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  And why couldn’t they share these incredible technologies with the rest of the world? Zero-point-energy alone could eliminate hunger and poverty, not to mention the benefits to the environment that would come from replacing fossil fuels.

  Dr. Muse knew he wasn’t the only one who felt this way. As the years passed, he grew bolder, openly discussing the matter with colleagues as he attempted to push the envelope of tolerance.

  Appleton responded by transferring him into another USAP—a covert intelligence program overseen by the man known and feared within the subterranean communities as “Dr. Death.”

  Colonel Alexander Johnston had developed a psychotronic device which used scalar waves to alter a subject’s consciousness, behavior, and decisions. Add some stage craft, and suddenly the “evil aliens” were abducting good-hearted, blue-collared suburban folk whose stories held up to lie-detector tests.

  Set high enough, a scalar wave could literally separate the spark of consciousness that was the soul from the physical body, killing the subject.

  It was the ultimate mind-control device, free of any congressional oversight, and as Scott Muse soon learned, the subjects were not always random civilians.

  The engineer’s first VIP was the brother of a Crown Prince whose family ran a powerful banking empire in Europe. Coordinates to the man’s sleep chamber inside his castle were provided by members of a covert paramilitary group operating in conjunction with the CIA.

  Using a reverse-engineered Alien Reproduction Vehicle and man-made extraterrestrials cloned in a lab, the brother of Prince Hans-Adams of Liechtenstein awoke in bed, only to find his body paralyzed as it was atomized and whisked on board a flying saucer. For the next several hours, four-foot gray-skinned extraterrestrials probed and prodded the terrified human, all the while communicating through mental telepathy that aliens were responsible for every conflict on Earth since man first fell from the trees.

  Their final message before he was released dealt with a plan to enslave humankind.

  Scott Muse later learned why the man had been targeted. An ally of Dr. Steven Greer, the prince was contemplating funding his project for disclosure. Following his brother’s abduction, the Prince changed his mind, donating a large amount of money instead to fund a black budget weapons program designed to thwart an alien invasion.

  * * *

  Scott Muse answered his iPhone on the first ring. “Yes, Colonel?”

  “Has the subject’s coordinates been obtained?”

  “Yes, sir.”

  “Then let’s put the fear of the Almighty in him.”

  Muse entered the vault where two of his crew were seated at their electronic surveillance stations. “Is he asleep?”

  “Yes, sir.”

  “Take him.”

  Having locked onto the subject using his iPhone, the EMS operator powered up the scalar device.

  * * *

  Richard “Dickie” Gatenby awoke to discover his voice box was frozen, his body completely paralyzed. To his utter horror, he was no longer in his bedroom—instead, he was lying naked on a cold metal table, staring up at strange floating colored lights.

  He choked on his breath—his airway constricting as the extraterrestrial leaned over him, revealing bulging lidless black eyes, its skin gray and hairless. Using a probe, the four-foot biped pried open his mouth and set to work on his upper gum line.

  The throttle of noise coming out of Gatenby’s throat was more of a high-pitched grunt than a scream—he had not felt the sharp stab, only a slight pressure and the momentary sensation of warm blood drizzling down his chin.

  A second Grey appeared, its four-digit hand cold and clammy as it probed Gatenby’s lifeless right arm. A pinch was followed by the sensation of more blood being drawn.

  The talk show host passed out.

  He awoke to feel himself floating. A wave of pins and needles passed through him and suddenly he was outside, staring at a cloudy night sky until his atomized body passed through his home’s second story window, his astral mind returning to his physical body with an electrical zap!

  “Ahh! Ahhh!”

  “Dickie? Dickie, wake up!”

  He felt Claire’s hands on his shoulders, her grip shaking the paralysis from his body. Sitting up, he rolled out of bed and staggered to the window, his fingers separating the slats of the Venetian blinds so he could see outside.

  Gone …

  “Dickie, what is it?”

  Staggering into the bathroom, he fumbled with the light switch as he examined his upper gums in the mirror.

  Nothing there … wait!

  Feeling a tender spot with his tongue, he pulled back his upper lip—

  —revealing a white mouth sore.

  “Dickie, are you all right? You look as pale as a ghost. And you’re trembling.”

  “That bloody colonel … he did something.”

  “It was just a bad dream.”

  “No, Claire … this was real!”

  “What was real?”

  The English talk show host contemplated a response. He knew what he had experienced was real; he also realized how it would sound to his wife.

  You’ll lose her. She’ll insist on having me see a psychiatrist and when I stick to my story and insist I’m right, she’ll assume I took too many shots to the head playing rugby and she’ll leave me … right after she has me committed.

  “Sorry, Claire. What I meant was it seemed real. Just a bad dream …”

  “Come back to bed.”

  Bed? Hell, no … I’ll not be sleeping anytime soon.

  “You go on, hon. I’m just going to fix a cup of tea.”

  * * *

  Scott Muse gazed at the subject’s vital signs coming across the EMS monitors in real time. Fear, anxiety, confusion, depression—he had seen it all before. And yet the engineer knew that the target had gotten off lucky.

  Colonel Johnston was not a man you’d want to provoke. Wearing the calm mask of a sociopath, it was the thanatologist’s presence among MAJI’s Council that kept the more progressive members in check.

  Yet even they had stood up to Dr. Death a decade ago when he had used the EMS weapon to remotely deliver malignant cancer cells via scalar waves to a congressman and two civilians who had become a thorn in MJ-12’s side.

  Two had died—the politician and a woman. The lone survivor was the man who had been responsible for briefing high-ranking members of the Pentagon about UFOs and the ET’s technology—

  —Dr. Steven M. Greer.


  Washington Plaza Hotel

  Washington, D.C.

  August 3, 2017

  ADAM SHARIAK HANDED his ticket to security. Placing his coffee on the desk, he held up his arms to allow a second guard to pass a hand-held metal detector over his body, the device squealing as it moved over his left pant leg.

  “It’s a prosthesis.”

  “I’ll have to pat you down.”

  “Knock yourself out.”

  Adam waited while the man ran his palms up and down his pant leg and stump, a chore he was forced to endure whenever he entered a Federal building or made his way through airport security.

  “Thank you, sir. Enjoy the presentation.”

  He limped inside Ballroom-C, surprised at the size of the crowd. Twelve hundred folding chairs faced the small stage and lectern and almost every spot was occupied. He managed to locate a vacant seat in the middle of the tenth row but had to squeeze his way past an obstacle course of unyielding feet and purses in order to reach it.

  Settling in, he noticed a familiar face working security. Tech Sergeant Hershel Eugene Evans, United States Air Force … Been a while, amigo.

  Adam turned back to the stage as a tall, muscular Caucasian man in his late fifties strode toward the podium to enthusiastic applause.

  “Good morning. My name is Dr. Steven M. Greer and I am the founder of the Disclosure Project and CSETI, the Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence, as well as the Orion P
roject. I would like to welcome all of you to this presentation on the secret government and the UFO cover-up. You’re going to learn things that have been kept from every sitting U.S. president since John F. Kennedy, representatives in congress, heads of state, and members of the Joint Chiefs. I know this, because in many cases, I was the one who briefed them.

  “What I speak of now will sound like Conspiracy Theory 101, and yet it is absolutely true, and we have thousands of classified documents and hundreds of eyewitnesses with top security clearances to prove it. Whether you accept anything I say this morning is up to you, but what I say now is absolutely true: There are two U.S. governments … the government of We The People represented by our elected officials, and a shadow government made up of mid-level functionaries whose roots trace back to a black budget organization launched in 1956 by President Dwight D. Eisenhower. This group, which was known back then as Majestic-12, was tasked with overseeing and keeping from the public the most astounding discovery in the history of the world—the existence of extraterrestrial life. It is this secret regime which covertly runs the USAPs—the Unacknowledged Special Access Projects—which are presently being funded to the tune of $80 billion a year in taxpayer money, without the knowledge of the American people, nor the oversight of congress or the president. When it comes to these two governments, the right hand does not know what the left hand is doing, and in many cases, they don’t want to know. Innocent people have been murdered, including members of my team, close friends, military personnel, intelligence directors, and scientists. They were not murdered because they witnessed UFOs—millions of people share these close encounters. They were killed because they were perceived as a threat to bring out advanced energy technologies that would change the lives of the seven billion people living on this planet.”

  Adam felt the blood rush from his face.

  “How did this all come about? Let’s get that out of the way first since it is the easiest part to explain. UFOs are real; they are of extraterrestrial origin and they have been around for decades, if not centuries.”

  All eyes looked up as a large overhead screen came to life. The first video footage was taken using a night telescope, the heavens appearing emerald green. Moving rapidly within a visual sphere across a brilliant tapestry of stars was a triangular object, its underside appearing as three points of light.

  The scene changed to a day shot. What began as an iPhone selfie on a crowded street in London, turned to the skies high above the city where several white saucer-shaped objects darted in and out of the clouds at incredible speeds, only to come to a complete stop before taking off again.

  The next video was filmed by a passenger from their window seat inside a South Korean commercial jet. Several thousand feet below the aircraft, a white disk-shaped object suddenly darted above a cityscape, moving incredibly fast. This was followed by a dusk shot taken in Mexico City of two circular craft soaring majestically overhead.

  The next scene was a night shot overlooking the city of Jerusalem. Hovering above the Dome of the Rock was a dazzling, spinning drone-like speck of light. It remained steady for a good thirty seconds before suddenly launching straight up and disappearing into the heavens in a split second.

  The final footage was taken of the moon using a high-powered telescope. Leaping off the lunar surface, like sparks from a flame, were dozens of white specks—fast-moving craft scattering into space.

  Greer continued, “Watching these videos, the mind still struggles to accept that any of this is real, and yet instinctively, we know that it is. The conflict is that, all our lives, we’ve been told by the government and the official ‘gatekeepers of the truth’ that UFOs aren’t real, and that anyone who believes in ETs is crazy. In a sense, the UFO provides its own best cover; for to believe in it and discuss a sighting is to welcome ridicule.

  “To be honest, my own first reaction to what you just saw and are about to hear was, ‘Yeah, right.’ Understand, I am not a NASA scientist nor a member of any covert organization. I am an emergency room physician and the former chairman of the Department of Emergency Medicine at Caldwell Memorial Hospital. But then confirmation after confirmation, and independent corroboration after independent corroboration, convinced me the information I was being made privy to was real, and by then I was saying, ‘Oh God …’

  “The information I am about to reveal comes from private meetings and long discussions I have had with very senior and relevant military, intelligence, political, and private corporate sources. The search for truth regarding these secret projects has brought me to heads of state, royalty, CIA officials, NSA operatives, U.S. and foreign military leaders, politicians, and high-tech corporate contractors.

  “The process began in earnest in July of 1993 when a small group of military and civilian personnel involved with the UFO matter met, at my request, to discuss how my group could best liaison with the government. In the previous year, CSETI had facilitated two near-landing events of ET spacecraft in England and Mexico and we wanted to be sure, given these incredible developments, that we could proceed with our mission with a measure of safety for both our team and for the extraterrestrial visitors, whom we regarded as our guests. We wanted a senior point of contact within the chain of command who knew what we were doing. We wanted to be clear that our actions should be regarded as a citizen’s diplomacy effort—that a stand-down order was in place that protected us from any military intervention in the U.S. or abroad.

  “Over the next several months that followed, members of our team participated in discussions and briefings with government, military, intelligence, political, international and private leaders from around the world. What we learned seemed surreal, unimaginable and bizarre. Beginning as early as World War II, officials in the U.S. government knew we were not alone, that there were advanced machines flying around in certain regions of the European conflict which neither belonged to the Allies nor to the Germans. Referred to as ‘foo-fighters,’ these vehicles, whether solid or harbored in an energy field which enabled them to pass through solid objects, were clearly extraterrestrial in nature.

  “It quickly became apparent from the many sightings of UFOs at our nuclear installations, that our Interstellar visitors were quite concerned with the testing of atomic weapons used on Nagasaki and Hiroshima, as well as the development and testing of the far more lethal hydrogen bomb that followed World War II. The downing and retrieval of ET spacecraft in 1947 in the Roswell, New Mexico vicinity, and in 1948 in Kingman, Arizona forced the Oval Office and military into action.

  “How did these interstellar propulsion systems work? Were there weapons on board? In the wake of World War II and the burgeoning Cold War, there was a real concern about falling behind the Soviets. What if these new technologies were leaked out? To say we were facing a quantum leap in technological capability is an understatement, and of course, we wanted it for ourselves. National security demanded that this entire matter be kept quiet at all costs. And no cost was spared in doing so.

  “But there was one very large and busy fly in this ointment: The ETs were flying over the skies of America, sometimes in formation, and before thousands of witnesses. How do you hide that?

  “The answer is—the mind hides it. In an Orwellian twist, it was found from past psychological warfare efforts that if you told a lie often enough, and the lie is repeated by ‘respected’ figures in authority, the public will accept it as fact. One of the masters of psychological warfare during World War II was put in charge of this diversionary tactic in the late 1940s. General Walter Bedell Smith helped coordinate the psychological warfare components of this ET problem and helped launch the big lie: UFOs, even though millions had reported seeing them, did not exist.

  “For every sighting which made its way into the public eye, there would be an official denial, and worse, public ridicule of the observers themselves. Harvard Astronomer Donald Menzel was trotted out to tell the world that it was all hysteria; that UFOs were not real; that it was all embar
rassing nonsense. The CIA upped the ante by staging alien abductions, relegating future ET or UFO encounters to shlock newspapers, leading any respectable journalist and scientist to avoid the subject like the plague.

  “In the mid-1950s, a new model for covert projects evolved. By then, the entire UFO matter had been largely privatized and ran ten levels deep in the black ops community. It was also operating outside the constitutional chain of command of the United States or any other government. First hand witnesses have told us that President Eisenhower was furious. This was a former five-star general who had seen the ET spacecraft and bodies for himself, and yet suddenly, he was being kept out of the loop? Is it any wonder that this conservative Republican president made it a point to warn the American public about the ‘military industrial complex’ in his last address to the nation? Clearly, President Eisenhower realized he had lost control of his Frankenstein’s monster.

  “Fast forward to June of 1963: President Kennedy is flying to Berlin to deliver his famous speech proclaiming ‘I am a Berliner.’ On board Air Force One is a military man who relates the following: ‘On the long flight to Germany, Kennedy began discussing the UFO matter with me. He admitted that he knew the UFOs were real—he had seen the evidence—but stated the whole matter was out of his hands and he didn’t know why. Kennedy said that he wanted the truth to come out, but that he couldn’t do it. And this was the President of the United States, the Commander in Chief of the armed forces!’

  “But there was someone who JFK had been sharing this information with who did want to talk … and it got her killed.”

  Greer placed a document onto the overhead projector. Dated 3 August 1962, the wire-tap report was typed on CIA letterhead and stamped TOP-SECRET. Worn with age, certain sections were difficult to read, but the subject’s identity was quite clear: Marilyn Monroe.

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