She watched the tiny bug light up the dark with its yellow glow, zipping and buzzing back and forth in front of her. Some bugs weren’t so scary. From far away.

  Her attention shot down to the blanket in the darkness. She’d swear it moved again. Her mind ran on overdrive and she knew the likelihood of her seeing shit that wasn’t even there was big. She took a deep breath and sighed. Her muscles ached from how tense she held herself. The night’s coolness did nothing to stop the heat from the earlier part of the day. Her tank top stuck to her back. She yanked on the front part and blew on her boobs. Thank goodness she was alone or she’d look so stupid doing that.

  The others had gone silent. She wondered what they were up to. Where they as freaked out as her? Probably not. She’d bet Emma would live in the damn forest if she got a chance. Leaves crunched from a nearby bush. With an agility she knew she didn’t possess, she got on her knees on the blanket. The noise in the trees increased. Fear froze the blood in her veins. Her heartbeat thundered in her ears along with the sound of the harsh breaths that struggled in and out of her lungs. There was a wild animal near her.

  Holy. Shit.

  “Oh, hell no!” There was no way she would sit around to find out what the heck was in the bush. She struggled to her feet. Her leg had gone numb so she had to put her weight, which was not just a couple of pounds, on her other leg. Screw the video, she’d return in the morning and remove the camera.

  She bent and yanked her bag from the blanket. Something poked at her ass. She turned on her heel to run. Her knees hit a big lump of...fur? Her body did a full flip over the big furry body and she landed on her back with a thud, half on and half off the blanket.


  Within seconds, a furry face she kne
w all too well came into view.


  The big wolf lowered his head down to her face and licked her cheek. Figured. He was such a horndog. Even in his animal shape, he was still a flirt.

  “Jake, I’m sure you have better things to do than scare me half to death.” Then, when she remembered where she lay, she scooted up to sit on the blanket. “I need to get out of here before something else crawls on my leg.”

  Jake growled. She widened her eyes in disbelief. “Did you just growl at me you big mutt?”

  The wolf prowled around her in a full circle. She couldn’t figure out what the hell Jake thought he was doing, but she had to get off that grass. There was shit in it and she couldn’t see it for the life of her. She lifted a hand to her ear. The others were much too quiet. Her hand touched a small diamond stud. She’d lost the ear piece.


  Jake growled again.

  “Shut it, mutt. If you’re not here to help me, then you better go,” she hissed, then tapped the massive wolf’s nose and turned. Now on all fours, she tried to peer into the darkness for the ear piece. “This is the shit I get into for minding other people’s business. If I’d have stayed home and bought shoes online, this wouldn’t have happened,” she mumbled, feeling along the blanket for the small piece of technology. “I could be having a nice Apple Martini or a Cosmo and watching my man Vin Diesel riding the streets in his latest flick. But no, I had to come here to see what all the fuss was about with mating between shifters.”

  She didn’t care that she continued to ramble while Jake, in the form of a wolf, stood behind her. The idea of him as nothing more than a possible pet was easier to handle than his sexy human face. Or those big arms. Or those washboard abs. She gulped. Crap if she continued to think of him as a man, she’d end up all kinds of turned on.

  If she started thinking of him naked she’d be in all kinds of trouble. That had been the worst way to meet a man. Although with his body, it was probably the best unexpected nudity she’d ever come across. Her first time in the Wolfe household and she’d opened the wrong door to see Jake. A very wet and naked Jake that had just showered. Her mouth had dropped open, ready to apologize, but then he’d smiled. She’d been a goner ever since.

  So many years had passed and he’d never let her forget that day. From then on he’d flirted endlessly with her and did his best to taunt her into seeing him as more. Only with Jake, more came at a price. From what she knew he wasn’t interested in anything long-term, much less a serious relationship. Not that Nic wanted long-term commitment either. She wouldn’t mind long-term fun though. And Jake the dirty-talker could probably make her come with just the things he said to her. Christ. Most of the time their conversations ended with her rushing home to take a cold shower...with her vibrators.

  Jake was another story. According to Ellie he didn’t even have a cell phone on contract because he didn’t like commitment. That spoke volumes of him. It didn’t stop the fact that Nic had developed some feelings for Jake. Feelings she didn’t like to think about most of the time. Emotions were dangerous. She wasn’t familiar with them much and preferred to keep them as far away as possible.


  Hearing Jake say her name made her squeal. Before she could catch her breath, his hands were on her hips, pulling her back into him. Air caught in her throat. He gripped her waist. Held her captive. The hard bar of his cock pressed at her butt, the thin spandex from her yoga gear no match for his hardness.

  “Jake…” What? Her throat went dry. She didn’t know what to say, only that she really liked how good he felt holding her. How wet it made her to feel him pressing on her ass.

  “God, Nic,” he growled softly. “I love how fucking good you smell. You’re hot for me. Aren’t you, sweetheart?”

  She gasped. Shit, there he went trying to get her to come with just words.

  “You can’t deny it. I scent how much you want me. I know you’re wet. Just for me.” He pressed a kiss behind her ear. “You want me to fuck you, don’t you?”

  Hell yeah. She gulped, but could do nothing more than whimper a small sigh.

  “Don’t worry, sweetheart. I want to be inside you too.” His warm breath caressed her back. “Deep.” His voice rumbled. “Deep in your wet pussy. I know it’s going to feel hot and tight.” He groaned. “Slick and soft and perfect around my cock.”

  He pulled at the waistband of her pants and dipped in to touch her skin. She leaned back further into him, her neck level with his face. He brushed his lips over her shoulder in a barely there sweep. Goosebumps broke over her arms. Her nipples ached and her pussy throbbed. It was like fire consumed her, cell by cell, from the inside out. She bit her lip and shut her eyes. He moved the hand in her pants straight down, between her legs. He slipped his other hand under her tank to cup her breast.

  “Fuck, Nic. You’re so soft,” he groaned, kneading at her breast.

  Christ, that wasn’t even the worst of her problems, though that hand was driving her mindless with just a few squeezes and tugs. It was the hand he slowly crawled to her pussy that had her muscles tensing. She realized then that she gripped his thighs, digging her nails deep into his naked flesh.

  “Say you want me, Nic.” His barely human growl made her clit twitch. Wetness from her own arousal crawled down her thighs. Breaths rushed in and out of her burning lungs.


  “Say it! Say you want me to fuck you until all you feel is my cock so far inside your pussy you’ll be branded for life.”

  Jesus. Her heart beat at double speed. Shudders shot down her spine, straight to her clit. She wiggled her hips upward, searching for him to penetrate her. Her body urged her to find his fingers and get them inside.

  “Please, Jake.”

  “That it’s, baby.” He licked the back of her neck, nibbling in rhythm with his squeezes on her nipple and the finger rubbing on her clit. “Tell me that you want it.” He sucked on her shoulder. “Tell me you want my cock inside this wet pussy. Fuck, you’re so wet, Nic.” The rumble of his growled words turned her blood to the consistency of molasses. “I want inside you. I want your pussy tight around my cock as I push you into multiple orgasms.”

  “Yes! Fuck me, please!” She couldn’t fight him. Not when he used those words and her body begged her to agree. Not when her mind was filled with images of his body pressing down on hers and fucking her stupid.

  In a swift movement, he shifted his hands. One left her pussy deprived while the other stopped pinching her nipple. She groaned at the loss. Her top came off so fast she gasped a breath before she realized it. Then came the bra. The pretty black bra with a swirly lace overlay that cupped her breasts and made her already large girls look fantastic. It was gone in the blink of an eye. His hands replaced the bra, covering her mounds with his palms. Then he pinched at her nipples. A rough gasp escaped her.


  “That’s right, baby. You can call me God, Jake or whatever else comes to mind,” he said. The words fluttered over her bare back. “Now let’s see the rest of your gorgeous body.” He nipped her shoulder with a little more force. “A body I’ve been wanting for years.”

  He flipped her over to face him. She would have screamed at the quick movement, but when she tried to grasp something to hold on to, he was there. His nice muscled shoulders and baby-smooth skin. Hot skin.

  She met his gaze and air froze in her lungs. The gold rim around his eyes was bright with his animal. There was a wild almost desperate look in them. He lifted his lips into a feral smile that made her pussy clench and moisture seep down her thighs. “I’m going to fuck you now. I had to say the words.” He inhaled and moaned. “I’m going to plunge so deep in your pussy you won’t know where I end and you begin.”

  She gulped. Her gaze trailed down his face to his heavily-muscled chest. She licked her lips, swallowed back the moan that threatened to rush out, and breathed deep.

  “Jake, I—” she choked the word
s out, trying to keep from losing her mind. He was on her before she got a chance to think of anything else.

  Their lips pressed together and he invaded her mouth with his tongue. Her entire body vibrated with need. He leaned above her, his face just an inch away. Everything about him was crystal clear. From the vein throbbing at the side of his cheek, to the shadow of a beard on his jaw.

  She drank the vision of him in. That body of his was gorgeous. Corded with muscles and tattoos, it made her sigh every time she got a glance. He moved his head down. She held her breath watching his lips encase one of her nipples in a hot wet suction.

  “Oh, God!”

  Pushing her breast further into his mouth, she ignored the fact his hands were busy shoving down her yoga pants.


  He tore her panties off her. Then, she spread her legs to accommodate him between them.

  He growled and bit down on her nipple. Giddiness turned her blood to a low simmer. A hedonistic thrill rushed through her veins. He was her biggest temptation. The man she’d been wanting for years. There he was, licking her body and groaning like she was the tastiest dessert. A low moan of pleasure tore from her throat. His lips left her breast and licked circles around her belly. The rough feel of his beard on her skin only aroused her more.


  His head jerked up, the golden fire in his eyes blazing with his animal. “Tell me to fuck you, Nic.”

  Low. Rough. Sexy.

  Jesus H. Christ. If she had any doubt about wanting him it had gone out the window at that point. The feral and possessive way his gaze swept down her body had her shivering in need. His words only pushed her further into the abyss of sensual indulgence.

  He bit down on her belly. His downward travels stopped when he reached her bare pussy.

  “Tell me to fuck you.” He licked her inner thigh and she groaned. “Tell me you want to feel my cock in your pussy, driving you crazy.”

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